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Beyonce to Sing for Obamas’ First Dance


Beyonce Knowles has landed the much-sought-after gig of singing for Barack and Michelle Obama’s first dance on inauguration night Tuesday.

But … event organizers are keeping the song she’s singing completely secret until the actual performance.

All I have to say about this is: Was Danity Kane already booked? Because I think they should have performed “Damaged,” except instead of “heart” they would need to say “country.” And Aubrey O’Day could re-enact her Playboy shoot, and, if nothing else, it would force the nation to start fresh, at least as far as their bedsheets were concerned.

What do you guys think Beyonce will sing????

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  • She’ll probably get to preoccupied showing off her armpits to sing. Or hopefully, since she just released a statement blabbing about the song she’ll sing for them, the organizers will come to their senses and dump her!

  • I’m deeply offended that the Obamas chose to have a racist like Beyonce sing at the inauguration, what does that say about their attitudes? It’s funny how no one will call out a black person for racism but go batshit crazy if there is even a hint of it from a white person.

  • I notice my comment about Beyonce’s racism wasn’t posted. I guess Evil Beet is in the pocket of the political correctness crowd. Her racist remarks were posted on PerezHilton. It’s not like I made it up.

  • Yup, like the rest of ya’ll, i went perez hilton and it seems she was so excited, she couldn’t keep her yap shut for a few days….it may be “at last”or, it may be a ploy to throw people off. looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

  • I wish they’d picked someone interesting rather than, hey we can’t remember who is popular in the music world, what about that chick who sniffs her armpits?

    Would have been far more awesome to have someone a little left of centre or an actual blues/soul singer.

    I hope all Obama’s choices aren’t so middle of the field.

  • While the Presidential Inaugural Committee had hoped to keep the song under wraps, the singer spilled the beans, telling Entertainment Tonight, “To sing ‘At Last’ while [the Obamas] have their first dance is a dream come true.”

    A representative for Beyonce confirmed the song choice Friday.

    Beyonce, who recorded her version of the Etta James standard for her portrayal of James in last year’s film “Cadillac Records,” is part of the celeb-packed lineup at the official Neighborhood Ball. Other famous faces in attendance will include her husband Jay-Z,, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Shakira, Sting, Faith Hill, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder and Maroon 5.
    ..according to Daily News