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Morning Wood

photo of will smith hot pictures photos

Snooki, doing a deep-throat. [The Superficial]

James Franco throws the Academy under the bus, says he’s funnier. [Lainey Gossip]

This is 50 Cent’s girlfriend. He apparently CAN get some. [Bossip]

Emma Watson finally feels like a true actress. [Starpulse]

Things get way out of hand on Springer. [LA Times]

New Sherlock Holmes posters. [Pajiba]

Gisele gets naked. [INFDaily]

Kris Jenner is a pimp. [Amy Grindhouse]

Texas woman fired for grey hair. [The Frisky]

Kim Kardashian does Marilyn Monroe. [Celebuzz]

David Beckham shows buttcheek. [Socialite Life]

Arnold hooking up with his baby mama. [TMZ]

Will Smith on MIIIB. [Caught on Set]

Miranda Kerr’s fragile body almost didn’t make it through labor. [Cele|bitchy]

Alicia Keys‘ adorable son. [ICYDK]

This TOTALLY Looks Like a Man Who Should be Driving

photo of drunk mel gibson driving pictures photos

The idea of Mel Gibson looking like this and getting behind the wheel of his car is really frigging frightening. But perhaps even more frightening (if that’s at all possible) is the gnarly zombie hand that he’s got going on in most of these photos. What is that? Is he in the process of suffering a stroke? Is that why he’s lurching about, eager to get into the car? So that he can drive himself to the nearest hospital to seek immediate medical attention?

No, he’s just leaving a bar. Late, late at night. That always ends well. The zombie hand though? Totally can’t explain that one, sorry.