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Jim Carrey’s Daughter is Totally Hot

Jim Carrey and his Daughter, Jane, at UCLA Early Childhood Development Partial Hospitalization Program Cocktail Party

Check out Jim with his 20-year-old daughter, Jane. She’s quite the cutie. And I’ve never seen her with Paris Hilton, so she’s alright in my book.

Jim, ever the the dutiful boyfriend, showed up to support girlfriend Jenny McCarthy, who hosted a cocktail party for the UCLA Early Childhood Development Partial Hospitalization Program.

I don’t know what that means, but I do know two things that might shed some light on it:

1) Jenny McCarthy has a son with autism

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy at UCLA Early Childhood Development Partial Hospitalization Program Cocktail Party

Did You Guys Know Joni Mitchell Just Released a New Album?


I’m sorry to veer off the traditional menu of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, but I absolutely adore Joni Mitchell. I grew up with my dad singing me Joni Mitchell songs to help me sleep. I think Blue is one of the greatest albums in the history of, well, the world. I’ve been listening to it since I was a little girl, and it never gets old.

So I was really excited to hear that, at age 63, Mitchell has released her first album of new songs in nearly a decade, Shine.

I’m listening to it on Rhapsody right now, and it’s pretty damn cool. Her voice isn’t what it was in the ’70s, of course, but it’s still immensely calming and beautiful. Plus there’s a new version of “Big Yellow Taxi,” which is, to put it simply, just incredible.

Anyway, the AP has an amazing interview with her with a ton of incredible quotes. I couldn’t choose what to say in my little blurb, so I just put the whole article after the jump.

And now we’ll return to talking about young, irresponsible people. I promise.

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Snoop Dogg’s Taking Out the Trash


As a part of the sentencing from his recent guilty plea to the charge of being a freakin’ genius attempting to smuggle a collapsible baton onto an airplane, Snoop Dogg will be picking up trash around an Orange County park for 160 hours.

County officials are refusing to name the exact park, because, you know, it’s gonna take more than 160 hours for the media to figure out where Snoop Dogg’s picking up trash.

“He’s glad to make a contribution to Orange County,” said Snoop’s lawyer.


Britney Spears Crotch Shot Vagina Pussy Beef Curtains Picture, Recent, October 11

I’m not kidding.

Once again.

Britney knows exactly what she’s doing at this point.

As if we don’t write about her enough, Britney decided to give the paparazzi another glimpse of her vagina on Thursday.

Thanks, Brit. Your vagina is so awesome.

In fact, it’s so awesome, it should get to have two young children spend the night with it.

Oh wait.

Uncensored pics are inside.

Update: I’d just like to note that there are currently thousands of people on this site who are here searching for “Britney Spears crotch shot October 11.” I find it endlessly amusing that Googlers now understand that they need to specify precisely which Britney Spears crotch shot they’d like to see.