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Things Didn’t Go So Well at Britney’s Orlando Show

Britney in Fuck Hat

This poor girl can’t catch a break. At Britney’s House of Blues show in Orlando Saturday night, her pre-recorded vocals track skipped four times while she was lip-syncing to them. People in the audience started booing. According to a source at, “When the CD started skipping, she turned her back to the audience. Then when it stopped, she turned around with this look on her face like she was gonna puke!!! I really felt bad for her. Then the effin thing started skipping really badly again!!! And then again and again. It was crazy.”

Hey, Brit, it could be worse. The whole thing could have been on Saturday Night Live. Isn’t that right, Ashlee Simpson?

Well, Well, Well. Look Who’s Dressed Like a Normal Human Being.


Chloe Sevigny showed up at the Cannes premiere of Zodiac looking — dare I say it? — pretty. And normal. They must put something in the water in France. Someone should take Britney Spears over there.

Co-star Jake Gyllenhaal was there, along with Kerry Washington, who’s not in the film but decided to show up anyway, because she had a cool dress.

chloe2.jpg chloe3.jpg chloe4.jpg kerry1.jpg kerry2.jpg

Okay, Okay, Pam Anderson’s Still Pretty Hot


I give her a lot of shit for, you know, aging over these last few years, but after popping out two kids, battling Hep C, and enduring over 25 divorces, the Tool Time Girl still looks damn good. This bitch is 39 — she’ll be 40 in a little over a month — and her body still looks better than mine did at 17. Not. Fair.

She’s in Cannes, at a yacht party for her new film, Blonde and Blonder. Denise Richards, who co-stars with her in the film and who just broke up with Heather Locklear’s seconds, doesn’t appear to have made the trip. Interestingly, earlier this month, the story was that Anderson would not be attending, choosing instead to spend time with her sons, but Richards would be there instead. It seems as though there’s been a change of plans. I wonder if Richards’ recent break-up had anything to do with it …

pam1.jpg pam2.jpg pam4.jpg pam5.jpg

Ryan Phillippe Just Wants the Kids


Despite the fact that Reese Witherspoon is worth considerably more than he is, and the couple did not sign a pre-nup, Ryan Phillippe will not be seeking alimony from his soon-to-be ex-wife; he is asking only for joint custody of their two children, Ava, 7, and Deacon, 3. Phillippe asks that visitation rights be “equally distributed,” and is not blocking Reese from seeking spousal support from him.

The couple separated in late October, after Reese caught Ryan having an affair with Australian actress Abbie Cornish. They filed for divorce in November. Reese has since been linked to co-star Jake Gyllenhaal.

Photoshop Award of the Day


Did Andy Roddick get pumped up by Men’s Fitness? Andy is in amazing shape…I have seen him play in person and he is hot and foxy but not that buff. Perhaps he has been lifting a lot of weights but usually tennis players don’t bring the guns like Andy is here.

His head also looks like it is pasted onto someone else’s body. It is really weird to be perfectly honest. I gotta say really the body looks hot but this is not my beloved Andy, and if it is…wowza…he got even hotter!