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14Hicky! Hicky! Hicky!

Ha ha ha!

Samantha Ronson’s in Paris — the city, not the cum dumpster — with Lindsay Lohan as she pimps out her new line of leggings, and she’s sporting a fancy little hicky on her neck.

Ooooooh la la!

[Image via Splash]

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11Did Ashlee Simpson Cheat on Pete Wentz???

Meet TJ Swartz, the swashbuckling young man who reportedly banged Ashlee Simpson on and off for two solid months, while she was dating Pete Wentz.

Says TJ’s friend:

So my buddy TJ is the guy I was telling you about who hooked up with Ashley Simpson while she was with Pete Wentz. He’s just some normal dude -no industry connects. He met Ashley at some club in West Hollywood a little over a year ago and they shacked up a few times over a two month period or so. We used to give him shit about her taste in guys because she was dating that tool box Pete Wentz. TJ never admitted to sleeping with her, but when I asked him about her pregnancy he said “I did the math dude, trust me, it’s not mine.” haaa, I hope not!”

Not sure if I buy this. If these pics were really taken while Ashlee was with Pete, I don’t think she’d be looking so happy in the photos (they’re obviously paparazzi pics) and I think we would have caught a whiff of this story earlier. We could probably get a solid sense of this time frame using a complicated forensic procedure called an Ashlee Hair Color Analysis (AHCA), but I’m too tired and lazy.

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0I’m Back on Twitter

I don’t even know why. I just am. This way I can live-blog all my bad dates for you guys. And there are plenty. Plus you’ll be able to find out in real time when Leo pees on something inappropriate. Which is every five minutes or so. Seriously I was in a meeting with my boss on Friday and I put Leo on his desk for all of thirty seconds before he peed all over the papers on the desk. Leo did, not my boss. This would be a way funnier story if my boss had peed all over the papers on his own desk (“Umm … so I take it you didn’t like my viral marketing ideas?”), but it was just Leo, but still, it was one of those moments where I was like “I wish I had Twitter right now so I could tell the whole world that Leo just peed on my boss’s desk.”

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7Something Is Missing …

For once, there’s an event without Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt!

But … it’s The Hills Season Finale party.

Why weren’t they there???

Heidi’s rep responds with two simple, yet beautiful, words: “Not invited.”

Lauren swears she has nothing to do with the guest list, but somehow I don’t believe that.

But Stephanie Pratt was there!

Very, very strange.

Oh, and all the girls there, except Audrina, were wearing the same shade of red nail polish. I hate that I notice things like that.

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6I Love It When News Anchors Swear

Someone’s mic wasn’t turned off quite in time …

I remember being 11 or 12, and, since my mom was a domestic goddess and I already spent plenty of time tagging along with my dad at work, my parents always came up with women with cool jobs for me to follow around for Take Our Daughters to Work Day. One year, I got to run around a hospital with a surgeon, and she took me to watch open-heart surgery, in the actual surgery room, not in a viewing gallery or anything. I just stood there like three feet from the patient and watched open-heart surgery, as a pre-teen, which I’m sure violated any number of laws. Anyway, I remember that, as they were lasering the heart shut, it smelled just like barbeque! I couldn’t eat a hamburger for a year.

One year, I hung out at a news station with a news anchor, and they let me sit in the studio for their 6 pm broadcast. And I was completely shocked by how much these people swore once the cameras were off. Seriously, they’d be all perky and adorable on camera, and the fucking millisecond those cameras stopped rolling, they were like “What the fuck was that bullshit??? Can’t you motherfuckers get the goddamn tape cued properly?” or like “Fuckin’ Christ, our President’s a goddamn moron” or “My fucking piece of shit mic is a fucking piece of shit.” It was an endless barrage of cursing. I came home both terribly disillusioned and absolutely fascinated.

I’m surprised shit like this doesn’t happen more often.

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11She Took It Off!

Oh, happy, happy, happiness!

Sarah Jessica Parker took off that ridiculous hat when she attended the SATC premiere after party.

Or maybe she didn’t voluntarily take it off. Maybe Matthew Broderick got a look at some of the photos on the AP wire and called her like, “Seriously, Sarah, I will divorce you over this.” Or maybe someone tried to shoot her in the face while screaming “You look like a foot!” and missed and hit the hat. Or maybe she just had to put it back in the vase.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad it’s gone.

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