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More Pete Doherty News…

I didn’t really think that I would be writing about Pete Doherty twice in one day but the Daily Mail is reporting today that Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are offically engaged.

Performing a solo gig at the Hackney Empire in east London, he introduced the track “KP Nuts”, and said: “I am dedicating this song…” before the crowds interrupted him to shout out “Kate, Kate”. The singer then replied: “Yes, to my beautiful fiancee.”

This happened at the same Hackney Empire show that we showed pictures of this morning. It passed without incident to the chagrin of some fans who were hoping for drug induced drama. Instead it was all about Kate and Pete’s love.

You know when you see a friend who is making a huge mistake…ya, it is that like that.

Harry Morton is Dealing with Lindsay’s Dirty Pipes Again


From Page Six:

HARRY Morton just can’t seem to get rid of Lindsay Lohan. The billion-heir lives one floor below his flame-haired ex in L.A.’s posh Sierra Towers, “which is awkward enough,” a spy said. But it only got worse last month when Lohan’s pipes burst and flooded his place. “There were plumbing issues and it leaked all over Harry’s multimillion-dollar apartment,” our sources added. A rep for Lohan said, “This happened while Lindsay was in New York and we find the timing odd, but the situation is being dealt with.”

Lookin’ a Little Fat in the Legs, Aren’t We, Nicole?


Hey. I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking.

Also, it has just occurred to me that the Tower of Badass that is Joel Madden can’t be much taller than, say, 5’3. His bio says he’s 5’9″, but there’s just no way that’s true. Nicole is barely 5’2″. She’s wearing flats in these pictures, and he’s hardly taller than she is. So, like, Joel Madden, hardcore rocker/heart-breaker, comes up to my shoulder. Awesome.

nicole3.jpg nicole2.jpg

Wait a Sec, a Celeb LIED?

Page Six (waaaaay better than Page 5) just “broke” the news that Courtney Love might have gotten a little bypass surgery.

“She’s telling people she got the gastric band surgery. She even said she had to sleep with a towel by her because the surgery makes her [vomit] all the time and is worried she won’t be able to make out with anyone because of her breath.”

Yeah, as if Vomit is the reason you wouldn’t make out with C-Love. How about the fact that she’s stark raving mad? Ok, I’m sort of lying; I’m the guy on the planet who likes her music. If I was drunk I’d think about it.

Pete Doherty Still Cracked Out

I actually forgot that Pete Doherty was still alive. I can’t get over the fact that someone this self-destructive actually can live past the age of 25. Pete has admitted to doing every drug under the sun and working as a male prostitute to support his drug habit at one point. His London flat has pictures of himself that he allegedly drew with his own blood. He is one creepy dude but also is such a character that no matter what he does music-wise he will stay in the papers.

What Americans never hear, however, is that Pete Doherty is a troubled genius. He writes brilliant lyrics and by all accounts did well in school and University. I found this interview with his mother who seems like a normal army wife and mother. She knows that part of the celebrity surrounding her son is the fact that he is a hot mess.

“Peter’s greatest misfortune was to become famous. People seem hell-bent on perpetuating his wretchedness – a pathetic, limp figure.”

I don’t really know what will become of Pete Doherty. Today he still plays impromptu gigs at clubs but after six stints in rehab is looks as though the drugs are here to stay. Here are some photos of Pete playing a gig in London.





Pics from the premiere of The Tripper in Hollywood on Wednesday night. Doesn’t it look like Courteney is trying to escape? Jen’s basically clinging to her. Remember when Jennifer was the Friends star with a thriving post-Friends career? Oh, how the tables have turned.