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Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Go to a Red Carpet Thing Together

photo of taylor lautner and kristen stewart together pictures photos pics

The photos are really just because, and since Twilight has kind of been my new thing for the past few weeks, I thought it appropriate to show as many photos of the trio (and in this case, duo) as I could possibly muster.

Kristen and Taylor were photographed on the red carpet for A Better Life screening, a film about gangs and immigration and a man trying to give his son a, um, “better life” than maybe he had. I suppose that’s where that film title comes from. Huh.

Not pictured? Robert Pattinson, who’s probably working on, like, one of four movies or something right now.

Is it me, or is K-Stew just, like, so so gorgeous?

And Now, Tom Hanks with the Weather

Tom Hanks is going to try to eat a chili pepper

Yesterday, Tom Hanks visited the set of ¡Despierta América! (“Wake Up America!”), a Spanish-language morning show on Univision. Below, the Weather Report, which is already making the rounds online:

The clip, approximately:

- Today’s guest, Tom Hanks!

- Tom Hanks is sweating.

- Tom Hanks is sweating because he ate a chili pepper on a dare during the last segment.

- Tom Hanks preemptively begins dancing. Not yet, Tom!

- Maybe Tom Hanks is sweating because today is the hottest day of the year!


- Venezuela-born television personality Chiquinquirá “Chiqui” Delgado leads Tom Hanks to the green screen.

- Tom Hanks has trouble locating Hot-lanta.

- Tom Hanks marches toward Ecuador.

You can also watch the Tom Hanks food segment, the Tom Hanks interview, and the part where Wilmer Valderrama waves at Tom Hanks via satellite.

Just Because: Britney Spears Gives A Lap Dance

There’s a chance that Britney Spears is still crazy. Ok, no, she’s definitely still crazy, but she also definitely looking way hot these days, and that’s why it’s totally fine if you feel aroused by this video.  Just look at that guy – he’s totally feeling it.  Don’t hold back.  Let yourself be free, if only for one minute and thirty five seconds.

And here’s a fun fact about Britney that you might enjoy: if she takes it upon herself to tie you to a stripper pole in front of hundreds of people and sexy dance all over you, she’ll be sweet enough to drape a pink feather boa around your shoulders to discreetly hide your massive erection.  Isn’t that just the nicest thing you’ve heard in ages?