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19Jamie-Lynn Sigler Is Single

Not that anyone except Ashley Olsen cares, but Jamie-Lynn and her beau of two years, Scott Sartiano, have split.

“They are currently split up as they’re living on different coasts and their lives are taking a different direction,” the source says. “They are still really close and you never know what is going to happen in the future.”

The relationship turned rocky recently, and “she went to New York to work on their problems,” says a friend of Sigler’s. “She was in New York up until a few days ago and that’s when it ended.” Another friend called the breakup “mutual. They have both accepted it and are doing their own thing. They’re still very close and share so much love for each other.”

Jamie’s been spotted out and about on the LA scene recently, and told People magazine “I’m going to Coachella. It’s gonna kick off my summer fun with the girls! It’s all about me right now. And I like that. I’ve never had that in my life.”

God, you know what I hate? When chicks say shit like that. Because it always means they’re going to get back with their boyfriend or have a new one in, like, two weeks. Like, I’ve been single FOREVER and I always used to get excited when my girlfriends would break up with their men and be like, “Oh, yay, it’s all about me, it’s all about girl time, I really just need to focus on me right now,” and I’m like, “Hooray, I’ll finally get to spend time with you and have a single girl to go out with!” and then ten seconds later they’re like, “Oh, we’re back together now, I’m so happy” or “You have to meet Matt, he’s my new boyfriend, I’m so in love and so happy!” and meanwhile I’m still TOTALLY FUCKING SINGLE. But whatever. I’m not at all bitter.

Here’s a tip for your twenty minutes of singledom, Jamie: Ditch that lipstick.

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40The Alex McCord Naked Photos

Um, yeah.


1) I don’t give a shit about Desperate Housewives of NYC.
2) SplashNews already kind of hates me for consistently stealing their “exclusives.” When I do it, I get condescending voicemails from them like, “My darling Evil Beet, we really need to chat about your behavior recently …” and
3) My ad sales team thoroughly hates me because they can’t find people who want their ads to run on my “porn” site.

In light of all these factors, we are not hosting the uncensored Alex McCord naked photos on the site. You can, however, view them here. They are very NSFW. I can, like, practically lick her labia across my computer screen.

Oh, and also, did anyone else notice how this woman is totally not at all attractive from the neck up? She kind of reminds me of Ann Coulter.

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11I Want Ice Cream, Too

Here’s Victoria Beckham and her sons, Romeo and Cruz, getting some ice cream at The Grove.

Mmmm, ice cream sounds really yummy right now.

You guys wanna know what I ate today?

Okay, so I got up this morning and, before heading to work around 11 am, I ate half of a roast beef sandwich left over from last night. Then I got to work and was like, “Hm, I’m still hungry.” So I go down to the cafeteria thinking maybe I’ll have a nice apple or something. I leave with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and an oversized peanut butter cookie. And then on my way back to my office I pass the office of a lady who always has this big bowl of chocolate candy on her desk. And I’ve never met her, but I decide to pop in and ask if I can have some of the chocolate. She says sure, so I take a Twix bar and a bag of M&Ms. I then get two Cherry Cokes from the free soda machine. Lastly, I return to my office, and consume all of these things in the space of like 10 minutes.

And now I want some ice cream.

I am so, so disgusting.

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23Sex & The City Theme Song: “Labels or Love” by Fergie

Here’s a first listen to Fergie’s “Labels or Love,” the theme song for the upcoming SATC movie.

It kind of plays on the original theme song. Except that the original theme song is way, way, way better. Namely, because Fergie isn’t singing over it. Wow, this song really sucks. It’s nauseating. I’m listening to it as I write this, and I just hate it on all new levels as it continues. Okay, I’m muting my computer now. I can’t handle any more. Listen at your own risk, you guys.

Everything about this film is going to be a disaster. Mark my words.

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“We quickly moved in together and played house. It was idyllic. I was so selfish. I liked to drink, and I had a drug problem, and that didn’t jibe with Sarah Jessica, because it is the furthest thing from what she is. She provided me a home and understanding. She tried to help me. She was so miffed when I didn’t get my act together … I was making money. I was mercurial and recklessly undisciplined and, for the most part, I was happily anesthetized. Sarah Jessica would pull me out of a hangover, and we’d go pick out furniture together. She is a force of nature! … I was in love with Sarah Jessica, and love clearly was not enough. I was meant to move on. And, after some heartache, she was meant to find her home with a great star. [Matthew Broderick] is a lot more gifted and grounded than I ever was. They have a great kid.”

Robert Downey, Jr., on his relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker to Parade magazine.

Parade has a great interview with RDJ this week. You can read more excerpts from it here and here.

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13Look at All the Celebrities Who Showed Up to the Girls Gone Wild Magazine Launch Party!

Joe Francis and Kardashian Girls, Pictures, Photos

The Kardashians.

That’s it.

Not a Kristin Cavallari, not a Heidi Montag, not even a Bai Ling or a Phoebe Price. No one else wants to be associated with this trainwreck.

Just the Kardashians.

It’s nice to see there’s still one family in this town willing to stand behind a misogynistic, drug-addicted rapist.

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