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Brooke Mueller’s Not On Drugs, OK?

Brooke Mueller took off to North Carolina last week to go to a “wellness facility”, which is usually Hollywood legalese for “drying out and doing rich people things in a safe, drug-free environment”. Rumors started flying that Brooke was on crack (crack!?), and that the day Charlie got all knifey on her, she was high. Brooke’s attorney thinks you’re a moron if you believe that story, though and said the following to E! News about his client:

“She’s in North Carolina with her mother for some rest and relaxation, and she is still being treated for her infection and pneumonia,” he says. “The story about her being in rehab is a crock of crap.”

Brooke’s mom is with her at the rehab facility and also insists that her daughter is just there to relax and get her shit together. She also spoke to E! and said, “I’m with Brooke right now. It’s true that we are at a resort that specializes in many things for a ‘wellness’ facility…People come here for a variety of reasons. Brooke’s reason is mainly to get away and be pampered, and, at the same time, she can work on her physical and emotional health.”

So we’re settled on that. Brooke Mueller is just going to therapy and getting massages. But I’m interested to know where crack came in to play. What an interesting drug to accuse someone who’s not Whitney Houston of being on.

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  • I’ll bet my entire student loan debt (and it’s a lot) she’s in rehab. No one flies from California all the way to North Carolina just to receive “wellness treatment” for pneumonia, as her publicist claims. I doubt she’s on crack, but based on her previous run-ins with the law, I wouldn’t rule out coke and she obviously has an alcohol problem (drunk on Christmas morning is not normal).

    These 2 are just disturbing. I feel sorry for their children.

  • OK girls, really – if you had to blow that douche bag wouldn’t you have to be high? It adds up after a while.

  • I feel for celebrities. It must be sooo tiring hanging around on beaches with people taking your picture or vacationing all the time. I mean, they’re always being hospitalised for exhaustion and dehydration. The poor dears.

  • Someone who has been in ICU at death’s door, and is recuperating does not fly across the entire United States to have some R&R.

    She had an unbelievably high blood alcohol content in the morning hours the day of the incidident. What mother with two infants has a 1.4 blood alcohol reading. Methinks she has a problem.

    • Yeah, that would be 0.14, Einstein. A 0.5 blood alcohol = death. It’s people like you who are personally responsible for alcoholism, obesity and the cruelty that small children can show toward each other.