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Does Anyone Else Watch Jon & Kate Plus Eight?

This is the new show that I’m a little bit obsessed with, and I desperately need someone to talk to about it and none of my real-life friends watch it. So I’m gonna try with you guys.

It’s a reality show on TLC, on Monday nights, but reruns show up all the time.

Here’s the basics: Jon & Kate got married. Jon & Kate had twin girls, Cara and Madelyn. And then they decided to try for just one more, and ended up with sextuplets, three girls and three boys. So now Jon & Kate have eight children. The twin girls are seven years old and the babies are 3 1/2. And the show is about their life.

At first I started watching it because I was like “Awww, babies! Babies are cute!” And the babies are cute, and it’s fascinating to watch how intelligent and aware and communicative children are at just 3 years old, but what got me hooked is the relationship between Kate and Jon.

I mean, is it just me, or does Jon absolutely hate Kate? I mean, Kate, while doing her very best to be a good mother, is totally neurotic and overbearing and controlling and just plain old mean to Jon. She corrects his grammar constantly, tells him how stupid and inconsiderate he is, and at one point even yells at him for breathing too loud. And Jon kind of takes it in stride because he loves his kids, but I think somewhere deep down he really just wants to murder Kate and dump her body in a river, and frankly I don’t blame him. But it’s hilarious to watch.

Is anyone else picking this up, or is this just how all married couples with children interact? If so, maybe marriage and children are overrated …

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  • I seriously think he married her cause of how beautiful she was. Have you seen the episodes where they show pictures of her when they first got together?? She was like a bombshell. After all the kids she’s still pretty but nothing what she used to be. I think he’s a bit superficial and she knows it but they stay together for the kids.

  • I seriously think he married her cause of how beautiful she was. Have you seen the episodes where they show pictures of her when they first got together?? She was like a bombshell. After all the kids she’s still pretty but nothing what she used to be. I think he’s a bit superficial and she knows it but they stay together for the kids.

  • YES! This show is a guilty pleasure of mine, it is so intriguing to see how they handle eight kids! And yes, Kate is such a bitch, she is so controlling over Jon and orders him around all the time. I feel so bad for the guy. She also seems to have a really stereotypical view of the roles of males and females. Like in one episode she was laughing at the fact that Jon and a guy friend of his had to take care of the kids by himself for one day. It was like she thought he couldnt handle childcare since he’s a guy. She is so obnoxious yet I keep watching it haha…

    Ive noticed she treats him like that too. I think its the stress from all the kids.
    If you watch it when its just them, like if they go on a date, shes not like that with him.
    The past few weeks theyve had shows where John and Kate just 1 child and spend the day with them. Again, she doesnt treat him like that. Theyre actually pretty loving.


    If i was him i would snapped and hit her at least once by now.

  • Me and my roommate watch this…they seem to have genuine affection for each other, but she’s pretty impatient with him (I don’t have 8 kids, so I can’t judge) and he tends to react to it with a roll of his eyes or a passive aggressive comment. I don’t know if that’s just his frustration over not being appreciated or what, but I get alarmed when watching them cause I want them to make it. Their kids are insanely adorable though.

  • yay beet! further proof that you and i should be best friends in real life! =) i watched this show for like five hours when i was bored at a hotel (i don’t have cable at home). and it’s so addicting. i also watch because of jon and kate’s interaction. she is pretty mean to him. and he lets her walk all over him and i’m pretty sure they don’t have ANY sex. which is really depressing because sex (good sex) is really important in a marriage. i don’t know why they got married but i hope they don’t get divorced. maybe they should have a show called jon & kate plus eight= therapy. cuz they need it.

    p.s. their kids are so beautiful! i love interracial babies. i’m having some. the end.

  • I haven’t seen it too much this season, but I used to watch it all the time! I actually made my husband come with me to see them talk at a Bible Church and we’re definitely not Bible Church people. They were really nice, and just like you would think. I’m not sure what I was expecting, it is a reality show! Kate’s really not mean to Jon, she just gets a bit cranky with all the kids. And yes, you do end up talking to each other like that when you’ve been married for a while and have kids, unfortunately. I starting watching it because my three kids are kicking my ass and I wanted to see how she managed. Please post more about it, I love the show. What about her obsessive cleaning!!! She cleans the floors 3 times a day. I’ve been in my house for a year and I think I’ve cleaned them 3 times.

  • I really enjoy it. I have a stupid little crush on Jon, hahaha. I think the marriage dynamic is just because they are such opposite personalities…she’s very high strung and he’s very laid back and both are kinda necessary to survive a brood like this.

    The tensions do get pretty high sometimes but that’s realistic with a bunch of kids. When they’re in confessionals together, even when snarking on each other, it seems affectionate. I know I tease the people I love the most the worst.

  • I just think it’s hilarious how in every single shot Kate always looks WAAAAAY stressed out and Jon just looks tired. 8 freaking kids’ll do that to ya! As for Jon wanting to kill Kate… I’m not sure, but if I had that many kids under 5 years old at once, I’d probably want to kill myself.

  • Yeah… I don’t understand why Kate has to be so wretched all the time either. That’s pretty much why I stopped watching the show. Her bullshit was giving ME anxiety. I can only imagine how her husband feels. Then again, my boyfriend and I (we’ve been together for six years now, next year we’ll be common law! Yay. Not!!!) bicker kinda like that. But, I don’t slap him around or degrade him like she does.

  • I couldn’t agree more Beet.

    Kate is seriously high strung – all with reason of course (i’m sure anyone else in that situation would be equally as neurotic). Jon is a saint to put up with her intricate little bits of psychosis.

    But what gets me about that show is how horrible Maddy is… I definitely would be selling that kid on the black market. She’s such a snot!


  • I love this show!!! The one show where they went skiing was crazy. Kate got sick and Jon had to take all those kids to lessons. That”s crazy. I agree she’s mean to Jon but I’d be crazy too, looking after all those kids.Makes me tired just watching them. Good show that will last years. I bet they have a another show in ten years about living with teenagers. Maddy will be the

  • I adore this bitch. She says all the things to her husband that I wish I could say to mine. Mine world say something mean back…. But i sure feel like it, sometimes… I mean all the time. I couldn’t imagine 8 kids, but she needs to lighten up and get these kids some daycare. Mine works wonders!

  • i agree that jon must be very unhappy. although, i bet he doesn’t want to kill kate. i bet he just wants to shoot himself in the face. she is everything you said; neurotic, negative, mean. and she used to be beautiful and happy. then all the kids came. she had a tummy tuck on one of the shows, did you ever see that one? i was like, so you’re telling me i can totally abuse the concept of fertility, spending hundreds of thousand of dollars on treatments and pouring hormones into my body, pop out eight kids, have everyone else pay for them because we become a media sensation and everyone gives us whatever we want, and then i can get a tummy tuck for free too? i can’t seem to change the cahnnel when i come across it, but it does make me a little angry that they didn’t just adopt. there’s children and teenagers who never even know what it feels like to have parents, meanwhile jon and kate bring eight (somewhat unplanned) kids into the world and everyone loves it. but i certianly get into it, especially when kate’s barking orders at jon and he’s rolling his eyes and then in their confessional they act all normal. and they’re so not.

  • ive watched this show several times, jon looks very unhappy, but he cant do anything about it.

  • OMGOSH I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I never miss an episode!!! LOL i think it wuld be so fun to have so many kids!!!!! but i dont like how kate treats him!! She treats him so bad and she needs to be set straight!

  • I watch this show all the time. You people must not have kids, I only have 2 and believe me you snap!! I couldn’t imagine handling 8 of them. He gets to leave the house every day, she is stuck with it all!! I would need to be on meds 24-7.

  • OMG Beetie buddie…..might wanna seek TLC Anonymous, gf. But hey if it’s keeping off ya the ciggies….addict yourself out on that insanity. (Seen a snipet but flip after disgust.) Lesson for infertile couples….if ya can’t have kids, there might be a reason. Havta be careful what you wish for. What’s wrong with adoption?

  • Yes, I’ve seen a few episodes of this but not in a long while.

    Kate is rather bitchy with him to the point of shaming him and he is passive aggressive. Neither are good for a happy relationship.

    She was/still is very attractive and he must make a lot of money to keep them in a nice home, cars, vacations, etc so it does work both ways.

    This kids are really cute and somehow, at the end of the day, they keep it all together and that’s what really matters.

  • THIS IS MY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Beet, we were meant to be! ;) I absolutely LOVE this show. I love Jon, Kate & all of the kids.

    Kate does act a little shitty to Jon, but you gotta remember editing! I’m not saying they only show the bad side, but they rarely show the good side of her. I think she’s great, she’s had 8 kids & has to deal w/ a ‘grown-up kid’ (Jon) Yes Kate is VERY anal, but sometimes he’s just a little too nonchalant about things. But I love them!

    You’ve got to remember-EIGHT KIDS! They do act lovey some of the time, you can tell they really love each other. Kate’s nagging (etc.) is a way of showing it, I think. And the way Jon acts like he doesn’t care about things, but he really does. (Valentine’s Day=Cutest Thing Ever!)

    I think Jon is absolutely gorgeous (I know, I know) I’m not digging what he’s doing with his hair nowadays, you’re balding, get over it! :) He looked better w/ it gelled back instead of swooped to the front-it looks kinda goofy.

    SOOOOO-obviously I love this show & I think they should change the name to ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8, Plus Ashley’ hahahaha! And DUSTIN is right-the one with the glasses is the cutest. kid. ever! (Aaden) All of their kids are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute! ♥

  • sorry so long-i always hate it when other people do that-it’s jon & kate-i had to-sorry. :)

  • I just started watching this show yesterday. My friend was over and put it on…so weird that you’re writing about it today.

    I definitely thought that about Jon and Kate’s relationship, too. We watched like 5 episodes on demand and I was very intrigued watching them together. I even said “can you imagine what it would be like if they divorced?” because it seems like all of the love between them is pretty much because of the kids.

    However, it’s difficult to really know because we only see what’s interesting for tv.

  • I love watching that show, but it grew on me. I don’t know if I want to have kids, and I really thought a show about eight kids would scare me. But…those kids are so funny and cute. My fave is little Aaden with the glasses. He’s so cute. I also like the twins.

  • I’m so addicted to this show. It’s too great. I mean I’m exhausted just watching. I also love that they show them having arguments and getting overwhelmed. It shows that its normal and they are human. They showed that other show with the couple with like 18 kids and it was erie how perfect they were, i didn’t buy it.


    they had a documentary on this family and it was so popular they made it a show. she really is a bitch and a crazy clean freak.

  • I looove this show, however I don’t admit it to many people. I think Jon can be equally as annoying as Kate, although Kate would drive me insane.
    But I gotta say too, if I had even one kid like Maddy, I would go crazy too. Have you ever paid attention to her? She’s the most annoying brat ever, if she were my kid she’d have been spanked a loooong time ago. I would be nuts too!!
    But Cara and the sextuplets are adorable, and sweet for the most part.

  • her hair was long and straight; sort of surfer cute girl style. then she decided on a severe butch style to scare jon away from her because she is afraid of giving birth to 18 babies at once. God bless them.

  • I LOVE THAT SHOW. and no im sure he loves her, thats just the interaction caught on camera

  • This show is so awesome and I’m completely addicted to it. Their kids are adorable for the most part (Maddy does seem kind of mean, but who knows because it’s like 1/1000 of their life that’s shown. Can’t wait to see how long it will go on for!

  • I love that show, but I can not stand Kate. Its like everyone in the house has to live by her iron clad rules, and I think she gets way to rough with the kids when she’s mad at them. Like one of her little boys had gum on his socks, and she screamed NO WAY, yanked off his sock and like dragged him off the ground in the process. She treats Jon like shit, and you can tell, if the camera’s werent there, he would probably say a thing or two. I’d like to see him give her a nice smack in the face once or twice, maybe she would stop then.

  • love the show! i used to watch it all the time until house came on at the same time….but now i should be able to watch it again since house is over for the season! :)

  • I am so excited you posted about this show. I watch it all the time- along with Little People, Big World- another great show. And to add to the end of your entry with the gum, she almost threw away Colin’s teddy bear and when he started to cry and say “his my buddy” I wanted to die!

  • Kate acknowledges that she acts cowish, which is a plus. Once the kids start treating Jon the way Kate treats him, she’ll have a reality check and be all repentant. Let’s face it, what can either of them do- child support, separate residences, joint custody of eight kids- divorce isn’t a realistic option for them. I think the tension of their relationship is what makes the show so fascinating, it’s so much better than watching the Duggar family with their 17 kids.

  • they already had two – why didn’t they just adopt? i’m over these fertility treatments that give women litters instead of a baby. i have no sympathy for these two – they are in a hell of their own making. the kids are cute, though.

  • I love this show! My brother-in-law and my friend got into a HUGE fight over this show (who knew J&K would be so controversial haha??)! The kids are so friggin cute and yes…Alexis is my favorite (I think). Maddy is from hell. I think Kate is sorta bitchy, and my sister (a doctor) said her friend worked at the hospital where she delivered and she was a raging bitch. I am sure I would be too, but I think it was just more than the labor…it was to staff everyone. So I don’t think it’s editing. Then again, I’ll be a bitch when I have a kid coming out of my body too.

  • I LOVE this show and none of my friends watch it. But yeah Kate is always slapping Jon in the face…

  • They are going to have so much fun paying for college when those kids grow up. Hopefully, financial aid will have mercy; oh wait, they never do.

  • I love the show but if they don’t get control over Maddy they will have a huge problem by the time she is a teenager. She and all the kids are really cute.

  • i was wondering if anyone knew what happened to all the grandparents,i once heard kate say they are not in their life.wondering if u knew!i love the show too

  • Jon definitely wants to kill her. I haven’t seen it in a month or so… THinking he digs the $$ from the show and the trips… but she is a serious pain in the ass. Anal, compulsive cleaner… damn, i’m getting hives thinking of her.

  • Amanda, you’re a bitch~

    I was answering Beet’s question directly, don’t judge!

    Let me spell it out for you….
    Beet said: “or is this just how all married couples with children interact? If so, maybe marriage and children are overrated …”

    And I said, what I said. F you.

  • i love this show.

    i think kate secretly blames jon for the sextuplets.

    …or the fertility drugs.

  • I definitely watch the marathons.

    I got hooked after the episode where Kate hired a maid. First she would not hire a woman who would not get on her hands and knees to scrub the kitchen floor (something Kate does tree times a day apparently). She finally gives one a try for a day and the maid cleaned almost everything perfectly, including an accident one of the kids had in the bath tub. But she did not dust inside one of the entertainment units and forgot to vacuum under a night stand. UNFORGIVABLE. Kate said that the job would not have met anyone’s standards and instead to talking to the maid (I will admit that she did not speak English well) and working on it, Kate gave up after one try and started complaining about how she had to start looking all over again.
    I just know that one day she’s going to have a heart attack from her need for control. I like to think that I’m trying to learn how to not be like her, but I’m pretty sure it is because I’m evil
    I do also love how Jon and Kate have mismatched personalities.

  • Yes, I have always thought that Kate and Jon have a really bad relationship, she seems to think he’s an idiot. Actually, she seems like she hates everything and she does treat him really badly. I feel bad for Jon.

  • YES! It’s so in my TIVO! I think they really love each other. If I remember correctly they were together for a while before the kids, so Jon probably knew she was neurotic and bossy already (I’m sure the kids didn’t help that though). And we must remember this is a REALITY TV show on TLC but reality nonetheless. Meaning it’s edited to tell a story and usually exaggerates characteristics. So I don’t think their life is that bad, but I do feel bad that people judge them so harshly.

  • ive seen lots of loving couples have a relationship like theirs and the mismatched personalities seem to really work. but glasses kid is like the coolest kid ever born i love the little guy

  • I love it as well. I think that both of them bicker at each other, and Jon pulls the frustration snippy card to Kate too. I like the behind the scenes show where they will talk about where they are at in their mind set in each clip. You can see their love for each other, and I mean come on my hisband and I bicker with 2 kids let alone 8. HAHA I just cannot believe how put together and orgainized they seem- they always know where everything is! Every morning seems like a battle for me to find shoes, jackets, get dressed, hair combed…yada yada…they are super stars and a team. Love em!

  • I watch this show and love it! Kate completely reminds me of my own momma which is hilarious and creepy at the same time. I think Jon has a really really dry sarcastic sense of humor and is probably half dead most of the time, I’m pretty sure he works full time as an IT Annalist. Kate on the other hand, is/was a Nurse so she has the energy to keep up with the small things, and by small things I mean the little ones lol. I love how cute of a family they are, I want to squish them alllllllllllllllll!

  • Dude…thank you.

    I thought I was the only that saw that Jon fucking HATES her, because she is a psychotic, controlling, anal bitch.

    I had to stop watching the show because every single time they sit the two of them down in front of the camera it just made me uncomfortable seeing how they interact. I get weird about stuff like that anyway though…so that might explain that part.

    But yeah, that guy is definitely miserable. Part of it probably has to do with the fact that he’s probably afraid to even bang her anymore, lest it end up Jon and Kate Plus 14. So that’s got to just add to his misery…

  • I admit I don’t watch it regularly but once I saw her HUGE belly while pregnant and the belly butt after I was loving it. She is a miserable bitch but honestly I would be too with 8 kids, 6 of them being 3 years old. The freaking effort they have to put into just managing a meal is obscene. I have three kids and some days it’s a lot of work.

    Thanks for the reminder of how I should be watching that show to thank god every second that my husband had a vasectomy!!!

  • i love this show. it’s fascinating to watch. i love how tender the little kids are with one another (not all the time obviously). it’s so sweet the way they hug and kiss and care for one another.

    kate is neurotic and definitely does not treat john that well.

    mady is a complete and total bitch.

  • Kate may be neurotic, but come on! She has 8 kids! If she wasn’t totally organized the house and their lives would be a wreck. If Jon was left in charge, mayhem would ensue.
    Jon doesn’t hate her. He says all the time about how much he thinks she’s hot!
    Speaking of that, did you see the earlier episodes where she got the tummy tuck because her stomach was so stretched out after having the sextuplets?! That was crazy! She called it her butt stomach.

  • She is such a witch to him! I love how he takes it in stride though. Butttttt, it seems now that he is standing up for himself more and saying NO when she aks him to do something! There is most def. a divorce somewhere in their future! Oh and she was not worried about her teeth would look sitting next to him, she was JEALOUS!!!! The kids are lovely though, they are just so sweet to one another (besides Madey).

  • Beet, your observations are right on. I do watch the show, but then I get super irritated because I can’t take all of the crying and screaming. I als can’t take how mean Kate is to Jon. I am married and I have a kid, I can relate a little bit because my daughter is moody just like theirs, but goddamn!

  • Ok I get the whole “she is home with 8 kids all day” argument BUT she has neighbors folding her laundry, nannies all day long, friends on every trip so it’s not like she is there all day ALONE. She’s a raving bitch when he gets home. His “quality” time with the kids is baths and bed. Two things they are not all that fond of, while she does all the playing with them.

  • I have twin boys who are just a little big younger than their sextuplets….and i go NUTS dealing with just the two of them. In Kate’s defense, it must be SUPER hard to deal with all that chaos daily. When you have to plan for so many kids on a daily basis, you can tend to get snappy(total understatement!). I have done it to my husband…but let me tell you…watching the show makes me feel LOADS better about my situation.

    Yeah…she’s a bitch….but as they say “you’ve gotta be in this business” and her business is an extrememly busy and nerve-wracking one. The husband has it easy. I know mine does too…sucky as it is.

  • lmao @ morning sick… i totally agree with you, i like to watch this with my husband, cus then i get to just say “see? see why she’s mad?” hahaha.. And i don’t have to just say it myself… But yeah, i love the show, and i do think Kate is a bit of a bitch sometimes.. And that Jon either loves her very very much, or he’s just slow… lol..

  • Oh and by the way… I hate Madelyn.. (whatever the spell is..) She is so fucking annoying!…… I can’t stand that girl..

  • I absolutly love this show . I have been watching it for at least a year now . But I must say She treats him the way married people are when they have kids . She is a SAHM and he works so she in turn I think is kind of envious that He Gets to leave the house everyday .At least thats how I felt when I was a SAHM . Now the slapping is her Love Taps and he gives me the impression that he likes it .I bet they are pretty Kinky when they are Alone ……

  • Love this show. They do well being the parents of eight children. If they don’t drop kick them, they have done their jobs. Yes, I’m a mother of two, and I say this with love.

  • I’m addicted.. the show is like watching a train wreck. So many kids! But I’d be super pissed if I had to ruin my body cranking out 8 kids and every single one of them looked like their father! So TOTALLY unfair!

  • Can’t stand her, sorry. Used to watch it but she’s just too much of a bitch.

    Instead of all the freebies she’s accepting all the time, maybe she should take some of that hard earned cash her kids are making for her and her husband and get some marriage counseling/take some parenting classes.

  • I can’t stand bpth of them. Jon is NOT working he quit his job. She is not home alone with them all day. she has nannies twice a week. every other month she and Jon go on tour telling how harad is is. They get a loy of money ffor doing this show. The commerical of stuff around the house Like JUCY JUICE is always shown. She says she is disappointed becasue one of the boys is not perfect her words because he wears glasses. She does not go out on the boys special days. WOW ONCE a year? they get more freebies than most famlies. they are not the only family with sixtuplets. she demanded the state of philadlephia give her a nurse for another year even thought Jon and a host of volunteers were helping her. She has a volujnteer come in and fold the wash. you need to go and read
    this couple begs for every thing. All clothes are free,most toys the same. If they go out is a free meal. I think MAddy is a favorite of TLC the poor kid is ignored. I have seen Cara have lots of melt downs but its very small air time. Kate is always tired. I think she makes work for herself. Like the story she tell when the kids were babies and they need paper towels and some one gave them 250. and then a box of them came. Kate you could haved saved a lot with cloth towels. thats what I use. did you know the house they are in the rug has been changes twice and they are having a mega mansion built for them. Guess that hard earned money some of you are sending them will be put to good use. Also did you notice they are hardly outside in the back yard? there is dirt out there and kate will not let them play in dirt. also they have been reading the site I am on and are changing. these poor kids are always on display. perfect clothes

  • I love Kate. I think she is so funny. Jon gets her and you can tell they love each other. When she yells he doesn’t take it personaly, he understands she is just venting. She is greata with kids.

  • I love this show. It is probably my favorite, and yes this is how married people interact. I think I watch it because it is real, and I’m sure a lot of married couples with young children can relate.

  • I THINK JON’S OUT OF THERE WHEN THOSE KIDS TURN 18!I read all the responses & I didn’t see anyone mention about the fact that Jon DID NOT WANT ANYMORE KIDS after the twins! During the 1st season, they mentioned that, but now they gloss over it. He said that having a family of 4 fit perfectly into everything. But she had to have her way & have one more. I think the kids are cute & fun to watch. But my favorite part is when Jon snaps & tells Kate about herself. I also think that after the first season, when she came off SOOOOO bitchy, that they tried to soften her up & make her seem more human. Which I think is pretty hard to do, because she is absolutely the most demanding, neurotic, bitchy, germiphobe I have ever seen in my life.
    I’d love to know how much they make from exhibiting their children. It must be a lot if Jon could quit working (which I did not know). I have to check out that website that Mary talked about.

  • Note: They have 8 children, they are bound to get a little tense with each other. Yeah, Kate can be overbearing at times but a lot of this is due to editing. If you want to pretend that what happens on reality TV is EXACTLY what is actually happening then I feel bad for you. These people are being recorded 24/7 and it gets filtered down into a one hour show. Do you honestly think they’re going to make shows out of a couple that loves each other and never fights? No, they’re going to take every petty argument from one week and turn it into a show, because that’s where the ratings are.

  • My mother and I love this show we watch it together all the time. It’s funny my mother loves Kate and hates Jon she thinks he is a jerk. And I love John and think Kate is a bitch. Well to John anyway. And the kids are the best. The are the cuties kids. But Aaden is by far my favorite

  • I love this show. My husband says the same thing. He thinks Kate will end up dead sometime and this show will be John’s way out of the klink!!! LOL
    She does make me think that if a neuro like her can handle 8, then I should be able to handle one! :)

  • Coach and who ever else thinks “mady is a bitch” you are all crazy!!!!!! she has her good and bad moments just like any other human!!!!! could you even imagen the stress of having 7 siblings!?! give her a break!!!!!!!

  • Reading the comments, I’m surprised to hear so many people think Kate is bitchy and overbearing. I actually thought Jon is somewhat boring, emotionless, and mean. When he reacts to Kate, it makes him look aggressive and short-tempered. But, I can totally see now, how she puts him down a lot. But, I honestly think they get along well, or at least normal. Anyways, I’m loving this show! The kids are SOOOO adorable. I watch only for them. Aaden is such a cutie, with his glasses and small eyes. But, I love all of them. Mady is just a kid, so she’ll be brat sometimes. I think she’s pretty, smart, and very aware of surroundings. She has a quite a personality, making her outshine everyone else.

  • Okay, Kate is a (nagging) bitch most of the time, from what I see on the show, seems like her way or no way. Mady desparately needs her butt whipped, stomping around, slamming doors, sneaking around hitting the little ones like she’s running something. And Jon, needs to slap Kate or say something in his defense. Most women would be just happy the man stayed around long enough to help take care of all those kids, who, by the way, are absolutely adorable. Its almost like she’s trying to run Jon off, and yet, I cannot stop watching this show. I have seen all the reruns twice or more times. Its amazing how I love this show. I hope it doesnt go off because I want to see them at 13 – 18 I love them, they are too funny.

  • We have this show here in Australia and I watch it religiously. I think Kate is the pants wearer in their family but like most I do reckon it has been edited to pick on her bitchy moments. I have four kids and they seriously do my head in at times and the oldest three are at school. I have one baby and he is hard work but to imagine that times six. No thank you.
    I think the focus is very much on the kids so they forget about each other which is done by everyone when you are busy. I bet it wont still be a ratings success when the kids are older and home life isnt so frantic.

