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Titillating, Terrifying, or Tired: Charlie Sheen Masks

Charlie Sheen! Thumbs up!

(Photos via Facebook)

Artist Landon Meier’s nightmarishly realistic masks have been making the rounds at horror conventions nationwide (and on Regretsy, hee). He’s got baby masks, he’s got Jack Nicholson masks, but his most startling silicone likeness is probably that of Charlie Sheen.

Incredibly, the Charlie Sheen mask looks great from every angle—unlike cadaverous Charlie Sheen himself. Or, well, OK, they’re both pretty creepy. Either way, it’s like a cartoon come to life! Eek!

The masks are custom-made, with Charlie’s trademark bowl-cut painstakingly rooted by hand, so Mr. Meier has no trouble charging $2,500 a, uh, head.

Oh Good, We Finally Have Confirmation That Kim Kardashian’s Butt is Real

photo of kim kardashian butt x-ray pictures photos

I know it’s just the news you’ve been waiting for: that Kim Kardashian doesn’t stuff her pants or have, you know, weird (ass) implants of some sort.

Kim’s loving sister Khloe took it upon herself to post a photo of Kim standing next to what’s supposed to be an x-ray of Kim’s backside. However? It looks more like an enlarged gall bladder that probably belongs to Khloe, which Kim is now trying to pass off as her own. Ass, that is.

Um, good luck, ladies.

Selena Gomez Debuts Her New Video

So. Does anyone else think that Selena here kind of looks like Justin in the short silver-hair getup that she’s got going on at the 2:00 mark? And is as creeped out by it as I am mostly because of the visuals that follow?

Also, is Selena Gomez going to be a “thing” much like Jennifer Lopez or Kylie Minogue were a “thing”? Because I just can’t seem to get myself used to this little girl, I’m sorry.