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“It’s funny that the man is always applauded for it. It’s like, ‘You change diapers?’ You’d better change diapers. We’re not in the ’50s, buddy!”

Jennifer Garner, whose husband, Ben Affleck, clearly changes diapers.

David Beckham Voted Top Man of 2007

David Beckham AskMen Top 49 Men of 2007

Congrats to David Beckham, who headed up’s list of Top 49 Men of 2007.

Global soccer icon David Beckham became the $250-million man when he (and wife Victoria) moved to Beverly Hills to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS. Between his tremendous talent, English charm, stylish wardrobe, and slick haircuts, Becks is single-handedly making soccer relevant stateside.

Um, if David Beckham made soccer relevant stateside, someone forgot to send me the memo.

Did anyone else get it?

Maybe if they put it in Britney Spears’ vagina I’d see it.

To find out who else made the list, check out their site.

Why Did Marie Osmond Pass Out on Live TV?

Everyone’s running this video, but can we talk about the why?

I mean, did you notice that no one on set seemed particularly surprised when she passed out? Does this happen often? Does she have a medical condition?

Other possibilities:

- Dress too tight
- Eating disorder (or recent crash dieting)
- DRUGS!!!

Let’s brainstorm, people!!! This is where gossip gets FUN!!!

Heidi Fleiss’s Stud Farm is Rearing to Go!

Heidi Fleiss’s Nevada Male Brothel, the Stud Farm, is Hiring, Plans to Open in Less Than Two Months!

Heidi Fleiss’s male brothel in Nevada has been open to applicants for quite some time.

I know this because I came upon the Stud Farm’s website last month while trying to convince another company to pay me to visit the Bunny Ranch and write about it. (That didn’t fly. I still love Cathouse, though.)

Anyway, the application has just been updated with this line:

We plan to open 40 to 60 days from now.

That’s less than two months, ladies!

And lest you boys be getting excited, note that it also contains this line:

There will be no male to male sexual services offered.


HBO is filming the building of a brothel, it will be up to the individual to participate. If one does not want to participate it will not effect their employment. All endorsements, novelty, appearance fees, print, news, TV and other forms of media will be negotiated at that time. Thank you. We are looking forward to meeting with you.

Yay! Cathouse: The Men! OMG I can’t wait!!!

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Well, Well, Well, Look Who’s on TRL!

Shar Jackson, Winner of Celebrity Rap Superstar, Performs on TRL, Pictures, Photos

It’s Shar Jackson, the winner of Celebrity Rap Superstar, performing on TRL.

Getting dumped for Britney Spears was the best thing that ever happened to this girl.

She looks great and she sounds great. She still has custody of her children. We haven’t got a single crotch shot of her.

I love this girl.

The story ain’t ever over ’til it’s over, kids.

Shar Jackson, Winner of Celebrity Rap Superstar, Performs on Total Request Live, Pictures, Photos Shar Jackson, Winner of Celebrity Rap Superstar, Performs on TRL, Pictures, Photos shar_jackson_trl2.jpg shar_jackson_trl3.jpg