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Holy Crap! Rihanna’s Injuries “Horrific”!!!


Oh my gosh, you guys!

This is JUST AWFUL!!

From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources have now gotten specific with us… police took pictures of Rihanna’s injuries and they are “horrific.”

As we reported, the photos show major contusions on both sides of the singer’s face — there is serious swelling and bruising. Her lip is split and her nose bloody. We have now confirmed there are bite marks on one of her arms and on several fingers.

And we now know this… Rihanna claims Brown struck her with his fists and that’s what did the damage. There was no object used in the alleged attack.

Rihanna refused treatment at the scene, but before she left cops took photos. We’re told the photos alone are “devastating proof of abuse.”

And we’ve learned it was not Rihanna who called 911. Someone in the area heard her screams and called.


I don’t even know what to say about this. I’m speechless, and I’m so upset. I’ve always been a big supporter of Chris Brown, and I just feel betrayed by this vile and despicable behavior.

And I have to say I am totally grossed out by those of you who have been commenting that Rihanna may have been “asking for it.” How could anyone be asking for this? Are you people fucking crazy? You can talk all the shit you want about Rihanna, but to suggest that a woman could be “asking” to be physically abused is to perpetuate the idea that this behavior is in any way acceptable. It is not. Physical abuse is not acceptable in any relationship, by any party, ever. It is never warranted. I have dated a lot of men in my life, and I have been a raging bitch to some of them — and I take responsibility for that — but not a single one of them has ever laid a hand on me, or even come close. Because it is never acceptable, and many men understand that. There is NO SENSE in dating any one of the filthy, disgusting creatures who doesn’t. Got it, ladies?

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  • well, theres goes me liking chris brown.

    jail’s gonna be rough on him too…. hes a pretty boy.

    they will tear him up.

      • i just read your response to certain comments people have posted, and all i have to say is

        HELL YEAH girlfriend, how can someone say that rihanna was asking for being abused? i admit, im a celebrity gossip junkie; but i will never pretend to know this woman regardless of her celebrity status. and i have yet to meet someone you actually asked, no-begged to be beaten up.

        so tako, before you assume this woman rihanna is a slut, take a walk in her fucking shoes. hollywood is a sexist black hole waiting to suck everybody in; and sadly for most celebrities, that means that in order to be a big name a-lister one must play the sex card regardless.

        anyways i doubt you will ever read this rihanna, but i want you to know that there are people all around the globe that are supporting you right now. im not asking for cookie on my “good samaritan-ness,” and im not even asking for an autograph. but i just want to let you know that i respect you for working as hard as you do to please the masses.

      • No Sav, i totally agree with you, like you said, sadly they have to look like that in order to have any sucess, i agree with you on that. But yet, i never said she was a slut, i said, as an example, how i feel about some people, here where i live (canada) i’ve seen so many things that i just cannot comprehend, like little girls wearing playboy outfits that their parents had to buy them, because they’re so little they couldn’t just go out and buy stuff, but it was an example on how i can understand that people is saying maybe Rihanna asked for it, i don’t think she asked for it, and i don’t think anybody deserves that kind of shit, i’m sorry if i didn’t make myself clear, because i certanly didn’t mean to say that either she’s a slut, or that i think this is right..

        Thanks for answering though, i apreciatte it.

    • I hope so. I really do. Not because its Chris Brown, but because he is a DISGUSTING poor little BASTARD – just like EVERYONE, doesn’t matter whether ist is a man or a woman – who can do something like this to another human being.

      • how could you say that? Chris brown is the sexiest person in the WHOLE world..rihanna deserved it. I loved him since i saw him..i always loved him and i have ALWAYS HATED that bitch rihanna..she should go far away so i can marry chris brown..even though he did abuse a girl, i will always be a fan and just put that aside because he is only young and everyone maked mistakes..CHRIS BROWN!<333

      • to that i love chris brown person

        Girl yous a dumbass.
        Chris would beat yo ass to.

        i hope chris brown dont drop the soap in jail.
        little boy hasnt even reached puberty.

        if you wanna talk more about this HIT ME UP 757-323-6338.

        Holla bak B

  • Well Beet, you know i love you, same as the rest of the posters, but i have to say, while i don’t agree with men beating girls up (and still, i don’t understand how this is all Chris’s fault yet, i’m gonna google this whole thing in a moment) i also believe, that, for example, if you dress up like a slut, then you’re gonna be treated like a slut, and i have no sympathy whatsoever, if somebody fucks a slut, and she then goes to court to claim she’s been raped.. I have absolutely no sympathy for shit like that, because, i believe, that if you want respect, then you don’t go ut looking like you want sex from whoever that wants to give it to you.. So, i’m not saying Rhianna asked for it, and i know that it must be very difficult for somebody to even try to get help in a situation like this, but she’s got bodyguards, a whole buncha millions, fame and power, so it is kind of ridiculous to me, that she would just let him beat her up, and that its not the first time, and that nobody ever noticed shit before.. But that’s just me…

    • And I’m sure that until you have had something similar happen to you you wont understand which is sad, most humans are born with the ability to empathise.

