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Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Bill Cosby Is A Serial Rapist’

whoopi goldberg bill cosby

Looks like someone finally sat Whoopi Goldberg down and warned her that her career was going to be more over than it already is if she didn’t shape up soon, because she’s suddenly changed her tune when it comes to Bill Cosby. While up until a few days ago, Whoopi was staunchly defending Bill and spewing her standard victim-blaming BS. Not anymore! Now Whoopi is calling Bill a “serial rapist” and acting like she’s seen the light.

This change of heart came courtesy of a legal expert Whoopi brought on The View on Tuesday, though she literally never discussed why she’s suddenly done a 180 in her stance, and that’s probably because it’s complete bullshit. Whoopi doesn’t suddenly believe the dozens of women who accused Cosby of sexual assault, she’s just trying to hang onto the last remaining threads of her career. F*ck this, and f*ck Whoopi Goldberg. This segment is bullshit, and you can tell even she thinks so while she’s asking the questions/listening to the answers. The constant, “Right, right…” is shorthand for “Yeah, okay, whatever!”

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One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Is Going To Be A Father

louis tomlinson briana jungwirth

Uh oh, looks like someone forgot to wrap it up. One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson got someone knocked up! The lucky gal is 23-year-old Briana Jungwirth, whom Louis only started sleeping with a couple of months back, after he ended his relationship with longtime girlfriend Eleanor Calder in mid-March. Pardon my french, but it seems he didn’t waste much time before falling dick-deep in someone else. This whole thing is a hot ass mess, but at least he’s rich enough to support his offspring, I guess.

“Louis is happy and very excited about becoming a dad and he thinks Briana will be an amazing mother. It was a surprise at first, but he and Briana are very, very close friends and this has brought them even closer,” a mutual friend of the couple tells PEOPLE.

Tomlinson has vowed to be at Jungwirth’s side and to be a “hands-on dad” when the baby arrives early next year, according to the friend.

Says the friend: “Louis and Briana care about each other very much and have spent a lot of time together privately over the last few months.

“They are both really happy and although they aren’t in a relationship, their friendship is extremely strong and they are both really excited about the baby. It’s early days and Briana and the baby’s health are the most important things right now.”

Adds the pal, “Briana is a really lovely girl; she’s absolutely not interested in Louis’ fame. She’s very private and most of the time they spend together is out of the public eye, just hanging out with their friends.”

Cash them checks, girl. She picked a good one. What the hell is wrong with people, though? I know birth control isn’t fail proof (particularly if you want it to fail, which I’m not saying is the case here, but just saying in general), but like, hello? Condoms? Especially when you’re sleeping with a random? Come on, people.

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Bran Stark Returning To ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6

bran stark

If you breathed a sigh of relief last season because Bran Stark and his dumb visions fucked off into some part of Westeros that we were lucky enough not to have to deal with, then I’m sorry to tell you that you’re about to be very disappointed. Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran, has confirmed that Bran will be back for Game of Thrones Season 6. WHY, GOD, WHY?!

From The Irish Examiner:

“I can’t say a lot but I am back this season, and it’s going to get particularly interesting with Bran. He has some interesting visions,” he teased.

“I missed the whole of the last season because it was right in the middle of my exams, so I didn’t have the time to watch it. But I’m looking forward to getting with some friends and binge-watching it all.”

That’s fine, Isaac – please don’t say anymore, anyway. I’d like to live in blissful ignorance of the fact that we’re going to have to deal with your painfully boring “visions” that are completely unnecessary and not at all helpful. BORING.

I know that probably seems harsh because he’s a kid, and I’ve got nothing against the actor – it’s the character that I can’t stand. I mean, I haven’t read GRRM’s books, but I hear he’s just as bad in print, too. Make it stop! Why is it even necessary to bring him back when there are so many other, more interesting loose ends that need tying? As far as I’m concerned, Bran could be lost in the wilderness forever and I need no further explanation.

Do you like Bran? If so, please, please explain why. I need to know!

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Justin Bieber’s Lip Sync Battle Is… Something Else

justin bieber lip sync battle

Justin Bieber‘s latest mission is to try and endear himself to the general public again. We all loved him (well, most people did) back when he was just a precocious Canadian kid with obnoxious but obscenely catchy music. Then he went off the rails and everyone hated him, and he wants to change that, get back to his roots. In order to do this, he’s really putting himself out there and getting silly, by doing things like performing “Girls Don’t Cry” on Lip Sync Battle this week. At first I thought this was going to be the classic “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, but this is actually the 2006 Fergie track, so don’t get your hopes too high.

I wish I could find this as cute as most people seem to, but he just really creeps me out these days for some reason – probably because you can tell all this “I’m a good boy!” shit is just that – complete shit and really fake. At least he finally got rid of that molester ‘stache that’s not really a mustache at all but was pretty much all he could manage.

