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Mandy Moore Drops That Zero


I think I’m the only Mandy Moore fan on this site, though it’s hard to keep track of the shifting alliances around here. Anyway, according to those tireless Page 6 bastards she’s broken up with DJ AM.

A few thoughts on Mandy Moore. I think she’s cute. And in general I’ve liked her recent movies. No, not the one where she dies, I don’t have a learning disability, the one with Hugh Grant.

In interviews she seems fun too. So why the hell is she dating a DJ? Sure, I’m hopelessly out of touch, but in my world DJs are meant for weddings and weddings alone. You don’t date them. I guess I’m saying I’d still hit that. Mandy, be a bud!

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  • your nott! ever since i was little ive been a fan of her! i absolutelyy aodre her voice! she has the most ah-mazinqq voice ive ever heard &+ i loved her in a walkk to remember! which just so happens to be my favorite movie! i showed my twoo bestt friends her in a walkk to remember &+ now their fans too! no worries i thought i was the only mandy fan too!

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