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Blake Shelton Takes To Twitter To Make Nice With Ex And Curse At Fan


In case you’ve managed to successfully hide under the rock this week (in which case, kudos, and is there room for two?) Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert got divorced. The unofficial reason for their split is that one (or both) were cheating. It’s kind of a mess, and adding to that mess was singer Cady Groves tweeting a bunch of thirsty shit that’s supposedly directed at Mr. Shelton.

Okay, before we go any further, I feel like I have to be honest: I have a really lame-ass crush on Blake Shelton, and yes, I am goddamn ashamed of it. I have no idea why or how this happened, but here we are. (Come on, I KNOW I’m not alone. SHOW YOURSELVES!!)

Moving on, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert aren’t going to let cheating rumors tarnish their image, nor are they going to let Twitter destroy their legacy — nay. They’re using Twitter to their advantage, by tweeting to each other their mutual support over country singer Ashley Monroe’s new album.


They may divorced but it’s not a ~~regular divorce~~ it’s a ~~cool divorce~~.

And in case you were doubting that this was in real time, Shelton assures you it is not. This was in response to the tweet, “this is all the lolz. Pre-set tweets. Awesome.” :


Now maybe you’re thinking, well this is f-cking stupid. You’re not alone there either. A fan (former fan?) voiced their eyeroll, tweeting, “losing respect because of this whole charade” and got a smackdown from Shelton himself:


Sorry everyone, but that last tweet from Shelton made me like him even more…Oh God, noooooo.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Still Misses Heath Ledger

jake gyllenhaal heath ledger

Man, time really does fly, doesn’t it? It’s so crazy to think that Heath Ledger died more than 7 years ago, back in January 2008. I remember when it happened like it was yesterday, and it certainly doesn’t feel that long ago. It still feels particularly fresh for Jake Gyllenhaal, who was close friends with Ledger and, of course, worked with him in Brokeback Mountain. In a new interview with Terry Gross on NPR to promote his new movie, Southpaw, Jake opened up about how much he still misses Heath.

“I’m trying to be present where I am. I’m trying to have relationships that are as real as they possibly can be on a movie set, be close to people because I know that it’s precious,” Gyllenhaal said. “And I know, not only can this career end in a very short period of time and this or that can happen, but also that life is precious.”

“I think losing Heath and being a part of a family that was something like the movie, that movie we all made together, makes you …appreciate that and hopefully moves you away from the things that really don’t matter to the things that do.”

“I miss him as a human being and I miss working with him,” he said, “and what an unfortunate thing it is that we won’t be able to see the beauty of his expression.”

“He was incredibly special and that doesn’t even come close to encapsulating who he is, who he was,” he said.

I’ll be honest in saying that while I absolutely believe that Heath was incredibly talented and had a lot of promise, I wasn’t quite as deeply affected by his death as many seemed to be. However, I think it was more than just being about Heath himself. There was the fact that he was so young, as well, which really shocked people and made it all even sadder. It’s a shame we never got to see him grow more as an actor, for sure.

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Katy Perry & John Mayer Broke Up Again, Apparently

katy perry john mayer

It seems to me like Katy Perry and John Mayer are working on becoming the new Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber when it comes to how many times they can break up and get back together again. They rekindled their romance earlier this year, and things seemed to be going well. They even enjoyed (???) a romantic day out at Disneyland just a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, their bliss has come to an end again, at least for the time being, and they’re done.

These two have been up and down (or “hot and cold,” if you will) for years now, and E! News has exclusively learned from a source close to the couple that they’ve called it quits again.

The insider didn’t offer any specifics as to the reasoning behind the two celebs’ decision to break up, but notes that they’re known to make-up time and time again (we know), so it’s very possible these two will reunite in the near future.

My guess is that Katy’s about to start on her new album and that means John is out. He’s a bit of a layabout at times and just wants to chill, and Katy gets super focused when it comes to her career, and when she’s in high gear, relationships sorta fall by the wayside. That’s why they broke up last time… and the two times before that (I have it on pretty good authority this is what happened – friend of a friend situation), not because of any serious problems. They genuinely like each other, they just kinda want different things out of life.

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Kylie Jenner “Graduated” From High School

kylie jenner

I think it’s pretty clear that Kylie Jenner hasn’t set foot inside an institute of learning in the past few years, likely much longer. And yet, we’re all expected to keep up the charade and pretend we believe Kim Jr.‘s announcement that she “graduated” high school this week. I mean, check out her diploma! It looks totally legit! Or, you know, like something Kris printed out from MS Paint right before the picture was taken.

