Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Welcome to My Radar, Chris Brown

That shit rocked. That’s the kind of show we needed to see out of Britney Spears at the VMAs.

Unfortunately, Britney and everyone else so far has been way too drunk to put on a decent show.

But Chris Brown? He’s only 18. And Las Vegas is the one place in the world where the drinking age is still enforced, even for celebrities. And his performance killed.

YOU ARE SO LAST SEASON, BRITNEY!! Good riddance to you.

Will You Look at Beyonce????

Beyonce Knowles in Gold Dress at the VMAs

She must have been pissed when Rihanna won for Monster video, but Beyonce won for Best Collaboration.

And will you look at those tits?

And the hair?? (Evil T is sitting next to me as I type this, and she’s like “You should say ‘the weave,’ because that’s not hair.” Hee hee. I ::heart:: T.)

Is Anyone Else Having Audio Difficulties with the VMAs?

Is this my cable box, or is everything just totally fucked up at the VMAs????? The audio is going in and out.

I wonder if everything is just all messed up over there, and that’s why Britney’s performance SUCKED HARDCORE.

We think Jennifer Hudson’s drunk, too. And someone should tell her an animal died on her head.

Justin Timberlake is waaaaaay drunk.

Having this thing in Vegas was the worst. Idea. Ever. Everyone is just way too drunk to do ANYTHING.

What the Hell Happened with Britney?

Where were all the illusions? Where was all the shocking stuff? What was supposed to be special about this?

A source out here in NYC tells me she missed almost every single rehearsal.

Homegirl looked drunk and/or high.

Do you think there were technical difficulties beforehand? Or do you think she just said “fuck this” and decided to do the most boring performance of her whole life??


Is Everybody Ready for the VMAs?????

I am soooooo psyched!!!

I’ll be kinda-sorta live-blogging. And through an amazing series of events, I have most of my best girlfriends from high school in my apartment for the occasion. So we will have all sorts of people around to weigh in on Britney. And I FOR SURE want to hear all of your comments!!!