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“Everyone’s talking about going to rehab. I say give me a refill. Everyone says what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas. I say fuck that.”

Justin Timberlake, at his Las Vegas show at Mandalay Bay, as he tossed back a shot on-stage. The singer wrapped up the show with a performance of “Dick in a Box.”

Gasp! Is Criss Angel Using Britney Spears for Publicity?

Criss Angel is Just Using Britney Spears for Publicity

This can’t be! Everyone who dates Britney Spears loves her for who she is inside. I mean, what’s not to like? The ever-changing extensions? The regular weight gain? The history of promiscuity? The hick accent? The fact that everyone in the whole wide world has seen her vagina? How could anyone who hooks up with Britney have ulterior motives?

But rumor is that Britney didn’t win Criss over with her darling personality.

“Angel … was “ecstatic” when his manager, Jeff Kwatinetz, asked him to meet with Spears, who was interested in using illusion in her VMA performance this Sunday. The two “hooked up the night they met” and Angel has been “using her to get press ever since,” we’re told. A Vegas spy said, “He doesn’t even really talk to her when they go out. This weekend at [club] LAX, they weren’t seated at the same table, but when the paparazzi were around he jumped in all the pictures. . . . The paparazzi all have his number.”

Doesn’t Britney have anyone around her who’s not being paid to be there?

I can’t think of a single person.

Tommy Lee Is the Ultimate Gentleman

Tommy Lee Fucking a Blonde Chick at a Bar in the Hamptons

It’s tragic to hear that someone who recently dated Kimberly Stewart could fall so far. From Page Six:

TATTOOED rocker Tommy Lee will hook up just about anywhere and with anyone. Lee’s raunchy bar behavior grossed out a room full of revelers at Dune in the Hamptons on Sunday night when the Motley Crue drummer and a blond party girl “were flat-out [bleep]ing” on a banquette, according to multiple witnesses. One told us, “When Tommy walked in, he asked, ‘Is it cool to have sex in here?’ The hostess thought he was kidding, but . . . then he just went to town with this girl. We were trying not to pay attention because it was so disgusting.” A rep for Lee told us, “this story is not true.”

I’m disappointed mostly that no one took pictures. But perhaps, in true Tommy Lee style, the video will hit the web soon enough.

Jude Law Kicks Some Ass

Jude Law Arrested for Beating up Photographer

The hottie actor turned himself into police on Tuesday after beating the crap out of a photog he spotted outside his London home. Law was apparently concerned that the paparazzi wanted to photograph his children, and allegedly called him a pedophile.

Following the arrest, his lawyer released the following statement:

“I can confirm that Jude Law voluntarily attended Marylebone Police Station yesterday following an alleged incident outside his house earlier in the day. Mr. Law provided the police with a statement regarding his denials of allegations by a ‘paparazzi’ photographer against him and made his own allegations concerning the photographer. Jude has the utmost respect for the police and whilst this is an ongoing matter no further comment will be made.”

Shaq’s Available!

Shaq Files for Divorce from Wife Shaunie

It’s a very happy day for tall women everywhere. Miami Heat center Shaquille O’Neal has filed for divorce from his wife of five years, Shaunie.

The couple have four children together, and each has a child from a previous relationship.

And it looks like this divorce is going to be messy! Shaq’s petition says that Shaunie has been “secretive about her assets . . . particularly with respect to certain properties owned or titled in either [her] name alone or in other entities.” I don’t even know what that means, but I know it means trouble! Yay!

Shaq is also requesting that the couple’s children live with Shaunie, but that he get ”liberal rights of visitation.”

Lookin’ Good, Eve!



It’s not that Eve ever looks awful, but I think she looks particularly stunning at this NYC event on Tuesday night. Everything here looks amazing: the dress, the hair, the body, the make-up, the shoes …


… she’s a home run in my book!