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Sarah Silverman

“The joke that everyone was upset about — me calling the kids `adorable mistakes’ — was the most innocuous joke. It never occurred to me that would be deemed hurtful or over the line … I don’t want to get into feuds with girls half my age. I’m in it to be funny and not for the drama. It’s embarrassing.”

Sarah Silverman, in Us Weekly’s upcoming issue, regarding her Britney Spears comments at the VMAs.

Is This J-Hud’s New Look?

Jennifer Hudson Filming Sex and the City Movie as Carrie Bradshaw’s Assistant

I know you thought Jennifer Hudson couldn’t find a stranger outfit than that Oscars get-up, but you hadn’t yet considered the Sex and the City stylists.

J-Hud showed up on the set of the SATC movie, in Greenwich Village, to film her role as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant on Tuesday. (I believe the pics in the black-and-white shirt were taken before wardrobe got ahold of her.) Her hair and make-up are really, really pretty, but I just don’t think there’s anyone but Carrie Bradshaw who can pull off those boots with that top and purse.

Jennifer Hudson Filming Sex and the City Movie as Sarah Jessica Parker’s Assistant Jennifer Hudson Filming Sex and the City Movie as Carrie Bradshaw’s Assistant Jennifer Hudson Filming Sex and the City Movie in New York City as Carrie Bradshaw’s Assistant


Donald Trump Says Dan Rather is a Loser

“Dan Rather’s a loser. Dan Rather had low ratings for years. I used to say, whoever represents Rather does a great job, because he always was in third place, he always had terrible ratings, and they wouldn’t fire him.”

Donald Trump — remember him? — to CNN, when asked about the former CBS anchor’s $70M lawsuit against his old employer.

Somebody Bought Paris Hilton’s New Boyfriend a Thesaurus

Paris Hilton’s New Boyfriend Alex Vaggo Says She’s Intelligent

Hottie Alex Vaggo, the Swedish tourist, describes Paris and her family as “kind, normal and ordinary.” He went on to say they are “humane, lenient, congenial, boiler plate, mundane, quotidian and habitual.”

The 20-year-old described Paris as “intelligent,” which is probably just a term his thesaurus provided when he looked up “experienced.”

“I had a totally different picture of her before [I met her]. I was impressed she was so focused. I love to be in her company,” he said.

Alex was working at a pizza joint and living in a hostel when a friend introduced them at a restaurant. Yeah, I’d love to be in her company, too. Even Paris Hilton’s bed is better than a hostel.

Lindsay Lohan to Be Unleashed Upon Society Once Again

Lindsay Lohan to Be Released from Rehab at Cirque Lodge in Utah This Weekend

Brace yourselves, people! Stay clear of Les Deux. Hide your cocaine. And get some extra film for your cameras. Lindsay Lohan is coming back.

The actress has been safely contained in a Utah rehab facility for the past two months, but word on the street is that she’s being released from captivity this weekend.

Where will she go? What will she do? “I don’t think she knows yet,” says a friend. This is Lindsay’s third rehab stint, and by far the longest, and friends say she’s really serious about sobriety this time. But that’s what they say every time. Will she return to her old haunts in LA? Or will she hole up with her family in Long Island, where she retreated after her July drunk driving/cocaine incident? How long will it take before she’s finding trouble again? Stay tuned.

Zac Efron is So Not Gay, He Even Plays Video Games

Zac Efron at Halo 3 Party at Universal City

Zac Efron became the one and only celebrity to attend the Halo 3 launch party at Universal City yesterday. He wore a leather jacket. He gave the hang ten sign. He played video games with other same-age males.


This is what normal, heterosexual young men do.

Anyway, I hate to admit it, but this kid’s starting to grow on me. He’s kind of hot, if I were into much younger men. And sadly, I’m getting to be old enough that it’s not illegal to be into much younger men. That’s kind of tragic.

Zac Efron Hang Ten Sign at Halo 3 Launch Party Zac Efron Plays Video Games at Halo 3 Launch Party zac_halo3.jpg