Justin went against Deion Sanders in the competition, which will be aired in full on Lip Sync Battle on Thursday night.

Farrah Abraham Wants Her Own Sex-Themed Talk Show

farrah abraham

Farrah Abraham doesn’t generally say anything I want to hear about on any topic, to be completely honest. Then again, plastic surgery and the joys of anal sex aren’t really my thing, so perhaps that’s why. But Farrah, who recently appeared on the Season 2 finale of Botched to discuss her messed up lip implants, wants to take her message to the mainstream, and as she told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview that Brody Jenner shouldn’t be the one getting his own sex talk show – which, incidentally, will be called Sex with Brody, and appear on none other than E! – it should be her.

Asked whether she’d ever want to appear on his show, Abraham was skeptical about Jenner’s credentials: “Does Brody even have any novelty items?”

By “novelty items,” Abraham means toys of the adult variety.

“I think Brody should take a break and it should be called Sex with Farrah. I feel like a sex talk show with me would pretty much be epic. I think I would send all of my call-ins my novelty toys,” says Abraham, pitching genuinely must-see television. “You know, I have the women’s line coming out soon,” she added thoughtfully, before offering to send some samples our way. (For what it’s worth, I laughed nervously and changed the subject — not because there’s anything wrong with “novelty items,” but because my cubicle is not soundproof.)

Heh. That show would end in roughly five seconds. Who would watch it, honestly? I can’t believe Farrah keeps getting all these deals, anyway – although the sex toys I can understand; it was the novel that was inexplicable.

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Kristen Stewart Waxes Poetic About Her Own Self-Growth

kristen stewart

I find Kristen Stewart quite enjoyable. She seems pretty down-to-earth, she’s not into the whole Hollywood bullshit thing, she’s cute, whatever. She’s okay in my books. But one thing I will say is that homegirl really thinks she’s some deep intellectual who’s so ~in tune~ with her innermost soul and has an understanding of the world that many others lack. It’s the kind of thinking you’d expect from a 17-year-old hipster, but not from a 25-year-old, so it’s a bit concerning. But whatever, here’s some of the navel gazing she did for the August issue of Marie Claire.

She spent years being taken to task for striking doleful poses on the red carpet, or not shining in talk-show settings, or daring to have desires beyond those the public prescribed to her because they believed they had the right to shape her persona since she was a young girl in a series of blockbuster films based on best-selling books. Finally, she decided to embrace the rebel labels thrown her way and say, “Fuck it all!”

“I lit my universe on fire,” she admits with a sly smile, “and I watched it burn.” Stewart drops her head, tugs at the hem of her simple black sweatshirt. Fans away a mosquito. Yanks a fallen tube sock from its cotton pool in her Converse sneaker. “Speaking very candidly,” she says at last, lifting her chin and swallowing a gulp of her vodka tonic, “it was a really traumatic period in my early 20s that kick-started something in me that was a bit more,” she pauses, then settles on the word, “feral.”

“I’m really proud that I am able to move forward and not fall into every mental crater. That’s a new thing for me. Age has made me smarter and calmer. And it is fucking awesome.”

Oh, God help us all. No one seriously refers to themselves as “feral” – I mean, no one outside of a first year creative writing major. Come on, KStew, I expect better from you. Also, “age” hasn’t made you anything. You’re 25, for fuck’s sake, not 50.

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Scott Disick ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Checks Will Keep Coming

scott disick

Scott Disick is out of the Kardashian Kash Kab for now since his longtime fool partner Kourtney Kardashian has finally kicked his ass to the kurb for his partying and cheating ways, but he’s not all that upset about it. In fact, he doesn’t care either way whether or not he’s cut out of the empire, because he gets paid for Keeping Up With The Kardashians whether or not he actually appears in any episodes, as per his contract with E!

From TMZ:

Our sources tell us “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” cams will NOT shoot Disick’s single guy partying adventures for the show’s next season. However, they might include him in shoots related to his and Kourtney’s relationship issues.

But honestly, lord Disick couldn’t care less. We’re told his contract calls for him to get paid … as long as he cooperates when, and if, producers need him. Even if they end up editing him out, he gets his money.

Alternately, he could pull a Rob Kardashian and refuse to be shot. Then he’d get squat.

This ain’t chump change either — our sources say Scott takes home about $4,000,000 a year from his appearances on ‘KUWTK’ and its spinoffs.

Um, $4 million? COME ON. What’s ridiculous is that you know he’ll get paid for nothing. Kourtney and the rest of the family will likely throw a fit and not want him anywhere near production or on the show, which means it’s not up to him whether or not he’s there, and he’ll still get paid… to be a complete fucking moron and a deadbeat dad to his three kids. Isn’t the world a wonderful place?

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