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That Dude from Law & Order Might Run for President

Fred Thompson May Run for President

No, not Sam Waterson. Fred Thompson, who has played D.A. Arthur Branch on basically every L&O series since 2002, is contemplating a run for the Republican primary. Thompson, who was a Tennessee senator from 1993-2003, is reportedly “testing the waters” by beginning to raise money and hire staff.

“He is entering the ‘testing the waters’ phase,” says a source. “It allows the senator to go out and gauge support.”

If he decides to move forward with the candidacy, he will likely announce by early July.

S. Epatha Merkerson for VP!!!

Britney Spears Drunk and Puking at Hotel Bar

Britney Spears Drunk and Puking

Yeah, you read that right. Not Lindsay this time. Britney Spears, who recently released a letter to fans stating she had “hit rock bottom,” apparently has a little farther to fall still. On Sunday night, Britney had to be carried out of The Mondrian’s hotel bar after she was discovered puking uncontrollably in the bathroom. She told the staff: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Things aren’t going well for me at the moment.”

Says a source: “Britney was found slumped over the toilet bowl with make-up smeared over her face and her wig hanging off. She had a room booked at the hotel but was too ill to stay and was begging her bodyguard to take her home. She looked a real mess and was sitting on the floor with her head over the bowl throwing up. There was vomit down the front of her black dress and around her mouth. Britney was on her knees and must have been sick four or five times. She didn’t really seem with it.”

Britney also had to be helped out of the hotel because she couldn’t stand up on her own.

Interestingly, Lindsay Lohan also spent Sunday night drunk and puking. Maybe it’s time for Britney’s second rehab go-round, too.

The Evil Beet Barbie Should Be Available Soon


I guess Mattel is just hooking people up with their own Barbie doll left and right these days. This one is from a group called RBD, whom I’ve never even come close to hearing of, but evidently they’ve sold 12 million records in Brazil (where they speak Portuguese, thanks 6th grade International Relations class!). They were also on a show called Rebelde, which, loosely translated means “rebel” (there are also come connotations like “maker of soup”).

I also saw the group 3-6 Mafia has their own doll (I saw it on the hit MTV2 show The Real Adventures of HollyHood) so I guess I should be de-sensitized to this sort of thing but I remember the good old days where you had to look really blonde or be a ninja turtle to get your own doll.

Isabella Has a Growed Up Daughter?


Did you know Isabella Rossellini has a fully grown daughter? I sure as hell didn’t. And it seems as though the daughter (Elettra) is sort of hot too.

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday Isabella was on “the list” of Ross?

Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I need to get back in the game but I was truly taken aback by this. If I add all these figures up, and carry the one… it means I’ve aged.

This will require some further research.