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Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Are Really Cute


Prince Harry and his girlfriend enjoy the 2007 Cricket World Cup match between Australia and England. I don’t know anything about cricket. I mean, nothing at all. Is it like lacrosse? That’s a funny-named sport, too. I feel like it has something to do with golf? Or horses? Oh, wait, maybe it’s like badminton? I honestly have no idea. But these two are really, really cute.

prince_harry4.jpg prince_harry5.jpg prince_harry.jpg prince_harry3.jpg

Paris Works the Runway


At the Directives West fashion show in Los Angeles.

Also, a note to all of you who have made the fair point that it is sometimes a problem to expand the thumbnails on this site. I apologize profusely for the inconvenience. I think I have isolated the problem and it should be solved by tonight. Again, a thousands sorries. We ::heart:: our readers.

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More Details on the Dannielynn Paternity Case…


After spending almost two hours in a Bahamian courtroom sans cameras, Larry Birkhead emerged victorious on Tuesday afternoon, as a doctor told the judge that the DNA tests revealed that he was the father of Anna Nicole’s baby, Dannielynn, with “99.9999% certainty.”

When asked about the paternity results, Howard K. Stern, who is currently listed on the birth certificate as Dannielynn’s father, stayed true to his word. “I am obviously very disappointed … I am not going to fight Larry Birkhead for custody. I will do everything I can to make sure he gets sole custody.” Stern and Birkhead hugged after leaving the courtroom, and Stern invited Birkhead to his house, where Dannielynn currently resides, to spend as much time with the baby as he wants.

The only reason Birkhead would not get custody at this point is Anna’s mother, Virgie Arthur, who had no role in this child’s life before Anna’s death, because Anna hated her. I don’t know much about family law, but I have no idea how this kid could possibly go to Arthur when there’s a healthy adult parent who wants her. Arthur’s custody case is expected to be heard on Friday in the same Bahamian court.

We’ll of course keep you posted as the story develops…

Larry is the Babydaddy!

Congrats to Larry Birkhead who was just confirmed to be the father of Dannielynn Hope. The Bahamanian court just made their ruling and about 100 tourists and members of the media waited outside in the heat for the ruling.

Larry brought members of his family along with him to hear the good news. Bad news however is that Virgie Arthur is expected to now contest Larry for custody of Anna’s baby.

The drama continues and more updates as they come.

Hot Threesome

I have to say the amount of fabulous in this photo is awesome. I love Johnny Weir so much. Here he is with fellow gay icons Carson Kressley and Richie Rich. They were in NYC to support Skating Under the Stars.

Johnny has yet to say he is the gayest man alive even though he has admitted an obsession with fashion and handbags. He didn’t do so well at this past World Championship but I don’t care because somehow I’m obsessed.

Sasha Cohen was there but I don’t really care. She’s no fun.