      • Um… you aren’t Miss Malice. Did you know that? Don’t take her name, I don’t think she would like that.

    • Wow. Really? I don’t know if you are a male or a female, but I hope you are a guy. At least that way I can wrap my head around you saying something like that completely stupid. Does that mean half the women in Hollywood would be a justifiable rape? They dressed like a slut… right? Even if you are insecure and young and seeking attention through dressing provocatively that in NO FUCKING WAY excuses a violent sexual act.

    • One day, someone close to you is going to be walking down the street, and some guy is going to say she’s dressed like a “slut.” She won’t think she is, 9 out of 10 men won’t think she is, and you won’t think she is, but she’ll be raped because HE thinks she is. I hope you, or someone like you, is not on that jury.

      • Considering that rape is 9 times out of 10 a power issue, not really diven by lust, the ‘she was asking for it’ argument rarely holds water.

        That said, do you think so little of men that you think an otherwise good man can be justified in raping simply because he can’t contain himself at the sight of a thigh?

        This makes me angry, I have been raped, repeatedly, and trust me, it was never about whatever the hell I was wearing.

        shame on you.

      • Read a police report one time about a rape, the guy said she was asking for it because she kept letting her shirt fall down and show her boob. The victim was 2. Let’s be serious most rapes are of elderly women or children because they are easier to dominate

    • TakO: “i have no sympathy whatsoever, if somebody fucks a slut, and she then goes to court to claim she’s been raped.”

      Your words speak for themselves and I won’t dignify this with a response.

    • hey tako,

      id like to see you try to make it big in cali, then get beat up by your boyfriend.

      im just gonna go ahead and say this, as im sure most people whove read your comment but have had the dignity of manners:

      fuck you. yeah thats right.

      dont give opinions on other peoples actions THAT YOU DONT EVEN KNOW before you take a good look at yourself.

      • WOW, well thanks! I never thought anybody ever read what i say.. But thanks, a lot.

        Now, don’t get mad at me for having an opinion, obviously you guys disagree, and that’s ok with me, but i cannot just come and call you names for being different, you are all saying i shouldn’t judge other people, and yet all of you have judged me for having an opinion, just because you don’t like it, that’s not fair.

        No, i have never been raped, and i wouldn’t like to be, either. It’s not that i’m not human, or that i don’t have an open mind, and i wasen’t just talking only about Rihanna, but in general. Kids now a days, they’re so different than what we used to be years ago, and it is very scary for me, as a mother, to see what’s going on lately, not only in hollywood, but everywhere.. Drugs are so free, pornography is so free, like Pink said in one of her interviews, back in highschool being a slut was bad news, now being a slut is being cool, it is very scary, because i have kids, and i worry about their future.

        What i meant with my comment was, that i can understand how people can say that Rihanna asked for it, i can understand that because i feel that way about teenagers looking like sluts, and i honestly have no sympathy for them if anything goes wrong with their lives, BUT, i never said i think they deserve it, i just mean, that when i see 13 year olds looking and acting like sluts on the street, and something happens to them, and they go to court to say they’ve been raped, i wouldn;t be surprised, why? because, first of all, where the hell are their parents? they had to buy them those clothes, you know what kind of atention you’re gonna get, and don’t tell me they don’t know, because they do. Those people have no sympathy from me, at all.. And no, i never said it “esxcuses” a violent sexual act, all i said is, that it suggests that thats what they want, and provokes men in that way. It doesn’t excuse shit.

        Now, Rihanna’s case is another story, i used the sluts as an example, to explain that i can understand how other people think Rihanna asked for this. I never said in my comment, that either she is a slut, or that i think this is right in any way, because i don’t. I’m very sorry that my english is not that good, or that the way i put words in a sentence sometimes don’t make sense, and some other times it just doesn’t come out right, and even though i shouldn’t care about the messages you guys left, i actually do, because it’s not the first time its happened.
        So no, i never meant to sugest in any way that i agree with this, it was an example, and i guess it didn’t come out right. I am very sorry for making you guys feel bad, and especially @ heatherlyisaverb i’m very sorry if i hurt you with this comment, it wasen’t my intention, though i am entitled to my opinion, whatever it is, and so are you, but i just really felt bad when i read your response, and i apologize if i made you guys feel bad in any way.

        Thanks for reading this, again. And i promise you that i will be more careful on how i say things from now on, because i didn’t mean to make anybody feel bad..

      • Thanks. It’s good that we know each other, otherwise it would be so wrong for you to give your opinion on me, acording to you..

      • tako, even after reading everything you wrote, I do not understand you. Your analogy makes no sense. You were saying– women who dress/act like sluts can deserve to be raped, in a way (or, at least, you are not surprised when they are raped??), and trying to apply this to the Rihanna situation. So what are you saying? She did SOMETHING that would make her “deserve” to get the shit kicked out of her? It still makes no sense.