  • I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! !! !!! !! :)

    i hink that jonh and kate only bicker b/c of all the stress of having eight kids!!!!!

    like thats ALOT of kids. can you imagin not ever having peace and quiet unless its late @ nite???!!?!?!!?

    i Dont think Kate i ANAL i think she just CONSTANTLY worries about her kids… which isnt bad. they love their kids AND each other!!! !! !!

    if you every see when they are just alone there REALLY sweet, and she slaps him like joking… my parents seriously do it ALL the time… LOVESLAP!! HAHA

    but I do love the show expecialy Alexis and Aaden!! ! !! ! SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! :) LATER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • also the strange thing is that even though their life is CRAZY and must be SOOO hard i woulnd mind that mny kids crazy but true !!! !!! !!! !!!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!! :) I WATCH IT RELIGIOUSLY… :) IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH LOVE IT>>and i think Kate is a great mom that love jonh but just gets flustered and stressed!!! >:(

  • I do and I forgot what the name of that park is. it is the one when they went on the memorial day picnic

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this show! Considering everything Jon and Kate have to deal with, they handle most everything as best they can. I know I would be much worse. I think Kate’s a mom that works hard and makes sure that her kids have what they need. Just feeding them is a full time job and she does a great job at it. I only wish I could be that good at it. The kids are so adorable, but they have gone terribly wrong with Mady and the fact that Kate makes excuses for her. Mady has issues alright, nothing a good spanking wouldn’t take care of. Mady is absolutely hateful to others, but don’t say the wrong thing to her or she goes ballistic. That episode when they were playing dress up and Kate takes Mady to another room and asks Jon to close the door behind him was once again Kate protecting Mady and then Mady came out in a wig and glasses all happy and ready to be the center of attention, but when Cara told her “that’s mine” Mady took off running pitching a fit and then Kate tells Cara “that’s not nice Cara.” Of course, Mady said “Cara hit me” which wasn’t at all true. Yet Mady can violently jerk and grab things away from the lilttle kids and hit them on the head, not to mention lie and there’s no punishment, only excuses. I can’t understand how they let her storm in the door after school and go into the bedroom to watch tv to let her calm down. She has serious anger issues. I loved when they were in Utah and the lady that went with them ran up the stairs after Mady to make her do something. Jon & Kate need to handle Mady a different way because what they are currently doing is not working. I don’t like to watch the show too late in the evening because I find myself going to bed and feeling angry that once again Mady got away with murder. Enough about Mady but I could certainly go on… Again, love the little ones, especially Aaden and Alexis. Too cute for words.

  • Kate is a jerk. And no, it is NOT “normal” for couples to act like white trash and treat their spouse like crap just because they have some kids and have been married for a while. I am 7 months pregnant with our 5th, we’ve been married for 15 years (since age 18) and we have NEVER treated one another OR our kids with so much disrespect. Stop making excuses for people who are just horrible in general. Kate would find a reason to be a witch with or without those kids, they just give her an excuse. Unfortunately, in many homes today it is COMMON, but it’s NEVER normal!

  • I really like this show and Kate reminds me as myself omg that’s so weird but either way i love there kids and i love the show

  • Kate is the epitome of a woman that can effectively start a divorce. So if you’re planning to dump your husband, just imitate Kate.

  • If this show rates a lot higher, I’m sure Kate will be the most devilish she is and might even have the illusion that she’s as great as Britney Spears. Shame on her.

  • Shame on anyone who takes fertility drugs and finds a way to have everyone one, but themselves, pay for their selfish choice. They already had 2 kids. Look at their body language, they can’t stand each other! Free tummy tucks and hair transplants have nothing to do with the poor kids, but only with their own selfish wants. These are very undesirable human beings who percieve anyone who critisizes them as being unhappy. Hah! I have never seen two more miserable people in my life. Lastly, shame on me for watching this dreck… never again.

  • Wow! Everyone on the page is so quick to judge, and rather harshly I think. To call a seven year old child a bitch and a brat is unreal. Kate and Jon, from what I see are doing the best they can to raise 8 kids. Yes they can lose their temper with eachother, but they are so normal. Everyone loses their temper with kids around, and I have never once seen them handle a child roughly or take discipline too far, which is admirable. Couples fight, and they are in a pressure cooker situation. I think Kate is a great mom who loves her kids and Jon loves them as well. They are a very young couple to have so many children and I do not think many people would do so well as they have. Clearly Kate had a difficult upbringing so to do so without a good family role model is even more impressive. Most importantly the children are sweet and love eachother. They don’t sensor themselves in front of the camera, which is what makes the show so compelling. Anyway, I just think people should give Kate some slack, and why all the criticizing for taking freebies. With a ten person family I would take whatever i could get, little luxuries make life worth living, and if someone wants to give them free juice or a piano, where is the harm?

  • She talks too much that’s for sure. And even though she keeps saying that it’s arealit show, I think she aways make a show. I used to love the show but could stand her no more.

  • Kate is such a b – – – -, & so lazy. she alwasy has help with the kids, always bossing & yelling at poorJjon . Jon works & has to come home & do a lot around the house. Poor Jon had to move furniture and lay the carpet & still watch the kids while she was getting her hair done. They also need to get Mady in check, she is so mean to the other kids. always yelling , hiting them. always mad for one thing or another, she is just like her mom Kate. Kate cant even pick out her own clothes.

  • Poor jon he should kick Kate in the ass she is such a bitch & their daughter Mady is a bitch just like her mom, I would like to c Mady get a good ass wippin. she is such a mean little bitch.

  • I love this show…the dynamic between the two is more honest than most people would like to portray of themselves. they clearly love each other and their children. they do argue but never do they ever say anything really mean to each other or call each other names even when disagreeing, which is more than most people can say about their own relationships. They both recognize that they are very different, but for them it works. they have eight young children which does create alot of stress, but you can see the love between them all. And anybody who can’t understand that needs a reality check. Kate is a neat freak and uptight, but that doesn’t make her bad she wants what is best for her family. Unlike alot of other parents, she doesn’t curse in front of her children and she promotes respect for each other.

  • Hey! I’m totally obsessed with the show as well. It’s summer vacation and I watch it all the time. I do think Jon and Kate are in love and I’m sure they have sex. It’s just with the stress of eight children it gets kinda hard to be nice all the time. I love the kids as well, they are so beautiful and adorable. My personal favorite is Aaden (the one with the glasses) and Alexis (the “wild woman”) I love the show because the Jon/Kate relationship reminds me of my mother and father’s relationship, so it’s comedy for me.

  • omg and I totally love when Kate makes them kiss and hug to resolve their problems. Those are some of the cutest momments.

  • Are you people watching the same show
    Leah is banished to basement to sleep ALONE.
    if the kids are sick no comfort from Kate she yells at them for making her do more laundry.

    the kids are just in underware because they can’t get clothes dirty. they have a big back yard but them are not allowed to paly out there because the will get dirty.
    she refuses to go out on the boy outings. she have lots of babysittting, mother helpers, and people to do other work

    Jon quit his job Both John and kate go out to different churches to tell thheree s ad stories. Now how many of you have found enough money in your couches and chairs to make a morgage payment.

    They get free trips, food, clothes, toys, all other stuff you will see around the house as placement for advetrisements.
    Jon does all the work.
    she justs sits.
    the kids are not allowed to have any fun Disney, crayolo

    she hardly feeds them a few grapes and crakers, long naps

    she call her boys icky, and gross

    she put a little boy who had a high fever and flu in laundry room and closed the door.

    she has around 10 of those filthy potties on each of the floors of the house.

    then BOTH of them left all 8 kids who had the flu one who had been in bed for 4 days and had not eaten in 3 days for a FREE trip to LA for Jon to get a hair transplant..
    would any of you mothers leave you sick kids yeah she left them with thier aunt and uncle who own kids were sick…. No Kate likes the title but not being the mother. (Last episode) Ohh yeah on another site its reported they make 65,000 per episode. They are building a new home.
    keep watching you will see its all about KATE. Poor kate

    she is never seen playing with her kids only when they make believe for the camera’s

  • Mary, you hit the nail on the head! But how many thoudsands of people idolize Kate and sympathize with her “hard” life, and they make excuses for her horrible behavior. What a sad, sad mess American’s are in, when they watch the show because it “reminds them of their own homes”. No wonder the kids I teach are so messed up. Parents now think dysfunction is normal. Verbally insulting and abusing your loved ones is the new way of “showing your love”(Kate and Maddy’s love taps). The thing that makes me really sick is that this is being portrayed as someone’s half cocked idea of “Christianity”!!! Puke!!!

  • i am hooked on them! i think they should get a medal! there kids come first, couples with one and two kids are not like them. they should be motivational speakers for people with children. you can tell they will stay togeather of course they love eache other but the children come first. GREAT!!

  • Yes, I must admit, I am slightly addicted to the show.
    Also, No DUH Kate is bossy over Jon,and yells alot.
    Lets make you take care of eight kids every single day, for years and see how calm and patencet you are.
    There are kids screaming, making a mess, refusing to do something, complaining and ugh.
    Kate is extremely organized-which is what needs to happen if she wants to have them have a fun childhood. Jon most likely likes it that way, imagine what would happen if Kate died or something? It wouldn’t go smoothly when they went out, they wouldn’t have a fun childhood at all.
    So far, they have raised outstandingly well behaved children, and I think they have earned more respect than most people are giving them-esceppelly when those people would scream if they had eight kids to take care of, six at once, eight two days every week- during school at least.
    Also, there is money, and their futures. They care very much and put their children first.

    They are doing an excellent job, and no doubt about ti those children while grow up wonderfly, and become a successes.

  • This is horrible.
    Kate does a damn good job.
    I would LOVE to see you guys take care of eight kids, every day and see how f—ing take it! Would you do it all alone? No! You wouldn’t, people are glad to help and she smartly takes that offer.
    She does laundry, she cleans, she cooks, she watches them, she tries to get to know every single one of them, so of course she needs a break once in a while!
    She is HUMAN she is not perfect, and neither am I or anyone else here!
    It is a good thing they took a break, or else they would not be able to do their jobs.
    Oh and I am pretty sure Jon liked switching jobs, he doesn’t exactly hate the kids, he wants to spend time with them to.
    Kate is organized, and that is EXACTLY what needs to happen!

    Kate is doing a GREAT JOB, she is HUMAN and is doing a better job then most of you could.
    Jon and Kate are actually communicating when they are arguing, and when as you might see if you didn’t focus of the tantrums when they are relaxed they talk perfectly nice to each other.
    Also, what the fuck is wrong with you, those calling Mady a bitch?
    She is Seven! You expect her to be perfect to? No! She is going to have tantrums, she is SEVEN AND is living with seven other children! They all crave needed attione! It is perfectly normal! A basic human needs attione, and to relax every now and then.

    Kate could have gotten rid of the kids if she wanted, but did she? No she loves her family, as does Jon.
    Kate works hard every single day, trying to make sure everything is going smoothly so they can be happy! She could have gotten an abortion, but No! She loves her family, and Jon? He could leave if he wanted to. Kate could get help with the kids, get a few Nannys, do some advertisements.
    Answer me this; How many of you actually take care of eight children, with a camera crew following you around all day? She is doing the best she can, and is proubly doing a whole lot better then most, if any, of you could.
    They are all human, as everyone here is. Your the ones with the image that kate her family should be calm and perfect.
    So what? She freaks and wants orgainzation with eight kids? Oh no! She is a bitch now!

    She and her family are HUMAN.
    They have needs that really needs to be fufilled.
    They need money,
    They need some time to relax.
    And they need some attione.
    It is only human

  • THEY do not need money. They should stop all the beggining. Its reported they get 65,000 per episode. Jon and kate run around the country every other weekend going and telling thier story and getting money for doing it. What parent would leave 8 children who 6 was sick with the flu. One child had been in bed sick for 3 days and had not eaten. Kate’s brother and sister in law who have 4 kids of thier own (who was also sick) came over to watch the kids while Kate and john left for Jon’s hair trasplant.

    who has those germ filmed potties all over the house. those Children should be using the toliet. they NEVER ever wash thier hands. she uses Purel. (gets free for product placement and kates mentions)
    she travels with them also. there every where in the house. ok what is with bibs and sippy cups.. those kids are not going to find those in school. They have not let these kids become children they are still todlers.

    she has her favorite all the time. Hanna is stuck like glue to her. she does not care for the boys. she never goes with them on special days.
    Once a year to take your child out. (yep not being paid for special outing) she said she was so disappointed the AAdain was not perfect because he has to wear glasses. She does not care for boys she has said this calling them icky,gross.

    putting a sick child in laudry room on floor , closing the door and forgeting him until jon walked in (when he was working)
    all she cared about was laundry that would be have to be done.

    I do not understand why she has so much laundry. how many times a day do those kids change? they can’t get dirty because she will not let them.

    Relax thats all kate does. she has to much help. If she cared about her family she would kick those camera;s out Jon go back to work and kate go back to work like millons of other people and stop the begging. you do not see other families with muliiples beg. she is not the only one with sextuplets.

    I could go on about Jon but i do that later.

  • OMG I LOVEEEEE J and K! me and my friends all have our little jokes with them. Like i have a weina! daddys have weinas!! when i saw that i was laughing SO hard! they are so adorable but that lil matie can be … how should i say this…. like a bitch

  • I love this show. Me and my brothers and sister, watch it all the time. We like how cute they are. The funniest episode we saw was when Kate was obsessed with her kids taking a poop! I’m 15, my brother 12, my sister 11 and my youngest brother 6. I still can’t believe how they took all their kids to Disney world. Well at least they’re trying to give their kids a normal life, instead of their kids not being able to do things cause of their big family. I also don’t believe Jon married Kate because of her beauty, it’s just this thing you see when they’re around each other. You could just see fireworks bursting out. Anyways, I think this show is great, because you could just see how their life is, and how hard it is to have eight children, but all the benefits of having that many children. I have one question though, how much money do they get for doing their show? I know it’s none of my business but you must confess it does tackle your mind every now and again!

  • it was posted on another list they get $65,000 per episode. that is what they are gettting to invade thier children’s privacy. Those of you all hate poor Maddy. Maddy is her mother she acts just like kate. when she grows up she will be another kate.

  • Seriously, can we all just focus. They are a normal family, if of course, you had eight children and most the same age.
    I just want to say that Kate for all she has to do is incredible under all that stress. We all have stress, Kate has it so much over anyone would get like that.
    As for the money mentioned, Mary…You try to save money for eight children to go to college in the future for four years or more, cloth and feed them for eighteen years. 65,000.00 is not relly that much.

    As much as you all think that jon does not love his wife yes, he does. It is so clear that he really loves his family, but hey you be a Dad of eight childen all wanting your attention! Can you imagine how hard it is for him to leave his family to go to work??

    They are an amazing family!

  • Two things:

    1) It’s possible that Mady is going through a really annoying/obnoxious phase (a long one, granted, but still) and will turn out just fine. Anyone who has children or spends a lot of time with children knows that this is normal. It’s kind of sad that everyone is judging her as if she were a fully realized human being – she’s just a kid with a ton of brothers and sisters. I bet things will turn around for her with time.

    2) It’s so obvious that Jon and Kate are crazy about each other. I think that all the people who are criticizing Kate for being a bitch do not have kids. Mothers I know with 2 or 3 kids snap, even the nice, reasonable ones, and when I discuss the show with them they all say that they CANNOT imagine being in Kate’s shoes and they don’t know how she manages not to be a bitch 24/7.

  • One last thing…the kids are very sweet and considerate to each other, apart from the normal sibling arguments. They enjoy each others’ company and are affectionate and cute with one another. They had to learn this by example for the most part – that is generally how children learn how to treat others, by watching their parents. If Jon and Kate really argued all day long and Kate was always horrible to Jon, the kids WOULD NOT be so sweet and caring to one another.

    The way the kids behave is proof that Jon and Kate have a loving relationship, even if it’s not perfect.

  • ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! I can’t believe how negative some of you are… get a life and turn the channel but I bet you wouldn’t like whatever is on the next one or the next one or the next one. The people who dish out such negative things should get some serious help to find out why they continue to watch something that they dislike so much. You have the choice to watch whatever you want so please instead of going over detail by detail all the negative things you are pointing out here, please just watch something else that can suit your negative life. Do you hate your own lives so much that you have to put down others??? GET A LIFE

  • ADORE the show, and all of the participants. I rewatch episodes time and again. The parents are brilliant, empathetic, sympathetic, and incredibly efficient. God really has blessed their family, and I feel privileged to be an observer. You chose a wonderful topic.





    i am a mother of FIVE KIDS. i know have 8 kids and i it ceames to me
    like i have 8,and some times think i cant whait on till me kid are a
    litte big so when i dressing them up i don’t have to be late for work.

    I LOVE YOU SHOW!!!!!!!!!

  • Did anyone else catch that one of the production crew asked John & Kate when they found out about the multiples, she said 6, no 7…
    what is that about, did they loose one early on? (This was a repeat of an early show that was on tonight 6/18)

  • I’m a little tired of this show. How long can you watch Kate being neurotic, controlling and demeaning to her husband. To listen to her go on and on is truly excrutiating. She truly thinks she is ‘it’. Also tired of all the freebies; tummy tucks, hair plugs, vacations, products, etc. It’s all very transparent. They are also getting a nice income from the show along with the book deal and appearances. The show about the little people is just as bad. I put both in the same category. Time to move on!

  • Jon and Kate plus 8 rocks.

    some people need to be a little less negative. Kate is still very pretty. They both talk about how different they were in appearance when they were married they agree they were different. If I had 8 kids my hair woud have gotten short too, its just easier to maintain, and it still looks nice!

    If you cant tell they are in Love then i am not sure what show you are watching. so they have arguments, doesnt everyone? and I am pretty sure if you had twins and 6, 3 year olds , you would be yelling at your husband aswell, even for him to hear you over the noise thats in that house. They are both just very open with everything which makes them argue!!!

    anyways the show is fantastic and if you dont like then dont watch it!!!!!!

    and DAWN I am 99% sure there were 7 and they lost 1……

    anyways I love the show and i just hate reading things that are mean and negative towards the family. they dont deserve it….no one does!

  • I appreciate your enthusiasm for the show, but please, get a hobby. I think you are a little too absorbed in the show. Remember, like many modern day couples of multiples they were on fertility drugs. They knew the chance of another mulitple birth was significant.
    I am also bothered by the fact that there is absolutely no inclusion of religion in this show. That tells me the family has no religious foundation at all. I guess Kate’s only worship is herself.

  • It was 7 kids, Still i think kate is so mean & still a fucking bitch. The poor kids can not even have some ice cream, at disney she was sooo mad 1 of the kids spilled ice cream on gersel, what the hell kids spill thhings on them self & get durty , that is normal with all kids. When i was small my dad told my mom let her get dirty & play in the dirt, let her have fun. Kids should be allowed to play, have fun get dirty, they are little kids not little adults eat ice cream & candy once in a while .fucking kate makes a big deal about the shoes they wear. when the kids are outside, she sits on her fat ass & yell at Jon go get the kids , look at what they are doing, dont leave them behind do this do that & she is still sitting on her fat as. she has help all the time, there is always someone helping her. And yes bitchy mady needs as ass kicking for being so mean & a bitch, she is just like kate. Funny how kate does not have a relationship with her parents, she said she does not have a relationshioe with them & would rather not talk about it. WONEDR WHY.

  • I really enjoy this show. My husband and I get a kick out of watching. We have three small children we can’t imagine doing what they do on a regular basis. That being said though we have noticed that Kate seems to be difficult and uptight at times. I’m sure she does have a TON of laundry/cleaning to do but she needs to learn to live a little at the same time. We’ve noticed that she is very smart mouthed to Jon and I’m really not sure how he puts up with it. I think he must love her but sometimes I wished he’d tell her what HE really thinks! We recently just watched the episode of them when they got married and we also felt that she was a complete knock-out! So very pretty, but her personality seemed to do a complete turn around. I guess 8 kids will do that to a person! I’m sure I would have a nervous breakdown! We plan on continued watching I just hope she gets nicer!

  • Did anyone see the episode when her sister-in-law gave the kids gum? She freaked out! I couldn’t believe how upset she got!


  • I watch this show all of the time! I love the kids in this show. So cute and so smart! I wish my neighbors kids were that well behaved.

    Starting with Jon. Good man, too passive, should stand up for himself more. I don’t think he wants to kill Kate, but I do think he’d like to smack the shit outta her. And I think he would have by now if there wern’t cameras everywhere. And who knows, maybe they do have sex and she likes being hit during sex and that’s how he gets it outta his system.

    Kate… DRAMA QUEEN!!! Yes she is a bitch. I would be too if I poped out that many kids in all honesty. HOWEVER, that does not condone her behavior to her husband. If she feels that there’s nothing wrong with the way she treats him, she seriously needs help. She needs to realize that the way she treats him is how her kids will percieve the treatment that should come from their signifigant others. If she doesn’t want her kids getting divorced multiple times in their lives she might want to set a better example. For someone who believes in God and Jesus, she sure doesn’t care about becoming more Christ-like, which is honestly suppose to be the goal of all Christian followers, which would include the “Do unto others” that everyone is so familiar with.

    As for everyone else’s perception of their lives and relationships, remember that there’s editors for this show and there’s not in real life. We don’t honestly know what goes on in the pieces on the cutting room floor nor what happens when the camera crews leave. All we see is what they want us to see. We also cannot make judgements on people when we don’t live their lives and we don’t know how we would cope with the situation that God has handed us. I posted my opinions and thoughts only.

    Even with the faults, they are still people that are trying to do the best they possibly can with being imperfect. With all their faults and arguments and bickering, they’re still a loving family. Just because they don’t show their love the way some of us do, doesn’t mean they aren’t loving.

  • Hey a big F U to the person who says Kate looks ok. She looks wonderful. It is obvious that most of you who blog do not have any children.

    Jon and Kate are like most couples. So they fight… who cares. It keeps them sane. They both seem to be committed to each other and in love.

    As for Madelyn…I think that maybe they should be a little more strict with her. She is a brat. I applaude Kate, Jon and Cara for not reacting to the way Mady acts.

    I only have 3 children. So who am I to judge.

    Jon and Kate keep up the good work. Good luck with Mady.

  • Yes, a guilty pleasure as well! The kids are completely adorable. And yes, Kate can be a bitch, but so can all women…the big difference is that we’re not on TV for everyone to see :)
    I hope they keep this show going for a few more years.

  • My wife and I are trying to conceive… I told her, “Hey, maybe we will have NINE and we can take over their show!”….. My wife didn’t think that was funny….

  • I kinda agree. But i understand how hard it is to have so many children, so i don’t blame her. Though i have 10 kids, there not little, but no matter how old they are they are still trouble!

  • I am in love with this show. The kids are so cute and so fun to watch.Kate deals with them so well for having 8 kids :) haha But your not the only one that watches this. I tought i was too because it seems like nobody knows what this is haha but i am in love with it.

  • OMG! that is my favorite show ever! i love those kids! they are ah-dorable! i feel kate’s pain though it must be hard. i think she and jon are a cute couple and they only argue because of the kids. My sister wont even watch it because it makes her stress out! i think they should get a full time nanny! i would do it! well anyways i love jon and kate plus eight and if you haven’t seen it watch it!

  • Oh and if they cancel it i will go nuts. they need the money!With eight kids and only one working parent! ughh. Did you see the episode where they all went to Sams! they spent over a thousand bucks!!!

  • Oh and do jon and kate have a computer cause you knnow they probly would look this up and might be kinda depressed about the stuff people said about their marrige. oh and there kids. Anyways I love Those kids!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • I love Jon and Kate plus eight. I have seen shows over and over and over and over again. The kids are simply adorable. Kate does a wonderful job as well as Jon. However, kate is a bit abusive when it comes to Jon. I know that she doesn’t mean it. I can see that she is really in love with him, but she should not be so bossy and domineering. This is the only negative thing that I dislike about the show. Other than that, I am a fan

  • i just saw the christmas one, and lazy bitchy kate had the nerve to say she has someone to fold her laundy, other wise joh would have to do it when he gets home from work. she has someone to iron the clothes , she has people to watch the kids for her everyday, so what does she actualy do all day.

  • Oh i saw the christmas one too. But i mean i think she would be busy taking care on the kids. I know she always has a helper but if she didn’t she would be about the strictest mom in the U.S.Eight kids!!!! i only have four kids and i had to hire a live in nanny!!! i feel kate’s paain!

  • I got so hooked on J&K but the longer I watch the more impossible it is for me to be able to bear Kate. She is insane! I hate when she slaps John, (Imagin if it was the other way around and he was slapping her, the show would be off the air!) also, she is just plain mean-spirited. I don’t care how many kids you’re in charge of, you don’t tell a little 3 year old that you’re throwing his bear away because he got gum on it!! I swear it was like mental cruelty. I wanted to jump off the couch and shake Kate to pieces for tormenting him like that. I feel sorry for John, but it’s the life he chose, however, he shouldn’t take the abuse he is taking from Kate. I don’t give that marriage another 10 years. Kids are grown.he’s out of there, unless the witch changes, or…she traps him into another set of multiples!

  • Footnote:
    Did you see the one when she slaps him and then when he winces and says “someone save me,” she says, “Oh Jon, don’t make yourself a victim…” I’m paraphrasing but you get my drift. She is a NUT job with all her absolutes and mean ways. I bet you see a change in her soon because ultimitly this will get back to TLC and they will see they might be losing viewers and they’re going to tell Kate to act nicer to jon. (But then she’ll get him behind closed doors. Good luck Jon. Poor baby.

