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Lindsay Lohan Was Totally Sober at her “My House Arrest is Over!” Party

photo of drunk lindsay lohan 2011 pictures outing bar photos pics

Yup, this is what Lindsay did on her first night of freedom. Dinner and … I don’t know. Whatever kind of drugs and alcohol that can be supplied in an upscale LA restaurant’s bathroom stall. I’m sure it wasn’t a HUGE array, but there was probably your basic garden variety of substances to choose from. Judging by these pictures, I’m saying the vehicles of the night were probably Grey Goose, cocaine, and some kind of bargain-basement meth.

You know, how it would be if Lindsay weren’t COMPLETELY REHABILITATED, anyway.

Let’s Look at Katy Perry’s Red Hair Again, Shall We?

photo of katy perry red hair perfume launch canada pictures photos

I know a lot of you guys probably even forgot that Katy Perry dyed her hair red, and the rest just chalked it up to bad, brief nightmare, but I’m here to prick the air out of your puffed-up balloons by saying that it’s REAL. Katy Perry officially has ditched her Minnie Mouse-on-Ecstasy look and has gone all … soft and demure and GINGER.

The photos we’ve got here are from girlfriend’s fragrance launch – the name of the perfume is ‘Purr,’ and why yes, I am as gagged up about the name as you probably are – and they depict Katy’s lovely profile, Katy being weirdly and unintentionally seductive with a microphone, and for you total weirdos out there, the image of Katy as a kitty. She just rocks those ears hard, doesn’t she, folks.

The one redeeming thing about these photos? The dress. I am LOVING THE DRESS. Seriously. Any crazy fashion stalkers out there that can score me a link to where I can get my hands on it?