        I do not understand how you are apparently so worried about the future of newer generations, but do not get concerned about domestic violence. Sure, I may not think it is okay for young girls to dress in a sexy fashion, but I think BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR GIRLFRIEND is A LOT WORSE.

        I am sorry if we misunderstood you at all, or specifically if I misunderstood you, but you said some very, very inflammatory things. Some things are hard to not respond to. People were attacking you because some words make US feel like we are being attacked. Violence against women (or rape… god like you had to add ANOTHER hot button topic) is a very, very sensitive issue.

        you will most likely be attacked further if you keep spouting off bullshit and idiotic analogies.

        a lot of us obviously have personal experience with violence in relationships. most of us at least know someone who has been beaten by a significant other (and it has actually happened to some of us). if you do not want people to yell back at you, you should watch your words carefully.

      • @ Thatlisa I really apreciate you reading the book i just wrote, and writing a response, thank you very much.

        It was kind of stupid to use that as an example, i agree with you on that, and i do apologize.
        It’s not that i wouldn’t be surprised if somebody got hurt in any way for doing whatever they want to, i wouldn’t hurt anyone and of course i wouldn’t like to get hurt myself, for doing something i don’t find to be wrong, but i just don’t know what else to say to explain why i think how i think.. I used that example, to try to say, that i understand how some people can say that she deserved to be beaten up, because they feel different about things, and some people have been abused (men, i mean) and they try to take shit out on women, and they really think it’s right.. I DON’T, but i know that some people feel that way, that’s all.. That was my non-sense example… It had nothing to do with Rihanna’s case or anything, for some reason that’s what popped up in my head and i typed it.

        It is way worse to beat somebody up, whatever their gender is, than to dress up in a sexy fashion, i agree with you on that one too.

        You have no idea how much i apreciate you saying what you said, because i really felt like a monster for a few minutes, with all those comments, and i swear it wasen’t my intention to make this mess, at all!!!.. I totally understand what you mean by me saying very inflamatory things, and it is a very serious discussion, and again, i apologize.

        LOL i didn’t like the idiotic analogy comment, but it was funny.

        And honey, i have issues too, just like everybody else. Thank God it’s not violence nor rape, but it’s abuse in a way, and while you don’t understand anything i say, you have helped me today, and i thank you for that.

        I will watch my words very carefully from now on, beieve me.

        Thanks again for your response, and i hope i can get another chance with everybody in here..

        Now i gotta get to bed cus it’s 3am.. Night.

    • Really? cause I was 5 when I started being molested, you wanna say I deserved that shit? that maybe I was a slut at that age? cmon, just call me a whore and tell me a brought it upon myself

      • @ Tako

        So if your children went out looking like a “slut” and got raped you would feel no sympathy for them?
        Is that right?

        Because if you say no then you’re more ignorant, stupid and hypocritical than I first thought, because nothing would be different except that fact that it would be your own child

      • No no no no copa, i didn’t mean it like that.. I’m sorry to read that, and to know that i offended you, i apologize. I don’t think anybody deserves that shit, for no reason.. It was just an example. I am very sorry.

      • Of course not miss cali. The thing is, that i wouldn’t let my children go out looking like sluts.. And yeah, here we go with more comments about how am i gonna control that when they’re teenagers, but whatever. I wouldn’t but playboy outfits for my 3 year old. And like i said like 5 times already, it was an example, to explain something completely different, and i apologized, because ovbiously it didn’t come out right, and nobody understood what my point was, but that’s it. Once again, i didn’t mean it like that, and sorry if i offended you as well.

      • Of course not miss malice. The thing is, that i wouldn’t let my children go out looking like sluts.. And yeah, here we go with more comments about how am i gonna control that when they’re teenagers, but whatever. I wouldn’t but playboy outfits for my 3 year old. And like i said like 5 times already, it was an example, to explain something completely different, and i apologized, because ovbiously it didn’t come out right, and nobody understood what my point was, but that’s it. Once again, i didn’t mean it like that, and sorry if i offended you as well.

      • Ahaha you didn’t offend me.

        And yeah maybe you wont buy clothes like that but it’s not really going to stop them when they are older and have money is it?
        And it’s not very hard for a young person to hide shit from their parents.

    • WTF?! Am I dreaming? This is not a matter of opinion, there is no against or for in that kind of situation. Beating your girlfriend is just sickness. It ain’t nothing to do with any question involving an opinion. So don’t hide yourself behind that ridiculous cliché of a defense : this is just my opinion, you good people don’t have to judge me. You’re a smily weapon. it is clear to me that your face have never been under a man’s fist and your reaction is frightening me because it is reminding me how people can witness torture without reacting; People like you are forcing women victims of those violence of not manifesting themselves because of judgement and incomprehension fear.
      Women, go on, wear mini-skirts, walk naked if you feel like doing it. the slut is actually the one which is having pleasure judging others freedom because of her own frustration.