  • I have loved the show since the first time I saw it. I have two kids, 1 yr old son and 2 yr old daughter. I also keep my 5 yr old sister and my 3 month old niece on a daily basis. I love Kate. She is inspiring. I am a SAHM, and when I feel overwhelmed, I just think about her. If she can handle her crazy crew, mine is a breeze. I think Jon and Kate have a great marriage. I think it works for them. If Kate was laid back or any diffrent than she was there lifes would be total crazyness. Someone said that she doesn’t ever play with the kids. I have seen shots of her just enjoying the kids. I know from experience that my kids can destroy a perfectly clean room in about 2 minutes. I think that when the camera isn’t rolling she probably is more relaxed and not as worried about the toys laying around or what ever, but who wants there house to be a mess on National Television. Sometimes I have to make my self stop cleaning or doing what ever needs to be done and just play with the kids. It is not becuase I am a freak or don’t love my kids, but I think all the stuff you do for your kids is almost as important as what you do with your kids. Its not like her kids are just sitting around bored. The kids play so well together. On the episode last night, when the boys went going golfing with Jon, the girls and boys were so cute telling each other bye and that they loved each other. If that doesn’t show that Jon and Kate are great parents I don’t know what you are looking for. And as for someone saying there is no evidence of religious or christianity on the show. I have seen at least two episode about the family going to Church. Once when the 6 babies were tiny and then just recently they showed the kids going into the same nursery they have gone to their entire lives. Besides that, Jon and Kate have talked about what it takes to get the entire family up and ready and get to Church on Sunday mornings. If you think about it, a Church isn’t exactly the most appropiate place to take a camera crew. How often would like them to interrupt worship to satisfy some viewers? I hope the show stays around for a very long,long time. My kids even like to watch it with me. Alot of you want to talk about what the get free, or what the make for doing the show. Get over it, you just sounds jelous. I don’t think the kids feel invaded at all, I think they love it. What I wouldn’t give to have that much footage of myself when I was a little girl. It is something the kids will cherish forever. And I can’t believe there are adults, expescially parents who would talk about a child, the way you have talked about Maddy. She is a precious little girl. You must all have perfect children who never get upset with you or there siblings or anything in general. She may be a bit dramatic, but I think she has some qualities that will take her very far in life. I think that all of the Gossling kids will be great members of society when they grow up. I look foward to watching. So if it is not obvious I think Jon and Kate are wonderful. You people who hate Kate need to cut her some slack. I would bet most of you wouldn’t last an hour in her shoes. I also think Jon is a great Dad who loves his kids and Kate very much. It is like we are not even watching the same show when I here people talk about the hating each other and that the will get divorced. I know this is lengthy and I’m sorry, but this is my first and probably last entry so I just wanted to say what I thought. BLESS ALL THE GOSSLINGS!!!

  • If that’s how you treat your husband and children, (Topperinpink) then good luck to you too. Do you WATCH what you’re looking at when the show is on, or are you just so taken by all the kids, who are adorable, I admit. The fault is not with the kids, it’s with KATE. With 8 kids or with 1 kid, KATE would be a horror show.

  • Yes indeed! Kate is a real psycho!!!!!!!!!!! You are definitely right. If Jon was to hit her like she slap him and called them love licks, the show would definitely be off the air and Jon would be in jail awaiting a trial date. Kate know everything. She is perfect!!!!! She can do no wrong!!! right? Take for instant, her little girl Mady. The good book says spare the rod spoils the child. Mady needs a good spanking. She to abuse her siblings just as her mother abuse her husband. Who do you think she takes after? Kate is not alone raising the kids. She has the whole production crew assisting her along with her sister-in-law and the rest of her friends. My question is Where are the grandparents? Do they ever vist Jon and Kate? One day I am looking for Jon to give Kate a real beat down and then maybe she will be a better wife to him.

  • Notice when they are interviewing, Kate is always cutting Jon off and correcting him. She is a very strange and boring lady I think. She doesn’t like the outdoors, She doesn’t like sports, she doesn’t like crafts, she doesn’t have any fashion sense…. I could go on and on. I don’t see how Jon can put up with it. I want to see what their relationship will be like in the next 5 years. I watch the show because I love the kids!

  • I know I’m being repetitve, but it really is the truth that if Jon ever slapped her the way she slaps him, there would be NO show! How could there be such double standards? it really blows my mind.

    Forget that she’s oppressive and clingy while still being bossy and critical, she’s just downright mean. What kind of person/parent takes a child’s favorite little bear away and tells him over and over again that it’s going in the garbage because he got gum on it. Saying it over and over again, while he’s crying and saying, “No, don’t throw him away, he’s my buddy… (Paraphrasing but something like that.) I can’t stand that she did that and made him so upset. Then she called her sister, (and after the sister watched the kids all day) told her off for giving the kids a gumball. (Boy talk about ungrateful, I guess it’s true, no good deed goes upunished.)
    she acts like she is this wifey wife, and has Jon pick out all her clothes, because in her own words, she doesn’t know how to, but then castrates him throughout the show. what a phoney!

  • I’m a recent addict to this show. At first was like, too much stress, but then on a marathon I got hooked. The children get more and more interesting the older they get. Love em all, but Hannah is my absolute favorite, I think the biggest heart. Maddy, total brat. They better do something to nip that attitude in the bud, if it’s possible. Jon and Kate seem like a normal couple, married for a few years and bitchy with each other, but still love. Hectic life yes, but let’s face it. They’re on television, not your typical scenario. They must get oodles of money for this, plus other perks to many to mention. They are a lucky, lucky family.

  • Hey I would act bitchy and snappy if i had eight kids under the ages of eight. Anyone would. I think that they have a great marriage, if you watch the show enough Jon and kate frequently giggle and flirt with one another. And about the post that says “they clearly have no sex, and jon is only there for the kids” I would have to disagree. They flirt a lot and there have been a few lines that are sexual..

  • I love the show. I think Kate is great and I think they do love eachother. I’m mean to my husband sometimes and visa versa. So what…that’s life. She has her hands full with eight. I only have two. She really is making memories for that family. She is a strong woman and that’s what you need with such a large family. I love the show and love to watch it. I think they are in love and wow are sooo blessed.

  • Did you see it tonight when she SCREAMED at him in Toys R Us? He was so embarrassed and told her so. I have stress in my marriage but we don’t lose it and make each other look fooish and whipped. You’re looking at the show with rose colored glasses. I was like you in the beginning but she is just too over the top for me. You’ll see as you watch. Kate is a physco.

  • I think I’m done with kate and Jon. It’s too depressing and nerve racking to view it . I would like to go on record as saying “They BOTH better watch the kids in that front yard. Why don’t they have a fence??? They coral them in the living room and let them run free on the driveway! That is sooo dangerous and stupid of them. Do they believe that those kids will never run after a ball or attempt to ride their bikes down the driveway as an adventure???? Because they haven’t done it yet does that mean they won’t try tomorrow?.NO! Open your eyes kate, you too Jon.

  • I know that some of you will say that I’m wrong but if I were a man and Kate had embarrased me like she did, I would have either through it back at her or walked out the store and let her manage the kids. I know she goes through and lot, but so does Jon. He does just as much or more that she does. What’s love got to do with it?…………I just hope they don’t go Ike and Tina Turner on the show. If they do, just know that Kate pushed the issue to this level. Jon…..May God have mercy on your poor soul.

  • TO KATE: I know you think you’re a genius with eight pottys all in a row, but here’s a news flash Miss germaphobic. All the different pottys filled with feces and urin at all different tiimes is NOT in the childrens best interest. (I wonder how often they’ve played in it and it got edited so we wouldn’t see. Anyway Katie, how’s about one potty upstairs bathroom, one in downstairs bathroom where it belongs and might I add, NEAR THE TOILET PAPER which I never see you offering the kids. You give them tha disenfectant for their are ALL show.
    The girls are going to have infections my little genius, by not having them “Wipe.”
    Pottys belong in bathrooms so you can also monitor who’s dong what!!! (IDIOT!!)

  • I love this show. I watch it faithfully, I think Mary and some of you are horrible about Kate. She is a wonderful Mom, the kids learn love and compassion from her and Jon. I think those of you who criticize her being bitchy and don’t like products being shown – should just stop watching. When potty training was being done you needed one for each kid. I wished I could have been a good of mother as she is. I wish I had this program earlier in my kid’s life. If companies want to give them money or products – fine, don’t be so jealous of it. That’s great. Great if they get 65,000 per show. They deserve it. I love this show, I will miss it when it goes off.

  • In my opinion there is no way they can truly act themselves while TV camera’s are filming. Could anyone? I’m sure the kids do, that’s all they’ve known. Every now and then I’m sure they forget, like the Toys R Us incident, but it has to make you think before you speak. Maybe some one tells them to add a little tension, humor, love, etc. It’s not even like the camera’s are hidden, it’s a whole crew for God’s sake. How can anyone be themselves. The charm, for me, are the children. They have eight kids, very stressful, but it just has to be a little more fun knowing you’re on television. I worked in a day care for nine hours a day, and if I had eight, that was a light day. If a film crew was there, I would have been thrilled.

  • I really feel bad for Jon – Kate is so ugly to him – She will be the reason I quit watching this show. If they could just do something with Mady (a good spanking once or twice would help) things would be better. The young ones are adorable.

  • In my opinion Kate has very good ideas on how to feed her children, Well done there. She seems very affectionate, and that’s always a plus. I don’t see much discipline where Maddy’s behavior is concerned. I see that all the time. Parents depriving excessive toys, food treats, and television, but practically ignoring rude, and downright mean behavior. They allow Maddy to talk to them like that? That should be a main priority.

  • I watch this show all the time and I’ll tell you a secret. Their marriage appears to be very much like the marriage of one of my family members. The husband is 1/2 oriental and works in IT. The wife is not a nurse, but works in a profession that requires a lot of detail work and a high degree of accuracy. In this case there is only one child, but the parents interact with each other in much the same way. She is uptight most of the time, a perfectionist, and yells at him. He just keeps on doing what he is doing. I asked him once why he put up with it and he said, because I love her and I knew before we got married that she was the passionate one and I was the calm one, and that is ok.

    I agree with Deborah about Mady. She needs discipline and if they don’t take care of it now they are going to hurting when she hits her teen years.

  • i love it….i dont think kate is a B****, i think i would be stressed too if i had eight kids.not to dissargree with you..we all have our own thoughts.

    Btw..dose anone know how to talk to them?i’ve been trying to for months but i still cant get it…please if you know tell me..and just
    to add because i think its kinda cool but i have the same birthday as mady and cara..

  • I totally feel Jon loves Kate. Didn’t anyone ever know a couple where one was the boss? Every couple I know, practically. I’m sure their relationship has always been that way, and this whole experience has probably made them much closer. One thing you seldom see is a couple where both are the boss. That would never work.

  • If I was John I would change the name of the show to Kate…alone with eight! She is hateful to him and treats him like a dog.

  • Now I think Jon treats Kate with sarcasm and resentment. I think somewhere along the line she started nagging, and he started reacting with resentment. They probably got in the habit and don’t know how to stop it. They really treat each other badly, and I don’t think it’s just because they have 8 kids.

  • Well said Rosemary, I agree with you. That is their way each other, regardless of the children.

  • I think your nuts cause every couple argues and fights and they have eight children that put so much stress on them. Also it’s reality tv they can edit however they want, cut out the parts where they are loving for one another. We only see tid bits into their daily lives so how can we judge. Plus it’s not kate’s fault she’s a tad bit ocd everyone has ocd tendencies but kates just take over a little bit. If she wasn’t so controling her household with eight kids would fall apart. There are six people in my house and it still seems like too much so my hat is off to jon and kate.

  • i just finished watching the episode,where they take rhe lil girl to see the alligatera, omg!,she is so darn cute. always smiling and laughing! and to hear her talk is soooooo cut!, yeah i think kate is mean to jon too, chit if i had the chance i would take him off her hand! he is sooo HOT!!kate will get a a taste of it,, with maddy, that lil girl really needs time out on the naughty chair..let me have her for a week!!

  • I love the show but it will be just reruns after a season more probably. Once the sextuplets start going to school, I don’t think they’ll have enough material to do a show.

  • I was just reading a post by Mary, I believe who is basically bashing the show and family. Try having eight kids yourself and see how you exhausted you would be. I know women who have one or two kids and they hardly play with their child. That does that make them a bad or unfit parent.

    As for the hair transplant episode, Kate acknowledged the fact that the children were sick, but in reality, kids get sick. You can always rearrange everything when that happens. She obviously got people whom she trusts, to care for them while they were gone for a few days. To even get a hair transplant for free, that is an amazing thing! Anyone would jump at that chance.

    I love this show and I give kudos to Kate and Jon for their parenting skils. To control and discipline 8 children like they do, they are amazing.

  • wow “angie again” u like anything bout the show? just like what kate sayd in a previous episode. the do love eachother and eventhough they do get a lil grouchy but that is just to get them thew the day….but at the end of the day they both know that the other one loves them…and again..dose anyone know how to talk to them?

  • I have two of muy own, one is an Engineer and the other is in College. I worked the whole time.

    1. Keeping my house very clean every day assured me less sickness, less worries and less of beeing absence from muy job. That really helped me move on in my life and career.
    2. Discipline and organization was the key for less waste of time, money and less arguments.
    3. Eventhough I never slapped my husband and he never slapped me, I have to be honest and say that I did had to boss him around a bit because if I didn’t I would end up doing every single thing around the house and for the kids.
    Jon and Kate are Young and in less than the time they expected they ended up with eight kids. I am pretty sure that they had other options but decided to bring them on. I believe that it sure takes the best of them, meaning each other but I have never seen mistreatment towards the kids. They both always try to make things as normal a possible in order for their kids to have a healthy life. I cannot say less I admire both of them and would like to meet all of them one day.
    God Bless Their Home.

  • I absolutely love this show, I watch the show everyday. I have 2 kids and I put both of them down for a nap when Jon and Kate comes on just so i have no distractions.

  • on the show why do you make the big girls takeing a nap when the little girls are takeing there nap and I love the show and 8 kids are yours rigth I love theshow.lololololololololollololololloollolololololololololiolollollollooooooooooooooolololololololololololololololololololololololollololooloolooooooooooooololollllllllooloololo0loolololoololloloololololoololoololoolooloolol…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….;….fgvgftlofgtftrtkofiofii5uyity9046ki9ryu-yi96t095t5uy9yki9-yi45k9oktgoptekyoptko-

  • i lovelovelove this show. the children are absolutely adorable and I love to see their unique personalities and how they interact with each other. As for Kate, when you see she and Jon in the ‘confessionals,’ its clear that the biccering and playful banter is a part of their relationship. I think that they have a healthy relationship for the most part; but she DOES have a lot on her shoulders. I realize that Jon has to work to provide for 10 people, but she it handling a lot on her own. She is extremely well organized and orderly and her children are all well loved and taken care of. Sometimes, I dont like the way that they talk to each other (especially in front of the children), but its has to be jst the stress of it all.

  • This is to “angie again” you are such a brat. Do you have eight kids? I bet not. And if you have kids they probaly aren’t all the same ages. So why don’t you shut up cause they do this show to answer peoples questions about life with twins and sextuplets. Do see that it’s sarcasm between them not hate they have a lot of stress to handle and they do it very well. They try and give their kids normal lives. They are raising them to be good people with good morals and values. How dare you talk trash on a family you don’t even know. I bet your life and family sucks that’s why you talk smack on jon and ecspecially kate. It’s clear your a mean and rotten person!

  • I love to watch the show because it is wholesome.
    BUT, I am convinces Kate and OCD among other issues.
    I HATE to see her slap and or kick Jon in the butt.
    He tries to help her but never does anything to suit her.
    If I were him I’d tell her to do it herself then and leave!
    Also, it shows more ignorance on her part to correct his grammer in front of anyone that to do it in private!
    Maddy looks and acts like the demon seed. I don’t think there helping by just ignoring her ridiculous, selfish, hateful behavior. The other twin is the exact opposite.
    And when she was screaming at Jon in Toys R Us, if I was Jon I would have left the store.
    Kate is a controlling bitch and all those babies(especially the boys) will be emasculated just like their DAD. Thinking all women are gonna be control freaks like Mommy.
    The incident with the gum on the bear was just plain cruel!! There was absolutely no sense in that!

  • You guys should stop being so judgemental. Jon obviously is very in love with Kate. He stated that he was nothing before Kate came in his life. As for bashing the kids, primarily Mady, she’s a fun confident girl. Should all girls be submissive and shy? I’m watching a rerun as I type. Jon’s got little sprouties.

  • The children on this show are adorable, with the exception of Mady. Kate and Jon appear more caught up with the “freebies” than with the true wefare of the children. I really admire many things about them, but deplore the example they set for their children in their personal relationship. Kate needs professional counseling badly!! Yes, caring for so many children is stressful but she has many personal problems that have nothing to do with the children. She is very materialistic and i am turned off by the “begging” for Christmas presents from viewers. They live well above the average family in terms of what they do for recreation and the multple sets of clothing they have for each child. They do things and have things that people with 2 children could not afford. I plan to stop watching the show because of all this.

  • I watch it all the time. I love it and hope it continues until the kids are 18 yrs old. I think they do an awsome job!!!

  • Has anyone seen the episode where kate flat out says she’s not perfect and admits to her nuerotic tendencies. If they were a perfect family who never had problems or fought and bickered it would be a boring show. People give and send them places to get advertisment for their bussinesses DUH. If you had eight kids and someone offered to fix your torn up stomach wouldn’t you take it. If someone offered to send my famliy to utah, california, chicago or wherever for free your darn sure i would take it don’t get it twisted. and whoever it was said it was selfish of them to keep their six are cruel and six human beings with no heart. Kate is a good mom and jon is a great dad!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think Maddy’s behavior is improving in the newer episodes. People need to remember she is a little girl and stop saying things like “The children on this show are adorable, with the exception of Mady.”

  • Poor Maddy is being picked on here but… I saw an episode the other night when she asked Jon and Kate if it was okay if by accident, one of the little ones got stabbed by a pencil? It was kind of funny and jon and kate made it clear that would not be an accident and no way to do that. Maddy is no doubt smart and cute, but a wee bit psychotic toward those little ones. If she’s thinking of ways to hurt them “accidentily”, that’s really sick.

  • I’ve never been able to find people who watch this show! The show is fantastic entertainment, and Mady is the funniest of all the kids.

    Anyone remember when Alexis finally pooped in the potty & Kate took a pic of it for the scrapbook? That was the funniest shit(no pun intended) EVER!

  • I’ve really gotten into this show. I love to watch Jon and Kate’s interaction with their children. I understand Kate’s ‘bossiness’ with Jon, if that’s what you want to call it. Kate is just more organized than Jon is. With having so many little ones at once, you have to be or there would be utter caos. Jon is more laid back. He seems like the type to just go with the flow. I think their differences compliment each other. Like they say, opposites attract. Jon seems to keep Kate’s high strung nature in check. And Kate’s organization keeps the family flowing without wrenches being thrown in the gears. They seem to be very devoted to each other and very much in love. As far as their bickering, it seems to work for them. I think they are just very candid. Better to lay it right out there than to hold it all in. I raised 4 children with a man who had very little to do with his kids. He never changed a single diaper, never held them as babies, never made time for them unless it was convenient for him. Jon and Kate raise their children together. They share in every aspect of parenthood. They are terrific parents.

  • I really agree that they are good parents for the most part, but Kate’s treatment of Jon is often very disrespectful. This sets a bad example for her children. We learn how to respect others from the example that our parents set, and that is lacking here. I wonder if they ever watch themselves on tape? It could be a powerful tool for changing behavior.

  • I don’t think TLC will cancel this show, it seems more popular then ever.
    If it wasn’t doing well, no way would they put on marathons all the time.
    I just caught the one where they show you how they met, along with some video. Kate was a looker. Of course she’s still very attractive, but that hair style she has now, which I like to call the dyke do, looks bad. I see it all the time. Young women chopping off their hair, I guess because it’s so much easier to take care of. Hate it! Longer styles make every one look younger and prettier.

  • I like the show too. Sometimes it does bother me how Kate treats John, but if John does nothing about it, he is probably not bothered by it. It can get very stressful taking care of 8 children. But certainly is no excuse for treating one’s husband the way Kate treats John. Mady needs help NOW! Her personality is going to get worse as she grows older because she wants attention … even if she gets it the negative way. I feel bad that the grandparents are not in the picture. What kind of grandparents will not want to be in their grandchildren’s lives?

  • so funny – I have 13 brothers and sisters all from same parents. Anyhoo, we travelt o th Outer banks every year and just got back. My parents now have 41 grandkids and guess who was right next to us on the beach ? Jon and Kate plus 8/ they were filming of course but we were able to wach the kids play in the surf/ Did I mention i was also obsesses with this show along withmany of my siblings.

    My sister saw Kate and Jon walking one night and told them not to venture down our cul de sac or they would be bombarded-Ktae ignored her and Jon seemed embarrassed of kates behavior.

    Anyway, I scouted out where they lived and it got to be a joke in our beach house- mare how many drive bys today. Did I mention Aunt Jodie was there a nd a babysitter.

  • I love this show too. I hate the fact that some of you think john would want to kill kate. they are great parents with alot of resposibility and that brings alot of stress. that is why kate seems mean. and they are complete oposites. and kate seems to have a bit of ocd. but they are great parents and loving people. and you people discust me!

  • I love the show by the way, but I don’t really thing it shows how people live with 8 children. I have friends that come from big families, some with multiples that didn’t have all the things and go all the places they do. I know they get stuff given to them and I see why they would take it, but that’s not how people really live. Most families (large or small) have to budget and sometimes scrape to get by. My husband comes from a family with 7 siblings and both parents had to work, there weren’t too many family trips and so on and so forth. So, it’s and interesting show, but it’s kinda far from reality.

  • I love Jon and Kate plus eight. Instead of me seeing the negatives in their lives (that we all have) I focus on the great job that they do. Kate admitts to being very neat. I commend her for that. I can’t imagine what her house would look like if she wasn’t. I have seen people without kids that house is in worse condition than theirs. I also think that Jon and Kate love each other dearly. From reading the above comments some people thinks that she is too hard on Jon. Well they must not be maried or somehow ended up with an extraordinary husband because in my experience most men just need to be guided to get the job done. I don’t think she intends to be disrespectful. It’s just that when your dealing with eight children you don’t always have the time to think about how you say things before they need to be said. I think that they’re doing a great job. I love them because they are normal. I wouldn’t want to watch the show if everything was always so peachy perfect. I would question how real they really were. I love how organized she is, Jon’s dedication and the way they allow each child to be who they really are.

  • I hope the Jon & Kate show’s perk up a bit, I thought the cupcake episode was boring. And Kate really should have made an exception for allowing the children to still eat their cupcakes. It’s their birthday. One day of not following house rules won’t disrupt anything. At least, as Jon said, they didn’t remember the next day.

  • i’m addicted to this show! i thought kate was a bitch at first too. but she grew on me. But i do feel she favors hannah,leah,and mady. u never really she her holding alexis , adaen, or cara.

  • I get the feeling Kate trapped Jon…. he didn’t want more kids, now he has more than he knows what to do with!

  • I admit, I’ve seen the show a couple of times and Kate is really bitchy. Who cares if she’s organized, what about being a decent human being? And she’s not that way because she has 8 kids. There are plenty of couples out there that have many kids and are good people.

  • I agree with Erika that Kate seems to favor Hannah and Leah but I don’t think she favors Mady. I think she favors Cara. I feel bad for Mady she doesn’t like the fact that she has seven brothers and sisters so she acts kind of brat-y.

  • I love the show and I usually defend both jon and kate for their actions because it must be difficult to raise so many children who are all at the same age for the most part. What upset me recently was the episode where the sextuplets had their 4th Birthday. I know dinner is important, but I was so disappointed that after the kids made these cupcakes and were so looking forward to eating them, that Kate would allow some to have their cupcakes while the others weren’t allowed any. The boys, who hadn’t finished their dinner, couldn’t eat their cupcakes they had made. I would agree with this rule any other day, except one’s birthday. Was anyone else disappointed by this??

  • This is my favorite show! Kate is just really stressaed Give her a brake. I Would be stressed too if i hd eight kids

  • I love this show. I have twins, I got them turned on to the show .My son thinks Kate is too hard on Jon.

  • Okay yes I also discovered Jon and Kate and she is a total control freak! She also panders for the free stuff she gets. Remember when she was SOOOOO into Hannah Anderson clothes for Mady and Cara? Next thing you know, the kids are dressed in Hannah Andersson clothes. Watched her mess up a “product placement” with Johnson’s Baby Conditioner and it was so obvious what she was doing.

    My favorite is when she had to drag the children (3years old) to “pick out their beds”. She then spends hours while Collin cries and is in pain deciding on the bed she wants. Jon is begging her for the sake of the crying toddler to please make a decision so they can leave. Why not have a sitter stay with the children, go with your husband and buy furniture for the children?

    And then there is Mady, who is rude and ill mannered to her parents, the other children and the television crew. What an ill mannered little girl.

    And yes, Jon is passive aggressive…could you see trying to take her on with her aggressive and controlling anger?? He does what he does to survive. He worked all day on trying to put together the children’s beds and she insisted and I mean insisted that he stop everything so the children could nap. I have had children and when they are ready to sleep they will crash, but Kate in her typical controlling manner had to take over Jon’s timetable and make it conform to her insanity!

  • I’ve read that Kate is very religious—where is her compassion and patience towards her husband? I think their kids are adorable —-but they seem spoiled–they are constantly hitting each other or biting each other. Kate should worry more about that than what Jon is doing wrong.

  • Don’t you really just want to slap the *hit out of Kate and Maddie (or however you spell it) ? She’s whining in every episode!!! Her other twin seems to be quite pleasant compared to her, I don’t understand why they continue to let her rant on the way she does.

  • omg i am a total j&kplus8 junkie! i will watch it over & over. sometimes all day. & ya maddie is the 1 with the adittude problem. i have twin girls 2, mine r 7. their names r allie & madie, & i tell u it is crazy here at times , but i sware our madie is just like that. has2 be the diva.

  • is there an episode of “jon & hateful Kate plus 8” where Bratty Matty gets caught ripping the arms and legs off baby animals? I can just hear Kate now, “oh matty LOOK WHAT A MESS YOU’VE MADE !!!” NOW LETS DISINFECT YOUR HANDS FOR TOUCHING A DIRTY NASTY ANIMAL!!

