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LC, Noooooooo!!!

Lauren Conrad Hooking up with Cisco Adler after the VMAs?

Is it just me, or did Lauren Conrad look less than thrilled to be at the VMAs last night? In her pre-show interview, she stood as far away from Su Chin Pak as possible, and let Audrina and Whitney do most of the talking. And it couldn’t have helped that Justin Timberlake was talking shit about all the reality shows on MTV with LC standing right behind him.

Later that night, she was spotted sucking face with none other than Whitestarr frontman Cisco Adler, the gross-looking dude with the huge balls who’s been linked to both Kim Stewart and Mischa Barton, for reasons that baffle me.

Come on, Lauren!!! I thought you had way better taste than that.

Who the Hell is Drake Bell? And Why Did Vanessa Hudgens Send Him Naked Pictures?

Did Vanessa Hudgens Send Naked Pictures of Herself to Drake Bell?

I’m telling you, I can’t keep up with this new Nickelodeon generation. I think I need to adopt pre-teens just so that they’ll keep me abreast of the goings-on in this world.

Apparently there is some famous Nickelodeon kid named Drake Bell. He’s on a show called Drake & Josh. And Vanessa Hudgens reportedly sent him naked pictures of herself at one point, before she was famous. Is that how the photos of Vanessa Hudgens nude ended up on the Internet?

“Drake says he never received those photos,” says Bell’s rep.


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Another Britney Spears Crotch Shot, Post-VMAs. No, Seriously.

Update: If you’re here looking for the Oct 11 Britney Spears crotch shot, it’s here.

Britney Spears.

Are you fucking kidding me?


Check your ass into a rehab, NOW.

After last night’s VMAs, it seemed as though Britney Spears could go no further downhill. Her much-hyped comeback performace was a total dud. Sarah Silverman tore her to shreds. Her career was over.

To celebrate, Britney Spears got out of a car wearing a skirt and no underwear. Yet again. Hey, at least now we have something besides her performance to talk about.

And so, ladies and gentleman, after the jump: Britney Spears’ vagina. Enjoy.

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Even More About the Tommy Lee/Kid Rock Fight: Kid’s Going to Court


Tommy Lee gave The Insider the following quote about the incident:

“I was minding myself and then he goes and punches me on the cheek,” claims Tommy. “I was trying to be the bigger man, but he was acting childish.”

He added that after Kid came up and punched him, he “was ready to go in the alley and kick his ass. I was about to put Kid in the emergency room when security grabbed me,” says Tommy. “They said, ‘If you move, we will break your arms.’”

Tommy went on to express why Kid probably acted the way he did, saying, “This is what people do when they have shitty albums and their careers are going down the drain.”


(By the way, Tommy Lee’s story is not consistent with what nearby audience members reported seeing.)

Tommy Lee decided to press charges against Kid, who was cited for misdemeanor battery. He will go to court in three to five weeks to enter a plea. The maximum punishment would be a $500 fine and six months in jail.