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Don’t Get Your Hopes Up, But There May Be a Britney Spears Sex Tape


In Touch is reporting that a man Britney met while vacationing in Hawaii left a video camera running (without Brit’s knowledge) during their hook-up session, and he might be releasing the tape.

The only thing holding him back?

He’s embarrassed about his own performance!

“It was just normal, we didn’t do anything crazy,” he says. “It was a little disappointing. It lasted for about 25 minutes and then we passed out.”

Meanwhile, Britney’s two kids have been photographed looking happy as ever hanging out with the nanny near K-Fed’s house.

Beyonce has a sister?!?!

Solange Knowles

Maybe you already knew that, but I had no clue!  She sounds awesome though.  Seriously.  Beyonce may have multiple pop hits, a powerful boyfriend, a butt load of money, and a sweeeeeeeeet ass, but her sister has a divorce and a baby!  You say oh my, my!  Solange recently discussed her totally original and intriguing life in Essence Magazine.   All at the age of 21!  Personally, the latter sounds much more exciting.  I’m almost positive that she doesn’t have any identity/self-esteem issues, and she surely doesn’t compare herself to her sister . . .  Oh, wait.  It was recently reported that she is recording an album of her own.  Hmmm . . . .

I Will Stop Running These Pictures as Soon as Carrie’s Outfits Stop Fascinating Me



Which will probably be never. So you can love it along with me or you can roll your eyes and go on to the next post, because I’m probably not going to stop anytime soon.

We’re still filming SATC in Manhattan — where it’s sometimes winter, apparently.

I think Carrie must dye her hair at some point in the film, since these pictures were taken on the same day, and SJP’s hair color changes throughout. She goes dark for winter, light for summer.

I am so excited for this movie.

Okay, Is It Just Me or Is America Ferrera Getting Way Hotter?

America Ferrera on TRL, Pictures, Photos

Ugly Betty on TRL

It’s not that she was ever, like, horrifically ugly, but she was on TRL on Monday, and homegirl looked damn good. I mean, she was always just kind of an average-looking girl who played on ugly girl on TV, but now she’s starting to look like a starlet. I guess an Emmy will do that.

Hopefully she won’t pull an Anna Faris and get a ton of work done. I think she’s super cute right now, just the way she is.