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15The Bravest Prince!

On Monday, Prince Harry received a medal for his efforts in Afghanistan.

Later, with girlfriend Chelsy Davy at his side, he attended a service of remembrance and thanksgiving at the Holy Trinity Church.

Harry’s finally starting to lose his little-boy looks and that innocent twinkle in his eye. He’s turning into a man, and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

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25It’s Still My Blog, and I’ll Still Run Photos of Patrick Stewart If I Want To

Patrick, my love, my precious, darling Jean-Luc.

I would ride that ridiculous mustache into the sunset.

Let’s set our engines to Warp 69, baby.

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1Britney’s Big Day!!!!


BRITNEY SPEARS IS GOING TO COURT TODAY!!! All signs point to Britney actually showing up to her child custody hearing in LA today.

OMG I am so, so excited. Now that I have cable TV, I just want to invite all my friends over to sit in my living room and eat chips and dip and watch the coverage on CNN. Because you better fucking believe this shit is gonna be on CNN. It’s the biggest story of the year so far!


Britney spent Monday fulfilling her promotional contract with Bally’s by showing up to “work out” and then take a bunch of photos. I wonder how much they’re paying her to do this stupid crap.

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7Scarlett’s Ring!

I found it!

She refused to show off her new engagement ring to most of the photo agencies, but it looks like Splash News got a pic of it. How much you wanna bet some money exchanged hands to make that happen?

It’s nice and all. Nothing stunning, IMHO. I do kind of dig the heavy glitter on her hands though. It’s a cute, girlie touch. I’m sure she’s way excited.

[Image via ... you guessed it ... Splash]

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Scarlett Johansson was supposed to be showing off her new engagement ring at the Met’s costume ball tonight, but she totally fucked it all up! She’s got her arm behind Stefano Gabbanna in every single red carpet pic! I wonder who’s getting the exclusives on this …

And Beyonce? Totally ringless.


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OMG this is like my favorite event of the YEAR!!!

I would have written this post earlier, except the cable man came today to install cable and my new DVR, and it was like a precious angel descended from heaven in the form of a very friendly large black man and made it possible, for the first time in four months, for me to watch television efficiently again. Oh, joy joy joy! Watching House for the first time in four months is like having your husband return from Iraq. I feel whole again, like my best friend has come back into my life after a long and painful absence.

So anyway.

Let’s get to the dresses, shall we????

I’ll start with the best, then move on to the worst, and all the rest are in thumbnails after the jump.


Here’s Bee Shafer, Anna Wintour’s daughter. I adore this dress. I like that it manages to be both old-school and modern, and the color and embroidery are stunning.

Forget Mary-Kate; they didn’t pose for photos separately, but Ashley Olsen is looking absolutely stunning lately. She looks healthy, happy, natural, womanly, serene, and just overall fucking incredible. It’s such a joy to see after so many years of her looking like a bag lady.

Eva Longoria. Stunning. That dress is a work of art. I want to go swimming in it. Incredible.

Christina Ricci. I love this dress because it manages to be unique, shapely, fresh, and sexy without looking ridiculous. It was definitely a big risk, but I think it looks great.

Now for the fun part:


Piper Perabo. Um, talk about Coyote Ugly. You would not want to wake up next to this. Here’s what’s most appalling about this look: the art-deco dress, the Princess Leia hair, the high-school goth makeup, the space-age purse and the mismatched earrings. Yup, I think that about covers it. And thank God we can’t see her shoes, because I’m sure they’re, like, clogs or something. Who the fuck invites Piper Perabo to this event anyway?

Zoe Kravitz. Normally I adore Zoe, but here she looks like a little girl who rummaged through her mother’s closet. The dress doesn’t fit her, and the boa with the tassels? Did a stripper just graduate from college?

Kimora Lee. This is a costume ball, Kimora, not a Mexican restaurant. But I suppose it’s a success in that it totally distracts from your face.

Fergie. No surprise here. She looks like she killed Morticia Addams on the way to the ball. And what’s with the fat rolls over your boobs, Fergie? Maybe you should get back to the gym and be workin’ on your fitness. Or, ya know, get a dress that fits next time.

The only thing I hate more than Jessica Stam is Jessica Stam’s shoes. Why does she always insist on wearing those horrendous creations? They are flattering on nobody, nobody, nobody. They look like medieval torture devices. And red toenail polish with that outfit? How high are you, Jessica?

Okay, I think I’m done now.

There’s like 100 more photos after the jump, of everybody who’s anybody who’s not Paris, Lindsay or Britney. Britney’s in LA preparing for her court date tomorrow. Lindsay’s getting high with Samantha Ronson, and Paris — well — I don’t know why Paris isn’t there, but I’m just going to shut up and be grateful for it.


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