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It Doesn’t Appear That This Custody Hearing is Making Britney Very Happy


She keeps taking “bathroom” breaks, during which she changes up her hair, make-up and, sometimes, sunglasses.

Observers say she’s been crying and seems very upset.

No press allowed in the courtroom (originally it was just no recording devices, but the judge changed his mind), so we won’t have any news on what’s actually going on until the hearing is over.


Natalie Portman to Guest Edit Issue of Scholastic Math

“Math was one of my favorite subjects at school. It always gets a bad rap and I’m not sure why… Sure you need to use math daily for knowing how much tip to leave at a restaurant or how much flour you need to make double the amount of cookies in a recipe, but it is the less obvious practical parts of math that are most fun for me – like considering the principles of infinity. It made me excited about life to consider the limitlessness of the mind and what we can do with it.”

Natalie Portman, who is the guest editor for an upcoming issue of the magazine Scholastic Math.

Jason Wahler’s in Jail


I actually feel bad for the guy. He got sober, cleaned his act up, and worked things out with Lauren.

But the law’s the law, and Jason’s paying the price for his April arrest in Seattle. He was sentenced to 30 days, but will probably only do 20 of them.

Says his rep:

“He has been through rehabilitation, done community service and has been attending AA meetings. He would like to be an example to young people to make them realize that there are consequences for bad behavior. He is making amends and looks forward to continuing success in his career.”

I can’t wait to watch this shit go down on The Hills!