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Reggie Bush is Not Dating Kim Kardashian

photo of kim kardashian lookalike melissa molinaro pictures photos pic

I know that’s, like, such old news, but after seeing these photos you might question it. Lucky for you I’m here to correct your ass: the girl in the photos is Melissa Molinaro, a Kim Kardashian impersonator. D’you hear me? A Kim. Kardashian. Impersonator. As in she pretends to be Kim Kardashian and sometimes? She gets paid for it. Like this Old Navy shoot, where a woman (Molinaro) does a knock-off of Kim Kardashian at a slumber party:

photo of melissa molinaro kim kardashian lookalike impersonator reggie bush girlfriend pictures photos pics

Crazy, right? Here’s another photo of girlfriend just doing her thing, trying hard to NOT look like Kim Kardashian:

photo of melissa molinaro hot pictures photos

This nutty bitch even has the same style INITIALS as KK, just a few letters off.

In short? I don’t know who’s sadder – KK MM or Reggie Bush. I mean, girl’s gotta make a living somehow, and if posing as a Kardashian pays the bills, whatever. But dating the very same Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend? That’s … a little weird. And very sad for the ex-boyfriend in question.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison if you aren’t yet convinced just how weird all of this really is:

photo of melissa molinaro and kim kardashian side by side comparison pictures photos

Two images are courtesy of MediaTakeout

I Kind of Miss Miley Cyrus a Little Bit, You Know?

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Do you know what I mean? It’s kind of like fourth grade, when the boy that sits behind you and pulls your hair finally gets moved and he’s all angry about it and blames you for it, and then he realizes hey, that bitch who sat in front of me isn’t really all that anyway and moves on to pull the hair of the new girl sitting in front of him. You never really liked him all that much to begin with, but now that he wasn’t interested in you anymore it just made him SO MUCH MORE INTRIGUING.

Here we have photos of the US’s very own Miley Cyrus, still on her Gypsy Heart tour that’s stopping everywhere but here. You sad yet?

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