  • I’m sure that Kate is well aware of Maddy’s behavior, and possibly all the negative remarks about her daughter. She’s probably become protective of her because of this. And I guess we also really can’t judge, although I have already, because we don’t see the good side of Maddy too much. I love the remark from “blah blah blah”, how after ripping off animal limbs, she would be most worried about germs and not behavior. I guess that’s all she can control. What they eat, and how clean they are. When it comes to their character? Not so much.

  • You guys think that Madsy is the only one with the attitude problem but have you seen Cara in some episodes? she is WAY worse than Maddy alot of the times she has “outbursts” and maddy just apears a horible person because she still dosen’t like the fact that she has seven brothers and sisters. thik about it. it must be terible for her! and she probably dosen’t like the fact that she is being filmed too.

  • hay ia m a hudge fan and i really want to be on your show i play the piano i can help cara with her piano i am eight and i have a cellphone with a key board and i really like the villon i have a liberty dog she has blue eyes im going in to third grade and i have a brother he goes to nelondon ia my mom and dad split up and i live in westburlington ia get in contact i really want to be on the show

  • i really love this show! i get a lot of ideas to do with my kids from this show. i love how their family is green. i switched my family to all organic, got them recycling, and a lot more. i really respect them a lot and think that they are great parents. and all those comments about the kids, i have to disagree. they are kids and kids will be kids and have attitudes and tempers and there is eight kids to deal with and that need the attention. i think that they are doing a great job. i also think it’s great how you give each kid a special day. i also started doing that with my kids. i love the show. keep up the good work, jon and kate. i would love to meet them, i feel like i already know them.

  • that’s funny… jon and hateful kate plus eight. I don’t like her on the show. I’m thankful she isn’t my mom.

  • I think you guys are nuts to think that Kate is a B word. she is very nice to John and to the kids given sometinmes she can be over controlling but i would be that way to. Kate and Jon are nothing but loving and carring to their kids. eventhough im only 13 I still have seen mothers that are the bword.

  • I am a mother of 6 year old twins and 3year old quints kate is holding the children back she gives them experiences and then doesn’t let them be kids she flips out when they get their hands dirty her husband doesn’t look happy in this marriage i think kate is bitchy i have alot of kids too no excuses.

  • Kate is SO superficial since the tummy tuck-thick make-up, frosted hair, hair cut every 3 weeks. I only have two kids and a professional career and I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on frequent highlights and cuts-her hairstyle is VERY high-maintenance….money that could be spent on the children now or saved for them (since they always say on their personal website that their children have no scholarships for college.)How about when Kate INSISTED that Jon tell the cameras what he always says about her looks-that “she has ANTI-Aged.” Yeah, RIGHT! Her face is covered with acne and looks plain, tired. I could not help but notice during the interview close-ups how half of her face and one eye droops much more on one side than the other. I am not knocking her for this-bells palsy is common with multiples, but do not be so arrogant to make your husband say you anti-age on national TV when clearly she has aged severly in the last 10 years (looking at dating, honeymoon videos, etc.) SHe sure did the “bait and switch” on JOn. I also noticed how sweet she used to be in the first documentary (right after the 6 were born) and in old home movies before marriage …and now look-uglier on the inside and out.

  • I too love to watch the show, but Kate does have serious control freak issues….Its just sad to say that TV changes people!!!

  • i have been watching the show for three years and just love it. the kids are such fun to watch. it’s a great family and i can’t imagine dealing with 8 small children. i adore jon. kate is a good mom but she really has some issues that she needs to change. kids need to get dirty and have fun, that’s a part of being a kid. also, she does seem to put jon down a lot and i don’t care for that behavior. come on kate, lighten up. you have a wonderful family and a man that loves you. just lighten up!!!! loved the episode last night when jon cooked a complete asian dinner…it was the best!!!

  • I don’t know what compelled me to find blogs and “gossip” about the gosselins. Well, it could have been my neighbor who supposedly knows someone who knows them and was saying all sorts of nasty things about Kate sueing everyone. That did it. Before that I just enjoyed the show.
    I wish I never heard those rumors, I liked everybody, even Kate.

  • They are no better then any of the rest of us that are raising kids i don’t know why they have a show it is scary how she acts in front of the camera imagine what she is like not in front of it i have twins and quads no different!!!!!!!

  • i love that show im watching it right now my friends dont get it its so cool and they say he is only wit her cuz of the kids but i dont agree she is sometimes bossy but their stressed they hav 8 KIDS i love them all k

  • seriously i love them and i dont hate aaron i dont even know who it iz (jk he is my ex) :P

  • I watch this show all the time. I love it, but I must agree that Kate is
    OCD, but I also think something must getting a tibe done with Madi before it
    gets worse. She is always defending what she does and I think it
    does her more harm than good. The others are adorable especially
    Cara who is so kind and caring to the others. I really get turned off
    by Madi and you never see her in time out which she needs.

  • Everyone always says, “Kate and her OCD…” I will say I have a self diagnosed case of OCD and I am overly anal (and my husband would whole heartedly agree), but I don’t treat my famiy like that. She gives them no respect.

    It’s interesting to watch the show in the beginning and see the difference in how they act from then and now. Now it seems it’s all about what they can get and I understand doing what you need to do to take care of your family, but does Jon even work anymore? What about family? Where are they? They will want them around when all the glitz and glamour are gone. Just curious…when they were doing their wills and such, who would they even leave everything and the children to??

  • It’s not hating. I wouldn’t want to change places with them at all.

    By the way hegile, do you know them personally? You can tell they are good people by watching an edited show once a week???

  • It’s a fun show to watch- it grows on you. I like Kate, but she does come off as a bitch! But they’re both good parents, it’s admirable. The kids are so cute and Kate’s organizational skills are astounding! I particularly liked the piece where Jon was fixing her coffee in the morning (he’s a great guy by the way) and he referred to a note on the fridge titled “Kate’s coffee” that went on to itemize exactly what to put in it. I think Kate is naturally witty and uses Jon for material, I think the intent is more affectionate than mean. But Amy Roloff, on Little people… she is truly a meany!

  • no one will read this because there are SO many comments… but I love this show too!! I feel bad everyone thinks Kates a bitch… I like her. She has to be anal to keep that family under control. LOVE the show and all of these comments :)

  • I really enjoy watching the show. All that they do (even fussing) is based in love. The show really touches me. I think the job they do parenting is wonderful. May God continue to bless you and use you and your fabulous family for His honor.

  • Being disabled one tends to watch too much TV, I even watch the reruns. I love the show, and adore watching the show and children grow. They are huuman. I don’t see much other family nfluence and have enough room in my heart to be a grandma for 8 more children. Oh how I wold love to write them. We all have our quirks.

  • you can find an address to write them on their website. just google john and kate plus eight and its like the second thing on the list. I think its something like or something.

  • i love the show to i believe they really love each other they just get stress like we do it has to be hard for them i believe their kids will grow up to be people we all will be proud of because of the way thay are rasing them i can not wait till thay get older i just think it is sad that their grandparents are not in their lives thay are missing 8 wonderful mircle that are so loved by alot of people how can anyone not want to know thwm and love them for who thay are

  • I just got hooked on the show because there is nothing much on during the late spring into and through summer. I am starting to see re-runs and that is annoying. I am wondering if they are going to start showing new shows in September. They had better not stop showing them now. I want to see them get older. They should keep going until all of the six get on a school bus to attend kindergarten. How did they find out that the boy needed glasses? Don’t want to sound stupid, but I have not seen all of the shows.

  • Kate would appear to be an A type personality, while Jon definitely is not. I’m like Jon, but could sure use some of Kate’s drive and organization skills and house cleaning ability. If she were not as she is, can you imagine the chaos with 8 children, the ages their’s are. They definitely compliment each other, and I bet behind closed doors, they truly love each other, and both definitely love their children! Stay on the air for many years to come!

  • I am shocked by the way Kate treats Jon. She “needs to remove the stick.” What a b*tch! I have seen one episode and can’t watch it anymore. It is just a recipe for divorce.


  • A lot of that stuff that Kate does is just part of their relationship. Thats just how they are around each other. I don’t think that we should be making judgments about John and Kate’s relationship. Because we know nothing about the relationship they share. We just watch them on tv. We don’t know them. The only two who would understand John and Kate are John and Kate them selfs. And as for Mady, she is a seven year old girl. Alot of seven year old girls are like that. She is too young to know how to control her emotions. And she also doesn’t like the fact that she has six younger brothers and sisters. A girl that age needs attention and she isn’t getting enough. And think how hurt she is going to be when she is old enough to read these comments. We should be ashamed of ourselfs.

  • I hate this show!, I am a mother to 4 kids, and it´s a lot of work, but if I had all those things for free, and lots of money that apparently Kate is having now, I would be a little more relaxed and happy, she doesn´t seem happy at all. After yesterday´s episode, I would not watch it again, my kids used to love it, but now they think it´s pretty boring (and cruel, remember the cupcake episode??) to watch

  • i love watching the show. yes kate can be mean to jon but she is an amazing woman to be able to have 8 kids and look so good. and her kids are so sweet. i would be stressed if i had to have 2 sets of multiples too. but the way she manages them is really amazing.

  • i love this show. yes, kate is bitchy and jon is totally passive/agressive but i get a kick out of their relationship. and remember folks, this is reality tv.

    kate, if you’re reading this, you must work on your posture. it’s terrible.

  • Guys,
    you know what i love jon and kate plus eight. so just stop with that now!
    that is so rude and i dont like it and i know none of the gosslin’s family would like what you are doing so STOP!

  • I must agree with the naysayers on this one. This family, Kate in particular, has truly epitomized the words, “pimped America” for its generosity. Kate spends her days searching the Internet and soliciting the help and offering to use her kids to advertise products and other merchandise in exchange for what she wants….i.e. ski trips, clothing, Gymboree…you name it.

    The last thing they did pay for was their new home, but of course they could pay for it; and mine, and yours, and your friends with all the money they have made from the show.

    What bothers me about Kate….is that she acts like she has done something so fabulous…you used fertility drugs, opted not to selectively reduce the number of fertilized eggs (not that I think I would be able to do this if it had been me, either)….but now you prey upon America’s kindness…..what about all of the multiple birth parents who hold it down on a “normal” income with just the support of their family in the form of a bit of babysitting after they get home from their own jobs, and trying to help out with diapers and milk?

    Her children attend an exclusive day school, not because they pay tuition, but because she has finagled yet another deal.

    Those children are adorable, but my question is this? Does anyone bless their food. When does this family pray? Has anyone ever seen them go to church other than when they were paid to speak at an event?

    Ok. end of my soapbox

  • I wonder how they got on TV in the first place. Did the Gosselins contact someone, or was it the other way around. In any event, they hit the reality show lottery there. The price of their fame and fotune is folks like us. Not so bad. I’ll take it. At least they don’t have to worry about money. Could you imagine Kate if that played a factor in her life too?
    I do enjoy watching this family, and I just love the kids. Even Maddy is growing on me, and I feel she’s just the bratty one. She probably would be like that under any circumstances. The last show on, the one where they talked about their favorites, and most embarrassing? Jon did not look to happy with Kate. And when she asked him If he loved her, he didn’t answer. I know he does, but boy was he peeved at her.

  • to janet,

    discovery health contacted the family because they were the first family to have sextuplets and twins, and one of the thirteen families with sextuplets in america.

    they wanted to do a one hour special on the family, which they decided to do. they were offered a second one hour special, which they also filmed. just to see what a day in the life is like. eventually discovery health offered to do a complete series, and jon and kate agreed to do so, for memories and footage of the children, since they had no more time for home videos. and i’m sure for the money as well.

    discovery health eventually dropped the series, but tlc picked it up, and now it only airs on tlc, but it’s their hit show and everyone seems to love it!

    i’m a huge fan, ha as you can see, and i love this family and the children. i’ve already bought jon and kate’s book, and have all dvd’s of all the seasons! i can’t get enough, and i’m glad i’m able to share my love for these kids with all of you!

    **and to kelly, yes. they go to church every sunday. it’s an hour away but they still go, even if it’s hectic. they have about three episodes where it actually shows them at church. just an fyi!

  • oh and hey mary, kate’s a great mom. and it was ALEXIS who has to sleep in the basement alone, because she’s the one who would go around waking all the children up at one am and telling them to go play, wouldn’t you do the same thing?

    and she feeds them plenty, she spends 1,000 dollars half a year just to get organic ground beef for them, because it’s the healthiest form of ground beef. how many moms do that?

    and yeah, she complains about laundry. um maybe because three loads a day weren’t enough, now she has to wash comforters because her children threw up all over them. you’d bitch and complain too. and remember, the camera doesn’t capture everything, so maybe all the good moments that you say don’t exsist, are there. just not caught on film.

    and they go to different churches? um no mary, they leave at 11:15 every sunday to travel to a church that’s an hour away, watch the show and then you’ll know what your ranting on about

    and yeah uh if they’re offered a free trip to utah, and jon is offered a hair transplant, you’re an idiot if you don’t accept it! it’s a once in a lifetime oppourtinity, and with eight children, the chances of you ever doing that are slimed down even more

    so before you can bitch and complain about kate gosselin, how about you give birth to eight kids, then come back here and talk shit about that family, because i don’t think you really know what your talking about, and i’m sure i do

  • lesley, you are crazy!! you act is if you are one of kates 8 children!! i bet you are one of those people who want to go travel to where they live and kidnap one of the kids. probably joel im betting

  • julie mosley, that is not really you! zack wilburn we all know it’s you. and if if it is julie, just go smoke one, cus no one wants you here anyway

    people don’t listen to him, i’m not really crazy. i just love the show!

    and i do love little joel, he is my favorite. but i would never kidnap him, you’d probably kidnap aunt jodi, zack

  • kate is not only STill a hottie, she’s awesome! so smart, so funny, so on top of it. the first episode i saw, she looked like a bitch, but if you think about how much she has to deal with, she is AWESOME! love you kate!

  • Wow, I didn’t read through all of these, but a few…. I too love this show! Jon is at home now working. I agree that Kate can get horrible at times. I end up turning it off if too much. Someone said that religion isn’t incorperated at all, but they have talked many times about getting the kids ready for Church… Mother’s Day episode was one time. I agreed wth someone else that said how horrible Mady is. She gets away with so much crap. I know there are eight of them, but I don’t understand how they miss it sooooo much. she has some major jealousy issues.

  • your welcome janet. any questions, i’m here to help, if you have anymore. because i know most about the children, and the family. just let me know!

  • Kate’s PA accent is a little annoying but when you add the nagging and complaining to it, it’s a lot annoying -her voice that is.

    Also, the back of her hair is as ugly as her voice and as her in general.

    I hope Jon gets out of there…nobody deserves to be treated like she treats him and the kids.

  • Perfect Kate. Enjoy watching your children roll down a hill and brushing their grass stained bottoms. Enjoy watching your children savor every lick of a vanilla ice cream cone as they wipe the melting drips from their shirts and then showing you their sticky palms. Enjoy watching your children express their imaginations through cupcake decoration and then watching them enjoy eating it, icing first. Stop stealing happy memories from your family. Life is not about how clean your shirt is.

  • First to Tonia, anyone that would say Kate was ugly, is insan. She has a something about her that is so attractive and sheis BEAUTIFUL!!! Yes, she can be what you gys call harsh but se i just plain spoke and knows what she wants. I wished I could be like her ecause I am ALWAYS doing thngs I do not want to and holding my tongue. Afar s the kid comment, I think er and Jon both are good to theirkids.They o more than what I do with mine. I Ner have money or the time it seems like.

  • my thing is, jon is holding all this in now. this is all building up in him. he can not live like this for the rest of his life. he will be wanting to get out of the situation with kate eventually. even though he still loves her. i toam under alot of stress i had 5 kids in 8 years. i changed diapers for 10 yaers and have been exhausted and i don’t act like kate. freaken out over vanilla ice cream in disney.
    also, mady needs to be in counseling. fast forward to the furture. she is 17 with her drivers liscence, gets furiosly mad because her mother decorated the house for her birthday, she grabs the car keys and now she is on the road with all of us!

  • I love this show!!! I watch it all the time!!! I think Jon and Kate are terrific parents! THey are doing their best to make their children’s life the best it can! I loved how they gave each child individual attention so they know that they are cared about equally! I hope that I can meet them one day! Jon and Kate you have eight beautiful children and never forget that. I hope you contimue to do the show so that the world can watch your children grow up!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

  • I agree…there’s no way Jon can keep this up. I can see a step mom in the picture eventually.

  • I think kate put on a front to trap Jon. Once she got him she could then be herself. She did a good acting job.

  • i do think kate is a hard worker and her family has a lot of great attributes. i think it is like a double edge sword. her personality which has allowed her to raise her family as well as she has is the same personailty that is going to eventually be her undoing.
    everyone is under stress in one way or another and everyone handles it differently i can respect that but at the same time there are bounderies. i don’t think she needed to yell at jon in the toy store, (several years back), the way she did. and the ice cream in disney was just too much. i really think he is building up resentment in some way.

  • and i think you people are dumb and judgemental and making comments about the family, just based on thirty minutes of air time

  • i know they do jennifer, but people on here are just flat out rude. i could care less if you don’t like the show, everyones entitled to their own opinion. but you don’t have to be jerks, which is what many people are on here

  • i agree with you about the way some of the people on here judge her hair or the fact the they still use sippy cups. i know a child who used them up until 5. my own children (mostly boys) weren’t potty trained until 3 1/2. believe it or not i actually like the show. we have been eating monkey munch all summer. its usually gone in a day.
    but we can’t all be wrong about how kate can acts, and mady. on other web sites people say the same thing about both of them.:)

  • i know, and i didn’t leave comments on here to start a disagreement. and i agree that kate can be a little overboard with the children, but i sort of think that if she wasn’t, then the children would be out of control. and sure, kate barks at jon more times than none, but if you notice.. it’s only when the kids are around. children can tear marriages apart, and stress couples out. but when it’s just jon and kate, and you see footage of just the two of them together, out to eat.. or etccc, you can see that the two of them are happily married

    and with mady, well geez. she can be bratty at times, but she definatly has jealousy issues, and sharing the spotlight with six other children AND her twin sister, i’d act out like that for attention too

    and i know, i love monkey munch. my friends and i used to call it muddy buddies, until we saw kate call it monkey munch. we’ve recently moved from muddy buddies to monkey munch : )

  • Kate’s mean to Jon even when they are without the kids– like when on the couch being interviewed!

  • i wouldn’t call that mean, but okay. their talking and addressing their problems, and you’re not always nice when your talking about your problems with each other. they call the interview set ‘marriage counseling’, and they say it’s even helped their marriage

  • i like it when the interviewer asks kate if she thinks she over reacts. eveyone in the room kind of laughs. and she always says no “I don’t think i over react”. but everyone else thinks she does. it would be the perfect opportunity for her to sincerely apologize to jon but she just sits and defends herself.
    i am telling you if jon ever “wakes up” he is out of there. (even though he may still love her)

  • lisa, do you know jon personally? because unless you do.. i don’t think you know for sure if he loves her or not

  • Thanks for bringing my five kids and i together. with t.v. as it is now, there are too few “family” t.v. shows. our entire family comes together to enjoy an episode now and then. Especially since Joel looks like one of my in house day care kids.

    Im writing in regards to the cutting of the pancake episode. Sometimes feeding up to ten kids at a time myself, I came up with a way to serve pancakes. I make the the size of a oragne and let them hold them with their fingers and dip them in a side of syrup (like ketchup).

    May you never cut a pancake again!

  • Looking forward to tonight’s new episode when they go to Sesame Place.
    Plus never saw the Crayola one, so it’s a good night, something to watch!

  • lesley, you are my new hero! I love you! I share your veiwpoits 100% People should not be so rude!!!!! We don’t know them!! you are the best!! Some of these people are evil! Luv ya! your the best!

  • thanks :) i’m glad we share the same viewpoints on the show haha, i just love this family and i hate seeing people be so rude to little four year old kids, its awful. espessially when they dont even know them!

    but i just saw the sesame street episode, so adorable. i loved it

  • it was a good show. i think the kids are getting easier to handle as the get older.
    only one annoying moment-kate said jon had to stop looking at his physic and help pass out the water. and mady was happy!!!

  • Earlier on it was kind of sweet- the are kids cute- and interesting to see how they coped. Now it’s kind of sickening how they’ve whored themselves for free stuff and product placements. It’s gone the route of the Roloffs of Little People etc fame – fun to watch at first, but quite disgusting once they get a whiff of all the freebies they can score. Exploitation for sure.

  • I started watching the show about two weeks ago and thanks to Tevo have been able to catch new shows, past shows and even a marathon. Then of course there is the internet where you can catch clips of even more shows. I agree with amanda….at first it was sweet. I still like watching the kids and seeing how they have changed and how different each child is. But I have almost had it with Kate’s obsession with the kids clothes being perfect, no grass stains, no ice cream and heaven forbid that Aunt Jodi ever give them gum again. I couldn’t stand the tyraid over throwing socks and bunnies away because they had a little bit of gum on them. I feel sorry for Aunt Jodi…she is willing to watch seven kids, besides her four but Kate wants to boss and complain about every detail.

    Enough has been said about how she treats Jon. I would never suggest that my husband’s shirt was too pink, too patriot when it’s not a holiday, or too orange then complain because it took him so long to get ready.

    I don’t know, I may watch just to see the kids but I am not sure how much more of Kate I can take…..Yeah, I know…poor, poor Kate but if she is willing to take the money for being on TV and is willing to allow herself to come into my living room then take the criticisum. It is all part of the game.

  • Kate is doing an awesome job. she makes most mothers look bad. Not only does she love and care for her kids better then most Mom’s with only two or three kids but she does this with 8. The reason she’s seems to be over powering to Jon is he’s still being trainned. All good women need to train their hubbys they don’t come into a marriage being great you have to teach them how. Jon is like any good husband that loves his wife he’s willing to really learn how to be a good husband and father. Someone has to be the Cheif and it just happens to be Kate. If Jon was all together and knew all that Kate knows he would be the Cheif. Listen it works for them and if Jon hated it so much he’d say something. And not just passively , he wouldn’t put up with it. It’s not up to everyone else to say what works for someone elses marriage, it’s up to them. These two people love each other and are willing to do what’s best for their children, and each other. This is what works for them!!!!!
    I don’t know if you want perfect then maybe you should watch “Leave it to Beaver”.

  • i feel crazy but i kno all the names its jon kate cara maddie hannah leah alexis joel collin and aden i fee phyco but love the she and kate stop hitting jon

  • OK…haha he doesn’t..let’s jsut leave it at that…imma guy…an asian guy at that…a religious guy like he is too…and all i gotta say is..everytime you see it on tv..don’t forget it’s only a good part of their life squeezed inot half an hour..also, i think he actually loves the way his wife is, he may be bothered at times, and lets her know it, but im sure it’s something special about her that he adores. I relate to Jon, personality wise, and i can just tell, on their interviews..that he makes dumb faces at kate and he’s jsut playing around with her, they really do love each other..there’s no murderous intent there. I wouldn’t have one, i’d spin it into a quirk i love about my partner

  • i think you can leave someone you love if life gets to be too difficult to live with the other person

  • Loved the Sesame show, they all seemed to have fun. I think the Crayola outing would have been much better if Kate stayed home, and they got some of the other “baby sitters” to go along. They needed more help. Also I can understand the mess thing, but to a point. On trip’s where you know it can be messy, just dress the Children in clothes you don’t care about. I’m sure there can be a happy medium when it comes to messes, then the kids can enjoy it more, and Mom won’t go as nuts. That’s what I would do in my pre-school when there were messy situations. You want the child to experience that, not be under constant stress about the mess.

  • i know, even mady had fun at the sesame place.. i was suprised. but i was glad she wasn’t in her usual mood like on all the other episodes

    and yeah Kate got crazy in the Crayloa episode.. i hate when she yells at Jon across stores. (Pumpkin Patch, Toys R Us, and Crayloa factory are the three that have been caught on film) she just doesn’t do well under pressure. i still think she’s a great mom though

  • The sesame street episode was AUWSOME!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!! and I loved watching mady and cara ride on the raft a million times!!! and I like seeing mady so happy mady and cara should go to hershy park!! they would love it!! That episode made me want to go to six flags!!!!!1

  • I am probally one of their biggest fan, will watch this show at whatever chance I get! Doesn’t matter when it is on and if I have seen that particular episode or not I will watch! I love Kate and Jon.. I think Kate is a riot! I see nothing wrong in the way she acts! I mean come on….. 8 children I would act the same way and don’t forget people Jon is a big boy he can stick up for himself.. She treats those kids great as does he. I just hope the series finale is the day the youngest ones graduate!

  • I hope Jon leaves Kate. I hope Kate recovers from her materialism, let alone everything else. Cancel this show TLC!!!

  • why do they have so many individual potty breaks? with my 5 kids we all had to go at the same time. i even put my daughter on the toilet ran some water and she went.

  • I forgot about the potty breaks. yikes! That has to be maddening. I’m wondering if some of the “wee” ones, pardon the pun, aren’t taking advantage of that. We had scheduled breaks for the potty in day care, everyone went at around the same time everyday, there were very little accidents at the age of 4. Of course there are always exceptions, but it does add a lot of stress to their trips.

  • I watch your show on TLC everyday you look like a very loving family and enjoy your family time and your chilren are ver beautiful and I will keep watching your show everyday its on

  • I do love this show. But how do they live on his salary? Obviously they get a lot of those trips and things for free. But nannies, surgeries, personal trainers? Oh and Mady seriously needs counseling!

  • she needs someone to help her develope coping skills. cara has been able to handle the situation but mady would greatly benefit from counseling. something that would help her deal with the little kids. i know alot of adults who can’t handle situations that they should be able to handle because their parents made it smooth sailing for them as kids. mady would be happier and more content if she had skills to fall back on when she is fustrated because the reality of it is the babies are not going anywhere.

  • Wow, saw an article about Jon and Kate on AOL, and talking about the same issues that are discussed here.

  • I’ve become addicted to the show too!!!