    • what if a woman is not dressed like a “slut”?? what if she’s just out in a sweatshirt and sweatpants and gets raped (read Susan Brison’s ‘Aftermath’, based on a true story about a woman who got raped at 10AM while she was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt)? would she have been asking for it for walking outside alone?? should women just cover themselves up in baggy clothes, walk around in groups, and stay in afer dark to avoid getting raped? i think that’s called oppression. and i don’t understand how a fellow woman, who has been treated inferiorly to men (because women are still not equals) can say that a woman deserves to be raped. i CANNOT understand how anyone can say that.

    • Tako…

      Maybe the goverment can put little warnings on slutty clothing that reads:

      WARNIG. By wearing this article of clothing you may be raped.

      And hey…if my house catches on fire while I’m in the shower and I run out in the street naked I should just expect to be raped by all the neigbors right? I mean…I’m just “asking” for it by being all naked and slutty right?

    • Wow… you are a fucking MORON. Now matter how many times you try to say that you “Worded your point wrong”, it doesnt change the fact that you’re an ignorant douche bag.

      I just recently got out of a 4 year long abusive relationship, and while most of it was emotional and verbal abuse, he went after me physically about 10 times. Want to know what some of the reasons were? I lost the key to my car, that was one. Um, lets see, I couldn’t pull money out of my account on a weekend because my debit card had gotten demagnetized, that was another. Let’s see… I didn’t clean the fucking kitchen floor right, that was another one…

      The point I’m trying to make here? Dont EVER fucking pass judgement on any abuse victim, because unless you’ve been the victim of rape or abuse, you have no fucking clue what they’re going through. Its NEVER okay to hit or abuse someone else in any situation, and the fact that you put it off on what she wears on stage, shows me that you really are an ignorant asshole. I’m a 22 year old hippie college student, does that sound like the kind of girl that “usually” gets abused in your mind? God, I wish I knew who you were so that I could leave a stinging red hand print on your fucking pile face.

      • Wow! the kitchen floor must be a common one – I got beaten up and forced to sleep naked on the kitchen floor because i dropped spaghetti on it – uncooked spaghetti that ‘creates dust’.

        I feel for you mate. Thanks for sharing :)

      • word man, domestic abuse is NEVER okay, and Tako and Nunya are both morons…

        Like epic morons.

        Humanity fail.

    • @tako
      Uh, people can dress however the hell they want to. If that means looking like your definition of a ‘slut,’ then by all means they may do so. You honestly don’t even know what you’re saying, because when a woman dresses ‘like a slut,’ most of the time it’s too feel good. When someone shows some skin in their wardrobe choice, they’re not ‘asking for it;’ they’re not hoping to get raped, or get the shit beat out of them.

      Besides, how is a rant about wardrobe choices of today’s women even relevant to the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation..?

  • I decided to check the Evil Beet before heading off to sleep, and I can honestly say that after reading your last post, I am wide awake. I am shocked beyond measure. Part of me wants to rationalize all this, and see if I can try to piece together a scenario that would compel Chris to do such a malicious act. There is no justification for that form of brutality. I hope Rihanna has a full recovery, and finds solace with those that truly care about her.

  • Poor Rihanna. I hope she gets better soon.

    And thank you Beet for your commentary. I completely agree with everything you said.

  • “asking for it” debate aside, dude literally bit her. that’s insane, like “it puts the lotion on the skin” insane.

    • “it puts the lotion on the skin” oh shit, that’s brilliant. Damn, imagine Chris biting Rihanna with his fucked up teeth. Not cool.

  • ummm… who BITES someone!?
    like, not that whalin on anyone physically is justifiable, but at least you could maaaybe write that off as temporary insanity.
    but biting? you have to, like, grab someone’s arm, and decide, “i am going to bite this person now” and then do it. and that’s just… what!? i’m sorry, i didn’t realize chris brown was in second grade.

    this whole thing has blown my mind. i really hope rihanna’s okay, and that some sort of explanation gets fleshed out soon.. because this is dildos.

    • my ex husband bit me! after 2 years the scar has still not faded at all…. the really sad thing is, because I defended myself and he ended up with a bruise… we both went to jail!! crazy right.

  • WOOT!! Thank you for the last paragraph. Sweet jeebus. That was the best thing I’ve read on this site, well… ever.

    It’s not ok for him to hit her. It’s not ok for him to hit anyone.

    @ Tako – I find it horrible that you’re trying to insinuate that the money and the fame should have gotten her out of a bad situation. Ever thought that maybe she was afraid? Maybe she was too weak? Even now she refuses to release a statement saying it was her, even after being beat up (and bitten) she didn’t call the cops. Fame does nothing to combat fear.

    • If anything… I feel like fame could make it harder. I couldn’t imagine what it was like to have my boyfriend beat the shit out of me… but imaging that it would then be splashed everywhere on the internet? Unbearable. No wonder it seems like she didn’t even want treatment.

      God this is all so sad.


      • Agreed! Especially if, like most abuse victims, the anger over getting hit is warring with the fact that she loves him.

        I’ve been around women who have been abused and regardless of their injuries (sometimes up to broken bones) they don’t want the man they love to get in trouble. I’m not saying it’s necessarily smart but it is what it is.

