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Movieline Brings the “Fashion”

Seriously. Worst. Outfits. Ever.
Dakota Fanning just makes me want to puke in my mouth. Honey, you are 13…you’ve been raped in a movie stop wearing pale pink like you are Abigail Breslin. Katherine Heigl…I can’t even start to talk about that loud red jacket…you look like you should be on the “Golden Girls.” I don’t know if you got the memo but you are at the Young Hollywood Awards, might be best if you try to look young.

Here are some awful outfits from Movieline’s Hollywood Life 9th Annual Young Hollywood Awards.

Legally Blonde…THE MUSICAL!

Oh my god you guys I just saw the best musical ever….Legally Blonde!
Seriously, for the T, this was almost a religious experience. I love the movie and I was a little wary when I knew they were turning it into a musical but it was, like, totally awesome.

I just got to see the musical in previews and it is just hilarious. Not only is it so super funny but the dogs…omygod!….they are just adorable. It brings the funny like you wouldn’t believe. Laura Bell Bundy as Elle is just fantastic and the musical really stays true to the movie. They even have the bunny costume, and there is an entire song called “Bend and Snap!”

If you are in New York you have got to see LEGALLY BLONDE! The guys are hot, the songs are fun and the whole thing is Pink! This Spring, it is totally Broadway’s signature color. I promise, even you brunettes will like it too!

For more information on Legally Blonde visit their awesome website.

New Background

I can’t possibly write anything funnier than the email that accompanied this photo, so I’m just going to reprint it:

Here’s a photo of my son Daniel that my husband says might make him gay. I plan on taking one every month just to be sure that this happens!

Thank you Robin for sending in this photo and absolutely making my day!

I Still ::Heart:: Lacey Chabert


I don’t even know what she does anymore — is she still working? Voice-overs or something? I don’t know. But I can’t shake that soft spot in my heart for Claudia Salinger. She showed up at the Step Up Women’s Network 4th Annual Inspiration Awards last night. I guess Jessica Alba hosted. Sara Ramirez and Aisha Tyler made appearances as well.

aisha_beet.jpg sara_ramirez_beet.jpg

Ohhhhh Shit


Paris, darling, do you need attention? Is that why you showed up at Jason Strauss’s birthday party at TAO last night? For the Kevin Federline photo op? Just in case the stake hasn’t been driven all the way through Britney’s heart? Just grind it in that last inch or so … and take your new boyfriend along, too, just to remind the world that you can have it all. Everything but self respect, my darling. Everything but that.

paris_josh_beet.jpg kevin_beet.jpg

Fashion Victim of the Week

Emmy Emmy…did you rip up your tutu from “Phantom of the Opera” and make your own dress for the party? No? Well it looks like you did. For a girl who usually has great style this dress is way to much. I could deal with a little fluffy on the top or a little on the bottom but together it really overwhelms her small frame. Also, I have an idea why we never see her knees. All together her look just failed.