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Maybe the New Britney Video Doesn’t Suck


The kids over at Us Weekly got a sneak peak of the video for “Gimme More,” which debuts Monday on TRL, and they actually had some nice things to say about it:

The video, which features Spears, 25, interacting with a sexy alter-ego, is a departure from her previous clips. While Spears dances, she’s alone for most of the video (except for a few surprise scenes) and the effects are slick yet minimal. Dressed very provocatively in fishnets and a black adorned motorcycle vest, Spears shows off a slim, toned physique — including one shot of her naked back …

You heard it from Us first — the new Britney video is, against all odds, simple, edgy, raw and great!

Ooooh, now I’m kind of excited!!!



“I think to attack someone as a mother is very dangerous. I would say that’s what puts a young girl on a precipice which is very, very dangerous, in my opinion. Some people may end up really regretting the way they’re treating her.”

Sinead O’Connor, discussing Britney Spears’ current situation.

I swear, every other article that comes across the AP this week is some celebrity weighing in on The Britney Situation. How could anyone possibly stay sane with this level of public scrutiny?

Hooray for Kim Kardashian Child Porn!!!

Agency Tries to Sell Kim an Kourtney Kardashian Child Porn

Mostly what I’m excited for is all the search traffic I’m going to get from this post, from all the people searching for “child porn.”

Hello, pedophiles. Welcome to my site. If you’re going to be all disgusting and shit, at least click on some ads while you’re here. It’s the least you can do.

Anyway, guys, I had a fever of like 100 last night and I still feel like total ass today, so I don’t really have it in me to summarize anything. Here’s the article:

Decade-old explicit photos of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, taken when the now famous sisters were underage, were offered for sale Wednesday by a San Fernando Valley photographer, according to the New York Daily News.

A criminal investigation is being launched over the dozen images, some of which include a naked man. It’s not clear whether the photographer knew that the siblings were just 16 and 17 at the time the pics were taken.

A rep for Kim told the paper, “Any publication that would print these pictures, which are considered child pornography, will be subject to the same criminal investigation as the agency who is attempting to sell them.”