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Ivanka Trump Kills Stuff

Ivanka Trump Stuff Magazine

Here’s Ivanka Trump, celebrating her cover of Stuff magazine, the poor man’s alternative to Maxim. She’s on the cover of the fall fashion issue. The event was held at Trump Tower, and Donald was there with her on the carpet, as he’s certainly not one to pass up an opportunity to use his daughter’s sex appeal to further his own fame.

This is nice and all, but I love that this is happening as Stuff magazine is probably folding. From the Hollywood Reporter:

The future owners of Dennis Publishing’s men’s titles plan to fold Stuff as a standalone magazine in the fall and make it a section in flagship Maxim, sources told Mediaweek. No word on the fate of Stuff’s staffers.

The news hardly comes as a shock; it was widely expected Stuff would take a different form after it was sold, along with Dennis Publishing’s other U.S. men’s titles, to private equity firm Quadrangle Group, in a $240-plus million deal. Alpha Media Group, the new name for Dennis Publishing’s men’s titles, is expected to close on the deal as early as next week.

Dennis launched Stuff as a smaller-circ, shopping-focused title, to block Emap’s FHM from gaining ground on Maxim by offering advertisers a lower-cost alternative to Maxim. But Stuff has teetered between the red and black, and FHM folded late last year, leading some to question Stuff’s reason for being.

First you killed The Apprentice, Ivanka, and now Stuff magazine? What are you going to destroy next? Hm, maybe you should spend more time around Paris Hilton …

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Documents in Spears/Federline Divorce Case May Be Unsealed


Thank you, People magazine! The celeb rag, along with KNBC-TV, have filed a motion asking that the documents in the Spears/Federline divorce case be made publicly available. A court commissioner said today that he would consider the motion.

“They’re appropriate participants in here,” he said.

Kevin’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said the documents discussed in the motion contain information about the schedules of the couple’s children and other details that could put the kids in jeopardy. “It would be best for the children that they not be exposed,” he said.

Amy Winehouse in Rehab for Real This Time?


The Mirror told us Amy Winehouse was in rehab last week, but it wasn’t true. This week, they say she’s there for reals, and, most days, I couldn’t be bothered to care about this story, but so far this has been the slowest news week ever (we need you out of rehab and drinking, Lindsay!), so we’re going to write about Ms. Winehouse and her supposed new rehab stay.

Winehouse and her husband, Blake Civil-Fielder, have flown from England to the U.S. to seek help with their drug addictions, which include heroin, cocaine and, yes, horse tranquilizers. I think that last one is kind of a good indication that you have a drug problem. Like, sure, you’re a rock star, you experiment with heroin and cocaine — I guess that’s not uncommon — but when you and your husband finish up dinner and decide it’s time for a round of horse tranquilizers, it’s time to take a good hard look at where you think your life is headed.

Amy and Blake’s families staged an intervention after Amy’s friend caught her smoking heroin just days after she was released from the hospital for an overdose. Says a source: “They now realise that if they don’t get help now, they will both die young. This is their watershed, their wake-up call. Both families were terrified by the state Amy and Blake had got themselves in and decided enough was enough. It was the first time Blake also admitted he had a drug problem. It was a brave step for both of them to agree to treatment and their families are very proud of them.”

Breaking! It’s Possible Paris Hilton is Not a Changed Person!


We’ve seen a very different Paris Hilton this past month. The starlet has stayed away from Hyde, Area and Les Deux, and has instead popped up at events to support green vehicles, spinal cord injury advocates, and safe, healthy California coastlines. So what gives? Did Paris’s jail stay really change her outlook on life?

No way, say her pals. After her jail stay, Paris parted ways with longtime publicist Elliot Mintz, instead signing up with crisis manager Michael Sitrick, who’s been guiding Hilton’s image rehab. “She’s being smart right now,” says a Paris friend, “but she’s a party girl at heart . . . we’ll just have to wait and see.”

When she’s not attending charity events, Paris has been partying in private at her Malibu beach pad, where she was recently spotted smoking what I’m sure is a hand-rolled cigarette.

“You can tell that it’s hard for her that she is not supposed to be seeking the attention anymore,” said a paparazzi on the Paris beat. “She is going to the types of events that her people tell her to go to. But she is definitely staying away from the club scene. Paris is all about her dogs and hanging out alone.”