    I think Jon is wonderful and Kate has her wonderful moments also, but I agree that the way she treats Jon is awful.

    The kids are all adorable except for Maddy, who is a carbon copy of her mother which makes her less likeable.

    Kate needs therapy for her issues. Wonder if she’ll ever get it.

  • I cannot stand Kate! She is so OCD and mean!..What kind of mother would not allow her kids to play with washable markers?….Anyone see the episode at the Crayola Factory!..Man that made me soo mad! Of course Kate says it will create more laundry so it’s a no!..COme on! My mother had 7 children; 6 of whom are 11 months apart…and she encouraged us to try everything! Even if we got dirty and it meant a little more work for her… Let your kids be kids
    THe way she treats her husband is degrading and mean…….
    I also resent it when she makes comments about how easy it would be if she had one or two children….saying that belittles mothers everywhere….being a mother is a hard job no matter how many kids you have..and let’s not forget that they only have that many because she could not get pregnant and had to go to invitro.
    Personally i think John needs to divorce that mean woman(who by the way is 30-something going on 80!) and have a new show with him and the kids….he can do so much better..there a re plenty of women that would give him the respect he deserves without embarrassing him in public every chance that wench gets..

  • I love this show! I have been really into it since about 6 months ago when I discovered it. I do not have any children and do not want any kids, but I really enjoy watching the Gosslings deal with their brood. They are really great people and they are doing a great job! They deserve all the perks that they get for letting us into their world. I love it!! Thanks for being here. Love misty714

  • They both could do with some manners. Kate, particularly, has a bad attitude ( in the horrible cupcake episode she was downright rude and unappreciative to the women who obviously donated their time and free cupcakes to the kids and she treats everyone in a very offhand and disrespectful manner). Jon is just so passive and clueless. Two ideas for a show: the Goslings are visited by Miss Manners, Kate goes to therapy. Cute kids though!

  • if you dont like it y did u click on it and btw i love dem all any one wanna comment back write .0. first and i will know it iz to me k luv yall bye

  • Well Jon & Kate are really good parent’s 2 all there kid’s :)
    Iwatch tht show like crazy – all the time .. :) And wut i whould like 2 say is let Jon & Kate live there own life it’s there life and i think u ppl . should give them a break .. :) But on the other hand Jon & Kate have there problem’s which is none of are buisness …. ? But 1 thing i like about them is they allway’s seem 2 manage it with 8 kids’.. And i wuz reading and sumeone said how Kate wuz a neat – freak! Well i have no problem wit dat ha , ha am one myself i mean you need to allway’s keep ur house & wearing – material clean*? And like i say’ :) Ur 1st impressen say’s it all …. ~**~ but Kate is a very Good and Bright person soo is Jon .. well tht’s all 4 now … l8r ….. :)

  • oh you people are so annoying, we all understand you have your own opinions, but honestly if you’re saying you hate the show, you can’t stand kate, and that jon hate’s kate, but then you come and look them up on the internet? that makes NO sense

    whenever i don’t like something, i take no part in anything that has to do with it, but maybe that’s just me?
    and their last name is spelt gosselin, not gosling. their not baby ducks

  • take part in something productive that you actually like, instead of wasting your time on here when you don’t even like the family

  • i think that kate and jon wre still in love they both treat eachother respectfully and i think the show has helped people see the stress they go threw with having 8 children all under the age of 8

  • Chris:

    You must of missed the episodes of Leah getting ready to throw up when they go to Sunday School. They do go to church but I think the crew does not film inside due to the respect of others during worship.

    By the way my husband and I argue a lot also, but I couldn’t think of spending my life with anyone else.

  • i have to say ur wrong. yes kate is sometimes mean but u kno that they cut the tape to make things worse than it sounds. and they have microphones on so their really not that loud it jus sends it to the camera louder.I think he kne all that going into this how she was. they probably dont show all the things good she does for them and they dont tape every single second. they have said that sometimes the crew is gone for a couple days.

  • I agree with Whitney, we really can’t tell what’s what with the family due to editing. They can certainly sway things any way they want. Edit out the good, the bad, and the ugly. However; I’m sure if it was all the bad, the family would object, plus they must have some control over what’s filmed and showed. All in all a pretty normal family, and very loving, under the circumstances.

  • I LOVE THIS SHOW! IT’S MY FFAAVVOORRIITTEE SSHHOOWW!!!!!!! But honestly even though Kate does slap Jon a lot, screams at him, yells at him, and other stuff, Jon really does LOVE her. Like thats what couples do, and you really have to be a big fan like me to notice that because I’ve been watching this show since it was called Surviving Sextuplets and Twins when the baby weren’t even one yet. Jon’s always hugging her and I don’t think he’s still with her just because of the kids, its because he loves her.

  • people get divorced for many reasons. he may get fed up with being abused and leave her even though he still loves her.

  • Their kids seem to do a lot of hitting each other. I wonder if Kate has stopped to think they might be copying how she treats Jon. Just food for thought. Also Maddie’s horrible behavior seems to mirror Kate and her horrible treatment of Jon.

  • Love this show!!! have to watch it whenever it’s on.
    Here’s my take: Kate is a control freak…corrects and is critical of jon far too much. She was downright cruel to poor Collin about throwing out his favorite bear when there was some gum on it. Other than that, she’s fasinating to watch. Mady…well… no comment…. But overall, love watching these kids!

  • I am absolutely obsessed with the show. I want to have multiples as well so I am learning. I don’t think I have missed any episode that’s how sick I am about the show. I love Hannah to death and my boyfriend loves Aiden.

  • take my advice kids are alot of work almost too much. you really do not want multiples. my sister had a 4 year old a 3 year old and twins. her and her fantastic husband did not sleep for 18 months. sleep deprivation is wicked. i think it turns your brain into mush.
    mady needs some coping skills

  • jodi and kate do not get along any longer, there’s a link to her blog.. i’ll find it later..
    but the tlc network offered jodi a regular salary for being on the show, and kate disagreed,

    and said no, no one is going to make money off of my family, which i did not understand since jodi is her sister in law?
    but that’s basically the jist.. the blog goes on to list more reasons as to why jodi will no longer be on the show.. but i don’t really feel like explaining

    this is just what i heard, but i believe it, since it came from aunt jodi herself

  • Wow, the Jodi thing is terrible. I had a feeling something was weird. If it is true, that is certainly a rotten thing for Kate to do.

  • yea i agree
    why not let jodi get paid by the network? they have the money and she could probably use the cash.
    the money is still in the family ,right?
    and i thought little benny was the only human being on the face of the earth that mady actually got along with. so now what is mady going to do?
    did kate ever pay jodi for watching all those kids all those times? she should just think of it as babysitting money.
    maybe there is more to the picture than this because the grandparents aren’t involved either.

  • thnks for the info
    there is alot going on in that family. its ashame because i think jodie, kevin, jon the sixtuplets and cara are bascially good people.

  • haha yeah you’re welcome.. and i think they’re all good people with good intentions.. i just think they have many issues that they all need to work out

  • You are the best Lesley. You have the answers, plus you’re not judgmental. I guess there are always two sides to everything and even though this Jodie thing is upsetting to me, I don’t know the entire story. I’ll just go back to enjoying the show, and the children.

  • haha thanks janet : )

    yeeah i know alot about this family, so if you ever have questions you can just ask, because i will most likely have the answer

    and yeah, the aunt jodie thing was definatly suprising to me. i know kate definatly is a stickler but i didn’t think she would do that to a sister in law, but as you said we don’t know the whole story, just jodie’s sister’s side.

    and new episode tonight : )
    they go ride thomas the train.. or something. definatly tuning in though!

  • I did like this show, but thanks, Leslie, for the link to Jodie’s sisters website. The backstory is much more interesting than what we see on TV! I always thought Kate was a b—- of course, that’s so obvious. But if there’s any truth to what Jodies sister claims, she’s a super b—-, and Jon is not very nice either.

    Such a shame – the kids are so sweet, but it sounds like the parents -not so much.

  • Does anyone know the story behind Kate’s parent problem. Why they are never mentioned or seen? Jon’s mom isn’t either.

  • You people all make me sick. I can’t believe how so many people are calling Mady a bitch. Don’t you understand that she’s SEVEN, count it, seven years old and she has seven other siblings to compete with for affection from her parents? I haven’t seen that many episodes of the show, but it seems like they ignore her to take care of the other children, and when she acts out, she’s the bad one. Maybe she’s so ‘bratty’ because she doesn’t feel like she gets any attention from her parents. In any case, none of you have any right to be calling a seven year old a bitch, especially since you only know her behavior from watching tv.

  • I don’t know if it’s me finding out about the Jodie thing, or I’m just in a bad mood, but the show’s don’t seem as cute anymore. I would think watching the trips would be fun, but I’m bored. Same old thing, and not as personal and cute. Maybe the beach one’s will be better.
    I still can’t get past the fact that Kate didn’t want anyone else to get paid for this show but her. It doesn’t seem like Jodi was trying to jump on her “gravy train”, afterall she had been watching the kids for years.
    In any event it’s really made me dislike Kate, and it’s ruining the show for me. Thank you Lesley for your info again.

  • kate’s parents are not in the childrens life.. no one really knows the story about her parents because they never have elaborated on it enough. they’ve sort of skimmed over it, and all they have said is that they are not involved in their everyday lives. she did mention at the sextuplets third birthday party.. that they call nana janet their nana, but she is not the children’s real grandmother, but it doesn’t matter because they have people who care about them and that’s all they want for their kids, it doesn’t matter if they’re blood related or not, kate said in the episode.

    kate does have a brother kevin, and two other sisters.. and i don’t know if they visit them and not kate.. no one really knows the deal.

    and jon’s mom is involved, somewhat. he has mentioned that she has made korean dinner for the children before, multiple times. i’m guessing she lives somewhat far away, making it difficult to see the children and vise versa, but jon and his mother do get along.. jon’s father of course, died, but he played a big role in the childrens lives before he passed

  • Lesley,

    Jon has stated that his mother works full time and has remarried. She, too, is NOT in their lives, and that was the lame reason he gave. Both Jon and Kate said that Jon’s GRANDMOTHER has cooked for them. She was at the tups’ 3rd birthday party. Jon and Kate have also stated, in their couch interview, that “it’s just better that the grandparents aren’t in our daily lives.”

    Jon’s father was very close to the twins, but he died in January 2005. He helped Jon and Kate out financially and they were actually sitting on a sizeable bank account WHILE they were begging for donations in Berks County.

    I thought you knew all of this, though.

  • okay lauren, he has said that THE CHILDRENS grandmother has made korean food for them, which would be his mother. he gets along with his mother, he has stated that before. and yes, his grandmother, ‘grammy,’ was at their birthday party. but despite that, he still gets along with his own mother.

    and yes, did i not just say jon’s father was close to the whole family? including the twins. they have footage of home movies of them in their old house, playing with all the babies.

    i thought you knew all of this, though

  • Sorry, Lesley. From the show I’ve watched, they only see Jon’s Grandmother (Gammy) and she’s their “cook,” per Kate. I’ve never heard him say that he gets along with his mother . . . doesn’t mean that he doesn’t though. The only time Kate has mentioned Jon’s mother is when she said that “Jon’s mother told me (when she was pregnant with the twins) she hopes I don’t think the kids will look like me (Kate) because they won’t.” Which, to me sounded kind of snotty.

    I’ve seen footage of Jon’s father playing with the twins. I didn’t see footage of him playing with the tups, but, again, it doesn’t mean he didn’t. He died 8 months after they were born, so he might not have had the chance to be around them much (if he was ill.)

    Maybe we’re watching different shows. LOL

    Not trying to be argumentative here, sorry if I come across that way. I apologize for my “thought you knew all this” comment.

  • no it’s fine, i wasn’t trying to start an argument either. that’s not really why i post comments on here,

    but i understand. yes i’ve seen their grandmother at the birthday party, and i heard kate say that she is their korean cook. but i have also seen jon say, on the episode where he makes the korean dinner, that his mother has made korean food for them before, which is why they are familliar with korean influcences. but the grandmother also does, yes

    and yes that was on the viewer faq episdoe, whenever kate mentioned the comment that jon’s mother had said, about her children not looking like her, which i also found snotty.

    and the footage of the father playing with the sextuplets were on the how we got here episode.

    OH and i read a few hours ago that kate’s parents don’t speak to her because they do not agree with jon and kate’s decision to do in vitro fertilization, because it went against their religious views. don’t know if this is true.. just what i read

    but its fine, i apologize as well, if my comment came off as being rude or obnoxious, : )

  • Lesley, no problem. . . . I had it coming. LOL

    I know we can’t believe everything we read on here, but that doesn’t make complete sense to me about the parents disagreeing with her method of conception. Here’s why: They conceived the twins the same way as the tups and Charlene Kreider (Kate’s mom) was the sole provider of the twins while Kate was on bedrest.

    I don’t think they’re shunning their grandkids for that reason. It sounds awful, but I think Kate made the decision for them not to be in their every day lives. Well . . . Kate and Jon. I think he’s not pushed around as much as everyone thinks. He just likes playing the victim and let’s Kate get the brunt of criticism. He’s learned to keep his mouth shut on the show, but I think he’s a driving force behind their decision to let us into their world. He just does not appear to be ambitious at all, and besides dealing with critics, he’s got it pretty darn good.

    And then maybe that’s why Kate seems so spiteful (for lack of a better term) when she’s dealing with Jon. I’d be in a bad mood too if my husband let me take the heat. She’s right: her husband IS supposed to protect her.

  • yes that’s true, that’s just what i read. i really cannot think of a real reason as to why they are not involved. i always thought it was because he was asain, and i’m sure that’s not it lol, because i doubt kate’s parents are racist. i guess something just happened between them, i don’t even know.. but kate has kevin, and two other sisters, and i don’t know if they’re involved in their life either

    yes i agree about the whole Jon thing, since Kate gets all the criticism, he has decided to stay out of it, just to avoid all the negativity that comes along with the show and it’s viewers. at least when the cameras are around anyway. i think he is concious of them being around, so when they are around.. he makes sure to never lose his cool, etc. he just lets kate take in all the harsh things said about her, while he just takes a backseat to it all and never does anything about it.

  • I think you two kind of hit the nail on the head about Jon, he does seem to be a little passive aggressive. About the Grandparents – I’m pretty sure Jon mentioned that his mother made Korean food for the kids, and when the kids rooms were painted, Kate’s sister’s husband helped out and had definitely been around the house and the kids before.

  • I must admit, I think I’ve had it with Jon & Kate. I can’t continue to watch a show where I feel that at least one of the parent’s is a real jerk. I pity the children growing up in a completely dysfunctional environment. I do not know, fortunately, many young couples that do not have anything to do with their siblings or parents, especially with children. At least they’ll all be financially taken care of, but there has to be some truth to all the bad things sad about Kate, especially on other web sites. Friends and family seem to drop like flies out of their lives. Something is terribly wrong.

  • I love that show too much , I wonder how she can take it with eight kids . It would be scary for me . I am kind of happy that my mom didn’t have all those kids .

  • I love that show too much . People look at me funny when I say ” I like that show ”. It must be hard taking care of eight kids . I wouldn’t want this show to go off the air , it would be horrible for me and other Jon and Kate plus Eight fans . Now to think of it , I am glad that my mom didn’t have all those children .

  • I have six children myself, though one at a time. It takes a very organized person like Kate to handle the stress of 8 kids. She and Jon make a great couple because she has a Type A personality and Jon has a Type B personality. Opposites attract. Everybody’s calling her mean, but YOU try running a household with that many kids in it. I know…it’s hard. Good job Kate!!

  • i know, there’s a marathon on right now. it just seems like tlc plays the same episodes ooooover and over and over again



  • GLNUNEZ, it is considered rude to use all caps in these things, it’s like shouting.
    I like the show too, the kids are adorable and Jon and Kate good parents I think. I grew up in a big family (7 kids) and my mother was about as organized as Kate, she has to be to avoid chaos. Their kids are all treated as distinct individuals and accepted as such and their sniping at each other is well within the range of normal.

  • Oops, I guess I struck a nerve. Sorry. It’s all this negative stuff I’m reading on the web that changed my tune. If all I did was watch the show I would never think anything other then Kate is a good Mom, with great organizational skills. And certainly a loving family. I don’t live to far from the Gosselins, and from what I gather, there’s a lot of truth to all the bad that’s on here. Come on. What normal loving God fearing woman, would not allow a close family member to get paid for something they were doing out of the goodness of their heart all along? Only she is allowed to make money, and get all the freebies. Her own brother’s family can’t.

  • Katie’s parents took care of the twins while Jon and Kate were in Hershey with the sextuplets. When the church that her father was a pastor at gathered donations for her she became very ungrateful because she wanted money, refused the gentle used clothes, and unmatched cribs. She wanted cash and gift cards and when he wouldn’t make more demands to his congregation she cut him off. That’s what Katie means when she states “They don’t know how to help us.” You don’t give or get her what she wants then she cuts you out of her life.
    Apparently the one daughter that stuck with the father, Clarissa, is also estranged from Kate and her child also has no relationship with the Gosselin kids. Her sister is Ohio who makes jewelry was denied ad space on their wed site unless she paid full price for the ad. Charming sisterly love there.
    There is plenty of information out there. One that will give folks a laugh is the rationale she gave for not stopping to exchange information when she did that hit and run. Oh, no, I might have been recognized so I was afraid to stop, officer. Like she’s Angelina.
    Why none of the insanity gets out into the mainstream media I don’t know. I guess unless she gets highter then a z list celeb on a minor cable channel she can continue to snow “her public.” Some day the whole story will come out even if we have to wait for one of those poor kids to write a tell all.

  • despite all the negativity out there, i still love the show and the family, even if i don’t personally know them. i just think there are many skeletons in their closet that they need to resolve, or else the criticisim from viewers and everyone else alike, could possibly ruin the show.

  • To the above story, by “inform yourself”. Do you see what I mean? I’m hearing this kind of stuff all over the place. Has to make you think it has to be true. And the hit and run? Boy oh boy, what a fine human being she is… NOT!

  • i really don’t know what to believe. i hear so many different stories. i guess none of us will never know the real kate gosselin, until we actually KNOW and MEET the real kate gosselin.

    i just wish i could be a fly on the wall ALL the time, not just when cameras are around

  • its all just so weird. there is so much going on. if i were kate i would not sign up for another season and try and make amends with some family members. just go back to normal.


  • I’m sorry I have offended you. I, at first really loved the show, and could care less about Kate’s little quirks. I really liked her. But then the rumor’s which I ignored. The latest batch got me. Afterall this is a reality show, not acting, (although it might be the greatest acting ever).
    I cannot support any show, who’s main character is so downright mean. It’s not my business, but it is my choice, and right to voice my opinion.

  • And another thing, I have never dumped my parents from my life. Never had fight’s with sibling that went as far as not speaking. I’ve never solicited charity, and I’ve had my share of heartache. I’ve never denied anyone getting a chance to get paid. And last but not least, I’ve never been in a hit and run, and ran.

  • This show is a total waste of time. How people can be so engrossed in this mediocre show is beyond me. Try watching the news or shows with some sort of substance people.


  • i agree with jennifer and janet. glunenz, i would always disagree with the people on here who would post rude comments about kate, and mady, and anyone else they did not like.

    but i do not get angry, because it is their own opinion and even if their reasoning for thinking that kate is an awful mom is beyond me, i don’t freak out. we all know kate’s a great mother and the eight children are adorable. we just think they have some marital issues, and obviously something is up with kate and her parents, because they would have been on the show by now, and she’s even said they’re not in their lives. but that’s it. no reason to freak out.

    i, personally, am i huge fan of the show. i’ve emailed the couple multiple times, and i never miss an episode and i watch them once a day. i love them, and i think kate’s a great mom. i’m not judging them, and some people on here don’t either. we have opinions though, and we are entitled to state them. first amendment. i only get angry if someone is rude about the twins or the sextuplets, espessially mady. because she’s seven. there’s no need for some of the things said about her, but anyway.

    they have their lives taped for everyone in america to see what their life is like, and they taped the shows knowing that there are always going to be some people out there who do not agree with them, but that’s fine with them, so it should be fine with you, glunenz.


  • well glunenz, trust me i understand where you are coming from. but some people do not agree on the way kate treats her husband, or the way kate runs her household. i am not one of these people, but they are out there. but it’s okay, because it is their own opinion.

    and so what if people look up inside the lives of jon and kate on the internet? i hope you are aware that jon and kate have THEIR OWN personal website,, that they run because they know people will surf them on the internet. it’s not as weird and nosy as you may think.

    and we do not think kate is a monster. funny how you should say that, because i never once said anything bad about kate. yes she may be highstrung and what not, she even admits it on the viewer FAQ episode. i think she’s a great mom with wonderful intentions for her family and marriage.

    you should not take things so personally on here, it’s a blog and on blogs, everyone is different and no one’s opinion will be exactly like yours.

  • Once again, Lesley, you are the voice of reason.
    I must admit I was very angry with Kate from what I was reading, but, I do love those kids, and wish nothing but the best for the entire family. I might have to blame alittle PMS for my reaction before regarding Kate.

  • it is true that SOMETIMES kate LOVE TAPS jon but who cares they allways get back together in the end! plus the kids are soooooooooooo adorable especially Aaden!

  • It would be different if one or two people didn’t like Kate, but it’s thousands…..hello! wake-up Jon.

  • Caly, I do remember seeing videos of when they got together and Kate was being fake (nice=not herself). No one needs to put up with abuse like that. If it were the husband that was the abusive one then all hell would break loose, but since it’s the female that’s the abusive one, then it’s just brused unde the rug.

  • There is a black family with sextuplets that come on every blue moon…I wonder why they don’t have a weekly episode…maybe Kate is throwing a tantrum about them too.

  • i do not believe kate is a sociopath. at all. she gets stressed and clearly she cannot handle stress very well and it’s clear she cracks under pressure. but that does not mean she needs physcological and mental help. she is dramatic, there is no doubt about that. but can people no longer be called dramatic without being classified as some science expierement? it’s her personality, she’s not insane.

    she’s a stressed out mom, who i think definatly needs to deal with her stress in a much better manor, but i do not think she is at all crazy. sure she’s ocd and she admits that in the housekeeper hunt episode. and she yells often, but i’d like to see all of us raise eight children.. then find out how we react. i can’t even handle taking care of my dog, and i know eight kids would send us ALL over the edge, and for kate to still be pushing for her children and doing the things she does,

    i think she’s a fantastic mother with no sociopathic ways.

  • kate is not rude u guys are rude don’t talk if u don’t have 8 kids and becace jonh is nice kate very ;very nice cara sweet and mady is very kind alies is sweet and out going hannah is nice and motherly adean is a very nice aniamal tolder and collin is very ,very ,very kind leah small and cute joel is very ,very ,very,very, very, very kind so yall can’t talk.

  • I agree with simone they are great people.Like thw intro of the show says , ” although having two sets of multiple doesn’t lways bring out the best in us ” that shows and the admitted to it. they’re kids are awesome.

  • I agree with Simone they are great people .Like the intro of the show say ” although having two sets of multiples doesn’t always bring out the best in us, we’re a family and it’s our life” . It’s a tough job rasing so many kids I don’t think I could have done it.

  • I cannot believe you people. They have EIGHT kids!!!!! u r not gonna be all lovey dovey all the time!!! they do an amazing job raising these wonderful children!!! And of course they r gonna take things for free! eight kids!!!!!! how dare anyone who thinks that they are terrible!!!! i’d like to see u selfish people raise eight kids. Mary, if u hate them so much, stop watching the show. no one cares. well, i love this show, jon and kate, and their kids, so stop insulting them cuz they r doing something that none of u could do!

  • Yeah! I kinda like to see show. Like ’bout every chance I get! (well, maybe not). Being the 3rd of 7 myself, (all singular births) I can relate somewhat to what its like for them, We all landed on both our feet, so, it can be done. I’m kinda nuts ’bout kids as well.

  • I love this show. I think the kids are adorable. I have two kids and I can’t even imagine having that many kids the same age. Yes, I think Kate is very controlling and can sometimes be a little overboard, but they make it work and I believe they are a family trying to make their life the best they can. How would almost anybody feel if they had a TV crew in their house showing their private life. You would probably see things that you wouldn’t like, especially if you were raising 6 3-yr olds and 2 7-yr olds. They are a loving family and you can see that on the show. I say God Bless Them for taking this on because there are a lot of people that wouldn’t have done as great a job; and as for making the money that they probably make doing this show, they are probably thinking of their 8 children and want the best for them. What’s wrong with that?



  • Even though I said I wouldn’t watch anymore because of the “Jodie” thing, I cooled off about it. I did watch and loved the last beach show. I thought it was great.
    How about the house/property the Gosselins were looking at? A Viginia horse ranch, with acres. They are doing quite well. I also thought Kate seemed fine, especially her excitement over the wild horses. I would love that too. See our opinions, and the right to change our minds. I’m feeling sad for Hannah. She is my favorite, and she looks so sad a lot of the time. All in all the kids were all adorable.

  • janet, i know i loved the beach and horse episodes. those houses were huge! they seem to be very well off.

    and in glunenz’s post, i actually agree with what she said about the other reality shows.. the ones with only alcohol and sex and watching other people ruin their lives.. jon and kate is truley one of the only good reality shows out there. the ones that are actually not scripted, and actually don’t show people making fools out of themselves and being completly immoral. i just love jon and kate. i hate waiting a whole week for new episodes, lol

    and hannah does always look sad! i used to think she was one of the not so great looking sextuplets, along with collin, but now i think they’re both adorable, and they’ve gotten much cuter with time. joel is still my favorite boy, i think his eyes are so pretty!

  • Great show. Everyone who doesn’t like this show should go watch the Two Cory’s, now thats a show LOL.

  • i love all of the kids and how cute they are. I also love how it is all natural and nothing is scripted or planned out, Kate can be a little high strung but who could blame her with eight energetic kids? Great show!

