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What the Hell Happened with Britney?

Where were all the illusions? Where was all the shocking stuff? What was supposed to be special about this?

A source out here in NYC tells me she missed almost every single rehearsal.

Homegirl looked drunk and/or high.

Do you think there were technical difficulties beforehand? Or do you think she just said “fuck this” and decided to do the most boring performance of her whole life??


Is Everybody Ready for the VMAs?????

I am soooooo psyched!!!

I’ll be kinda-sorta live-blogging. And through an amazing series of events, I have most of my best girlfriends from high school in my apartment for the occasion. So we will have all sorts of people around to weigh in on Britney. And I FOR SURE want to hear all of your comments!!!


See? Paris Hilton’s Not Racist.

Paris Hilton and 50 Cent at Tao in Las Vegas

Paris Hilton and Fitty Cent at TAO in Las Vegas

Paris parties it up with 50 Cent at TAO in Las Vegas. Everyone’s there in preparation for the VMAs … including Britney Spears, who was at the same club with BFF Alli Sims. No report of a catfight yet, but no pics of the two of them together. And what the hell is Britney doing out last night? Her big comeback performance at the VMAs is today. Shouldn’t she be resting?? Come on, Brit!!!

britney_tao.jpg Britney Spears and Alli Sims at TAO in Las Vegas

It’s My Dick in an Emmy!

Congrats to Justin Timberlake and the gang at SNL.

“My Dick in a Box” actually won a Creative Arts Emmy.

“I think it’s safe to say that when we first set out to make this song, we were all thinking ‘Emmy!’” Samberg said in accepting the award Saturday for best original music and lyrics.

“The other thing we were thinking was, ‘Hey! Here’s this young up and comer, Justin Timberlake, who is clearly very talented and could clearly use a break,’” Samberg said. “So, Justin, if you’re out there, congrats to you, kid.’”

The Devil Wears Ralph Lauren?

Anna Wintour, Ralph Lauren, Ricky Lauren, at Fashion Week in NYC

You can always count on Anna Wintour to emerge from her crypt and show her face during Fashion Week. The occasion even warranted a rare smile. Okay, it’s a half smile, but she tried.

Here’s the Devil herself at the cocktail party for the Ralph Lauren show, with Ralph and Ricky Lauren.

Not sure why I’m so obsessed with her. But I am.


Eve at JET Nightclub in Las Vegas

She is everywhere.

You guys, I know it must seem like I’ve run a lot of Eve pictures lately, but, you guys, I even skipped some. Wherever there is a photographer, that is where you will find Eve. SCRAM bracelet and all. Honestly, she is showing up on WireImage with a Paris Hilton frequency. (And speaking of Paris, she’s been suspiciously absent lately, given both Fashion Week and the VMAs.)

Apparently she’s done with Fashion Week, and has hit up the west coast in preparation for the VMAs. She was spotted in JET in Las Vegas, at a party hosted by an adorably blonde Nelly (the “I’m Like a Bird” one, not the “I’m just kiddin like Jason … unless you’re gonna do it” one).

Nelly Furtado is Blonde, at JET Nightclub in Las Vegas