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I Think I Want to Have a Threesome with Blair and Serena

Blake Lively at Tiffany & Co. Hosts The Launch of The 2008 Blue Book Collection

Leighton Meester at Tiffany & Co. Hosts The Launch of The 2008 Blue Book Collection

Okay, so I know I made a big formal announcement that Blake Lively was my new lesbian girl crush, and there was a great deal of hullabaloo surrounding the event, including stern reminders from my mother that my grandfather does, at times, read this blog (Seriously, Mom? Which of us gave him the URL? Fuck that, Mom: which of us taught him how to use a computer? It wasn’t me; I knew better.*), but I think I’ve had a slight change of heart. Or an addition of heart?

I have to say, I am none too impressed with Leighton Meester on Gossip Girl, but when I saw these photos of her with Blake at the launch of Tiffany & Co’s Blue Book Collection, I took a second look at her. She’s adorable. She’s just edible. And I think more highly of her as an actress, too; she’s totally dropped the bitch act in these photos, and seems like a whole different person.

I mean, Blake is still totally my fave, but I’m starting to think that the Serena/Blair one-two punch in the lesbian bedroom of the voice I use to write this blog would be fucking killer. Orgasmic. Bring it on.

*Grandpa, if you are reading this, I just want to state publicly that you are absolutely the coolest, bestest, hippest grandpa a girl could ever ask for, and I don’t worry about writing these things that you may read, because I know you can have a sense of humor about all this, because I got mine from you. Thank you for that.

The Kim Kardashian Playboy Photo Spread

Update: Pics removed because it turns out Playboy has lawyers.

For the eight of you who didn’t catch Kim Kardashian’s vagina when Ray-J was peeing all over it, she was thoughtful enough to do a Playboy spread. She actually looks nice here; Playboy toned down her makeup and airbrushed her thighs, and it works well.

Uncensored photos are after the jump.

Please be 18 or older if you’re going to view them.

(Stifles laughter.)