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Halle Berry’s Tarnished Star


Everyone who heard Halle Berry just got a star said the same thing “How did she not have a star?? She’s an Oscar winner!” And they would be spot on except for one thing: The Hollywood Walk of Fame has very little to do with fame or merit. You see, like everything else in Hollywood, it’s for sale.

I’ve known this for awhile but people are always freshly surprised when I break the news that you buy your star when you need some pub (like Halle REALLY needs for the crappy Perfect Stranger flick). Read this article. A star cost you 15k and you have to fill out an application. You think Halle couldn’t have filed the paperwork after her Oscar and gotten accepted? C’mon. As long as you’re relatively famous and have 15k you’re in. So let’s not act like these stars mean something other than as a marketing tool.

For instance, guess who doesn’t have a star? Al Pacino. Does anyone in the universe think Berry has accomplished more than Pacino? The reason Al doesn’t have one is simple. He’s a star. He doesn’t need to file paperwork or pay money to have a glorified street plaque tell him so. The more you know!

Sarah Silverman


Just because.

Also, for the record, I gotta disagree with my sis’ EvilT on the whole Imus thing. I’m not really going to get into it but I’ll throw Sarah Silverman up there as an example of my point. She says the most offensive things and it’s plain old hilarious. I Love her. And so does Jimmy Kimmel.

For better or worse, Imus was trying to be funny. He may not be funny, but it’s always odd who we decide to be moral arbiters on. I call people names and ridicule all day long. Probably my low self esteem… but I guess the good news is I pretty much hate everyone, that’s why I’m filled with spite, as opposed to just hating on a specific group. And if you look at Imus’ record, on air he’s offensive to everyone. Off air he’s charitable and intelligent. One of those sides makes money. But to categorize him as completely hateful is just as “labelriffic” as the very thing everyone’s so bent out of shape about. The world will never be as easy as “He said something bad. Fire him.” If that were the case Sharpton wouldn’t be allowed on TV.

Crap. Now I’ve gone and gotten into it. Sigh.

Justin Chambers Should Sleep More Often



I mean, in general, when you’ve been chosen to host the opening of a New York night club (Triumph, in this case), it’s advisable to do a little more than roll out of bed and put on a jacket. You could, I don’t know, wear an undershirt that covers your entire chest, for instance. It’s a starting point. Mostly, though, get some rest, darling, and try not to look so unhappy to be there. It’s not like you’re Isaiah Washington hosting a gala at The Abbey.

Gotta Go!




ANTM winner Caridee English and Ashlee Simpson both look like they really have to pee at the opening of the Runway lounge in NYC.

Also, Cari, nice colored contacts. Even Paris Hilton’s at least look borderline natural. You look like you may have superpowers. Just not in modeling …

Late-Night Links

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This is Wrong

I don’t know why someone decided to support by Don Imus by making a teddy bear that says “Nappy Headed Ho.” It is 17.99 and advertised as…

“Our plush bear is a cutie in his own message-bearing t-shirt and festive red ribbon. He’s a great gift for Valentine’s Day, baby showers, birthdays, get well-wishes, a pair of wedding bears, or any reason you dream up. Put a smile on someone’s face. Just grin and bear it!”

Awesome support someone who essentially is a racist a-hole.

I understand free speech. I don’t understand ignorant comments that just are generally hateful. It is 2007 and that means you are supposed to be senstive to races, sexual orientations, and general cultural differences. You are allowed to make fun of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and people that put themselves in the public eye. Young women who work their butts off playing college ball aren’t allowed to be made fun of.

Should Don Imus have been fired. Yes. Should people defend his comments? No. Are we allowed to make fun of celebrities? Yes. We can say their pants make them look fat or that they seem drunk on American Idol. That is funny. Making racially motivated comments because you find it funny is socially irresponsible.

On that note. Lindsay Lohan’s face looks fat. Blond headed whore. See…doesn’t that sound better.

David Cassidy Doesn’t Love Paris Hilton

David Cassidy, the Partridge Family former teen idol, has come out criticizing today’s teen stars. In an interview with People Magazine David has come up with a brilliant phrase to explain the random fame of celebutantes like Miss Paris “I’m famous for being a whore” Hilton.

“Today people don’t care how they become famous. It’s the Paris Hilton syndrome. What does she do? Well, she doesn’t really do anything except go to nightclubs. For me it was always about the work.”

David Cassidy is a brilliant man. I love it when people trash Paris Hilton for being famous for nothing. If you care to know David is coming out with a new CD David Cassidy Part:The Remix. Old 70s grooves set to dance beats? David’s pretty fly for a 57 year-old.