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8Shania’s Assistant Says She Didn’t Pork Shania’s Husband

Marie-Anne Thiébaud kept it short and sweet when she was asked whether she was having an affair with Shania Twain’s husband.

“No,” she says. “You cannot believe everything you read in the press.”

Eh, maybe not everything, but we’re usually right. ;)

May 29, 2008 at 7:51 am by Evil Beet
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7Just Like Mommy!

Cindy Crawford takes her daughter, Kaya, out shopping.

Little Kaya is growing up — and she’s turning into a mini-Cindy! Their facial structure is so similar.

[Image via Splash]

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19It’s Gonna Take More Than a Puppy, Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan thinks she can trick us all into believing she’s sweet and innocent by carrying an adorable puppy around NYC.

It didn’t work for Paris, Linds, and it’s not gonna work for you.

Speaking of which: where is Paris? Normally you can’t go thirteen seconds without seeing her lovely mug all over the Internet, but the last time I ran a picture of her was over a week ago. And it’s not because I’m on some sort of Paris boycott. It’s just because there haven’t been any pictures of her. WTF? Did Paris Hilton die? Is her family trying to cover it up? Or is she really just settled down at home with Benji, working tirelessly to get pregnant so as not to be the very last of the starlets to do so? Oh, Paris. You used to be such a trendsetter.

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24Natalie Imbruglia’s Look: Love It or Leave It?

At the Breathing Life Awards in the UK.

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27My Evening

First: Blind date with guy my trainer set me up. We meet at a German-style pub and share a plate of potato pancakes with applesauce. He’s cute and he’s sweet and he’s funny, but he’s not my type in a lot of ways. We have a nice chat, and it’s nowhere near disastrous. Although I have no interest in seeing him romantically again, I somehow am disappointed when he has no interest in seeing me romantically again. Like, shouldn’t every guy be into me, even if I’m not into him? He says he’ll call me the next time he and his friends go out, which is so sweet of him, but it’s not exactly “So, when can I take you dinner again?” I mean, I would have politely declined, but still. All men should fall in love with me always.

Second: Come home. You know how everyone has that guy they’ve dated on and off forever, but it never really turns into anything more? Yeah. Mine’s online, and he IMs me. At this point, five years after we met, we’ve seen our “relationship” totally fail in three separate cities — usually culminating in some manner of all-out texting war where we tell each other to fuck off and die like five times and we are 26 and 33 years old now — and yet somehow we’re still talking. Unbelievable. I’d told him I had this blind date tonight. He wants to know how it went. Then he wants to know what I’m wearing. Then we exchange cell phone pics for an hour. Am I 15 years old? Am I Miley Fucking Cyrus now? Seriously, how did I end up, at 26, sitting at home alone sending dirty cell phone pictures of myself to a guy I’ve basically been fighting with for five years straight? Oh, and to make the whole situation just a little more pathetic, Leo is biting at my toe the entire time. He won’t quit. And at one point I come thisclose to sending a really inappropriate photo to the girl who manages my PR, because her last name starts with the same three letters as his.

God, is this really how badly I need an ego boost?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Third: Look for gossip. There is none. Decide it is somehow fitting to run this photo of Anderson Cooper with Sesame Street puppets and then go to bed before I give up on life entirely. Sigh.

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12Elizabeth Berkley Stands Up to Cancer

Here’s Elizabeth giving the camera her very best I’m-a-professional-woman-to-be-taken-seriously-even-though-
I-did-play-that-stripper-that-one-time-in-my-only-movie-role-ever look at the Stand Up to Cancer lunch in LA.

Oh, Elizabeth. I tease because I love.

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