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17Sooo Gorgeous!

No one can take their eyes off Brad and Angelina at Cannes!

They’re sooooo beautiful!

It’s disgusting!

Here they are at the premiere of The Changeling. Other arrivals included Dita Von Teese, with a rare fashion miss; Sharon Stone, with a predictable fashion miss; and Diddy, with this season’s hottest accessory: a 12-year-old white girl. I’m sure there’s a really good explanation behind this, but it’s just funny to me no matter what.

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21All Grown Up!

Look who’s not a baby anymore!

Celine Dion hangs out with her son, Rene-Charles, in Paris today. Her husband was there, too, but he’s boring and he started dating her when she was like 12 so we don’t like to talk about him.

Rene-Charles is seven years old already!

And apparently he’s growing more punk-rock by the day.

And what is it with celebrities being unwilling to cut their sons’ hair? Celine, why does your seven-year-old son look like he belongs in Metallica?

May 20, 2008 at 1:52 pm by Evil Beet
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7Who the Hells Gets Married on a Monday?

Jessica Alba, it turns out, who quietly wed baby daddy Cash Warren on Monday, her rep confirms.

Stupid Jessica Alba and her stupid “private” life. Why can’t she make a big hullabaloo about her wedding while acting like she doesn’t want the press involved? Like everyone else does? We were blindsided by this, Jessica! Blindsided!

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7Is Everyone So Excited for the Season Finale of Work Out?

I guess I made a big enough stink about my obsession with Greg Plitt that Bravo’s PR team sent this over to me to run in preparation for the big season finale TONIGHT!


Greg with no shirt on! Hooray!

May 20, 2008 at 1:07 pm by Evil Beet
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8Owen Wilson Deals with Kate Hudson Split by Going to Church and Then a Spiritual Retreat with Monks

No, no, no, I’m totally fucking with you guys.

He hit up and strip club and he drank.

“He spent 4½ hours at Rick’s Cabaret and was in an upbeat mood,” says a source. “He watched the Flyers game, drank beer, and when a parade of 75 half-naked girls caught his eye, he asked for dances from several and definitely had a preference for blondes. He tipped at least one with a $100 bill.”

Oh, Owen. You know you’re not supposed to be drinking, buddy. Please don’t try to die again, dude. That would be so sad.

May 20, 2008 at 12:58 pm by Evil Beet
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6Jennifer Hudson’s Debut Album Has a Release Date

Can you believe this chick hasn’t actually released an album yet?

I mean, she’s won a damn Oscar for her performance in a musical, but she’s never actually released her own album.

So, um, there’s a little bit of pressure on her for it to be good, I suppose.

Jennifer’s label announced that her self-titled debut album will hit stores in September, and the first single, “Spotlight,” written by Ne-Yo, will hit U.S. airwaves on June 9.

It better not suck, Jennifer!

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