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Are You James Brown’s Child?


Because you might want to check.

Yet another woman has successfully proven through DNA testing that she is the child of Godfather of Soul James Brown. She is the third person to do so since Brown’s death in December of last year. About a dozen such DNA tests have been performed since his death, either by people who genuinely think they’re his child, or who just want a part of his will. The will currently names six children, and is being disputed in court.

One of the newfound children is LaRhonda Petitt, a 45-year-old retired flight attendant and teacher in Houston. Another is a Florida woman who declined to be named.

The Bill Murray DUI?

Bill Murray Scores a DUI

While we were all sitting around waiting for Britney Spears to beat Hayden Panettiere to a DUI, Bill Murray was quietly tiptoeing his way back onto our radar. And onto the radar of the Swedish police.

The funnyman was spotted cruising around Stockholm, Sweden in a golf cart … drunk! Cops stopped him and smelled alcohol on his breath. According to the AP:

The golf cart had been on display for a week outside the downtown hotel where Murray and other VIPs attending the Scandinavian Masters golf tournament, were staying, tournament head Fredrik Nilsmark said.

Murray apparently drove the golf cart to the trendy Cafe Opera nightclub, less than a mile away, and was pulled over on his way back to the hotel.

Nilsmark said the vehicle wasn’t intended for guests but added: “I don’t hold any grudge against Bill Murray for borrowing our cart for a while.”

“He refused to blow in the (breath test) instrument, citing American legislation,” the police told the AP. “So we applied the old method — a blood test. It will take 14 days before the results are in.”

Murray was in Sweden attending a golf tournament. According to the AP, it’s not illegal to drive a golf cart in Sweden, but it is very unusual. If the blood tests come back positive, it is possible Murray would have to serve jail time, but authorities say it is more likely that a fine would be issued.

Coming next week: the Bill Murray crotch shot!

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Gwen Stefani Gets Dressed for Malaysia


After the singer took heat from critics in Malaysia who claimed her show was too sexual for the Muslim-majority country, she made some adjustments.

She burst onto the stage wearing a black leotard under a white short-sleeved shirt and black-and-white striped hot pants suit, with black gloves up to her elbows.

“I am very inspired tonight,” Stefani told some 7,000 cheering fans at an indoor stadium.

When Stefani announced tour dates in Malaysia, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party accused her of promoting promiscuity and corrupting the country’s youth and the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students claimed that her skimpy outfits and cheeky performances clashed with Islamic values.

“I’ve been in the music industry for 20 years and this is the first time that I’m facing opposition from people who have misunderstood me,” she was told an interviewer from a local magazine. “I’m not a bad girl.”

I Like Keira Knightley Today

Keira Knightley Admits She’s Been Airbrushed

In a recent interview with the UK’s Radio Times, the Pirates hottie openly credits her good genes and Photoshop for all the fabulous pictures of her gracing magazine covers.

“OK, I’m on the cover of a magazine,” she says, “but somebody else does the hair, and the makeup, and airbrushes the fuck out of me – it’s not me, it’s something other people have created.”

She also downplays the value of fame.

“It frightens me when kids go, ‘I want to be famous,’ ” she says. “Why? Because you can get into a restaurant? You know what? If you book [a table], you can get into a restaurant! ‘I want to be rich and famous.’ Go and work on the stock market.”

She commented on her recent lawsuit against a tabloid after it accused the super-skinny starlet of having an eating disorder.

“You couldn’t say anything more horrendous. So yes, I did take a hard line, and I would take that line again.”