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3Does Drake like to have his ass eaten?


I know this is a bit of a difficult topic, especially so close to lunchtime, so please just bear with me here. An apparent Drake groupie has come forward claiming that she’s not only slept with the rapper, but also eaten his ass – a rather more intense version of a rim job, I would imagine (eating ass is not my thing). It’s all rather hilarious and probably untrue, but the descriptions from the girl who’s saying this shit is just golden.

The girl in question says she met Drake through mutual friends and they hung out several times before he “finally decided to give [her] the dick”. This apparently took place at his place in Calabasas, California, after a trip to the club – as you do. They also apparently had to sign a non-disclosure agreement before coming in and give up their cell phones. Here we go!

From Media Takeout:

We all were drinking and smoking, and Drake took me to his room – which was GIGANTIC. He took off all his clothes, and mine and laid me down and started eating me. His d*ck is not really big, but it’s THICK.

I must have c*me like 3 times while he was doing it. On after the other, after the other. I have had my box eaten hundreds of times, but no one has EVER done it like Drake. He has a real talent. His tongue went from p*zzy to butt, back to p*zzy. I think I c*me out of both.

He then laid on his back and was like “My Turn.” MTO I was ready to suck the OXYGEN outta him and I did. After a few minutes he started pushing my head down, towards his b*lls. I sucked on them for a while and he pushed me down FURTHER to his butt hole. I never did that before, but it was Drake do I’m not gonna lie I did it.

It was weird eating a man’s butt like that, but I’m a freak, and it was Drake LOL. He was laying there on the bed with his leg spread open and my face in his butt and his legs shaking. I wish I had a camera and could see what was happening from far back.

But MTO, my review of Drake is incomplete cause I never really got the d*ck. I’m embarrassed to say it, but Drake enjoyed getting his butt ate so much that he n*tted. All over my new weave. I can’t really complain though cause the man has a tongue of GOLD and I already got 3 nuts.

After it was over he was cool. He told me that I could take a shower in his bathroom, but that there were cameras everywhere so I shouldn’t try and steal ish.

He would text me every now and then when he came to [HER TOWN] but we never got to meet up. He always changed his mind :(. I’m getting back at him though by sending you thins. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want the world to know he likes his butt eaten.

HAHAHA. The bold, guys. The bold! Again, this is all probably bullshit, but people are always trying to play poor Drake out. Like he doesn’t get enough shit without some thirsty fan claiming that he goes nuts having his ass eaten.

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0Cara Delevingne made a “music video” of herself lip syncing LL Cool J

cara delevingne

Cara Delevingne decided to get a little creative for her new shoot with LOVE magazine, donning a pink plastic see-through raincoat and pretending she’s Katy Perry, apparently, in a music video of herself lip syncing LL Cool J‘s ‘Control Myself’. It’s all very strange, but here you are anyway.

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4Kim Kardashian’s doppelganger spent over $30,000 to look like her

kim kardashian claire leeson

Kim Kardashian is, by societal standards, an attractive woman. She’s got an impressive rack, a gigantic ass, hourglass curves and enough plastic surgery performed on her to create a face that is, technically speaking, rather flawless. With that in mind, I suppose it’s not entirely shocking that there are women out there who would want to look like her… and would spend money to do so to the tune of, say, $30,000 (£18,000).

That’s what happened with 24-year-old Claire Leeson from the UK, who is “up to her eyeballs” in debt after becoming obsessed with Kim from watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians and undergoing multiple cosmetic procedures to get the Kim K look. She calls it “getting [her] Kimmy on”… seriously. And she even makes money off being a Kim K impersonator. Dear God.

Leeson has spent over 30 thousand dollars to transform herself into her idol. She’s undergone breast augmentation and regularly pays for teeth whitening, makeup, padded underwear (the Metro refers to it as bum padding which makes it sound fun and quaint but also not 350 pounds fun and quaint), hair extensions and extensive tanning. She pays for it all with credit cards and is now in extreme debt due to her transformation. She’s even been summoned to court, but that’s not stopping her. Leeson’s now looking into more extreme measures to emulate Kim. Her latest plan is to have fat transplants to her butt so that she can achieve Kim’s glorious derriere without the silicone prosthetics she currently wears.

Why are people so fucking crazy? Girl, no. Here’s her full interview on This Morning – and some more comparison pics – are below the cut:


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1Lindsay Lohan “never wanted to be a celebrity”

Front Row: Day 2 -  London Collections: Men SS15

Lindsay Lohan is desperate for fame, fortune and attention from any direction she can get it. She’s so keen on being “back on set” that she continues to shit all over anyone who is actually dumb enough to give her a 3,985th chance. She’s “willing to work”, sure, but that’s what it’s all about – the work. She never actually wanted to be a celebrity, according to her.

From BBC News:

“People have certain perceptions of me. For a long time, people looked at me as kind of a celebrity, which is something I never wanted. That’s not what I got into this industry for.”

“I’ve been doing this since I was 3 years old and I’ve been on set since I was 6. People kind of forgot that, and I think now is a good time. And what better than to do it with the great people that I’m working with on stage in London … so that people can focus on the fact that I’m in this industry because I’m an actress and an artist and not just someone you take photos of?”

Lindsay also claimed that she’s constantly paranoid now and that her friends think she’s neurotic because she’s so jumpy. You know, because that’s not all the cocaine or anything.

“My friends think I’m neurotic,” she said, “but I will hear a flash of an iPhone camera, I will hear the shutter from a mile across the room. I will feel it.”

The star added social media was allowing her to regain control of her image.

When a US tabloid published a picture of her with cuts and scratches on her leg last week, she posted a similar image on Instagram, explaining she had fallen off a bike.

“[They said] that I’d cut myself purposefully, which was dark,” she said. “I have siblings. People see that. Producers see that and I don’t need people having that perception of me.

“The benefit of something like Instagram is I can use that to my advantage and I can say ‘look, this is what happened’ and make light of the situation because it was actually kind of funny.

“If I give the shot first, then there’s no shot to get.”

LOL, okay. “Producers see that.” Uh, no producers are paying attention to you, anymore, girl. You blew that shit years ago. And as for you trying to set the record straight, so to speak, via your Instagram account, no one’s buying that, either. God, the levels of delusion here are unrivaled.

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