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3Is This For Real??

Uh, so, to deal with the PR crisis that came as a result of them canceling 3,300 flights last week, American Airlines has done — as Gawker puts it — “what any $2 billion corporation would do:” they started a blog.

In Blogger.

Um, what?

Don’t they have, like, their own domain name? Is this an attempt to be more like the common folk?

I’m so confused.

April 16, 2008 at 11:03 am by Evil Beet
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83Criss Angel Is Still Alive?

Criss Angel and Girlfriend Veronica Grabowski, Miss Nevada USA, Pictures, Photos

I guess he is, and his new girlfriend is Miss Nevada USA, Veronica Grabowski. And Criss was reportedly pissed when she didn’t make the finals of the Miss USA pageant last week.

Shortly after Angel’s honey, Miss Nevada USA Veronica Grabowski, didn’t make the finals of the Miss USA pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort, Angel – who flipped the NBC cameras the bird – wigged out when he saw Las Vegas Review Journal columnist Norm Clarke. Angel was ticked off that Clarke ran an interview with preliminary judge Sandy Mecca, in which Mecca claimed Angel exhorted her to give Grabowski “high marks.” Mecca said the comments made her uncomfortable and disturbed pageant owner Donald Trump. When Angel ran into Clarke after the show, he screamed, “You’re a [bleeping] idiot!” Angel then screeched at Clarke, who wears a patch over his right eye, “Don’t ever write another word about me or you’ll need an eye patch over your other eye.” “Good one,” Clarke shot back “Never heard that one before.”

Um, okay, I take it that this Norm Clarke guy wears an eye patch over one eye. And Criss was threatening to injure the other eye. Which is so unbelievably cool of him. Threatening to beat up a half-blind guy. Who — I did some research — is 65 years old. Bad. Ass.

April 16, 2008 at 10:54 am by Evil Beet
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8It Hurts! It Hurts!!!

Here’s Heidi Montag “rapping” on TRL this week. I’m embarrassed for her. Which is nothing new. I’m usually embarrassed for her. So is the entire country. Heidi Montag is just, like, an all-around embarrassment.

Like, this one time, I was really drunk at a party, and Tupac’s “Changes” came on, and for some reason I knew all the words, and so I grabbed a can-opener, of all things, and used it as a mic to rap along to the entire song. Many people took photographs, and they still laugh about it to this day. Like, “Remember that time you rapped with the can opener at that party in San Diego? Wanna see the pictures?? I still have them!” and I’m like, “Oh, God, no. No pictures. No talking about that. Please. Burn them.” But, like, Heidi Montag essentially did that sober in front of a national audience. Very, very tragic.

April 16, 2008 at 10:41 am by Evil Beet
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4Is Jennie Garth Going Back to 90210???

Jennie Garth and Her Daughters, Pictures, Photos

Jennie had been cast in a CBS pilot called My Best Friend’s Girl, but she quit the show abruptly on Monday after the table read, fueling speculation that she wants to do the CW’s 90210 remake instead.

Jennie will be replaced in the pilot by Canadian actress Kristin Booth.

It’s been rumored that the 90210 pilot’s writer, Rob Thomas, has been trying to woo Jennie into coming onto his show. He wants to cast her as a fashion design teacher at her old high school. This sudden decision by Jennie seems to indicate that she wants the job. However, it should be noted that her real-life father recently passed away, so maybe Jennie’s just decided she wants to spend more time with her family (she’s pictured above with her daughters). I guess we’ll know soon enough.

April 16, 2008 at 10:33 am by Evil Beet
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13Jessica Is Soooo Jealous!


Come on, we’ve always known that underneath that whole “we’re sisters and we love and support each other unconditionally act,” there’s always been some serious sibling rivalry between Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.

And now OK! magazine is confirming that Jessica is, of course, ridiculously jealous of Ashlee right now.

“Jessica Simpson has yearned for a baby for years. She’s told friends that she can’t wait to be a mom and has even joked that if she has to, she’ll resort to making her hairstylist pal Ken Paves the adoptive daddy,” says an inside source. “Jessica never imagined that her tomboy younger sister would have a baby first. It would be very hard for her not to be jealous.”

Awww, don’t be jealous, Jess! When Ashlee’s marriage falls flat on its ass after six months, she’ll have a fucking baby to take care of! At least when you walked away from your ill-considered marriage, all you had to deal with was the wrath of the tabloids. They’re a pain in the ass, but they don’t wake you up screaming in the middle of the night.

April 16, 2008 at 10:23 am by Evil Beet

14Oh, God, Please Let Britney Release Her Video Diaries



Most exciting news EVER!!!!

It turns out Britney has been keeping VIDEO DIARIES for the past six months. (Weird … who’d've thought Britney liked to be on camera???) and now she’s “threatening” to release them online, or possibly to MTV.

Oh, please, Lord, just let her put this shit on YouTube. Please, please, please, please.

As well as rants about her family and friends, the singer reveals intimate information about her ex, Justin Timberlake, and her rivalry with Christina Aguilera.

“Britney’s video diaries are the talk of the Tinseltown elite,” we’re told. “Her high-profile friends and exes – including Justin – knew what she was up to but assumed she was filming herself as a form of therapy. If she does decide to go public with the footage, it’ll be explosive.

“Although some of it is really sad to watch – especially the parts where she’s close to breakdown – others are dynamite. Not surprisingly both JT and Kevin Federline are terrified the material will end up all over the net.”

Oh, man. I was one of those people who watched Chaotic religiously. Some episodes more than once. That shit was INCREDIBLE. If this happens I will throw a party and invite all of you to come over and watch. We’ll dedicate like an entire day around here to The Britney Diaries. I’ll create a formal discussion guide, like it was a book club or something. We’ll have soooo much fun. Oh, please, please, please, please!!!

April 16, 2008 at 10:10 am by Evil Beet
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