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Stars Are Just Like Us: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gets Coffee Sans Makeup

photo of rosie huntington-whiteley hot no makeup pictures photos pics

I know we spend a lot of time blathering mindlessly about how gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is, and I’m not even going to change my tune this time to switch it up just a little bit. Girl here has got to be one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, seriously. I mean, I subscribe to Women’s Health, and the July/August 2011 cover features ours truly. It sits on the lower level of my glass-topped coffee table, and I’m able to see it from all angles of my living room as I stuff my face with doughnuts and Frappuccinos out of sheer jealousy and frustration.

No, I’m kidding. Doughtnuts and Frappuccinos are actually pretty gross, but the rest is all true.

Quotables: Ashton Kutcher Picked a Fight With a Vampire

photo of ashton kutcher making fun of robert pattinson gay vampire quotes pictures photos hot scruffy pics“Nice meeting you. My name is Robert Pattinson, and I am a gay vampire.”

Oh this is gonna turn out well. Especially with the Two and a Half Men reboot coming up. My man Ashton may well have lost a few female fans (if that’s at all possible) with a recent comment he made about my favorite vampire heartthrob, Robert Pattinson.

Ashton made the “joke” on a Brazilian television show. From what I hear, too, it kind of fell flat.

I’m sure it’s probably all in good fun, but throwing a current object of obsession under the bus when you used to be quite an object of affection yourself only kind of looks a little bitter and desperate. Stick to trying to fill Charlie Sheen‘s shoes. You fit that mold much, much better, friend.

Justin Timberlake Tickles Us With More Skits

I know Emily’s got a hard-on for Justin Timberlake’s special brand of music (and I do too, don’t get me wrong), but I am SO LOVING everything that he’s been doing on both television and the big screen. So much so that I might actually go see that crappy-looking Friends With Benefits movie that’s being hyped up as the flick of the summer. That says a lot, especially when I really only venture out to the movies for special occasions like the screening of the final Harry Potter film, or my newest obsession, Twilight‘s Breaking Dawn.

Anyway, here’s Justin being his funny, charming self for a short ESPY awards promo, which is going to be aired on ESPN sometime on July 13th. He’s set to present the Capital One Cup, which I dig, I suppose, since they finally gave me a really great new rate on a card I’ve only had with them for FOUR YEARS now.

Isn’t he just a doll?