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I Guess Kate Walsh Found a Man Who’s Okay with Those Bangs


I suppose they look a lot better these days than they did when they first showed up.

Still, though …

Anyway, Kate, 39, just got engaged to Alex Young, a studio exec at Fox. The two have been dating a whole entire month.

Additionally, Kate’s Grey’s spinoff, now titled Private Practice, got picked up for a full season on ABC. It’s a good week to be Kate Walsh.

It was just back in March that Kate was quoted as saying, “Sometimes I feel like, ‘What am I doing? Am I becoming my character, or is my character becoming me?’ I’m starting to get a little superstitious here. I definitely identify with my character in that, romantically at least, this is not where I thought I’d be at 39.”

What a difference a couple months makes …

Anyone want to start a pool on her DUI?

Finally! Britney Spears Hates Her Mom!



When Britney and her mom co-authored the saccharine A Mother’s Gift in 2003, back when they were sticking with the “We’re best friends” party line, I remember thinking to myself, “I can’t wait until she’s on drugs and hates her mom.” The universe never disappoints me.

It was a rough Mother’s Day for Lynne Spears. Lynne was hospitalized in southern California hospital when a flu turned into pneumonia, and Britney refused to visit her, even on Mother’s Day. Britney also failed to call her mom on her birthday earlier this month. The pop tart is furious with her mother, who is latest on the laundry list of people she blames for her stint in rehab. Britney’s already publicly blamed her former manager, Larry Rudolph, who her own father rushed to defend.

“Britney says her mom betrayed her and she refuses to get over it,” a source tells the National Enquirer. “When she was told to give her mom a call, Britney said: ‘I’m busy, I have my own kids now.’”

brit_ew.jpg brit_ew1.jpg

What The Hell Happened at Hyde Last Night?



Some really interesting pictures coming out of the WhiteTrash Charms Playboy Jewelry Launch Party at Hyde last night. Kelly Osborne hosted the event, and basically looked like a drag queen doing her very best Kelly Osbourne. Those extensions look ridiculous on her. Also, she was making out with Kim Stewart on the dance floor.

Hef and Holly were there, and Hef couldn’t keep his hands off Holly’s belly. He never touches her like that. She also looks like she’s put on a couple pounds — could Holly finally be pregnant with Hef’s fat paycheck little baby?

Also, for some strange reason, Blake Lewis was there. And it doesn’t look like he changed after AmIdol wrapped their taping. Isn’t this the outfit he was wearing on the show last night?

Oh, and Melissa Rivers was there, looking man-ish as ever, as well as newly minuted PMOY Sara Jean Underwood, looking adorable for someone who, as our commentors noticed, doesn’t have a vagina.

kelly_blake.jpg melissa-rivers.jpg kelly_kim.jpg sju.jpg kelly_kim1.jpg


Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo looks…dare I say it…stunning at ABC upfronts. I think she might have gained some weight which makes her look much better. I never thought I would say it but she is quite pretty!

Jessica Biel Will Never Get Good Roles


My suggestion to Jess Biel? Marry a writer (like me) because at this rate your career as an actress is doomed. You’re a beautiful girl Jess, but the news today is bad to the bone.

A week after this Jessica Biel has taken a part as a stripper. Best of all the stripper role has a heart of gold!!

“Blue” follows a suicidal ex-priest (Whitaker), a stripper (Biel) with a terminally ill son, an elderly ex-con seeking to reunite with his daughter and a lovelorn mortician whose lives intersect in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve. Timothy Linh Bui wrote and directs the film, which begins shooting on location in July.

Well at least it’s with an established writer/director. You might know him from this or this. Oh no wait, you don’t. No one does. He’s got as many successful credits as me. I’m sure he won’t be at all tempted to exploit Jessica’s nudity to publicize his project. Small time directors never do that because it would be unethical.

Look, I realize stripper parts are out there. And someone has to play them. But ladies, if people already know your name don’t do this. Those parts should go to girls trying to make a splash, unknowns who desperately need to be known. Portman got away with it in Closer because it was about two minutes of the story and she’s already Natalie Portman. But Jessica won’t. You will never get real roles if you continue taking crap ones Jess. Just a word to the wise.

And hey, Jessica Biel’s agent: you suck.