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Okay, This is Cute

Zac Efron and Bindi Irwin at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in Australia, Pictures, Photos

Zac Efron poses with little Bindi Irwin — daughter of the late Steve Irwin — at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in Australia.

Wearing a shirt that says “Until Somebody Better Comes Along,” no less …

Zac Efron and Bindi Irwin at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in Sydney, Pictures, Photos Zac Efron and Bindi Irwin at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in Australia, Pictures, Photos Zac Efron and Bindi Irwin at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in Australia, Pictures, Photos

Oh Thank Heavens! Gossip Girl Was Picked Up for a Full Season!


Okay, so I’ve watched a few episodes of this show, and it’s basically The O.C. if it happened on the Upper East Side. Like, almost verbatim.

But here’s what I don’t get:

Who is reading this girl’s blog?

And how has no one figured out who she is?

I mean, there’s a circle of like 100 people who give a shit about what’s happening in the lives of these high-school kids. It’s like if I had kept an “anonymous” blog about my high-school friends. Like 12 people would read it, and after about ten minutes they’d be like, “Oh, this is totally Evil Beet. She’s the only one who was at all four of those parties. Plus she’s the only one I know who still says ‘douchebag.’”

Anyway, for those of you who care — like my NYC roommies (SHOUT OUT, LADIES!!! I MISS YOU!!!) — it’s been picked up for a full season. Yay.

And You Thought Fear Factor Was Disturbing …

From Bogota, Colombia:

The hit game show “Nothing But the Truth” has been canceled after a contestant won $25,000 for admitting she hired someone to kill her husband.

Tuesday was the final day for the show, in which contestants attached to a lie-detector machine answered 21 increasingly invasive questions to win up to $50,000.

A U.S version called “Moment of the Truth” is still expected to be launched on Fox in the coming months, along with spin-offs in England, Australia, Germany, Italy and Spain, according to Howard Schultz, the Los Angeles-based creator of the show.

On the Colombian version, dollar-desperate contestants confessed everything from drug smuggling to homosexual prostitution before a studio audience packed with unsuspecting loved ones.

The episode that sealed the show’s fate was broadcast Oct. 2, when Rosa Maria Solano admitted she had hired a hit man to rub out her husband. “The crime couldn’t be carried out because the hit man tipped off my husband and he ran away forever — God save me,” said Solano after her revelation.

Facing negative public reaction and the threat of legal action for being an after-the-fact accessories to crime, Caracol Television pulled the plug.

Schultz, the creator of such reality TV hits as ABC’s “Extreme Makeover,” said he was unfamiliar with the controversial episode in Colombia, but did not fear it would slow the worldwide rollout.

“We’re very careful about the questions we ask,” he said, “and would never sanction any criminal behavior.”

Britney’s Going to Be Early For Something


She’s late for rehearsals. She’s late for performances. She’s late for drug tests and visitations and court dates.

But Britney Spears’ latest album?

It’s going to be early.

Britney’s album — the aptly named Blackout – was originally supposed to be released on November 13. Her label has pushed the release date up to October 30, ostensibly because so much of it has leaked online already.

“Due to these numerous unauthorized online leaks, the label is doing everything possible to prevent and avoid any further illegal distribution of songs including moving up the release date of the album to Oct. 30,” a rep for Jive Records says in a statement.

Yeah, right.

Jive doesn’t want Britney to go head-to-head with Celine Dion, who’s releasing her highly anticipated new album (which probably doesn’t suck) on November 13.

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