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15Christina Aguilera Rocks the Vote to Sleep

When Christina Aguilera’s not busy getting totally fucking wasted at any number of LA hotspots, she’s filming PSAs with her baby son, Max.

In the new broadcast ad, set to debut later this summer, Aguilera sings a lullaby of “America the Beautiful” to her son, who was born in January. The Grammy winner said she didn’t think twice about putting her son in the spot because it’s “inevitable that he will be subjected to some amount of press,” so it might as well be channeled into a good cause.

“This election in particular is such an exciting and historical one, and so I was proud to have my son and I stand together for such a powerful moment and message in time,” the 27-year-old star said.

Hey, at least she’s not starring in a series of diaper-changing videos, a la Melissa Joan Hart.

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3150 Cent House Fire Deemed “Suspicious”

So I guess Fitty has been fighting with his ex-girlfriend about some huge house they own in Long Island. The girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, claims Fitty promised it to her, but now he’s kicking her out along with the couple’s 10-year-old son.

So … when the house was burnt down early on Friday morning, authorities started asking questions.

You know, I don’t think this fire was set on purpose, because there were six people inside, some of whom suffered injuries from smoke inhalation. They had to be rescued from a deck of the house. One of those six people was Fitty’s own son (although Fitty wasn’t home himself). And, like, it’s one thing to burn down a property to piss off your ex-girlfriend, but it’s another thing entirely to do it when you’re putting your own son’s life at risk. 50 Cent may be a badass, but he’s not going to kill his own 10-year-old son.

When people intentionally set buildings on fire, for the insurance money or other reasons, they usually do it when nobody’s home. You’d have to be a monster to set a house on fire on purpose when there are innocent people — including children — inside.

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Katrina Bowden needs to stay the fuck away from my man.

Look at him, laughing, flirting, joking with her. Having a good time. Being charming and wonderful.

That is supposed to be me with Jason Lewis.


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Paris Hilton popped up at Narita Airport in Tokyo today.

I assume she’s there for the MTV Japan awards tonight (or yesterday or tomorrow or whatever … Tokyo time confuses me).

Paris had been MIA for OVER A WEEK.

What was she doing????

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13Or Maybe Angelina Didn’t Have the Twins …

Says a rep for the couple:

“Angelina has not given birth. She is fine, enjoying her home and her family in France.”


True or false?

You decide.

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8Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller to Marry Tonight?

That’s what the NY Post is reporting. And I really couldn’t care less, except apparently Denise Richards knows all about it, since her girls are part of the wedding, and a source says that “she may even crash the event with a camera crew.”

Oh, man. That would be amazing.

Also, Brooke is reportedly already pregnant, although of course no one will confirm that.

Pregnancy before marriage: so hot right now.

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