Here’s the caption she put with the above photo:

“I love my mom for doing this. Thank you for making this experience as normal as possible for me. Yay???? I graduated :)

LOL, yes, you love your mom for making that fake ass diploma. Millions of dollars can’t buy you graphic design skills, I see. Also, a little research on “Laurel Springs High School” brings up the following description: WASP-accredited K–12 distance learning school in Ojai, California, United States. Laurel Springs School offers personalized resources, customizable curricula, individualized teacher services, college advising and other services to families attending public and private school who are looking for another option.

So, basically a fake school. As expected. Kongrats, girl.


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

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Chris Brown Is Being Held Hostage In Manila

chris brown

Things aren’t going well for Chris Brown lately, it seems. First, his group of “friends” break into his mom’s house, and now he’s begging President Obama to intervene on his behalf because he was apparently stuck in the Philippines since he tried to leave without performing a concert he’d been paid to do. Again.

From TMZ:

Turns out Chris Brown’s legal team was wrong — he never got airborne in Manila — he was turned around literally as his plane was on the runway, because he allegedly tried skipping out on a concert. Think of “Argo,” except the plane doesn’t make it out.

The dispute has been brewing for months. Chris was supposed to perform in Manila for New Year’s Eve but was a no show. The promoter says Chris got his million dollar payment and he’s been demanding a refund ever since.

Well, Chris went back to Manila for another concert this week, but when he tried to leave the government blocked the flight after the promoter convinced officials what Chris did amounted to theft.

So he’s now stuck in Manila, sitting in a hotel room and Instagramming for help from Obama.

If you’re wondering what that last bit is about, here ya go:

Why does anyone bother with this piece of shit anymore? He’s squandered any bit of talent he actually had years ago, he’s unreliable, he’s violent, he’s basically a waste of space. Hollywood finally (mostly) got the memo that Lohan was a lost cause, so why not Brown?

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Taylor Swift Finally Apologizes & Nicki Minaj Accepts

taylor swift nicki minaj

Don’t worry, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief now, because the latest pop feud is done… for now. Taylor Swift finally apologized for being an ignorant, arrogant, privileged something-or-other and Nicki Minaj graciously accepted – or at least decided it’s not worth taking it any further since Swifty will never truly understand, anyway.

It took roughly 48 hours, a deep burn from Katy Perry and all of the Internet turning against her for Taylor (or her PR team) to smash out 140 characters on a keyboard that show her humility, or at least her desperation to stay at the top of the pop music game, unsullied and perfect.

That was the most forced apology (and acceptance) I think I’ve ever seen. I feel like we should all be applauding Nicki for showing so much restraint and grace throughout this entire situation, because she could have snatched Taylor’s edges back to Timbuktu, really. I probably would have done.

But Taylor got out of this what she wanted: she now looks so wonderfully gracious and wonderful now that she’s apologized and it looks like she’ll retain her national hero status. Well, to idiots, maybe.

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Is 50 Cent Peddling A Fake Lavish Lifestyle?

50 cent

Last week, 50 Cent shocked the world when he filed for bankruptcy after he was ordered to pay $5 million to the mother of Rick Ross’ child for leaking her sex tape in retaliation for their ongoing feud. He’s been back in court this week to determine how much of that he’ll actually have to pay, and while he’s continued to flaunt a rather lavish lifestyle on social media, 50 told a judge that it’s all for show and he doesn’t actually live like that.

From Page Six:

The rapper, ordered to testify about his finances in Manhattan Supreme court Tuesday morning, said that his over-the-top displays of wealth — the bling, the Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Rolls Royces — are all smoke and mirrors.

“Those cars were rented,” admitted the 40-year-old rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson.

“It’s like music videos, they say action and you see all these fancy cars but everything goes back to the dealership,” he added.

The rings, the chains?

“I borrowed from the jeweler,” he admitted.

In reality, he owns just three gold chains, which he has a jeweler refashion into a new piece every now and then, he said.

And forget about a diamond-studded Rolex–he said he wears a plastic Casio G-Shock instead.

Stoppppp. Is he for real? He and his team claim that he’s only worth $4 million, which… LOL, no. Forbes actually estimated his worth somewhere around $155 million, and while I’m sure most of that isn’t liquid, trying to say you wear a plastic Casio watch has me in tears (of laughter).

Jackson had to admit he still commands top dollar for appearances, taking $100,000 for a day of filming “Spy” and $200,000 for a concert appearance last week in London.

He also confirmed that his 17-acre Connecticut estate has a basketball court and a nightclub — though he couldn’t remember the zip code for his 21-bedroom pad.

In court, Jackson tried to sweeten the jury of four women and two men by flashing big smiles.

“You gotta smile when you’re in a public situation. If you’re crying they’re just having more fun with you,” he said.

I’ve always loved 50 and I still do, he cracks me up. But this is just ridiculous. Apparently his lawyer told the court that his bank account is ever-shrinking because he still owes $1800 to his grandfather for an unpaid debt, among other outgoing costs. HAHAHA. Oh, Curtis.


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