      • I thought the same thing. I actually said something similar to my -very sweet- boyfriend. It’s so hard to go through something like this with just your friends and family knowing about it. I can’t imagine having the whole world talking and knowing about something like this happening to you. From my experience, you feel embarrassed and angry that you would be with such a douche and “let” something like this happen. Such a hard time to go through privately… could not fathom having people dissect it like this.

      • He could have killed her!!! Sooo scary. She doesn’t have body guards around her at every moment… and I am sure she probably thought she wouldn’t need them when she was with her boyfriend- someone who should be protecting her, not hurting her. Someone else called 911 because her screams were bone-chilling. Imagine if nobody called 911?!!! This stuff scares the crap out of me.

    • What i meant with that was, that she’s suposed to have body guards and all that shit, and of course she was scared, im sure about that, but its just hard to believe that during all these years that they’ve been together, nobody ever noticed anything. She’s so young, where are her parents? family? friends? anything?… I don’t know, but i think that she did a big mistake, if this is true, by never saying anything, and keep on paying for bodyguards that weren’t really paying attention.. That’s all..


        god, and -her bodyguards were most likely NOT IN THE CAR WITH THEM DUH OBVIOUSLY
        – not all relationships that are violent BEGAN violently. this could have been the first time. this could have been the tenth. we don’t know.
        – she is 20 (I believe). She is not 14.

        god ok I am done

      • Tako SERIOUSLY?! I can’t believe you think women who choose to dress a certain way should expect to be raped. Honestly what planet do you live on? Domestic Violence is a hugely complex issue and to try an generalise the specific situations is completely pointless. You have no idea what Rhianna is like, what kind of a person she is, and therefore no right to judge her. Saying that her behaviour could ever justify Chris beating her up?! It’s crazy talk, No women ever ‘deserves’ to be beaten. EVER.

  • I don’t recall seeing Tako on here before, so I am hoping that’s just a troll, but it still breaks my heart to know that there are people out there that are that ignorant and blind.

    Like Heatherly said, rape and sexual assault rarely have to do with sex. It is a power thing. When a person says no and fights to discontinue sex, then any person in their right mind stops. It has nothing to do with what one is wearing, how one is acting, or how much someone has been drinking. It’s such a cliche, but NO means NO.

    And as for thinking that money can shield you from assault…that is the most ridiculous notion I’ve heard on this all day. WTF? Was she supposed to slap some dollar bills at him to control his anger? You think her body guards are with her during her one on one time with her boyfriend? What the HELL does money, fame or talent have to do with being a victim of a violent crime?

    And another thing, having been the victim of a public domestic abuse incident I can tell you, I was so embarrassed at the time that people were seeing this, and so concerned for my boyfriend’s reputation (I know that is ridiculous but that is what was going through my head) that I just wanted to get away. I didn’t call anyone, I didn’t tell anyone until they saw the bruises and welts. It is completely plausible that she wouldn’t be the one to call. I’m sure she is shocked if this is the first time this has happened, so there is no “normal” way for her or her publicist to react.

  • First of all, I see we all agree that Tako is being a complete dumbass. Not that your comments make any f*cking sense WHAT so ever, but… and maybe I’m out of the loop on this one… but since when did she get sexually assaulted / raped? Or is Tako just going off on a tangent because he/she felt like saying something nasty & outrageous?

    I know we’re all pretty sure he beat her, but can somebody fill me in on the all of a sudden ‘she’s been raped’ deal?

    And I’m also glad to see less of the ‘if it WAS rhianna I’m pissed’ on this site. I think it’s absolutely sad how much I’ve seen people saying that they hope it’s not rhianna that got beat on, because THEN they’d be mad. It sounds like it was her, but if not, it’s not ok to hit ANY woman, Princess Riri or not.

    • The rape thing was a metaphor, I think. I couldn’t follow it much.

      I’m assuming that Tako was saying she was asking for it somehow. Much like he/she is saying if you dress like a slut you deserve to get raped.

  • Ok forgive me for taking away from the situation but any word on how fresh the bite marks are?

    I enjoy a bit of biting in the bedroom, perhaps they were not related to the attack.

    If they were. Chris Brown… Douchebag Vampire!

  • Funny the Doublemint ads were supposed to be pulled… I’m watching one right now on tv. Amazing how that works out.

    Don’t you give me that sincere little boy smile, Chris Brown! No more hitting girls!

    I think it’s going to come out that he was under the influence of something (which everyone is always ready to accept as an excuse for anything) and he’ll apologize and get counseling and everything will be all fine and dandy in the world. *Sigh*

  • So, I’ve never really heard of this guy, cause that’s just how I roll. But would this be like one of the Jonas Brothers going off on his girlfriend? What’s with the squeaky clean image? What made him so angelic up to this point? I think I need a little background and perspective as to why this story is so unbelievable.

    • I don’t get the good boy image either. I’ve heard of him and probably heard his music before but I’d never actually heard him speak. After this happened, I looked him up on youtube and listened to an interview. Not impressed.

