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A New Miss Teen USA!

Miss Teen USA, Hilary Carol Cruz

On Friday night, Hilary Carol Cruz, Miss Teen Colorado USA, was crowned the new Miss Teen USA in Pasadena, CA.

Cruz is 18 years old, and says that in five years she hopes to have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and get into entertainment journalism. Look out, Ryan Seacrest!

The pageant was hosted by slimeball Mario Lopez, and judges included Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. Because if anyone knows what it takes to find success in the entertainment world, it’s Joey “Dancing with the Stars” Lawrence.

Hopefully she can follow in the footsteps of former Miss Teen USAs, who include Vanessa Minnillo (who seems to have plenty of knives but not enough time to trim the bush), and Katie Blair, whose alcoholic escapades meant she barely escaped last year with her crown intact.

Better luck to you, Hilary!

I Don’t Care What Perez Hilton Says, I Think Beth Ditto Is Kind of Disgusting


Okay, people: Fidel Castro is not dead and Beth Ditto is not sexy.

Look. I get what she’s trying to do.

She’s a lesbian (although she’s dating a transgendered “boyfriend”). She’s an outspoken feminist. She’s fighting for gay rights. And that’s all okay with me. In fact, I think it’s great.

But she’s really fat. And I guess what she’s trying to do is demonstrate that big is beautiful. Big is sexy. Big girls can wear small shorts.

But you know what?


Sorry, but no.

And I’m sorry if people think I’m setting back the women’s rights movement like 100 years, but no one likes to see a fat chick in shorts like that. And it’s not healthy. And it’s not smart. And obesity is an epidemic in this country and while I’m all about sending the message that it’s okay to be gay and it’s okay to be an outspoken woman and it’s okay to deviate from the norm, I’m not about sending the message that your BMI can be equivalent to your height in inches and that’s okay.

At a UK music festival this weekend.

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Director John Singleton Involved in Fatal Car Accident

John Singleton Involved in Fatal Car Accident

The Oscar-nominated director behind Boyz in the Hood and 2 Fast 2 Furious was driving a Lexus SUV when he struck and killed a jaywalker in Los Angeles. A 57-year-old woman stepped in front of his car in his Jefferson Park neighborhood. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

According to police, Singleton immediately stopped and waited for the cops to show up. “Mr. Singleton stopped and identified himself as required by law,” they said, “and was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

Singleton was also the producer of Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan and the just-released Illegal Tender.

The lesson here, people???

DON’T JAYWALK!!! And if you’re going to jaywalk, LOOK FIRST!! Be careful out there!