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Yup: She is Actually Pregnant

Nicole Pregnant

So every celeb weekly keeps getting the “inside scoop” about Nicole Richie’s pregnancy. Now US is jumping on the bandwagon saying for sure that she is knocked up with the Madden spawn.

She is set to face a judge on July 11th after her second DUI. If found guilty she faces from 90 days to 1 year in jail. Even if she is pregnant she would go to jail and could quite possibly give birth in a city hospital.

Joel Madden is planning on making an honest woman out of Nicole. Hopefully he also feeds her some burgers as well. I did notice after watching a few episodes of the most-recent “Simple Life” that she is eating ALL THE TIME while doing the show. Now she is knocked up. Interesting.

Still waiting for the statements from both Christina and Nicole’s camp actually confirming that they are both preggers.

OMG, Who the Fuck Let Paula Abdul Do a Reality TV Show?

Whoever is managing this woman needs to be fired again and again and again.

I finally had the opportunity to watch an episode of Hey, Paula, and it is, to summarize, thirty minutes of Paula Abdul wasted. And I do mean for the entire thirty minutes. Seriously, guys, even the Real World kids tend to be sober for some measurable portion of the daytime. Not so with Ms. Abdul. The last time I saw a reality show about someone who was this ridiculously wasted all fucking day, it was called The Anna Nicole Show. And we all know how well that turned out.

Ratings for the show have been dismal, and rightly so. It’s mundane. It’s pathetic. It’s embarrassing. It’s not like watching a train wreck. It’s like watching the five-year-old you’re babysitting crash his Tonka trucks into each other. Over and over again.

But the blame for this extends beyond Paula. Someone pitched this show. Someone agreed to produce it. Bravo agreed to air it. And Paula Abdul herself must have been in at least one or two meetings with these people before any of this happened. So these people knew what they were getting into. It’s not like this woman is witty. It’s not like she’s insightful. It’s not like her day-to-day life is particularly interesting. Her staff obviously hates her, and everyone who has to interact with her does so in approximately the same tone of voice you’d employ with your young Tonka aficionado. So I have to figure that all these people were just betting on her being so fucking retarded all the time that it would make good TV. Paula, my dear, you may want to look for new management, preferably one who can focus on helping you conquer your drug problem rather than exploiting it.

I’ve included a clip of my favorite scene of this episode, in which Paula is touring the lab of a fragrance company producing the perfume to which she’s going to lend her name. She stumbles down the stairs to the lab, then drops a sampler on the floor, bends down to pick it up, and doesn’t see any pressing reason to stand back up again. She then says the word “sexpot” in much the same way I might, had I taken six Vicodin and polished off two tumblers of Scotch before 1 pm.

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Nick and Vanessa: Hot Tub Lovin

Update: Pics removed because Nick and Vanessa hate me.

I really wish we could give you the uncensored versions of these photos but sadly they have not came out yet.

As you see what we do have, via Famous Magazine, is a lovely set of candids of Nick and Vanessa getting their freak on in a hot tub during a recent vacation to Mexico.

These photos are slightly amusing and my favorite happens to be the one where all you see is her leg up in the air. They enjoy various positions and really these only help us prove that Vanessa is a bit of a freak.

Enjoy these for now. We are on the hunt for the dirty versions because that is how we do it here at the Beet. All naked. All the time.

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!


While we do love our international readers, we also love the USA, and we love having a day off from everything. So we’re taking the day off to hang out on the beach and BBQ and hopefully not sunburn too badly. See you all tomorrow!