      • The good boy image is based on what he hasn’t done. He hasn’t been caught doing drugs, he’s never been arrested, he’s usually sweet to fans, he’s never had a diva tantrum…Or maybe he’s done all those things and is just really good at not getting caught?

        Here’s my question. Why has Wrigley not severed all ties with him? Does that mean there might be a chance his PR people can spin this so that he doesn’t come out looking like a complete douchebag?

      • Never? He’s only nineteen for crying out loud. That hasn’t given him a lot of time to set a precedence.

        It says a lot about the industry that this guy is so applauded for “never” having been caught or convicted of something by the ripe old age of 19.

    • He came out with his first album when he was 15-16 I think and he was a cute kid. I think the prettyboy/niceboy image just naturally stemmed from that.

  • Someone needs to beat his ass… why is she messing with some 19 year old little cunt like him anyway?… she should have clawed his fugly face with her acrylics.

    • I like your comment best of all. Gets straight to the point. I’d be paying one of my bodyguards to fuck him up if I were her.

  • I don’t care how a woman may provoke you, you NEVER EVER put your hands on a woman what the fuck is wrong with Chris Brown ? If he’s so belligerent he needs to take up boxing with me or better yet see a therapist, because he clearly has issues.

  • im very sad for her. it depresses me. she is away from her family and the one person who she obviously cared about did something so hurtful to her. im a flight attendant and you travel with your crew, and you may have dinner with them and go out, but at the end of the night sometimes you just feel like you are so far away from home and you would give anything to hug your mom.

  • If this is all true, then this guy is a douche bag end of story…. nobody EVER deserves to get hit, guy or girl…. Love doesn’t hurt like that. I hope they beat his punk ass up and down in jail.

    • Hey, CS, ” nobody deserves to get hit, guy or girl… I hope they beat his punk ass up and down in jail. ” that’s kinda contradictory don’t you think ? Look i almost lost my sister to domestic violence because of her asshole ex-husband, had I not reach their home in time; I dislocated his fucking jaw and I was arrested but later released because it was self defense. Did I regret hitting him ? No ! Some men think it’s their god given right to physically and verbally abuse women, that’s just the way they see it, some will never change.

  • …. who bites people?
    Like can you picture that?
    RAWR nom nom nom amongst screaming and punching.

    Sorry… I know this is serious… biting i don’t understand.

    For me biting should only be during makeout/sex and should be strictly pleasurable… NOT violent.

  • I noticed yesterday and so far today that there had been no Chris Brown played on the radio station I listen to, and they play ‘forever on the dance floor’ only a zillion times a day. I am proud of them…

    Abusive relationships are NOT cool. There is no respect where there is abuse.

    • This is directed @TAKO.

      Tako, I have read every word you said, and while its possible you mean well, I find it scarey that you are so ignorant about domestic and sexual assault.

      You say that you are a mother and that you cant understand why Rihanna’s family didn’t step in. Would you even know if your child was being abused, or would you blame them?

      There is NO EXCUSE, not clothes, not provocation, not family history.

      I was in a 3 year relationship where I was regularaly beaten and raped. from the age of 18 I wore clothes and makeup to cover the bruises. I have the most supportive and loving family in the world, but as they did not live near me, and i wasnt going to betray my beloved abuser for anything.

      Because I did nothing, and hid the abuse so well, When I tried to break it off with this asshole, he knocked me out, and kept me drugged in his apartment for weeks, until a suspicious friend called my parents and they came to visit.

      I have had guns in my mouth, been kicked in the head, been forced to sleep on the kitchen floor naked. And I did NOTHING to deserve this.

      The point of me relating this story is not for sympathy, sympathy doesnt really solve much. It is to show the extent of abuse that can continue for years before anyone else finds out about it.

      I hope Rhianna does what I never had the guts to do and talks to the police. I got a restraining order for the stalking my ex did for the next 5 years, but I never prosecuted him for the rapes and abuse.

      And if Rihanna doesnt prosecute him, she has probably had enough and cant face it. doesn’t mean he’s not guilty. being abused doesn’t give us a magic cape and superpowers to confron our abusers in court.

      Tako, how dare you speak so stupidly on such a sensitive issue. If there is any good in this whole situation, maybe it is this, that you have had that dumb chip knocked off your shoulder a little bit.

      but its a big price to pay to educate people, let me tell you.

      • You deserved every bit of being raped and beaten for not bowing down to your master. A woman is only good for one thing, and most of them aren’t even any good at it.

  • she is sooo far out of his scumbag league it is not even funny.

    quit wasting your time with that loser, honey.

  • You know, even though Tako may be saying some things that we all don’t agree with, I really commend him/her for explaining and being so understanding of everyones post. Thank you for being mature about this Tako.

  • I thought I’d see more responses from women on here who have been through this.