  • Hi Lesley! I actually got hooked on the show by switching channels one evening and coming across the episode where Hannah is helping her Mom fold clothes. I fell instantly in love, and thought that was the cutest thing.
    Ever since then I’ve had a soft spot for her, and always notice what she’s doing. That’s how I’ve realized lately that she looks sad a lot. Of course they’re all adorable, and now that I know them all, just love them. Collin, out of all the boys, bugs me the most when he seems to instigate fights. Or kind of bullies them. I do love his clean up skills though. Can’t wait until next week either. Now these beach shows are terrific.

  • i know, i bet kate is really thankful that hannah can fold whole baskets of laundry now. that’s insane! i don’t know any four year olds that can do or even WANT to do that.
    she does look sad alot. i don’t really know why that is though. her voice is so cute and high pitched, it’s funny. her hair is so pretty also.

    haha yes collin always seems to start arguments but as said by jon and kate, he is very stubborn so i guess that comes with his personality. i still think he’s cute though.

    they actually had a beach episode, last year.. in december. called the cutting room floor episode. it’s NEVER on, i’ve only seen it once, which was on the monday it premiered. i wish it aired more often. but oh well.. what can ya do.

  • I agree with Angela, “Kate is a jerk. And no, it is NOT “normal” for couples to act like white trash and treat their spouse like crap just because they have some kids and have been married for a while. I am 7 months pregnant with our 5th, we’ve been married for 15 years (since age 18) and we have NEVER treated one another OR our kids with so much disrespect. Stop making excuses for people who are just horrible in general. Kate would find a reason to be a witch with or without those kids, they just give her an excuse. Unfortunately, in many homes today it is COMMON, but it’s NEVER normal!”

  • Hannah seems very ready to please and help her parents, and also very needy for affection. Maybe she just can’t get enough. Of course Leah and Alexis, are just too cute as well.
    Aaden cracks me up. And I love the relationship that Joel has with Jon.
    It amazes me that Cara and Maddy look even more Asian to me then Jon.
    As Kate said, she was told that the Asian gene is very strong, and all her children will look like that. They are all beautiful children. When you think that even Jon is only half Asian, so the children are essentially one quarter. They are some strong genes! Who knew.

  • Let’s try to donate to get them all lockers so they each have a personal space … beyond their beds. Would not take much!!

  • Let’s try to get wach a locker which is not much of an expeoense but better than fighting over their beds & what they ech hide there…cauding more stress to Jon & Kate.


  • lol opal, aaden is not retarded. none of the children have anything wrong with them. collin has a droopy eyelid but besides that, everything else is fine. and i do not agree when you callled the gosselins white trash. i think they are the complete opposite?

    and i know i LOVE joel and jon’s relationship. i don’t know if you’ve seen the episode.. but the boys and jon went to the gym.. and jon’s trainer asked joel his name, and he said i’m “daddys son.”
    it was so adorable. he is my favorite : )


  • miss real, kate let the kids who ate most of their dinner have their birthday cupcake. that is her rule, you have to eat most of your vegetables and meat to be able to have dessert or monkey munch, no matter what day it was. and the boys did not eat their dinner, so they did not have the sweets afterwards. it’s a common rule i even had in my own home, so i understand kate’s reasoning.

    but i DO understand where you are coming from. it does seem like she favors the girls over the boys. but maybe that’s just what we get out of the thirty minutes of airtime, i’m sure alot of the moments that are spent with the boys are not caught on tape. but once being a child, i knew i favored my mom over my dad, because my mom was a girl and mothers and daughters obviously have a special relationship, and dad and sons do as well. but i believe they all love their children equally, and they all have different and special bonds with their parents, based on their sex. i think it’s like that in every home also.

  • I’m only the mother of one, so it was always interesting to me if when having several children, if you have a favorite. The majority of my friends
    I’ve asked, say yes. But they try not to show it. Of course they dearly love all their children, but sometimes you just hit it off with one. The only thing I see with Kate is she’s always got a girl on her lap. Very seldom the boys, but it’s just a half hour show.

  • janet i agree with you :]
    i’m not a mother of any, i’m not even sixteen yet. but i understand how you can have a liking for a child that may seem like you like them more, but i just cannot see how a mother could ever choose favorites. and i do not think kate gosselin does. of course mothers could have more fun with one child rather than the other, or get along better with this child compared to this child, but i do not think you love any of them less or more

    thats just my take on it, maybe i’ll find out when i have kids ; )

  • My husband and I love this show. I think they get along as well as expected with a family of 8 kids. Even tho she is anal with stuff and bossy with Jon, he is the relaxed one..its a good balance. And plus its not a made up, fake show, this is real life. You can tell they adore eachother and they love those kids. I give them lots of credit. My husband and I can’t complain about the stress our 2 kids may bring. We’ve become better people and a better team together at home from watching Jon and Kate.

  • Oh my goodness, Lesley. You’re only sixteen? I’m floored. Never thought, from your mature wriing, you were that young. Wow. Now I guess you don’t know what it’s like to have several kids yet. I’m sure you’ll be a great mother. Now tell me you’re a boy and I’ll faint.

  • haha well no, i’m fifteen. not yet sixteen. but i have been told i am mature for my age, lol. and no haha i’m a girl, so no worries there.

    and have any of you seen the previews for the new episode on monday? the children are covered in chocolate. i was so suprised, i would have never guessed that kate would have let them do that, knowing how she is with messes. but i cannot wait to see that episode either!

  • i thought you were older also. you’re pretty smart
    also i think glnunez left because things were hitting too close to home. she said she acted just like kate and maybe she took the critizisms(sp) towards kate personally

  • thanks jennifer.

    that’s true, i didn’t even know she said that, i skimmed over it instead of reading all eighteen paragraphs word for word lol

  • omg i am obsessed with jona and kate plus 8! ive seen every episode ever made!!!! my name is kate just like hte mom but i am not like that. jon and kate do fight but they love each other! i mean think about it….. if u had a great husband but u also had 8 kids u guys would fight 2! they r under so much stress! i feel bad for kate because everyone thinks she is terrible. she is really funny wen shes not yelling!

  • my mom had 9
    i have 5
    my sisters have 7,7,5,8.and 7 respectively
    and none of us act like kate gosslin

  • i know, i know not all mom’s act like kate. but sometimes it’s just her personality coming out when she’s stressed, and your mom possibly handled stress much better than kate does. and your mom probably wasn’t a complete drama queen like kate. but that’s her personality, so what can ya do. she cracks under pressure, but that’s just her. just gotta deal

    and at the same time, there’s camera men all over their house, along with nine other folks, six of them all under the age of five, and two being eight years old. while i might not know what it’s like to have any kids, i could possibly see myself not getting so worked up like kate does. but at the same time, who am i to talk, because i won’t know, and none of us will know, until we have eight kids, all roughly the same age.

  • look, its bad for her health to be the way she is. she is going to have a heart attack or give jon one. its not healthy for mady to act the way she does. there’s nothing wrong with teaching mady coping skills that will last her a life time. kate never developed coping skills. but that doesn’t mean mady shouldn’t have them. kate should read the last lecture by randy pausch.

  • look , its not healthy the way she acts. she is going to have a heart attack or give jon one. and its not healthy for mady to act that way. mady should be taught some coping skills. kate never delevoped coping skills and she will end up with a peptic ulcer. kate should read the last lecture by randy pausch

  • I wish my boss would read “the last lecture”. Certainly would help my current working conditions.
    Back to Kate. I think lately she’s softened up, quite a bit, and actually seems to be funnier. I’m sure she gets a whiff of all the negative comments out there. And by all means, viewers certainly not have seen the worst of her. I bet Maddy is exactly how Kate was as a child and she recognizes that. I’ve even heard her say she has control issues, can’t imagine where she gets that from. She was kidding, or course.
    Maddy will probably grow up and get herself a nice guy like Jon. Like I said before, nice guys seem to go for very controlling women, and vise versa.

  • jennifer, i know it’s not healthy to be so stressed all the time, and to act the way kate does. but at the same time, like i will always say, it is her personality. it’s the way she was made, she can’t help it if the stress causes her to flip out. sure, she could learn some ways to cope with the eight children better, but she’s just a drama queen, she’s said it once and she’ll say it again. she’s overbearing, and controlling, and she’s highstrung. but it’s the way she is, and if that’s so, so be it. she can handle the way she is, so can we.

    and janet, i agree. i do not think anything is wrong with mady and i do not think she needs therapy. my sister is exactly like her and she’s at a&m right now, in college. and she’s doing just fine. sure we didn’t have seven other brothers and sisters including cara, but my sister loves attention and the camera, has the biggest fits over nothing, and is certainly a drama queen. but she turned out fine. i have no worries for that child. with great parents like that and support from her family, she’ll be fine. she just has a little more kate inside of her than she does jon.

  • Wow, another whole hour of the beach vacation next week. They sure captured the feeling of the shore in these episodes. I was proud of Kate for allowing her children to get messy. What a place they’re staying at. The pool is amazing. My littler Hannah still seems quiet. I think the camera crew just doesn’t focus on her much. I was also shocked how scared the boys were in the water. Little Aaden was adorable. Collin came around and enjoyed the water. Heck even Joel came around eventually.

  • kate did seem different. i little more easy going. go figure. i also was relieved, in a way, that mady finally got punished for her behavoir at the pool. she still wanted to control the swimming lesson the next day. a work in progress i guess

  • i know i had no idea it would be an hour but when i figured they couldn’t make the whole episode in two minutes when it was 8:28, i was happy. and aaden was so cute in that pool. they all were.

    i LOVED the part whenever joel and aaden were on the beach and aaden goes ‘disgusting hands!’ to joel
    it was funny, i thought.

    i do not like jon and kate’s tattoo’s though. at all lol

  • Lesley, I am extremely impressed! What insight you have for age 15! Besides that, you have excellent writing skills and you can spell! LOL

    I just wanted to comment about Aaden’s remark “disgusting hands” to Joel.

    First of all, it seemed to hurt Joel’s feelings a lot more than it should have. After all, it was just a sibling who said it. Siblings say much worse things to one another.

    Secondly, it seemed that Aaden was doing his little impression of Kate. That bothered me. They were at the beach, with sand and water, and yeah, you will get dirty. Why the harsh comment from Aaden? It’s like that was the worst thing he could say to Joel and it was said with so much vehemence from a 4-year old! And poor Joel, he just cried and said “I’m washing my hands . . .”

    I don’t know . . . that just left me feeling badly for Joel especially, but also for Aaden. Did anyone else get that kind of vibe?

  • well thanks lauren : )

    now that you bring it up, and i see where you are coming from, i did feel bad for joel. i just thought the way aaden said that was sort of cute. but when joel said i’m washing my hands, i did feel bad. but as you can see the kids get over it in no time, which is nice. five minutes later they’re playing together. i guess aaden just picked it up from kate, i assume. she doesn’t like messes and being dirty, and i bet the kids just pick it up. i don’t know where else he could have gotten that. apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, i guess

  • i admit that i do like the show… but its becoming way too unreal. First they started this REDICULOUS thing of taking the family on vacation like every week. then they start taking each child on a “special day” to a place where the child wants to go. and then i see all these helpers coming in and helping them. now i no they need help but 1 time i saw 5 people helping them in their house. and now the biggest one of all, tlc is going to build them a house worth 2 million dollars!!!!!! its getting really insane they’re getting too much stuff and they don’t need that much help

  • hey maddy sorry to tell you but tlc actually pays the family to go on trips. thats why i think this show is becomng less and less real

  • lesley and glunez, i gotta say i dont agree.
    they are making money rule there lives and its becoming so unreal i dont no what to beleive

    i also feel kinda bad for mady and cara because it seems like the older the younger ones are geting the less face time mady and cara are getting. its kinda become all about the sextuplets and thats not what the shows about.

    im also interested in how long you guuys think the series is gonna go. obviously it cant go on into the childrens teens but its so popular to stop all of the sudden. as time goes on its gonna become less interesting because its won’t be as hard for jon and kate once their oler

  • The Aaden/Joel hands thing, just shows you how Kate’s cleanliness OCD, has them all a little crazy. I’ve never seen any kid on the beach even thinking about how clean their hands are. Most kids are just busy playing in the sand and having fun. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even hear what Joel was crying about. I thought Aaden wanted a toy or something. Thanks bloggers, for setting me straight.
    TLC is building them a 2 million dollar home? Wow. They really have hit the jack pot. I hope they have some friends and family left to come and visit, or at least realize that’s what you want to be rich with!

  • i think kates OCD is taking away from the kids childhood
    its not right to keep your kids away from a beach just because they are gonna get dirty, or prevent them from coloring
    its absurd

  • ok i LOOOOOOOOVE jon and kate plus 8! its the best! yes of course i watch it. i think the little kids r soooooooooooooo cute and the older girls r so whitty and helpful (most of the time) to all that hate the show and think its fake then get a life because guess what…….. it is real!!

    i hate to play favorites but i LOVE leah…. shes sooooooo cute. i love the episode where hannah pushes her and she says “we dont push!” if u want to know what im talking about then go on youtube and you type in jon and kate plus eight and then u can find it.

    so ya to all the haters out there GET A LIFE! if u dont like the show then dont watch it and dont blog about it. its redicuious.

    ill admit that kate dose have BAD OCD but i mean tones of ppl have it to so ya know she cant help it. she was just born that way.

    if u dont agree with me make a comment

  • i just read jodys blog and i am DISGUSTED with kate right now. kate prevented jody from getting a contract because she said she didn’t want anybody making money off her family, even though jody is family. kate does not have the childrens best interest in heart, she only wants to make money. the worst thing from this is that jodi gave the kids a place where they can just be kids and not have to worry about the cameras being on them. kate never acknoledges jodi as help, in fact, wen she went on ellen she forgot to mention all the help from jody that comes free. and wen jon and kate go on sepaking engagements they get paid for all the expenses and can make money from people if they sell tickets.

  • these people are such frauds its unbeleivable. they always complain (especially kate) about how hard their lives are raising eight kids but they rarely mention how much help they really have!!!!! they have a personall cook that cooks them all organic meals because kate has a problem with processed food (OCD again), they have 3 house cleaners, 1 person for the laundry, and a personal assistant for kate wen somthing isn’t going her way and she needs to fix it (REDICULOUS)

  • I think this is a great show. My hat is off to both Jon and Kate. They attempt more things with 8 kids than I did with 3 ( not multiples) Kate and Jon are great together! They pick and choose their fights fairly. I started to cry with Kate when they were stuck on the plane for such a long time and the kids were crying. I would cry too. Jon and kate…keep up the good work.

  • umm that jeff person……… how do u know all that……. do u just sit and research jon and kate plus 8, i mean really

  • its not that hard, i got alot of it from jodys blog (very interesting) and various webistes. i think this information should be known before anyone waches the show because they need to know that jon and kates lives are not as hard as they say

  • if jon and kate actully look at this website i just want u to know that im a HUGE FAN! i loooooooooove the show!
    blog me bac if u can!

  • the show is awsome! I always laugh at the whitty things the little kids say. like hannah saying “enjoy yourself” and leah saying “we dont push” and joel saying (when kate wanted to find out who toke the nob off of something) “he did it.” me and my sister laughed at all of that! if u disagree with my love of the show PPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAASSSSSEEE blog back to me!

  • im not over re-acting this is serrious. there lives are not nearly as hard as they say (or at least not as hard as it used to be) lets face it, if they didn’t have the show they would be nothing and have nothing

  • jeff, i do not agree with you. i do not believe the two million dollar house idea. they just went to look at property in virgina for themselves. and jeff, the show IS about the sextuplets and the twins. i do not understand how you say it’s all about the sextuplets and not what the show is about? it IS about the kids. ?? they started the show because of them. obviously?

    and you say kate buys only organic things because she is ocd, no. she buys it because she has the best interest at heart for her children. my mother sticks to frozen dinners and fast food, and i could only DREAM of having home cooked meals, not to mention it all being organic. hats off, to kate for doing that. i have ocd, and i hate having it, it runs in my family. but i cannot help it, and i know anyone who has it cannot help it either. so do not go badmouthing kate because of her personality and the way she is. if you don’t like someone and their personality, then you have that right. but do not judge someone and call them an awful person because of what you THINK you know about them. that is just not right, and it’s just wrong. whether you hate them or you love them, you don’t KNOW them.

    and i did not put jodi’s sisters blog out there for everyone to just badmouth her. i put it just out there for information, not for you to rant on about how she is an awful person.

    and SURE, they complain about how hard it is to raise eight kids, BECAUSE IT IS. they know how lucky they are. they complain about life being tough, and the stress sometimes is unbearable. but at the end of the day, i think that that family knows how lucky they are. and they are not the only ones, we all have hardtimes and stress and etc, but at the end of the day, we are ALL thankful because we know it could be alot worse. they count their blessings, and sure they may complain and say things they do not mean, but it’s the stress getting to them. i think we’ve all been there, and done that, and said things we regret a day later because of stress. and just add eight kids to the mix, let’s see you not get stressed and say things.

    and they do not have three house cleaners. they have BEVERLY, who folds laundry. because she offered to. and karla puts it away for them. kate has mentioned how lucky she is to have them. watch a few episodes, jeff. you’ll see her say this.
    and then they have JENNY, the babysitter and helper who is now on the episodes. she is there because as the kid are getting older, they will need help. ever heard of a babysitter? alot of people are using them these days, jeff. with one kid or with eight.

    i just do not think people can badmouth people they do not know. you have never even spoken to kate gosselin before, and for some of the things said about her and her family is wrong. sure, she’s ocd and has no idea how to handle stress, but she’s doing her best and i think she’s gotten better with jon, as seen in recent episodes. meet her, spend a day with her, then come back here and tell us what you think. till then, lay off. and stop being rude.

  • To Jeff: I know how you feel. I was a big fan, and totally forgave Kate her little quirks. Then I read the Jodie blog and was infuriated. I vowed never to watch the show again and all that. Realistically, we don’t have the whole story, and never will. I got over my anger. Plus I really like the show lately. We’re all entitled to our opinions and the ability to change our minds. That’s why I love this blog. So if you’re mad at the Gosselins, so be it. You have every right to be. This isn’t just a goody two shoes blog, it’s everything.

  • Oh, and one more thing. All the help she got from friends and family, which wasn’t much, seems to be more last season. This year, ironically, since the Jodie thing, we don’t see to much of Nana Janet, or Beth, or anyone else for that matter, except the babysitter who goes along with the trips. Kate and Jon may infact have professional help now, since the huge popularity of the show. But, once again, we really don’t know the whole story.

  • I’m very talkative this morning for some reason, but to the point that they don’t show Maddy and Cara to much….let’s face it. I think the whole show is the sextuplets. They are adorable and fun to watch, plus there wouldn’t be a show without them.

  • lesley,
    i agree 100% that kate and jon have an extremely hard job taking care of 8 kids and i probably couldnt do it myself. i just want people 2 no ALL the stuff about the gosselins an not just about what they seeon tv. when i first saw this blog i was surprised about how many people actuallywhach the show. i just dont think people should be calling kate a superhero until they no that she has ALOT of help and alot of money, more then they would of ever had if they didnt get the show or even have the sextuplets.

    and i dont know kate but i doubt u do

  • jeff, i know. i wanted people to know about kate. which is why i posted jodi’s sister’s blog on here, for people to read it and read up about the gosselins, and how their life on the television is misleading, because they mave many skeletons in the closet, so it seems.

    and no jeff, i do NOT know kate gosselin personally, and i never called her a superhero. but when it comes to being a mother, and from what i’ve seen from the first hour specials when they did not even have money OR the fame they have now, she had her best intrest for her children at heart. and you could see this, because this was even before people knew their names.
    NOW, four years later, she would not buy organic beef, or she would not take her children to disney world and she wouldn’t do the things she does for her kids, if she did not care for her kids.
    i don’t know her as a person, but as a mom, she does a hell of a good job. and you yourself cannot even disagree with that.

    she’s ocd and she yells, and that is her as a person, but as a mom, i don’t think those kids could ask for anything better.
    and no, i do not agree with the 2million dollar. they DID look for properties, i already mentioned this. but unless you can find me the proof that says that tlc is building them a house, don’t believe it. at least i had proof about the disagreement between jodi and kate.

    i don’t agree with everything kate does, i don’t agree about what she did with jodi. i do not agree with how she cut off her parents, and i do not always agree with the way she treats jon. but YOURE right, i do not know her, and neither do you, so you have no right to say the things you do about her and her family either. it goes both ways, jeff.

  • Here’s my 2 cents- They’re not perfect, who is? But they are good parents. And the kids are really cute and seem happy and well adjusted and cared for. The property they looked at looked super expensive, so I would guess that they are profiting quite well from their show. And really what’s wrong with that? You wouldn’t expect them to put their lives on show for free.

  • i dont really have a problem with them going on trips and using the money for the kids (even though tlc pays for all that stuff). what really bothers me is that they’re treated as if they are the best parents in the world. i happen to know a family that have 8 kids and there not takin trips all the time. there are millions of families that have more children then the gosselins and are much more interesting then them, but their not getting a tv show anytime soon. now i no that the fact that they have 2 sets of multiples is pretty remarkable but there are plenty of people that could really use a show to show people around the world that they have a harder time making ends meet then the gosselins that continue to use there children for money. lets face it, thats exactly what there doing

  • People are obviously interested in them, and the show is probably a good draw for tlc- they’re making money and some of that is being passed on to the Gossleins. At this point the kids are little, it doesn’t seem like exploitation to me, but I would make this the last year for all this voyeurism if I were the parents. I understand that it looks unfair to all those families that struggle, to see the Gosliens being given so much, that house hunting thing was really in your face, but really that’s the way life is – not always fair and equal.

  • I Love the show :) The kids are cute ! Jon and Kate are normal people with real tempers and idiosycrasies.How would we act being filmed all the time? Are we always nice?

    As far as all the jealous haters ,really play nice lets not be jealous. If they take advantage of the perks of being famous its a good thing for them and their children.Listen they bring me joy,I watch their show with my girls and reminisce of when they were little.

    You can totaly tell they Love each other.They are devoted and real they are super funny my girls and I like their show very much.

    I hope they have all their dreams come true.

  • Jeff, you are a moron. And most of the people on here that analyze every little thing about the Gosslien’s are too. First of all they happened to be fortunate enough to land a T.V. show. Secondly, they deserve the money!!! Thirdly, if you know so many people with 8 kids or more then why dont you get a camcorder and record them? And let everybody judge them to then. I’m sure most of these people on here would enjoy that. It would just give them more families to judge and criticize. Like their all so perfect, LOL. Anyways get a life EVERYBODY!!!!! Except for all the ones that love Jon & Kate plus eight.

  • i agree with you amanda. and jeff, four years ago they would have never dreamed about having their own show. they just signed up for a one hour special, and that was going to be it. but apperently it got high ratings, so they signed on for one more, and which is how they got a television show. i know of other families like the duggars and they have sixteen children, but at the same time i would not watch them anyway. they seem so perfect, their long hair and long dresses, huge house and they never argue. ever. now THATS a show that really seems fake and just flat out annoying. i want to see real people, which is probably why i like the gosselins so much.

    kate has stated that she would want to be a fly on the wall in a household with this many multiples, and i think all of america would agree. which is why, now, they have a television show. they would’ve never imagined that they would have been this popular, or been this big of a hit.. but if you don’t like it, then thank america for that. because all the people tuning in and watching them are just helping out their ratings even more.

    and to your comment about the other families with eight children who do not have a tv show, well then i’m sorry. this is the way the cards were drawn, and the gosselins got the television show. that’s the way it is, and like amanda said, life’s not always fair.

  • Ladies-
    Don’t ever, ever wonder why men rule the world. As we stab away at each other’s backs with little poisoned cuticle scissors, men (a totally clueless species) pick up the scepter of primal, grunting leadership.

    This show is such a breathe of fresh air and I do believe a reality. THEY WORK ON THEIR ISSUES.

    What a bright lesson, on the importance of individual focused attention toward each child.

    I would bet zillions, none of THEIR kids will end up on Bret Michaels stripper pole, “Rock of Love 2003″….not even Mady.

    June Cleaver and Maggie Seaver, better entertainment? …..errrrr…………how good were they as examples of how families should be.

    I LOVE Jon & Kate and the eight.

  • That’s funny, though I’m not as hard on the male of the species as you are! It is funny though in J&K+8, even while it always looks like Kate dominates Jon, she always defers to him too- lots of “right, honeys?” and then she turns to him for affirmation. He never does this, just looks straight ahead. Anyway, I like the way each kid is seen as an individual too. But as to those predictions as to how they’ll turn out – kids always surprise you, never predict!

  • I found this blogging site, by googeling jon and kate gossip. Not jon and kate goody two shoes talk. Of course I am intriged by the show, but I don’t like it when you lover’s of them get mad at anyone else who doesn’t say only nice things. I’m glad it’s a mix. You lover’s are so nasty. Why don’t you just go on the Gosselins web sit? Glunez, or whatever the heck that name was left. Now you “What I think”, you’re getting mean. Would you guys just let everyone say their piece?

  • And Lesley, you’re right about that other family, the Duggars. They’re way too nice. Boring! They remind me of some cult, like Big Love. Jon and Kate are much more “real”.

  • I agree wit lesley and janet that the duggars are really boring…

    and i actually think mady cood end up on rock of love….

    however, im still really mad about the aunt jody thing its so cruel how kate treated her.

    hey lesley, honestly, what do you think about the aunt jody thing?

  • ah janet i know, that family is so perfect. or so it seems, it just makes me want to gag, no one is really like that. no family i know anyway. which is one reason why i love jon and kate, even with all their weird quirks

    and jeff, i do not agree with what kate did. i do like her and i love the show, but like i said.. you just do not turn on family like that. but money CAN make people do crazy things. and who really knows if this is the whole story, that was just jodi’s side. we don’t know kate’s, since the blog was written by jennifer, jodi’s sister. but what i DO know, which is what i read, i did not like and i do not agree with what kate did. who would? but at the same time, it’s just one side of the story and i doubt we will ever really know what happened. the blog makes kate out to be this awful person, and hey she might be, we don’t know her. but i DO know that jennifer would not make her sister out to look bad, she just made kate look awful. we do not know what jodi did, if she did anything at all. if she did, we’ll never know

  • Jeff: I know how you feel, if you read my blog’s a few back, I was disgusted with Kate for the Jodie thing. And if that whole thing is in fact totally true, that is horrible. Like I said, I wish I never new about this horrible slap in the face to Jodie. On the other hand, just maybe Jodi never had anything to do with them until they got on TV? And only offered to babysit then. See it’s a whole new story then. And you could see why Kate would object. Of course reading the other history about her, I doubt it, but since I don’t know for sure, I just can’t give up watching the family, especially the kids. I just put it out of my mind and enjoy the show.

