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An Update on Nikki Reed, Paul McDonald, And Their Eternal Love

A photo of Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed

How are you guys feeling about that crazy little couple that could, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald? They started dating in April, kept creeping through May, and got engaged in June. What a whirlwind romance, right?  What else could these wacky lovers get into this month?

One word: tattoos.

Yes, in the vein of many a young lover, Nikki and Paul got matching tattoos to commemorate their undying love for each other. Specifically, they got each other’s names tattooed on their right ring fingers.  Charming, right?

I don’t know, a lot of people don’t believe in these two, but I feel like I’ve got to.  I’ve got to stand up for this love, you guys, and I’m going to keep on standing for it until one of them gently passes away in the other’s arms, years and years from now, or Nikki get screwed for skipping the prenup. Whichever comes first.

Love It or Leave It: Jennifer Lopez Wears A Couple Snakes

A photo of Jennifer Lopez

And by “a couple,” I clearly mean “a couple hundred.”  Damn, Jennifer Lopez, you’re really comfortable going out in public in head to toe snakeskin? I don’t know, I think that’s pretty indicative of a problem. I mean, you are the lady who enjoys wearing nude jumpsuits and disco ball jumpsuits and atrocities of a more general nature, but really?

OH WAIT.  I understand now.  It’s a revenge ensemble.  You know, from that time that snake almost killed her.  Because really, what better way to say “fuck you” than by wearing someone’s friends?

It’s so early in the morning, and we’ve already cleared up some mysteries and learned some life lessons.  There’s no telling how far we can go today, guys.  The sky’s the limit.

We Need to Talk About Taylor Momsen Right Now

A photo of Taylor Momsen

We haven’t talked about dear, dear Taylor Momsen in a while. Ok, that’s a lie, we talked about her last week, but before that we hadn’t checked in on our lovely girl since April, and that just will not do.

The reason we haven’t talked about her so much here lately is that she hasn’t really been into a lot of trouble recently.  As far as I can tell, she’s just been playing with her band, living the dream.  That’s what these photos are all about – she played at a music festival this weekend – and I need to show you these images because I feel like you will love them just as much as me.  She’s back to the pasties, you guys! Look how fierce she is! She’s so adorable, right?!