    I have. Someone was saying something about body guards and money. Well, I’m not famous so no body guards, but I do have money and I still lived quietly with this for years. Till the night my husband pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at my head. It is not as easy as you all seem to think to just up and leave. Even for someone in Miss rihanna’s position. you live in this fugee denial state for a very long time. ANd they make promises, oh so many promises. I would bet it comes out that this has gone from a little bit of verbal abuse to a lot of verbal abuse to some minor physical abuse to this. There is a pattern. I hope she gets help. I hope they put Chris Brown away.

  • You should really post a link to a few sites that help battered women, because obviously there are still some men/women who believe this to be acceptable.

  • I will never, ever chew Double Mint Gum again.

    Im just making light of the bull shit i just read above. The Tako bull shit.

    I 100% agree with what Beet said in this post.
    The Grammy Awards were to have been a big night for that girl and look at that sweet dream all smashed to pieces.
    I dont think people have the full grasp of what an attack so violent in nature can have on you. Humans are much more fragile then we agree to recognize.

    I dont care what their fight was about. Once it gets physical, who ever started it, thats a fucking line you dont cross.

    The abuse is way more deep than just the physical. Imagine what it does to you to have someone try to control you through intimidation and constant put downs and jealousy. All the while you love him or her and you want to have faith a person isnt evil, wont harm you….
    This girl has put up with more than we know is all I’m saying.

    I think the ridiculous and obvious comments could be deleted with out sacrificing the integrity of letting your freak flag fly, Miss Beet.
    But what the fuck do I know? Live in peace, dont let someone take your life. Be all you can be….stay in school drink your milk!

    • I think bossip is full of shit. And there has been pictures of her with a cold sore forever. Nights that she was with him. He would OBVIOUSLY KNOW that she had MOUTH HERPES. MOUTH.

      I like how they throw around the word herpes too. She obviously has type 1 (mouth) yet they are saying it like it is type 2 (the STD… on your naughty bits!).

      Something insane like 80-95% of adults have been exposed to type 1 (many don’t ever get cold sores).

      It is rare for someone to have type 1 in their genitals or vice versa. And if she had type 1, it definitely doesn’t mean she has type 2.

      • first of all, I thought pretty much everyone knew about that (at least that they are two different types). But yeah, then I took an extensive sexual health class in college. That shit is impossible to un-learn. Ugh. The craziest was probably micro-penis… I feel so bad for those guys :(

  • Being a raging bitch is one thing, but when you are a raging, pushing, shoving bitch, that’s another. Lucky for you, Evil Beet, no one slapped the bitch out of you. Maybe you knew when to stop, some women don’t. Violence against another person is never acceptable, yes agreed, but I’m sick of the men facing all the blame when there are women out there who know exactly what to do to push men to their limits, then hail the law for their protection. Enough ladies! Insecurity gets you no where. Posessiveness is what women try to use to control what’s theirs. That’s not abuse? This was not a random act of violence, this is 2 people who may think they love each other, who know how to work each others nerves. This probably wasn’t the first time, it was just a time the police and all of America got involved. Women, if you can’t fight like Lala Ali, don’t start something you can’t finish, and if ya damn started it, don’t cry victim after its all said and done.

    • Hey what color shirt are you wearing in your mug shot when you got pinched for domestic violence? Were trying to figure out what mouth breathing redneck you are on The Smoking Gun.

      Must suck you can cyber slap the shit out of this little mo for stepping out of line? Bitch.

    • I’m amazed you can read and write. You must have missed that day in preschool when they taught you that there is NEVER an excuse to hit, bite,kick, or mame.

      I sure hope to GOD you don’t have kids nonuts, I mean Nunya.

  • Nunya is probably another “brother” who thinks it’s ok to smack a woman around if she expects him to ya, know, act like a gentlemen and treat her with respect. Chris probably banged someone else, Rhianna found out and confronted him, he yelled at her, and she got pissed and went off on him so he beat her up and used the “she bitched at me” excuse. Don’t date ghetto types ladies, they all think like this.

  • Opps didnt man to post this as a replay, si shit, I’m posting it again.

    @ Nunya and Tako (a.k.a. the stupid morons)

    Wow… you are a fucking Idiots. Now matter how many times you try to say that you “Worded your point wrong”, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re an ignorant douche bag.

    I just recently got out of a 4 year long abusive relationship, and while most of it was emotional and verbal abuse, he went after me physically about 10 times. Want to know what some of the reasons were? I lost the key to my car one night, that was one. Um, lets see, I couldn’t pull money out of my account on a weekend because my debit card had gotten demagnetized, that was another. Let’s see… I didn’t clean the fucking kitchen floor right, that was another one…

    The point I’m trying to make here? Don’t EVER fucking pass judgment on any abuse victim, because unless you’ve been the victim of rape or abuse, you have no fucking clue what they’re going through. Its NEVER okay to hit or abuse someone else in any situation, and the fact that you put it off on what she wears on stage, or whether she shoved him, shows me that you really are an ignorant asshole. I’m a 22 year old hippie college student, does that sound like the kind of girl that “usually” gets abused in your mind? God, I wish I knew who you were so that I could leave a stinging red hand print on your fucking pile face.

