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24We Will Never Be Done Talking About Those Miley Cyrus Pictures

In fairness, it’s only been like two days, but I’m already so sick of everyone and their brother weighing in on the Miley Cyrus cover of Vanity Fair.

A source tells ET that her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is furious about the pics, and did not consent to them being taken.

Our source is adamant that he would never have agreed to that set up and that he only left the photo shoot after his portion was complete that day because he had a prior commitment.

In addition, ET has learned that he was not shown those specific shots before they were selected for publication.

And on the Disney front, a high-ranking employee over there tells the NY Post that “You won’t be seeing her for a while. The company is keeping her away from events … They’re trying to keep her contained.”

In other news, I am fucking exhausted and am going to take a nap. I’ll check in with you guys later.

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23A French Delivery!

Team Brangelina has moved to France, where Angelina plans to deliver biobaby #2.

Angie, Brad and all four kids are holed up at Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s estate on the French Riviera, which offers a great deal of privacy for the famous family.

“They love France and will now be here until after the babies are born and Angie is looking at Marseille hospitals as a potential place to give birth,” says a source.

Angelina is due this summer.

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19It’s Cold, Yo!

Here’s Guy Ritchie, being a good step-daddy by taking Lourdes and Rocco to the Speed Racer premiere in London in the pouring rain.

Yeah, Rocco looks freezing and miserable in every photo from this event.

Lourdes, though, knows how to work a camera even when it’s cold outside. This girl is gonna be such a star.

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5Coming to America

Guess who finally got her U.S. citizenship?

Former Canadian Pamela Anderson!

“Being a citizen excites me not just because I can vote, but because I can crack the whip on Capitol Hill to defend animals,” says Pamela.

Late last year she said, “Five more years of tits and ass and I’ll go back to Canada.” But now it looks like she might be here to stay. And now we can’t even find a reason to deport her!

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18Someone Is Going to Have to Explain This To Me

With all the time that Lindsay Lohan spends at hair salons, how in God’s name does she still have roots?

Do massive amounts of cocaine somehow impact the hair follicle’s ability to absorb dye?

I’m so confused.

Here’s Lindsay at some party for LG Electronics. After the jump, more photos from this event, including Lauren Conrad, Bai Ling, Christine Lakin (and Christine Lakin’s tan lines), Emmy Rossum, Tila Tequila and Heidi Montag.


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16Look Who’s Helping!

Paris and her wonky eye are modeling the “We ::heart:: to Erase MS” t-shirt, supporting the Nancy Davis Foundation’s 15th Annual Race to Erase MS.

I don’t understand what this shirt means, really, but I’m all about curing MS.

To learn more about this charity and the race, click here. To buy a T-shirt or otherwise contribute to the charity, click here.

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