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Oscars 2015 Fashion Post!


Sweet fancy Moses, it’s here already: The Oscars. I’m one of those people who is more interested in who wears what vs. who wins what — especially this year. I thought this year wasn’t the greatest film year. Thought it was pretty weak, actually. But enough about that. Let’s talk more about Oscar fashion!

As with all fashion posts, it’s up to you to go through all the photos and decide who has the BESTWORST, and most WTF look of the night! My picks, as always, are at the bottom. I will try my best not to go completely f-cking insane. Everyone ready? HERE WE GO!

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

And we thought Amal Clooney was going to be the only one to bring us ~~controversial gloves~~ at an awards ceremony. Well, Lady Gaga sure as shit isn’t going to let that happen. Look at how fucking determined she is to make these gloves a thing. She looks like she robbed Gaston. It’s a shame, because the dress isn’t actually that bad. Oh well.

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Billy Bob Thornton Got Secretly Married


Billy Bob Thornton, 59, got secretly married to one Connie Angland, 49. What’s so secret about it? Well they got married in October. October! How did they keep that under wraps? Is it because that ever since he and Angelina Jolie split, no one really gives an eff about ole Billy Bob? Maybe. Is that way harsh of me? Maybe.


The Fargo actor, 59, wed Angland, 49, on Oct. 22 “at their home in Los Angeles during a private ceremony before family,” the rep says in a statement.

The recent Golden Globe-winner began dating Angland shortly after his 2003 divorce from Angelina Jolie.

They’ve been together for 12 years and even have a kid together, a daughter named Bella.

He’s on the Fargo TV show (and won a Golden Globe for it), which I have yet to see, but hear is quite good. Anyone watch it? How is it? How’s he?

Anyway, congrats to Mr. Thornton. Glad he’s doing okay. Wonder if he’s still afraid of antique furniture. That’s basically the extent of my Billy Bob knowledge.

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Kardashian Family In Car Accident


Bruce Jenner was just in a major car wreck that killed someone, and yesterday, on Saturday — two weeks to the day, in fact — Kim KardashianNorth WestKhloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner were in a car accident of their very own. Um, yikes. Khloe was driving and there was apparently no serious damage done to the car. Here’s the story, from TMZ:

Khloe Kardashian skidded on an ice-covered Montana road and dangerously crossed into oncoming traffic, eventually landing in a ditch with Kim, North West and Kylie on board.

We’re told the girls were driving in Bozeman, MT Saturday morning when a semi-truck drove by their car and kicked up a ton of snow, hitting their windshield and apparently blinding Khloe.

Apparently Khloe couldn’t see and began swerving, right into a patch of black ice. The car then spun out of control, crossing oncoming traffic and ending up in a ditch.


Cops tell us there was no damage to the Kardashian’s vehicle — a black Yukon GMC — and a motor carrier service called the slide-off into police.

We’re told the incident was part of a number of similar accidents that happened today due to the icy roads … and the family was calm when cops arrived. No citations were issued.

Okay, so this sounds like a true accident, but what is with this family and the car problems?? Get it together, guys.

Of COURSE, Kim had to share a post-car-accident photo on Instagram:


Thank you God for watching over us and keeping us safe ????

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Bitch, please.

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Amber Rose Throws MAJOR Shade On Kanye


Amber Rose is on a Twitter hot streak and she’s not slowing down. She just planted a f-cking redwood, because the shade she’s throwing on Kanye is intense. To be fair, he started it, by saying that after dating Ms. Rose, he “had to take 30 showers”. Um, okay.

She sure as shit wasn’t going to let that go, so she fired back on Kanye with a series of tweets:

She then went on, but has since deleted the tweets. Thankfully, VH1 screen capped them:

amber-tweet-2 amber-tweet-3 amber-tweet-4

Snap, crackle, pop. Sure, “Kartrashians” isn’t the most original diss, but it gets the job done.

Between the two, who do you think needs the bigger shower: Kanye or Amber?

Is Prince Harry Secretly Dating Emma Watson?


BULLSHIT RUMOR ALERT! Prince Harry is apparently “secretly dating” Emma Watson. I am calling this a “bullshit rumor alert” because the best source we can get on this one is Women’s Day Australia who claims to have an “exclusive” on the whole fake thing. Excuse me for being cynical, folks, but here we are. So reveal to us what’s in your chamber of secrets, Women’s Day!

After numerous failed relationships, it looks like notorious bachelor Prince Harry has found love with gorgeous Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

Woman’s Day can exclusively reveal the pair are having secret dates with each other and are getting to know each other quite well.

When Harry heard she had split from her British rugby player boyfriend Matthew Janney at the end of last year, he called on mutual friends to help him hook up with the actress.

He then sent Emma a short email saying that he would “like to get to know her” and invited her out.

Although 12 other friends went along too to make Emma feel a little more comfortable, the pair hit it off!

“Harry didn’t want her to feel like she was put on the spot,” explains one insider. “A party also shows he’s fun and not stuffy.”

“He’s smitten – and it’s more than Emma’s looks.”

The good news is, Emma has already met some of the family! She met Harry’s brother Prince William last year at a cancer charity event and has also met his dad Prince Charles.

Wait, wait — she needed “12 other friends” to come along on their date? Twelve other friends??? Let’s pretend for a moment that this story is true. Who the hell doesn’t trust a guy enough to the point where she needs to bring along 12 people on their date? I guess when it’s Prince Harry. I still remember the time when he dressed up as freakin’ Nazi. I’m never letting that one go.

So anyway, there you have it. On a scale of bullshit to total bullshit, where do you rate this story?

(Note: if it turns out that I’m wrong and this story is not bullshit — which will not happen — I will forgive Prince Harry and become a fan of his, forever.)

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Why won’t Miley Cyrus do a country album?

miley cyrus

I know I’m late on the uptake here, but I’m a busy lady so I only watched the SNL 40 special yesterday on Hulu+ (newsflash: it kinda sucked). The best thing about the show was Miley Cyrus – a sentence I never thought I’d utter – and her performance of ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’.

This performance was really, REALLY good. In fact, it’s way better than any of her other shit from the last album, or anything before that, either. It’s mature, it’s unique, it’s… actually impressive. Why won’t she make a whole country album with a slight pop tinge like this? Why, Miley?

What did you guys think of the performance (and the SNL special in general)? I mean, sure, it relived some of the funniest moments, but it felt SO overcrowded, rushed and forced. I wasn’t really into it.

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Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week!


Emmy Rossum always pulls it together. This gown is just stunning on her.

We’ve got some (mostly) lovely looks for you this week on Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Celebs are really starting to bring their A-game in the days leading up to the Oscars. I’m sure we’re gonna see some fabulous gowns. Until then, go through the photos and make your picks for who has the BESTWORST, and most WTF look of the week!


Part of me loves this solely because January Jones is wearing it, and if you’re familiar with Evil Beet, you’re aware of how much I love January Jones. To be fair, I’m pretty certain if this were on anyone else, I’d hate it. I just think she pulls it off, although I think she’d pull it off even better if she had a super sleek hairdo. What do you guys think of this look? Total WTF or stylishly edgy?

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