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OMG I Watched Celebrity Rap Superstar


Okay, I’ll admit I tuned in to watch Perez crash and burn. He wasn’t awful, although he’s still a long way from being really comfortable on camera, but I had no idea I’d be treated to the rap stylings of Jason Wahler, Kendra Wilkinson, Shar Jackson, Countess Vaughn and Sebastian Bach.

Kendra was adorable, per usual, but she can’t rap worth a damn. The judges went easy on her because Hef was watching from the balcony, looking rather concerned for her, and none of them wants to be bumped off the Mansion’s party invite list. PMOY Sara Jean Underwood was there with her, but Bridget and Holly were nowhere to be seen. Hmmm.

Jason Wahler was awful.

K-Fed ex Shar Jackson was awesome. I was so happy for her.

Sebastian Bach is a gigantic tool, and he didn’t rap so much as he growled. But he growled well, and of course he’s a genius on the stage.

The real gem of this show is Da Brat, as a judge. She honestly made me laugh out loud on several occasions, and I basically never do that when I’m alone.

After Jason Wahler’s pathetic showing, she was like, “No wonder Lauren dumped your ass,” and after Shar Jackson rocked the house, she was like, “I know your kid is at home like, ‘At least my mama know how to rap.’”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, I probably won’t be tuning in again, but I just thought I’d let ya’ll know what happened so you don’t have to bother watching it yourselves. Not that you would. Because you probably have real lives. Unlike me.

It’s Britney, Bitch

Thus begins the much-hyped Britney Spears comeback single, which hit the web tonight. It’s called “Gimme More,” and you can listen to it on the player below.

Because I’m wonderful, I transcribed the lyrics for you guys. They’re actually kind of interesting. It comes off as a great big “fuck you” to the general public. Like, “You wanna know why I’m crazy, guys? Because you fucking love it when I’m crazy. I do this for you.”

All in all, it’s a good dance track, and the remixes will be off the hook, but I don’t know if it’ll be enough to relaunch her career.

It’s Britney, bitch
I hear you
And I just wanna dance with you


Every time they turn the lights down
Just wanna go that extra mile for you
You got my display of affection
Feels like no one else in the room

Working me down like there’s no one around
We keep on rockin
Cameras are flashing while we’re dirty dancing

They keep watching
Keep watching
Feels like the crowd is saying

Gimme more

Center of attention
Even when we’re up against the wall
You get me in a crazy position
If you’re on a mission
You’ve got my permission

Working me down like there’s no one around
We keep on rockin
Cameras are flashing while we’re dirty dancing

They keep watching
Keep watching
Feels like the crowd is saying

Gimme more

I just can’t control myself
They want more
Well I’ll give them more

Gimme more

It’s a strange world …

Gimme more

Male voice:

Bet you didn’t see this one coming
The incredible ….
The legendary Miss Britney Spears
Ha ha
And the unstoppable danger
Ah, you’re gonna have to remove me
Cuz I ain’t going nowhere
Heh heh

Nicole Is Back to Being a Famewhore

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Pose in Central Park, As He Touches Her Pregnant Belly

Man. That was a really weird few months. But now that all 82 minutes of her jail stay are behind her, Nicole Richie seems once again to have warmed to her old pals, the paparazzi.

A preggers Nicole and her rumored fiance Joel Madden just happened to be posing adorably in Central Park when some photogs wandered by. What a coincidence!

Also: it looks to me like Nicole roots are dyed again. She let them go for awhile — we all figured it was because hair dye isn’t recommended for pregnant women — but I guess now that she doesn’t have to look like a responsible mom-to-be to avoid jail time, she’s back to focusing on being a hot mom-to-be.

joel_nicole1.jpg Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Hold Hands and walk around central park joel_nicole2.jpg

Does Leonardo DiCaprio Really Need Volunteer Labor?

Leonardo DiCaprio Used Volunteer Labor, Not Union, on Documentary Film The 11th Hour

FishbowlLA editor Kate Coe has an interesting article in Grist this week, regarding total hottie Leonardo DiCaprio’s new eco-documentary, The 11th Hour. She attended an LA press conference for the event, and posed a simple, yet challenging, question to Leo and the producers: “Is this a union film?”

The filmmakers seem flummoxed by my question. “It’s a documentary,” they offer. “It’s an independent film.” “It’s so low budget.”

None of which prevents a film from having a union crew, I point out. And having a union crew would seem to fit this film’s progressive agenda.

At this point, the rest of the press seems sort of embarrassed by the exchange — it’s so rude!

Attempting to explain my question, I remind the filmmakers that they just finished talking about how people should be aware of their choices. That they are advising consumers to avoid rainforest wood, sweatshop clothing, and chemical additives. To me, that also means watching films that have been produced in an ethical way.

DiCaprio stresses that any profits he gets from the film will go into nonprofit organizations — which is nice, but Hollywood bookkeeping is notorious for ensuring that even very popular films don’t turn a profit.

The producers then explain that it was just them and the editor and Leo in his mother’s garage, and everyone else was a volunteer. They latch on to this: Volunteers! Good! People really cared! Did we mention it was in Leo’s mother’s garage? The press sheet does include a disclaimer that its long list of credits is not contractual.

Kate goes on to make an interesting point:

So what, you may be thinking. It’s a good cause, and DiCaprio seems like a good guy. If people wanted to volunteer to help him out, what’s the harm? Besides, those Hollywood types can afford to skip a paycheck or two.

That may be true. But as I see it, it’s impossible to discuss — and attack — climate change without addressing issues of social class and economy. Encouraging conscious consumerism without addressing the underlying class and labor issues is irresponsible — no matter how green the product, how progressive the process. And it is, if you ask me, irresponsible to put out an “environmental” film that doesn’t quite follow the rules.

Rules like this:

* According to Kate McGuire of California’s Department of Industrial Relations, no one may work without pay (volunteer) for any organization other than a registered nonprofit or a state agency. Nor may any volunteer take the place of any paid worker.

* The Directors Guild of America confirms that no DGA member may work without pay on any production, volunteer or not, and that the Guild was not approached by the production company to work out a low- or no-budget contract option. IATSE (the technicians’ union), the Teamsters, the Writers Guild — all have similar provisions, and none was approached by the production.

* The Screen Actors Guild is tough on members who violate the bylaws — some even get expelled. DiCaprio, as a SAG member, worked on this film under a union contract made with Eleventeen Productions, an arm of Tree Media Group, the Conners sisters’ production company. His Pension & Welfare benefits were paid, as well. Other union members may not have been so lucky.

Rihanna: Cheating on Shia Already???


Okay, okay. Sometimes I just like to be sensationalist. Okay. I always like to be sensationalist.

I refuse to learn how to spell Shia LaBuioueaf’s last name, but I will happily run this picture of his alleged new paramour, Rihanna, holding hands with someone who is most certainly not Shia LaBeeuxiouf as she leaves Avalon last night.

Tsk, tsk, Rihanna! If you haven’t heard yet, Shia LaBizioueyf is totally the next big thing. Don’t blow it, girl!