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Ohhh Shit, We’ve Got the Vanessa Minnillo Naked Pictures

So remember back when we had those pics of Vanessa and Nick in a hot tub that I had to pull because they threatened to sue me?

Even though OK magazine said they paid $400,000 for the shots to keep them private, some Spanish magazine called Toxic got the uncensored versions of the pics and ran them. They’re not the shots of the couple doing the nasty, but they’re some very naked pics of Vanessa, who doesn’t shave down there, if you know what I mean.

You can view them here and here.

Jessica Simpson is having a wonderful day today.

So You Think You Can Dance: The Finale


So even though the T has been a bit MIA on her SUTUCD recaps (due to the fact that she has been moving, hanging out with the lovely Beet and traveling the world), she is giving you a liveblogging of the finale show!

We are starting out seeing all of our amazing Top 20 and the judges from the whole season. They are gushing about the kids this year, which is true because this season was…in the words of Crazy Mary Murphy “riding in first class.”

Paula Abdul…our resident crazy from American Idol…is in the audience as well as an 18 year old that was supposed to join us this past season but oops…she had a baby.

We get a good highlight reel of all of the auditions and crazy bad/good dancer highlights. I am a bit weepy weepy seeing the montage of all of these talented young kids from the season. There were some amazing dances this year and seeing them all together is kind of beautiful.

As my mother says, “what in the world is she wearing tonight…what is the hell” and this is referring to Cat’s outfit tonight I realize that Cat is also wearing dead butterflies in her hair. I’m usually a fan of her outfits but this one tonight is about as ill-chosen as Paula Abdul’s Idol outfits.

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Jenna Bush got engaged to former employee of Karl Rove. [Cele|bitchy]

Ah, thank God. The Elizabeth Hasselback cameltoe shot. I won’t be posting for the rest of the day, as I’ll be too busy masturbating to this. [Drunken Stepfather]

David Beckham finally proves useful. [Celeb Warship]

It’s Sad That Amy Winehouse is Going to Die

Amy WInehouse Leaves Rehab

The troubled singer/songwriter/heroin addict left rehab after less than 48 hours.

Sources close to the family are blaming her husband Blake for encouraging Amy to leave the rehab, while her other friends and family desperately wanted her to stay there.

“She wanted to leave on Tuesday evening,” says a source. “People close to her are devastated. But Blake wants her to return to normality — and we all know what their normality is. They’ve even been planning to meet friends in Camden. It’s madness.”

In fact, Amy was spotted out at the bars just last night. “Oh my God,” she said, “what the hell happened to last week? I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Doesn’t this remind you of Lindsay Lohan about a year ago? The infamous “It’s like, yeah, motherfucker, I’m fine” quote? Something tells me this is not the first time Amy Winehouse will see the inside of a rehab facility.

This Actually Doesn’t Suck Too Hard

Heidi Montag First Single, Body Language

Ryan Seacrest premiered Heidi Montag’s first “single” this morning in LA. Spencer Pratt raps on it.

Apparently Ryan was not supposed to do this, and Heidi’s been crying about it all morning.

Awwww. Poor baby.

“The record company leaked the track,” says a source. “Spencer and Heidi were just having fun in the studio and working on songs. That was not meant to be released. Spencer would never rap on Heidi’s first single.”

The truth is, the song isn’t bad. I’m still Team LC, but I could definitely hear this playing in a club. Definitely way better than anything P-Hilt churned out.

Listen to it here.

Et Tu, Adrien?

Paris Hilton and Adrien Grenier

Alas, another one of my boyfriends has gone over to the dark side.

Paris Hilton’s flavor du jour is obviously Adrien Grenier.

He picked her up from her house last night and took her to some art show, where Brandon Davis was also present. (First: Awwwwkward. Second: What the fuck was Brandon Davis doing at an art show? In sunglasses? Hopefully they provided him with a coloring book to keep him entertained.)

Adrien, how could you do this to me? I truly thought you were better than that. Paris Hilton’s wicked spell must be very, very powerful.

Photo credit: Buzz Foto

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