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Afternoon Delight

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We Really Need to Talk About The Beckham Baby’s Name

A photo of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

As I’m sure many of you have heard by now, David and Victoria Beckham have gone against my express wishes and named their daughter something other than Santa. No, instead of having a little baby girl with a lovely, festive name with magical connotations, they went in a different direction. The name, of course?

Harper Seven Beckham.

Honestly? Ok, I’m fine with Harper. I actually love Harper. Kelly Kapowski named her daughter Harper, and I was just pleased as punch. The problem, for me, lies in the middle name. I didn’t even know that the Beckhams were Seinfeld fans:

Just in Case You Weren’t Totally Convinced That Victoria Beckham Actually Carried That Child for Nine Months

photo of victoria beckham pictures photos pregnancy pics

I know we showed you a “candid” and totally not staged pregnancy photo of Victoria Beckham earlier this weekend, and since then, she conveniently popped that little child out (Harper Seven Beckham, cute huh?), but here are some ACTUAL photos that depict Victoria as a totally normal, totally pregnant woman who doesn’t gestate her child under the constraints of a lap band.

Congrats again to the new family!