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Tim Allen Gets Married

I’ll admit I have a strange fondness for Tim Allen. I feel I have to explain this.

Long, long ago, I started a fledgling, vaguely celebrity-focused blog, which I would call The Evil Beet. I wasn’t entirely clear on the scope or the voice, and I’d grabbed a pre-fab pink and purple template from Blogger (in retrospect, it was awful, and I apologize to those of you who were readers back then), and I sat for hours deciding what my first entry would be.

Earlier in the day, a friend of mine, a writer for Nickelodeon, was scripting a show that had Tim Allen lined up as a guest that week. He was frantically scouring the Internet for information on Allen, trying to come up with fun, kid-friendly questions.

Out of a sheer desire to be helpful (read: utter boredom), I offered to help. In my own research, I stumbled upon the inimitable Tim Allen blog, and, specifically, his thoughts on capitalism. I also came across the little-known fact that Allen had been arrested in the 70s for — what else? — being so damn funny it was a crime! Nah, I’m just kidding, it was drug trafficking. My friend reluctantly informed me that neither of these finds would be of much use to him in the process of scripting a kid’s show, but they formed the basis for the very first entry in the Evil Beet blog.

So, thanks, Tim Allen, and best of luck in your marriage.

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