  • The first time my evil ex assaulted me, I was trying to stop him from drunk driving. I guess I must have been being a bitch.

  • I love how that asshat said that a woman being “possessive” was abuse LOL….what does that mean? She asked you to get a J.O.B.? Or asked you to get off your lazy ass and take out the garbage? Or keep it in your pants? And if those things are too much for your loser ass to handle here’s a novel idea…break up!!!! There is NO EXCUSE to beat a woman. Be a MAN not an APE.

  • Now, as I obviously can see that Chris Brown had no right to abuse her like that, I’m not going to make any sudden judgements based on facts that may or may not be true, as both of them could be lying about what really happened. So whether or not there is need to sex your way up the ladder of fame in Hollywood to become a well known celebrity, that is irrelevent. And as I’ve heard, Rihanna contracted herpes from none other than the married Jay-Z, so she obviously has a reputation of a slut. I’m not even quite sure if Jay-Z is the only one who knocked her up while she was with Chris Brown.

    That being said, because of the numerous claims that Rihanna had recieved many mysterious marks on her body and face in the past while with boyfriend Chris Brown, it probably was NOT from Chris Brown, since if you have a reputation of a slut, those you decide to have sex with will treat you like one, therefore those marks could have been from any of those men. And I have seen many celebrities who DON’T have to rely on having sex to gain fame, rather rely on their talent, so technically speaking, Rihanna should not gain just the same amount of support for the act she has put out as Chris Brown has not gained from his disappointing act.

    Thus, I will not pick any of their sides, as BOTH of them ave obviously proved to be disappointing in their actions, however I will continue to like their music. =]

  • Wow that Tako person is on crack! Okay im 16 and i know what happens im in high school i know everything she is a mother and i can see were she is coming from but RHIANNA is not a slut and she doesnt dress like a slut she just has fashion sense. You see girls wearing low cut shirts there boobs all out there skirts and short that are way to small have you seem RHIANNA once wear that and herd anything bad about rhianna like if she does drugs or drink or partys alot like lindsey lohan! Rhianna is a great role model to all the teenagers. I used to have the biggest crush on chris brown but now that he BEAT her its wronge no guy should ever do that to a girl. i think Rihanna never deserved it and i think tako you should think of everything you said i read everything and i can agree with you with some stuff like little girls that are 12 or just in middle school who are sluts cause there wear stuff that show off everything and wear lots of makeup and i know some lil girls that have done nasty stuff i know were your coming from in that part cause your a mother and but i just want to let you know that kids my age hate chris brown now and dont say that SHE WAS ASKING FOR IT . no body is asking for it no women asks to being hit or punched. so next time you should think of what you say before you say it because this is our generation of kids and there are alot of things you might not know of that going on like sex and drugs and alcohol is already going on in middle school and high school is worse. RIHANNA is supported by all her fans she never asked for any of the things she got. and chris brown i hope u go to helll and i hope u like jail buddy :) guys should never beat a women

  • this only shows one side of the story, we do not know chris’s side of it so we can not say anything yet until we know his side of the story. dont get me wrong tho becasue if he did beet her it was wrong

  • go to hell Chris Brown!!! you don’t know how to treat a woman… all your songs are fake as you are a hypocrite man!!!…..boop…boop…!!this is how we do it to all in jamaican patwah when you are a shit…….no woman no cry… take example on reggaeman

    don’t worry all ladies…i’m here to put you at the top when you deserve the best!!! ladies makes our world sweet with love…..lots of love and respect….sean pauljr

  • i think what chris brown did wasnt good. now how can she continue her career.i think that riahanna should not be together with each other. there has been so many gossips.when i heard the new i could not belive what it had said.but in the other side i dont know the problem is.agin but i know the one whos right is you riahanna.

  • i thnk tht rihanna desrved it . i also thk tht chris brown didnt do tht 2 her .after she started going out wit chris brown i was upset and i didnt lke her music no more. ifeel sory for u rihanna. now i thk i might lke ur music again cause ur not goin out wit chris brown. but chrs u are so fine i luv this christmas and stomp the yard i was crying when died in tht movie i luv so much.

  • She is real insecure. She was buggin him so much the only way out was to smack her away. She will back. I guarentee it. Youl see. Poor Chris Brown. This gurl is way sick and he is just gonna get in deeper and deeper. He might have to do an OJ on her dumb ass to end it.

  • To that ilovechrisbrown person;

    Girl yous a dumbass.
    chris will beat yo ass to.

    i hope chris brown dont drop the soap in jail.
    little boy hasnt even reached puberty.

    If you want to talk,Hit me up 757-323-6338.

    Holla Bak B.

  • Spam, seriously people, get real, stop ruining everyone elses experience and go spam somewhere else. this isn’t my blog but i don’t appreciate it to be honest. thank you and have a nice day.

  • My mate and I had been just talking about this particular article, she actually is always endeavouring to prove me completely wrong! I am about to show her this blog post and additionally rub it in a little!