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The Kim Kardashian Playboy Photo Spread

Update: Pics removed because it turns out Playboy has lawyers.

For the eight of you who didn’t catch Kim Kardashian’s vagina when Ray-J was peeing all over it, she was thoughtful enough to do a Playboy spread. She actually looks nice here; Playboy toned down her makeup and airbrushed her thighs, and it works well.

Uncensored photos are after the jump.

Please be 18 or older if you’re going to view them.

(Stifles laughter.)

WTF? (Quotables)


“Blackout,” her first studio album in four years, is not only a very good album, it’s her best work ever _ a triumph, with not a bad song to be found on the 12 tracks.

Granted, a Spears rave should be put in its proper context _ it’s not like we’re talking Bob Dylan here. Spears is a lightweight singer who only flourishes when she has great songs and great producers to supplement her minimal vocal talent.

But when she has that help, she’s fierce. And she gets that boost on every single track on “Blackout,” a sizzling, well-crafted, electro-pop dancefest that should return her to pop’s elite.

From the AP’s review of Britney’s new album.