  • I’m just throwing this out there as a possible defense of the J&K& Jodi thing – maybe in J&K’s minds having other people get paid seems too much like outsiders profiting from their kids. But if they (J&K) do, that’s okay because they might be setting aside money for the kids and after all they are THEIR kids, and in a certain way I can see the logic in this thinking. But really Jodi seemed so sweet and the whole thing does put J&K in a bad light in my mind.

  • amanda i see where youre coming from, see that’s what i mean.. we don’t know both sides of the story.. so who are we to say that kate is wrong and jodi is right, we don’t know. oh well, who cares about the blog.

    i just like to enjoy the show and watch the children grow. though is it just me, but am i the only one who thinks they are so small for four year olds?! they have footage of mady and cara at the age of four and they are speaking very clear, and they are much taller. i don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

  • I think the sextuplet’s are a little behind developmentally, but that’s probably normal, due to their low birth weight. I’m sure in a few year’s they’ll all catch up. They seem to be doing what three year olds are doing, not four.

  • i agree i can not understand a word the say. if it wasn’t for the captions i wouldn’t hear half the show. the kids should be in speech therapy and maybe even start a pre k program. even if its just a three year old pre k program.

  • i think u have a good point amanda.
    i don’t think any family would want people to make money off their children. however, i don’t think they’re totally focusing the money on their children, or at least right now. it says of their website that none of the kids have college funds set up…….

    and lesley, im not sure if their is anything that kate and/or jon can say that can really turn this story around. now i know i don’t know the whole story but what in the world could they say that would make people beleive them. i mean there isnt a real motive for why kate won’t let jodi make money for somthing that shes been doing for 2 years for free and its not like jodi is a complete stranger and has nothing to do with the family exept make money. jodie is family and she really loves the kids. and why would jodie sister lie about such a serious thing that everyone who waches this show could easily find out about

  • i did not say jennifer, jodi’s sister, is lying. i believe her story, but we do not know jon and kate’s side. and who knows if there is a real motive behind kate’s reasoning? we DONT know. and we all assume that jodi is this angel, because it’s what we see on tv. but we don’t know her.
    and we all think kate is this awful person, but it’s what we see on tv as well. they could be complete opposites of what we see on television, it can go both ways

    i just know, from what i read, is that i do not agree with what kate did. but then again, we don’t know the whole story and we don’t know THEM, so it’s really not our place to say anything. we’ll never know the whole story, just one side. and with that said, i’m done with the blog. what kate did is not right, but jodi may be at fault as well. we don’t know, so why make a big deal about it

    i just want to talk about the kids and the show, not about their problems that do not involve us

  • Why would they move away fromm family?? Who is going to help them out ?? In one of the shows, Kate mentioned she wanted to move to warmer weather. So much for family values etc !!

  • To Mjks, they don’t really have anything to do with family currently. If they do, they keep them well hidden. The friends aren’t around much anymore either. There seems to be nothing to keep them where they are, and Kate did say she dreads the winter’s being all cooped up and all. So why not move far away, and start anew.
    It will make for some great shows, especially if they have a big new house built.

  • If Kate is this controlling of the children at this young age, what on earth will she do when they are teens and they are rebel against her? She will totally freak out!

    It’s just a matter of time before Jon and Kate divorce. I think Jon needs to RUN LIKE HELL to get away from her! (And if the kids are lucky, he’ll take them along).

    There was one episode when none of the kids wanted to sit next to Kate.
    WONDER WHY?!? DUH!!!!

  • One more thought – why do Jon and Kate fight so much in front of the kids and say things to the children to hurt them. For example, when Mady is acting up (like mother, like daughter), Kate insists “Jon, get her out of here!” Jon doesn’t want to deal with her either. Kate always claims she loves her kids to death, so why does she “egg them on”?

    The day will come when Mady (and it is coming) will look her mother in the eye and say “I HATE YOU!” Kate always has excuses for Mady’s bad behavior, probably the same way she excuses her own bad behavior!

    I’m tired of so called “religious” people setting such a bad example for the world to see. How pathetic it makes “religious” people look. Kate, you aren’t a very good example of a “Godly woman”. You need therapy! (AND PRAYER!)

  • who knows if they are still friends with beth or not, they could be.. but keep in mind that the tv shows are about a month behind, and they have been on vacation lately. their friends are in pennsylvania why they are in south carolina, so they might still be friends with beth, who knows.

    and elyse, i think at times when the couple gets so stressed out, they say things they do not mean in a time of pressure and stress, i think all humans do it and say things they do not mean at times.. but it does not mean they hate each other, it just means their stressed

  • That’s really mean Elyse, even tho I agree with most of what yousay! I don’t see kate as worse than jon, he irratates me more. I don’t like their sanctimonious T shirts and I’m not a born again, I thinl they are, but if I was I wouldn’t want them as my figureheads. And the show is too much about all the free things they get. They had one where the parents went to banana republic for new wardrobes. The kids weren’t even in it. It’s all about jon and kate now, and I don’t like them much.

  • I don’t know that KAte favors the girls because she hugs them more, girls demand more physical attention. I know once my boys started crawling and walking they didn’t want to be held any more. Also some the girls may demand more of Kate’s time. Some children just demand more attention and therefore get it. Look at the twins Mady demands the attention, so she gets it.

  • Sorry, Lauren, I don’t mean to be mean. I just call it as I see it! It’s unfortunate that the show focuses so much on Jon and Kate fighting and Kate being rude and bossy. Maybe she is really a nice person, I have no idea. I just see results of very uptight kids – especially Mady. And the boys are afraid to get dirty. Jon seems afraid to confront his wife. When he does try, she always wins (such as the time he was trying to put the beds together and she insisted he quit for the kids could nap). That’s the one example. Often Kate sits in a chair and orders Jon to do this or that. It is bothersome to watch a couple so uptight, especially Kate. They seem to have lots of help with the chldren and lots of “freebees” too, not to mention the income from the TV show. Hopefully they are saving for college for the 8. Does Jon even work anymore or does he just do the TV show? I thought he worked for Beth’s husband, whatever that was. (Or used to). Anyone know? Hopefully the TV show won’t destroy the family…..which already seems to have lost their extended families (never see Kate’s parents). And the whole thing with Jodi seems strange. Kate freaked out about the gum, but does she bother to thank Jodi for ALL THAT FREE childcare? (Or does Jodi get paid for being on screen)?

    I pity that family when the kids hits teen years. GOOD LORD HELP JON!!

  • i know kate can act crazy and bossy, but i think she has really good points about her too.. and i think sometimes the producers edit the film they caught, and put most of it on the cutting room floor, and they really know how to bring out the worst in kate, and so do people. we all seem to focus on the negative side of kate, when there is much more, i think, that is good about her

    we don’t really know how she acts, just because of thirty minutes of airtime every week, and sometimes it’s all edited to make her look bad. i don’t know, i just know if people talked this way about me, and they didn’t know me, it just would not be fair. and it’s not to kate nor her family. i say just leave them alone.. espessially when you do not know them. of course i respect your opinion and you are entitled to it, but at times i just think some people are being judgemental, and that is one thing i cannot stand if it’s about me, or anyone else for that matter. it is just not right.

  • how in the world are the producers bringing out the worst in kate. do you think they told her to humiliate jon at toys r us. i think kates personality is a catch 22. her forceful ,strong “bitchy” personality allows her to be able to raise a large young family.

  • There are medications and behavior therapy that can release OCD sufferers from their torment. Of course, first you have to recognize it’s a problem and then take steps to deal with it.

    I’ve pulled out small tidbits and want to confirm them: the twin’s cribs/beds all had to be *matching*? What’s wrong with having furniture that’s not all the same? They’re not all the same (little) people.

    This is the kind of credit problem that is consuming America/ns. Very rarely do people own things outright any more, it’s all about having the newest, the best, the shiniest, the cleanest, the matching…in a vain effort to keep up with gigantic families that have corporate sponsorship.

    Are their outfits all matching, too? I saw my sister do this with her sons (one adopted, one ‘domestic’, who were seven months apart). The obsession came with keeping them as perfect dolls to be controlled instead of letting them have experiences that involved dirt and play.

    I’ll be sure to try to catch an episode or two, but I’m not sure I want to watch two adults snark at each other (and one, a PASTOR’s DAUGHTER, hit the other).

  • I agree with a couple of these commments:

    1.Kate’s domineering personality helps in keeping her large family under control (now) but like someone else mentioned, it won’t fly when the kids begin to rebel and think for themselves. And Maddy already does.

    2. Lesley is right, we really see a skewed Kate on a 30 min. show. Are you a Libra Lesley, you’re such a voice of reason :)

    3. The point Mander made, I absolutely agree! My kids wore T shirts and overalls and hand-me-downs and slept in 2nd hand cribs. And when they outgrew them they were handed down to friend’s kids. And I never worried about them getting dirty.

    I basically like Kate too and see she has a lot of good qualities, but she is way too controlling and uptight. (In my opinion)!

  • the producers do not make her yell and scream, but they edit ALOT of it and make sure it makes it on that weeks show. duuuuuuuuuuuuh

  • Is it true that TLC is finally dropping this show??? I heard that KON doesn’t even realize it yet…

  • idk if anyone knows or has ocd but it seems like kate doesn’t have any control over it. i mean has she ever acknowledged that she even hs ocd because i haven’t seen it before. i think she has to get help for the sake of the children and her marriage

  • Yes, Kate had OCD for sure! My sister is this way . . . everything has to be perfect. Kate even freaks out if the shoes are not right. Jen, the show’s producer, brings this out on occasion about how Kate has clothes/shoes issues.

    There is NO WAY she can keep up this way of life, especially as the kids get older and want to control their own lives. Kate will flip out when she no longer has control over her children…….God help them all!

  • my point is nobody can edit a show and make someone look that bad. imagine if kate did not give them any material to edit it, to make her look bad.

  • i agree with everything you say lesley but i noticed in one of the first episodes that kate has another daughter but she doesnt live with her…i remember she said that her daughter comes over sometimes and plays with the kids but not often or something like that..but idk if she has 8 kids living with her whats 1 more you know?

  • no thanks, megan. i like the amount i type just fine. there are other folks on here who type more than i do. thanks for the tip though. i may just have alot to say, more than others do

    and jennifer, i know what you are saying. i did not mean that it’s all fake and they make her act the way she does. but i mean like.. sometimes they drop probably some of the good points kate has, and only use the bad footage of her to make for good and dramatic, and intresting television. other shows do it, i don’t see why it would be any different that this one. so at times.. her yelling is brought out much more than i think it actually is. i actually think if her personality was THAT awful, as people say it is, jon would be gone, the show would be off the air, and everything as they know it is gone. but none of that has happened, YET, so obviously kate is doing something right.

    and irene, i have no idea about another daughter of kates? i do not believe that though. who knows

  • Stumbled across this website while googling. thought you all might be interested in seeing Jodi’s video on her sister’s blog that basically verifies what julie wrote as true. Google truth breeds hatred if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • In my opinion, they edit the show to make Kate look better! Can you imagine if they always portrayed Kate in the worst light? Kate would never allow that. Besides, if you put together all the bad stuff out there
    about her, I think she has personality traits we will never see.
    I just can’t imagine that Kate doesn’t have control over what we see.

  • i just saw the video on truth breeds hatred. i think its pretty unbelievable because it sound like kate really hurt jodie. i hope kate knows what she is doing. i think everyone is responsible for how they treat other people throughout thier lives and you can always take the high road and live a good life and be at peace when you pass on.

  • ok i LOOOOOOOOVE jon and kate plus 8! its the best! yes of course i watch it. i think the little kids r soooooooooooooo cute and the older girls r so whitty and helpful (most of the time) to all that hate the show and think its fake then get a life because guess what…….. it is real!!

    i hate to play favorites but i LOVE leah…. shes sooooooo cute. i love the episode where hannah pushes her and she says “we dont push!” if u want to know what im talking about then go on youtube and you type in jon and kate plus eight and then u can find it.

    so ya to all the haters out there GET A LIFE! if u dont like the show then dont watch it and dont blog about it. its redicuious.

    ill admit that kate dose have BAD OCD but i mean tones of ppl have it to so ya know she cant help it. she was just born that way.

    if u dont agree with me make a comment

  • hi jennifer. i was just wondering if the trouth breeds hatred is a video or a blog because i know that its a blog but i didnt know it was a video. otherwise i want to see it

  • I am very sad. I loved these little kids and still do but am left to believe once again that money changes people. Jodi is family to these kids and why would that not be more important than money. Priorities have certainly become clear. I guess it would be easy to buy organic when your show is making $250,00 per episode.

  • hey megan how about u get some of ur own thoughts and not rite the same thingover again twice!

    and people can change, not all people are born with it, some people develope it as they get older

    kate is really at fault here because she dosnt seem to be doing anythng about it and its really hurting her childrens lives

    and o ya, learn how to spell

  • They should leave the fucking community out of it and support those eight little crotch dumplings THEMSELVES considering they knowingly brought them into this world. Don’t have kids you can’t afford, numbskulls.

  • For the record, there’s another “lauren” on here.

    Lesley, are you a Libra? I am. Maybe that’s why I like to read your posts. You’re mostly in the “middle of the road.”

    And I don’t know WHAT to think of Jodi’s video. I think it’s really going to hit the fan now. I wonder how long it will out there before it gets yanked . . . . .

  • hey anonymous, just to let you know, theres two diffrent meghans. so withch one are you talking to, and what do u mean i take people’s idea’s.

  • excuse me megan? no, i am not a know it all. you do not know me, you’ve never seen me in person before nor do you know anything about me, don’t call me a know it all. grow up? yes i think so

    and ha lauren no i’m a taurus. but i do like to see two sides to everything. i love kate, but i don’t agree with some things she does. overall i think she’s a great mom, from what i see on camera. and at the same time, she can be incredibly controlling and bossy without even knowing it, and i also pull this from the show. but we all just have to realize that we all have flaws and none of us are perfect, and we all have things we need to work out. we do things subconciousley (don’t think i spelt that right) and eventually we realize them and decide to make a change. kate’s flaws, obviously, are control issues and etcc, but i don’t think those make her a bad person. maybe the money has gotten to their heads, money makes people do crazy things. and if the money has gone to their heads, then it’s unfortunate.

    but anyway, i still love the show! new episode tonight : )

  • idk she was on one of the 1st shows and she was a little older then the twins and she had like blonde hair but i have no idea lol

  • if it’s good to be a sagg then yes. ha but no i am taurus.

    and i know i look forward to these new episodes every week. despite all the negative things said about the family, i just always look past that and honestly monday nights are my favorite day of the week because i just love this show and i cannot wait to see the kids get older.

  • I thought I was MAD and the only one who thinks, “this chick is a serious BITCH!” I mean aren’t they in 2nd season now? I am surprised the show was renewed because sometimes it is downright offensive, def NOT family programming! The producers must LOVE that the show exploits the fact that these 2 have no problem looking like asses with their constant rude ass bickering, episode after episode. I tune in just for the fights and her condescending nastiness, but I bet these two end up in marriage counseling in season 3!

  • I thought last night’s show was a tad boring. Practically half the show was devoted to that one meal! Loved the fireworks at the end.
    To Jennifer, yes Kate seems better to me. A bit nicer, more fun, etc.
    And Lesley: Yes, it’s good to be a Sagg. At least the ones I know are always fair, and write well.

  • how cann i watch the jodi video?

    oh and iiirene i think the person your thinking about is actully jodi’s doughter. she has blonde hair, is older then the girls, and slept over there house one time. it was thhe girls birthday “party.”

    i also loved the episode last night!

  • Didn’t Kate have a glass of wine in last night’s episode? Maybe that’s why she seemed more relaxed.

    And, no, I’m not saying she’s a lush or an alcoholic. LOL

    With so many people on the internet saying she needs medication though, maybe she’s using Chardonnay.

    I just read a blog that blew my mind. I don’t want to sound naive but I could swear that Jon was posting on it and he was furious. When I first began reading the posts, I was suspicious, but later on down the thread, there were the infamous pronoun slip ups. I don’t know if I’m allowed to post the link here. If someone tells me it’s okay, I’ll post it here. (If anyone is even interested). But it sure seemed like (if it was Jon) he was extremely upset and stressed.

  • I haven’t watched this season, I can totally believe the Aunt Jodi blog stuff. I can’t take how much of a bitch Kate is…same way I couldn’t watch Everyone Loves Raymond… If I wanted to listen to the wife bitch at the husband all day, I’d talk to my wife more :)

  • i do and i love to watch it every night even thought i am a young girl and they are my role models

  • Melissa? Oh my, dear. Please don’t think it’s okay to belittle and demean your husband, should you marry someday.

    There’s so much wrong with Jon and Kate being role models. . . . I get that they’re entertaining, but to think that young minds are actually modeling themselves after them, it’s just scary.

    I know they’re probably doing the best they can, but there are so many other better role models. They may not be famous, but go to the library, or do a search online of great mothers and fathers.

  • i read that other blog that lauren was talking about and the momsagainsgwop’s person does sound like kate but some of the stuff she said doesnt sound like her at the same time. but i couldnt find the other person that you think is jon.

  • Meghan, it’s MomsAgainstGWoP; should be about the middle of the page and you can look from there. It really does sound like Jon, IMO. The other sounds like Kate, too, but they were up awfully late if it was them.

  • i doubt that was them.. who knows what they sound like over the computer. anyone can add a few exclimation points to a sentence. and i think they are too busy to comment about themselves on a blog, i know if i had eight kids there’s no way i could be on a blog, commenting about my life? that just makes no sense to me lol

  • OH and in this months us weekly, it has a picture of J&K renewing their vows, and all the kids are in the picture. in hawaii. kate mentions that she wants to do this during the ski trip in utah.. and obviously she meant it!

    so i guess that shows all of you that thinks their marriage is a joke and won’t last, as of right now.. clearly they are going strong
    couldn’t be happier for them!

  • I can’t even pretend to know what their marriage is really like. We only see what they show us on television. Renewal of vows should be a private and sacred affair and I’m really disappointed that they’re airing it on television. It will only bring their worst critics out.

    I think it was a big mistake to do that. I would have more respect if they’d done it as a private family. This just makes it seem like they want to prove something to people. It’s like they’re just doing it for show.

  • lesley,
    i bet ur a real nerb about jon and kate plus eight, do u do anything else besides fantasize over a family that hal many problems, whatever

    im just putting this out there that kate really is a terrible mom. shes not letting her kids have a real childhood just because she wants to make things less messy. ITS INSANE. kate if your reading this, go calm down with some whine or somthing because your just terrible

  • BTW, the link I posted with MomsAgainstGWop and iluvjon&kate posts? The posts of those two particular posters have all been REMOVED.

    I think I believe that it was Jon and Kate posting. They seem to go off and then think better of it and have it removed. Like their signs in the yard, their website messages, etc.

  • um i said there was a picture in us weekly, not a television episode about it? but okay then?

    and jeff um yes i have a life, thanks. you can’t sit there and say i don’t have a life because i post on here when you do the exact same thing.

    LISTEN. i think anyone calling kate a terrible mom is out of their mind, i think anyone calling her a terrible person is out of their mind as well. YOU DONT KNOW HER, could you people be any more judgemental?! could you all have any more rotten character? you don’t judge people, its not right!! most people on here disgust me, do you have anything better to do with your time than post stupid bullitens about a family who is trying their best to raise eight children, all about the same age, who probably won’t even read this anyway? most of you are judgemental, and it’s not right. you wouldn’t want someone calling you a terrible mom when they don’t even know you, you’d be hurt and most of all you’d probably be appalled.

    you can have opinions, i don’t care. but don’t go around calling someone a terrible person because they have mess issues, or ocd issues, or control issues. ITS NOT YOUR BUISNESS.

    and jeff, how about i call you a dumbass and a moron and ignorant for not knowing which you’re to use?! it’s not your terrible, it’s you’re terrible, as in YOU ARE! but i’m not going to call you an idiot, because chances are you’re not, BECAUSE I DON”T KNOW YOU, JUST LIKE YOU ALL DO NOT KNOW KATE. where do you come off calling someone an awful person when you have never even said TWO WORDS to the person?! you see her on television, and she may seem like an awful person, but i think she has good intensions. and before any of you can call her a bad mom, YOU DONT KNOW HER LOVE FOR HER KIDS, YOU ARE NOT ONE OF HER CHILDREN. and you never WILL know her love for those kids, because a) you do not live with them, you do not spend every waking second with this family. and b) you are not one of those children, and they know their love for their mom and vise versa, they know she loves them.

    lay off, get a life and find something better to do with your time instead of bad mouthing a family when you couldn’t even do half the things kate does. try having six kids at one time and raising all of them to be half decent people, but till then, you don’t know what that family goes through unless you HAVE eight multiples.

    and half of you are adults, don’t you all have jobs and families of your OWN to be attending to?! that is what i call lame

  • From an adult, who has raised a family, who has had a successful career, in teaching, who has way to much of a life. Jon and Kate is my little escape.
    I found a blog because no one else I know watches. Just had to gossip about them. It’s amazing to me the passion both for and against the family.
    Jeff, you obviously hurt Lesley’s feelings. She has always tried to be fair. And her main point: No one really knows the family, is very true.
    I just like to read how mad everyone gets when opinions don’t match.
    As far as I’m concerned, ( I know, no one else really cares). Jon and Kate have hit the jackpot. They’re rich from this and I can hardly wait to see where this all leads to. I still love the children, and enjoy watching them. I do think they’re good parents, and of course they love those kids. Do I think Kate has been very selfish and mean to her parents, siblings, and friends? Without a doubt, yes.

  • Um, “Lesley”…. YOU DONT KNOW US, could YOU be any more judgemental?! Could YOU have any more of a rotten character? ***you don’t judge people, its not right!! *** Since most people on here disgust you, don’t YOU have anything better to do with your time than post stupid bulletins about a family YOU don’t know? Where do YOU come off calling someone a GOOD person when you have never even said TWO WORDS to the person?! You see her on television, and she may seem like a good person, but what if she has bad intentions? and before you can call her a GOOD mom, YOU DONT KNOW HER LOVE FOR HER KIDS, YOU ARE NOT ONE OF HER CHILDREN. and you never WILL know her love for those kids, because a) YOU do not live with them, YOU do not spend every waking second with this family. and b) YOU are not one of those children, and you don’t know their love for their mom and vise versa, or WHETHER OR NOT they know she loves them.
    and you are (presumably) an adult, don’t you have a job and family of your OWN to be attending to?! that is what i call lame

    P.S. I agree ***”you don’t judge people, it’s not right”*** but my evil alterego just HAD to point out the hypocrisy in your post. I also agree that NONE OF US REALLY KNOW THE FAMILY, but they open themselves up to praise AND criticism by putting their family on public display the way they are. PEACE.

  • ok lesley, you say that ppl shouldnt judge kate because they’ve never said two words to them……….. but guess what! you say shes a great mom when really YOU HAVE’NT SAID TWO WRODS TO THEM. dont you think your being kinda hipacritical

  • um duh their open to be judged, but you don’t call someone an awful person, no one is awful. people makes mistakes and people screw up, but that does not make them awful, and that does not make someone a bad mom.

    and at least i’m posting POSITIVE things about the family, and trying to keep the peace on this blog. and even if none of you agree with me, which i’m not asking you to, you don’t have to be RUDE. and i am not being a hypocrite, i am simply stating the way i view it. i don’t care if you say you hate the family, kate bugs you, and jon’s a wimp. kate can bug me too, sometimes i just want to toughen jon up, but i’m not RUDE about it and i do not call them awful people, because NO ONE IS AWFUL, whether you know them or not. they may not be good and you may not like them, but you don’t have to be a bitch. because you all are calling kate a bitch, but look at yourselves.. ?

    now thats being a hypocrite

  • I watch and re-watch Jon and Kate + Eight. I love the whole family.

    I won’t call Kate a “bitch” because I hold that team for purely ugly people. She is however a “Twisted Sister”. I don’t envy her position in life. I would have commited suicide years ago if in her place.

    My biggest stumbling point about the show is Mady. Sure, she has her issues but it’s when you consider the whole family she can singling bring them to their knees.

    Funny Face
    Still getting used to this website!@#?

  • Lesley, I’m genuinely sorry that you feel the need to take all of this so personally. If you go back and take the time to read my post, I NEVER called anyone anything. I never said Kate was “awful” nor did I call her a b****. I don”t even use that word- I find it offensive. I merely copied and pasted your unkind comments and switched the words to point out to you that YOU say the same things about others that you are upset at others for saying about the Gosselins. (?) That is, by definition, hypocritical. I do not like to trash ANYONE. I try not to say anything at all if I can’t say something nice. The funny thing is, you have no earthly idea what I feel one way or the other about that family. As I stated earlier- in agreement with you- NONE OF US REALLY KNOW THE FAMILY and -even if we did- it is not our place to judge. That was my FIRST post concerning this topic so I’m not sure where you pulled all those vicious comments from, but it wasn’t from anything I’ve posted.
    And yes, you are saying positive things about the family. But calling someone a b**** is considered “rude” and is not usually considered to be “keeping the peace”.
    I imagine you will comment again, but I am finished with this topic. If you can’t understand what I am saying at this point, more words won’t change that.
    Peace and out.

    Just for the record, ironically enough, I don’t even watch the show. I have four kids of my own and they are entertaining enough for me!

