Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Hot Threesome

I have to say the amount of fabulous in this photo is awesome. I love Johnny Weir so much. Here he is with fellow gay icons Carson Kressley and Richie Rich. They were in NYC to support Skating Under the Stars.

Johnny has yet to say he is the gayest man alive even though he has admitted an obsession with fashion and handbags. He didn’t do so well at this past World Championship but I don’t care because somehow I’m obsessed.

Sasha Cohen was there but I don’t really care. She’s no fun.

Sucks to Be Brandy

So folks laughed a bit when former superstar Brandy went from being a recording artist to judging “America’s Got Talent.” Now, after running over someone with her car, she is not doing that anymore.

Sharon Osborne has replaced Brandy as a judge on the show. Wow, Brandy’s star sure fell fast. She got knocked up, fake married, engaged again to an NBA star, dumped, accidentially killed someone and now got fired. I remember when she and Ray J were hot stuff.

Hey maybe she she should go into the porn business like her brother.

Dancing With the Stars

So my parents have decided not to enjoy the beauty that is DVR, and have yet to fix their one working VCR so I sadly missed the show last night due to the Arizona Diamondbacks Opening Day.

I love this show and I really hope you do to. Next week I will be back with more coverage. If you missed last night as I did you missed…

*Joey Fat One and Kym Johnson getting the only 10 of the night for their hot paso double.

*John Ratzenberger’s cute 91 year-old mom Bertha cheering him on.

*Heather Mills fan Spencer Dolan cheering her on. Spencer, a 12 year-old fellow amputee was given the chance to interview the dancers for “The Insider” after the show.

*Cheryl Burke, my favorite pro dancer in the competition, rocking some hot hair extensions.

If you missed the show as well here are some pics of the dancers from last night!
For all of those fans out there. Who do you want to win “Dacing With the Stars?”

This Is What’s Become of Leann Rimes


Shilling for Corn Flakes. Ooh, that gives me an idea. She should do a cover of Tori Amos’s “Cornflake Girl.” It would be good publicity for Corn Flakes and for Tori’s upcoming album! I don’t know why it would be good for Leann but who cares? She’s on a Corn Flakes box. It’s all over.

Pics taken at MTV studios in NYC.

leann5.jpg leann4.jpg leann3.jpg leann1.jpg