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6Matthew McConaughey Has Grown a Sympathy Baby Bump

Uh, Matty? Camila’s pregnant, sweetie, not you.

Matty’s normally sporting the rock-hard abs, but in this shot it looks like he’s got a little extra blubber in the middle.

Maybe it’s just a bad picture, or maybe Matthew’s so devoted to Camila and raising a family with her that being disturbingly obsessive about his body just seems less important now.

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16Feeling All Better, Avril?

After canceling multiple dates on her U.S. tour just last week due to illness, Avril Lavigne was feeling well enough to hit up Villa Lounge on Saturday night, and she left looking a little worse for the wear.

I have a feeling she was drinking a little something more than hot tea with honey. I hear Grey Goose does wonders for laryngitis.

Avril sucks balls.

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19Another Living Lohan Preview: Threatening the Bloggers!

Those of you who haven’t had the joy of running a celebrity gossip blog can’t possibly understand how much it’s appreciated when celebrity parents so thoroughly disagree with something you wrote about their children that they take the time to call you on the phone and issue vague, angry, empty threats about getting lawyers involved, especially when it’s painfully clear that they don’t have a case (Joe Simpson? Kris Jenner? I’m looking at you).

Here’s Dina Lohan “protecting her cubs” from the evil claws of gossip bloggers.

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22There’s That Baby Bump!

Nicole Kidman gives us a glimpse of the goods as she shows up to the CMAs in Vegas with hubby Keith Urban.

You know, I just don’t find either of them all that attractive. Sorry, but I don’t.

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19Angelina Jolie Drug Video: WAY Better Than I’d Expected!

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So I was totally not excited about the rumored video of Angelina Jolie hanging out in some sort of a drug den because I was like “So what … she’s totally admitted she’s done drugs, no biggie.” What I was not prepared for was nearly eight minutes of a totally loaded Angelina muttering on and on about such wide-ranging topics as her interest in S&M, how she accidentally killed her pets, and how she wants to bring shiny new costumes to poor kids. It’s a must-see!

The tape, interestingly enough, doesn’t actually show Angie doing drugs, although the woman sitting next to her is smoking heroin and it’s clear Angelina is high. But this is SO MUCH BETTER than just a boring tape of her smoking some dope.

The footage is from 1999, when Angelina was 23.

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3Indy Premiere!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had its Cannes premiere on Sunday, and tons of Hollywood royalty showed up for the event, in addition to some Bollywood royalty. Yup, that’s right, Aishwarya “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” Rai was on-hand for the festivities. She really doesn’t look that stellar here, IMHO. And I know Selma Hayek just had a kid and all, but that’s still no excuse for that dress.

The film’s reviews have been lukewarm at best so far, which I guess isn’t really a huge surprise.

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