  • kitten, i guess is your name, that post was mainly typed toward jeff and anyone else who is low enough to call kate ugly names, and judge the family. i wasn’t even really speaking to you, just to anyone who is rude enough to say those nasty things about the family.

    i don’t care if you like them or not, and i could care less if you loved them, or if you don’t even watch the show, i just hate seeing people put down when they don’t even know one another. whether it’s jon or kate or any friend of mine that i know personally.. i just think it’s morally wrong and most people are better than that, and they don’t need to steep so low to make themselves feel better by calling kate gosselin rude things. we couldn’t do half of what she does.. which maybe is why i respect her as a mother so much. maybe it’s why i get so defensive, my mother is nothing like kate. she let’s me do whatever i want, and she is rarely home, and never spends time with my sister and i, and always relys on frozen dinners.

    kate gosselin is the exact opposite, or so it seems, and that’s probably why i’m just drawn to her and the show, she seems like a great mom, she feeds her kids organically and she may yell alot, but i truely do believe she has her kids best intrest at heart, which is the opposite of my mom, and so that’s probably why i like kate so much, even if she’s made mistakes.. she’s a good mom, and i think those kids are blessed, because when they’re older, theyre going to respect their mom for what she’s done, and they will be thankful for a mom like her, and i just wish i could say the same, and i’ll never be able to.. but i know when i grow up and have children, i’ll give them a great mom, partly because i’ve learned what not to do from my mom, but i do know what to do based on kate. i probably won’t be as high strung and i’ll let my kids make messes.. but i think it’s safe to say that kate gosselin is a good mom, and her personality may not rank so high with others.. but i respect her as a mother, and honestly i’ve learned from her and the show. it’s made me want kids, and made me want to be a good mother when i grow up.

  • lesley, you say your stating it the way you view it, but what if someone views her as a bad mom, then you cant say thats mean or rude because thats there oponion

  • u keep forgetting
    everyone has the right to think whatever they want about this family and if you don’t like it go bug some other people on a different blog
    this blog is not for people that only like the show, its for all people that have watched the show and want to state their opinions about the show/family.
    so lesley, if you don’t what people are saying about this family, well your wrong because thats what a blog is all about, people stating their opinions and you can’t call us wrong just because we don’t personally know the famly.
    so go to another blog because your not wanted here

  • actually i like lesley on this blog. i always seem to want to read what she has to say. in some ways she is the voice of reason. kate has many faults but also many good attributes that help her raise her family. so lesley choses to see all her good attributes.
    nobody can kick any one else off this blog.

  • okay jeff, learn to read AND spell, because i CLEARLY stated that i do not care if you don’t like the family, i don’t care if you don’t like kate or if you think jon’s wimpy, because it’s your own opinion. i like the family, that’s my opinion. you don’t like kate, that’s yours. big deal

    but my problem is, some people do not need to be RUDE. most people on here say horrible things about the family and kate, you’re entitled to whatever you feel, but there’s a line and most of you cross it. there’s no need for people being rude, and calling kate awful things. it’s just wrong.

    so before you try and prove me wrong, jeff and megan, get your facts straight. because your last attempt, just failed. read what i say, then comment back on here, but till then.. learn to read what i say and comprehend it correctly.

  • Lesley,
    If Jeff promises to spell properly, will you capitalize the words at the beginning of sentences and the word “I”? Will you end sentences with periods and put conjunctions in your writing?

  • i do use conjunctions, and um well my caps lock button is not on my keyboard.. maybe that’s why i can’t capitilize things, if i want to i have to use the shift key. and i’m sorry but i don’t feel like wasting time on capitlizing every word that’s needed. thanks though

    and btw, i DO use periods.. and commas, read over my posts again.. you’ll see it, don’t call yourself a grammar shark if you’re going to correct me when nothing is wrong.

  • Lesley, im not trying to be rude, but i just wanted to set the facts straight. You say that people are intitled to there own oponion but you have said that if people think shes a bad mom then they dont know anything, and if they dont like the family then there crazy. And let me just say that i know you didnt write that exackly but i was said like that in some way

  • I am obsessed with this showlol my boyfriend thinks its really funny that i watch it reigiously,im only 21 but its like my favorite thing to watch!!! i completely agree that kate treats john like crap,and the poor guy is stuck,i mean could you imagine how much child support he would have to pay if he left her?! I feel so bad for him….Ahhhh i cant get enough,oh and can i just say(and i know this sounds bad)but cara and maddy are terrible kids!!! there just always crying and yelling about something.

  • well megan i’m sorry if it came across that way, that is not what i meant. i’ve stated many, many times that i do NOT CARE if you do not like kate, if you think she’s annoying.. bossy, and what not. sometimes i get that vibe from her as well. that’s not what i’m saying, it IS your opinion and if you don’t like someone, then that’s fine.

    but as i said earlier, most of you on here are RUDE. you can not like someone, but you don’t have to be disrespectful or rude about it. you can go about saying you don’t like the show or kate gosselin, but you can do this without talking complete trash about a person. you may not agree with the way she runs her household, but that’s all you have to say. you don’t need to go into detail about how you may think she’s an awful person and she’s a terrible mom and her children need therapy and they hate her, because honestly, that’s just rude.

    you can have your opinions, first amendment you guys. but there’s a difference in voicing your opinions, or just being a jerk. and i think some of you need to learn that. i’m fifteen, and i know it. most of you are adults, why can’t you just see that also?

  • thank you lesley. And let me say that i love the family but i just wanted to clarify all the stuff your saying

  • it’s fine, it’s not a big deal if you do not like them or if you love them. i’m just tired of rude people who have no reason to say some of the things that are said

  • i know i loved aunt jodi, she sort of got on my nerves at times though.. that high pitched voice. ah

  • I had to stop watching the show. Many of you have touched upon how uptight Mady gets when things are not done precisely the way she wants, who does that sound like? I feel bad that the children have no contact with the extended family. Does anyone know why they do not see their grandparents or their aunts and uncles? What happened to Beth? Is she still welcomed in their house to provide help with the children? Sometimes people have the taste of fame and money and forget what is really important, the people who were there from the very beginning! Kate has made me a better mom. I have tried my best to allow my kids to be kids and have fun, get dirty, and laugh! She commented about the kids clothes and laundry, seems like her children are dressed pretty well (Gymboree and Gap). Do they pay for the kids clothes, or do they receive them free? I have friends who have 5 or 6 kids, they work full-time, have their children involved in activities, and no one gives them all this free stuff and help. Yet somehow, they seem to make it work and their kids are so grateful for what they have. My girlfriend is my hero and she should be someone who talks about racing a large family. Maybe that is because she surrounds her children with extended family and many loving friends. Kate should reflect back to her religious beliefs and learn to be thankful, kind and patient! When all is said and done, is the money from the show truly going to bring you happiness when you have isolated yourself from any friends or family you had in your life?

  • I have to agree with Theresa on a lot of issues. I am a Mom myself, and one of the things my now grown up son talks about is all the great times with family and our friends that were always around while he was little. Never the money, or lack of money. But the good times with friends and family. Seems like the only family the Gosselin children will remember is the TV crew. And just think, they’re all paid to be there.
    From what I heard Kate’s family is estranged from her now. Hopefully they will make up in the future. She has siblings, and at the moment I think they’re on the outs too. I don’t know about the friends. Maybe we don’t see any of them anymore due to the “being paid” issue. It’s not just hearsay when I say these things. I live not to far from the Gosselins.

  • i agree with theresa and janet, hopefully kate will realize family is more important than anything, even money, and she’ll wake up one day and apologize to everyone she’s hurt.

    but with the aunt jodi thing, i do not agree with what kate did, not at all. from what i read, i think it’s horrible. but at the same time.. it makes me question aunt jodi’s character, along with her sister. i do not see why they need to make a website and video about what’s going on in their personal lives.. and make kate out to be this witch. i don’t see why if they think kate’s the only bad guy.. why can’t they just step away from the situation, and be the bigger person? but instead they insist on making kate look bad, when i think it makes them look even worse.

    if they were really as great as everyone says they are, they would not have gone to the internet and made a website and blog, because personally i think that’s low.. if they want to be the bigger and better person that everyone thinks they are, they wouldn’t keep posting and keep trying to make kate look so bad. they would just keep it within in the family, not take it to the internet for the world to see. if you want to be the bigger person, you don’t fight back and you don’t make nasty comments, and it’s not your goal to make the world like you. like jodi and her sister are doing.

  • I’m sure it was Jodie’s sister who started the ball rolling on that. And you know, when someone you love is faulted and hurt, she probably only thought of her sister’s feelings, and wanted the world to know. I agree with you, Lesley, that they should have left it alone. Jodie, probably then stepped up, to validate her sister’s claims. It is an ugly situation, and I really wish I didn’t know about it. It sort of put a damper on the show.
    I’m still watching though, because I still do really love seeing the kids.
    I really hope this whole thing has a happy ending for everyone.

  • yes it was definatly her sister who started truth breeds hatred.. but then jodi got involved and made a video? personally i just thought that was uncalled for and showed poor character

    but yeah hopefully all this turns out well for kate and for the sake of the children. i’d hate growing up and opening the internet and finding thousands upon thousands of people putting down my own mom. hopefully by the time they learn how to use a computer, the jon and kate craze will be over

  • ALL of u guys are going soft on this family.
    They still have done quite a lot of bad stuff that a normal family just doesn’t do.

    and lesley, once again you don’t understand us.
    its ok that you don’t care that what we say, but this whole rude thing and crossing a line, that can’t really happen on a blog simply because, ITS A BLOG. so just forget about us saying stuff that don’t exactly fit what you think about the family. just remember, THIS IS A BLOG and there is no line.
    even if we don’t know the family we can still say whatever we want about the family and so you can just stop being such a b**** about it.
    so just stop talking bout what you think is rude and just stand with your own opinions

  • i just can’t believe some of the comments about mady (sp) she is a child for pete sakes!!!

    I think Kate has full blown OCD and deals with it as best she can- if she were medicated she would NOT be able to be a good mommy to those kids! I know, i have OCD and when i was on meds it totally messed me up! ( OCD by the way causes anxiety…Kate has me….Google OCD and you will see why she is like that!)

    I think they do a great job- are they perfect? NO- Do they get a little excited about the money? wouldn’t YOU with 8 kids? HELLO!!!

    I wouldn’t watch the show if they were perfect like the Duggers- it freaks me out how those kids act!-

    Just leave the kids call a kid a bitch is terrible.

  • I love Jon and Kate, I watch them everyday when I walk on the treadmill those two miles fly by. My husband can usually hear me roaring laughing from the other room. I think both parents do a fantastic job, and those who judge them, should have to wear their shoes for few days and your tune would change. I love the way Kate bashes Jon, and how easy going Jon is. But in any working relationship you have to have one aggresive personality and one passive personality, they just CLICK!!!

  • Kate is far from being a saint as is Jon, but Jon puts up with a lot of embarassing things she does to him…She seems to have to be right all the time, correcting his grammar is a big turn off and petty. Yelling at him in the toy store one time was so bad! She’s a snot. OCD for sure and I think she knows it.

    Maddy is a naughty kid and shouldn’t be filmed doing some of the crap she does…One of the 6 boys is odd as is one of the little girls…Snotty ma, snotty kids.

  • okay jeff, please do not call be a bitch. i have done nothing rude to you, except state my opinion. and apperently you cannot handle someone else’s opinion either, just like you say i can’t.

    and jeff, you do not understand what i’m saying either. i don’t care if you think kate’s a bad mom or the family is annoying. it’s your opinion and like i’ve stated one million times before, i respect your opinion and i would like to hear what you have to say, whether it be negative or positive. i value what you all say, and it gives me more insight on the family, and other people’s views. so before you say i cannot handle other opinions, that is the farthest from the truth, so let’s just clear that up and drop that right here and now, because that’s completely ridiculous and i do not know what would even give you the idea to say that.

    but as i’ve said fifty times, there’s a difference in voicing yourself and your opinions, good or bad, either one is fine by me.. but you do not have to be rude about it. it CAN happen on a blog jeff, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a blog talking about the family, or with your friends talking about them. there’s a little something called respect and not being judgemental, and i think you need to learn both of them. i don’t know how you were raised, but i can just say that i’ve learned how to treat others, espessially ones you don’t know, and i was taught this at a very young age. you’ve heard the saying you don’t know someone until you walk in their shoes, and jeff, i think that fits you and your rudeness about kate gosselin perfectly. you can think the show is annoying, the family is spoiled and whatever else.. but when you start using foul language to describe the family and MYSELF as you did in your last post, and talking bad about four year olds for goodness sakes, that is most definatly crossing the line.

    call me over dramatic and a bitch, but i’ll just call you judgemental and disrespectful. personally i’d rather be over dramatic but respect others, than say rude things like you do

    i’m done fighting with you jeff, i’d rather talk about the positive things about the family and the episodes with other people, because there is no sense trying to get you to see both sides and stop being so ignorant and realize that there are two sides and opinions to everything, like i try to do with every situation

  • Yes, my wife loves this show.

    I’ve seen a few episodes, and all I have to say is if I was John, I would have had the first reality show divorce. There’s no way she’d talk to me like that. I’d leave her ass with those kids.

    Then I’d have a new show called “John on the run…”

  • im done fighting to but one last thing, i never personally attacked the children i mean come on ther four years old i don’t think anyone on this blog would do that.

    and can’t stand kate, what about “jon + wong = wrong haha that would be funny

  • Any thought’s on last’s night show? I thought it was kind of boring. It was nice for Jon and Kate, for sure, but don’t think the topic was TV show worthy. The children are a little young to appreciate what everyone went through. I’m just wishing now they would stay home for an episode and looks like next week they will, camping in the back yard.
    Maddy was certainly out of sorts for this show as well.

  • yeah last night’s show bored me. while i love to watch this show and look forward to it every monday night, this one wasn’t one of their bests. at times i liked it though, like when kate started crying. is it just me or has she seriously gotten ALOT better? personality wise. i really do think she’s come a long way with her temper, and her control issues. jon did most of the yelling in last night’s episode.

    but i must say i did love the part when kate tells aaden the last time you were in this house, you were this big. and he says oh, and does this little dance. it is just adorable, i cracked up haha

  • the ONLY reason jon hasn’t left kate is because the child support for 8 kids would sting him in the asshole.

  • I have watched Jon and Kate marathons and the new shows on Monday nights.The kids are adorable.The think that Jon and Kate have taken on more then they can handle.But I still congraulate them on trying.If it wasn’t for t.v they would probably have a totally different life and Kate would still be working full time.I do give them both credit.I hope Kates sister Jodi forgives her. Jodi has done alot for Kate and Jon.Yes when she let the kids have gum that was not good but other than that she is a great aunt.

  • lesley, stop kidding your self, you have said that people’s oponion’s are bad and rude and they have no reason to be saying that stuff so stop saying you dont because geuss what YOU DO! and go ahead write back to me on how im wrong but even jeff will agree with me, you have said that stuff before

  • oh and lesley, dont be saying that jeff was raised bad, and that he’s rude. because trust me he wasnt and hes not rude at all but a really nice person. he’s just getting frustrated with you and i’ll tell you straight on that i am to

  • okay megan i said i didn’t know how jeff was raised, that not he was raised poorly. but hahha okay it’s cool, clearly i cannot get through to either of you two, and it seems like everyone else has understood what i’m saying except for you and jeff, and it’s annoying, and i’m through with the two of you.

    please do not reply to my post, megan or jeff, i will read but i will not respond, because i’m tired of being childish with you two. i’m ready for real conversation and i’m tired of reexplaining myself to people who are too ignorant to understand it

    so if someone wants to talk about last night’s episode or anything else about the kids or family, it’s fine with me and i’ll be happy to participate, because frankly that’s why i’m on this blog in the first place. not to argue

  • So what did anyone on here think of last nights episode? I was bored, and thought the whole show devoted to that was a tad self-centered. I mean, I get the “Labor Day” thing and all, but still…boring!

  • i don’t think it was self centered, but i get what you’re saying. i think they just did it to show viewers exactly what her labor was like, because i bet that was another unanswered question people had, i know i did. but i think it meant more to them, than it did to us just because their not our kids and we didn’t spend ten weeks in a hospital haha

    but next weeks episode looks fun, i hope it’s an hour again. i love those hour long ones!

  • hey there..i absloutely loveee jon and kate us 20 and find this show all around really good..i do disagree with a lot of things that happen ont he show and sometimes do get a little the “labor day” show but most of them keep me very entertatined..i dont relaly know what all of you haev been talking about but how it goin?

  • I love to watch this show, but it does seems a little fake, knowing that they get so many freebies and that they dont struggle so much about money as any real non reality tv family would.
    my favorite kid is leah, she is so cute … and aiden is adorable
    the one a absolutely dislike is maddy, i think that little girls has real issues and she needs help, rather than being used to be on tv

  • At first maybe the parents really did need help, but now I don’t buy it. It’s like the parents are using their kids to get free things. It’s kind of sick.

  • obviously they really needed help, drop six babies on a family, you’ll ask for help. it’s clear. but now i do not think they need help, as you said tina. but i don’t see how they’re getting it. sure, the show brings in lots of cash, and that’s just a really easy way to get money for them. it’s not like they told tlc they wanted a show, and use their kids to get money. but that’s just how it happened, and to some people, it could look like their using the kids for cash

    but i don’t see it like that. there are plenty of other children on reality shows, look at run’s house on mtv with rev run off of run dmc.. his kids are on the show. constantly. denise richards, that really annoying actress, has her kids on her show. so i do not think it’s just jon and kate with kids on a reality show. and frankly, i think jon and kate’s purpose for having a show is much more fullfulling than anything you can find on run’s house or mtv. it’s wholesome.

  • I also think it’s time for the J&K+8 family to call it a day and get off TV. It is starting to look like exploitation at this point. I agree, Lesley, that other shows do it too, but personally I think it’s all a little sick. In my opinion it’s just not very healthy psychologically for the kids to be followed around and filmed all the time.

  • sure nancy. Jodi wanted money for letting the crew come into her home and filming her family and kate said no, no one gets money off this family exceot us and jodi told kate then she doesnt want to be on the show any more so im guessing that means that jodi doesnt even help the family any more. so there you go, now your all cought up

  • yeah amanda i don’t think it’s good for the kids either. but i do know that they do have time off, because the episodes are about two months behind.. but yeah, if i were a child, i wouldn’t want cameras around me all the time. it’s sort of like paperazzi and celebrities, how celebrities hate the camera’s all the time. i guess the kids sometimes feel like that. though that is their normal, and it’s all they know

  • Did anyone on here ever see The Truman Show, with Jim Carrey. Kind of reminds me of Jon and Kate, except they can hide, and stop it when they want.
    Truman was filmed from a baby, and never even realized it.
    Wow, is life imitating art or what.
    It’s very creepy if you really think about it.

  • The Truman Show is a good comparison, Janet and like Lesley said, being followed with a camera is the kids’ normal. But now that they’re older they need their privacy. When they start to make outside friends, the show, and having all their issues aired on TV, will set them up for ridicule. I feel bad that Mady has had some awful moments ( that should be private) aired. Even though I liked the show those “Mady moments” made me squirm. They have a right – or should have – to privacy and a normal childhood. I’d miss seeing the kids, they’re awfully cute, but I’d hate to see this show adversely affect them, and I think that could happen.

  • yeah since their older, as much as i hate to say it, i think it will be eventually time for them to go off the air. if they did go off the air, i’m sure they would have another one hour special later on in their lives, to show viewers how they’ve gotten older, ya know?

    but i think mady is unhappy with the show, and i think cara is as well, i just do not think cara shows her feelings like mady does. i think the kids, still, are too young to understand exactly what’s going on with the show and such, but yes once they get to an age where the show could effect them.. who knows what willl happen

  • When I was pregant with my third and last I was more stressed out than ever! I had depression with him and thought I was going to lose my mind. My first had a birth defect that is why I only had three. The doctors said that if I had another it would have the same. I wanted six. I find it amazing the relationship John and Kate have. I feel when she yells it is only stress and they do have their differences but through love they work it out. All their children are so well behaved and all are loved equally. My youngest two love the show and are facinated by them all. I have love slaps I give my husband and vice versa! If people cannot understand that then it is their loss. I love you guys! All of you and look forward to new things everyday.

  • no idea, i don’t watch little people big world. i know the dad got a dui and they might possibly not come back with a season because of that, i don’t know.. but they’re on everyday at 10:30, reruns of course though

  • Why are these people such stars? My mother-in-law raised 14 children in a 4 bedroom house in Northern Ireland during the 1970’s, (for those who don’t know this era is known as “the troubles”)her husband died when his youngest child was 2, oh & she didn’t have running water or electricity until 1975, why doesn’t TLC make a show about people like her?

  • Why are these people such stars? My mother-in-law raised 14 children in a 4 bedroom house in Northern Ireland during the 1970’s, (for those who don’t know this era is known as “the troubles”)her husband died when his youngest child was 2, oh & she didn’t have running water or electricity until 1975, why doesn’t TLC make a show about people like her? Anyone can do what jon&kate did with a little help from medical science.

  • I love this show it is the best show in the world!!!!!!!!! Leah ,adean,and cara are my favorites i hope they do this show forever!!!!!!

  • laura, sometimes i just think it’s the way it works out. the show obviously was in the cards for them, and it just happened. of course they weren’t expecting a show, just an hour special. but people responded so well to them, they got a show. and too late to stop now, because they are the biggest hit on tlc. they were the first couple in america to have two sets of sextuplets. of course there are people with many more kids, who are not as well off as the gosselins, like the duggars, people like your mother in law, but this just happened to jon and kate, and that’s the way it happened

  • It’s true, Jon & Kate just clicked with viewers, and now there are so many attached to seeing the children. The right place at the right time, so to speak. They are very lucky indeed.

  • Thought the camping show was cute, although I wonder what all that camping stuff cost? They all seemed to really enjoy it, and it was nice to see that. Can’t wait until next week and the surprise for Kate. Did I see that right?

  • i loved the camping episode, i just wished it would have been an hour. i love the hour long ones. oh and afterwards, did anyone happen to catch the cutting room floor episode? that was only my second time to see it, it’s NEVER on, i was really happy to see it. it has never before seen footage that i haven’t seen in almost a year because tlc never airs it.

    and ya next week there will be a suprise, i’m excited too :)

  • I totally missed the “cutting room floor episode”. Darn. What was that about? I really love the hour long episodes too.

  • the cutting room floor episode is just clips of things that have never made it into an episode, all compiled into an hour episode

    they have clips of their very first haircut when they were babies, their first disasterous beach trip that they talked about in their most recent beach episode.. kate being pregnant, acting casting calls for the twins.. just a bunch of clips. it’s pretty intresting

  • I actually disagree with your comments. Sure if you look at the clips, it would seem like Kate is a bit OCD (and maybe she is) and bitchy, but at the same time, she’s tough, strong, and reliable. I think she’s a wonderful person and a perfect mother to raise a bunch of toddlers all at the same time. There are times when it seems like Jon filters out her nagging, but I think he really does respect what she does.

  • Hey Kate Is A Good Loving And Awesome Mom Im sorry 2 all of you that disagree you probaly dont know what she is going through first of all she has eight kids!! second she might be very rude sometimes to jon but come on ladies who isnt mean to thier husband sometimes she loves the Lord her husband and her kids!! i mean do you have eight kids??? i believe the Lord Is Working Through her she is a wounderfull mother, wife, person, fellow christian.

    God Bless you and your family!!!
    Kate Ill Be Praying For you!!

  • Remember that the network edits the show in a way that highlights the drama…..who would watch it if they were just lovey-dovey all the time? Kate is high-strung and methodical, but I honestly don’t think she’s as bad as the editing makes her look…

  • That editing can go both ways. I noticed in the camping episode, Kate was getting ready to blast Jon, when Alexis had a bloody lip in the store.
    That was cut off real fast.

  • That editing can go both ways. In just lasts weeks episode, Kate was getting ready to really blast Jon in the camping store, when Alexis had a bloody lip. That was cut off real quick.

  • i wonder if kate has seen aent jodi’s nasty side? any ways im 13 and i love jon and kate plus 8. on my grandmas DVR i have it set to record any jon and kate episodes that come on!

  • some of you guys are so rude! of coarse kate is goona be at least a little uptight, she has eight kids! how many of you do? thank-you to the people who stood up for them. i think even though she can be a little rude to jon, its just those little love slaps! its not abusive. jon is so quiet but he’s a really good dad. kate is so loving to all of her children. some of you make it sound like she’s abusive or something!
    i absolutely love those kids!!! cara is like the opposite of mady. more calm and laid back. mady can be a little obnoxious sometimes, but it would be hard to get attention with seven siblings. especailly when she’s not the youngest. growing up, i was the oldest and i got much less attention then my sister. but there were only two of us! alexis is so cute and sweet. hannah is just a little mush ball! so cute and cuddly, like a teddy bear! collin is so cute. so sweet too. aaden is just way too cute. with those little glasses that hardly fit his angelic little face. leah is absolutely adorable! i just want to put her in my pocket and carry her around! and joel is equally adorable. so tiny and cute.
    each child steals a different part of my heart!
    i haven’t had any kids yet… but i want alot! especailly little girls. i want a little girl that i can buy adorable little outfits for :)
    the names i have picked out (with approval from my husband) are marie, sara-kate, blair, kitty, abigail, hope, joy, and jess. i absolutely love interesting yet cool names that you don’t usually hear. i can’t think of many boy names…
    but anyway, i love you gosselins!

  • i think kate looks fabulous after having eight! and she’s a wonderful mother. i will never call her what some of you have. i will never cuss some one out. i have three wonderful children. and it’s hard enough with them! their triplets none the less. we all watch this show because its good for kids. that’s hard to find these days. between innapropriate subjects and cussing up a storm, its also hard to find good music! what has happened to the public! my daughter’s (molly) eyes grow as large as sausers when she hears some one cuss. its rude to say it in front of a nine year old! but in new jersey (the state of bad driving, cussing, and middle fingers), they just don’t think it makes a difference.
    but back to the subject, jon and kate, keep up the good work! youv’e raised eight remarkable kids…