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Dancing With the Stars

This is the last week that we have all of our celebrity dancers. Tomorrow someone leaves us but thankfully we had two weeks with our lovely dancers. The show this season is quite entertaining. Everybody seems to be having fun no matter how bad they are.

Apolo Anton Ohno/Julianne Hough- Apolo is just so adorable doing the quickstep with his partner Julianne. You can see that they are having such a good time together and I am really impressed that Apolo really got all of the footwork down. I really think I have a thing for speed skaters…I really think he is super hot and being a good dancer…Mr. Apolo is going to be quite the celebrity after this. The judges love him and are very surprised by his dance moves.
Score: 26

Shandi Finnessey/Brian Fortuna- Shandi is trying to manhandle her partner. The one thing about her is that no matter what she does she has a body for days. She looks a bit uncomfortable with this super sexy dance which is shocking because she is a former Miss USA…I heard those girls are crazy. The judges think Shandi looked a bit out of sorts during the number even though she looked beautiful. She didn’t really sell it for me but there were some crazy moves in there so I give her an A for effort.
Score: 20

Clyde Drexler/Elena Grineko- Clyde Drexler is such a sweetie. He is a big guy but tonight he finally just let it all hang out and actually did amazing in the quick stop. I have to say that for a guy who is 6’7’’ he has got some snappy footwork.
Score: 18

Leeza Gibbons/Tony Dovolani-Leeza is adorable during this mambo. She is 50 years old today and for a woman of 50 she is looking great. The judges think she was a big careful for it and that she didn’t get down and dirty enough. I really thought that she looked like she was having a great time and that is the most important thing. I have to say, she has some amazing teeth. I have to say that this woman is incredibly well spoken. It is rare to see such a class act.
Score: 21

Ian Ziering/Cheryl Burke Cheryl is lucky that she keeps getting partners that are pretty light on their feet. Ian’s dad comes in during rehearsals and is the cutest old guy with a big cute dog. It is so cute to see people’s parents. Cheyl Burke is such an amazing dancer and he is keeping up quite well. I am upset now the Steve Sanders never danced on 90210. His dad is in the audience and once again is adorable. The judges think that Ian did well but has a lot of potential to do great things in the competition. They called it “skippy” which is weird since that is what I thought the quickstep was.
Score: 22

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Monday Morning Music

I hate to agree with PerezHilton who is all hot and bothered for Mika, but this time I have to. His song “Love Today” is such a fun bouncy song that makes you want to go frolic on a beach somewhere after having a few too many fruity cocktails. Love today y’all. The world is a great place. Britney is out of rehab, Linsday stole Stavros and Kim Kardashian is still not really famous.

Check out “Love Today” by Mika.

PS- I know it isn’t the morning, but think of me as that drunk roommate in college who would wake up at 3pm daily and want breakfast. K. Kisses, T

Bruce Willis ::Hearts:: Courtney Love


In a news world dominated by Anna Nicole autopsy reports and Britney Spears dentist visits, I think it’s time to break up the monotony with an exciting report of a Bruce Willis/Courtney Love make-out session. Yes, you read that right. Bruce Willis. Courtney Love. Sucking face. At — it doesn’t get much better than this — the Amy Winehouse concert at the Roxy last week! (That was the first of two L.A. shows Winehouse was scheduled to do — she canceled the second because she’s a drunk.) Willis was celebrating his 52nd birthday and I guess Courtney gave him a little present.

Willis’s rep didn’t have a comment, and Love’s spokesperson said the two shared “a quick hi, then went their separate ways.” The last part seems correct, at least; after the make-out sesh, Willis didn’t hang out with Love at all the rest of the evening. Later in the week, Willis later hopped a flight to Vegas for Hef’s 81st birthday party and reportedly left with former Baywatch babe Donna D’Errico. (Remember her? Neither do I.) I guess at 52 you take what you can get.

Lindsay and Stavros — Hells Yes

Normally it bothers me when Lindsay Lohan runs around hooking up with men, like, ten seconds after other women break up with them. But when the other woman is Paris Hilton, I’m all for it. Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos continues his tour of Hollywood’s vaginas with Miss Lohan this weekend. The two met up at Les Deux on Friday night (Lindsay ditched out on Parc after Paris Hilton showed up there — Paris must have only swung by Perez Hilton’s bday party for long enough to pose for pics and ensure that he’ll spend another year failing to cover her racist and slutty life), then left separately and met up at Bossa Nova. Apparently they hung out on Saturday night as well — not sure of the details yet though. Check out the video of Lindsay and Stav below.

Allegra Versace is Not Doing Well

Allegra Versace has been checked into a facility to deal with her anorexia. According to reports, Allegra is 70 pounds and is being fed through a feeding tube and being monitored around the clock. Hopefully she will get the help she needs at this new place as she has been fighting this disease for a while.

Pictures of her looking painfully thin have been out there since 2004. At 11, Allegra inherited quite a lot of money from her late uncle, Gianni Versace, and her years of problems do well to illustrate the fact that money does not always mean happines.

Hopefully she will get better soon. Living with the crazy that is her mother I am guessing has been a stressful upbringing.


Anna Nicole Newsbreak!


Anna Nicole Died of an accidental overdose, no sign of foul play.

From CNN:

Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper said Smith was taking nine different kinds of medication in the days before her death, including a sleeping aid.

He also said Methadone was not in her blood, suggesting no use at the time of death, but was in her body, suggesting usage at some point in the recent past.

Commentary: Nine prescription drugs seems like too many.

Valium (sedative)
Chloral Hydrate (sleeping pill)
D12 (allergies, immune system booster)
Benadryl (c’mon, that’s ok)
Tylenol (I’m on this now)

The Dr. on MSNBC said she should have been in the hospital (just in general) if she was on that many prescriptions. The news folks are now talking “criminal negligence” for not taking her to the hospital although that seems unlikely.

Some of the prescriptions were evidently obtained under aliases.