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Dog the Bounty Hunter Is Way Sorry


Yeah, he’s way sorry that his career is gonna go buh-bye, just like he feared would happen in his little racist rant.

Here’s the ultra-long statement/apology/Hail Mary he came out with late Wednesday:

“My sincerest, heartfelt apologies go out to every person I have offended for my regrettable use of very inappropriate language. I am deeply disappointed in myself for speaking out of anger to my son and using such a hateful term in a private phone conversation. It was completely taken out of context. I was disappointed in his choice of a friend, not due to her race, but her character. However, I should have never used that term. I have the utmost respect and aloha for black people – who have already suffered so much due to racial discrimination and acts of hatred. I did not mean to add yet another slap in the face to an entire race of people who have brought so many gifts to this world. I am ashamed of myself and I pledge to do whatever I can to repair this damage I have caused.

“In Hawaii, we have something called Ho’oponopono, where people come together to resolve crises and restore peace and balance. I am meeting with my spiritual advisor, Rev. Tim Storey, and hope to meet with other black leaders so they can see who I really am and teach me the right thing to do to make things right, again.

“I know that all of my fans are deeply disappointed in me, as well, as I have tried to be a model for doing the right thing. I did not do the right thing this time, and hope you will forgive me. We learn from our mistakes, as my story of overcoming a life of crime has proven, and I will learn from this one for the rest of my life.”

Honestly, I think he probably is a good guy, and probably not racist, but Jesus Christ why on earth would anyone ever use that word to describe another human being these days? It just doesn’t make sense. What the hell was he thinking?

Lance and Ashley: A Second Date?

Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong Go on Second Date at Waverley Inn in New York

After making out at NYC’s Rose Bar on Monday night, Lance and Ashley (Lashley?) hooked up again late Tuesday night at the Waverley Inn (where Lance was hanging out with Owen Wilson, who probably has no business being in a bar right now).

I just picture Lance Armstrong’s aging ass being all like, “Hey, baby doll, will you give me a little head tonight? Just suck it for a little while?” And then Michelle Tanner grinning, giving him a thumbs-up and saying “You got it, dude!”

Looks Like We Might Have a Writers’ Strike, Kids

The WGA’s contract expired at midnight tonight, and they were unable to agree on a new contract.

Basically, writers want more money from DVD and Internet sales, and the studios don’t want to give them that.

The writers are meeting at the LA Convention Center on Thursday night to discuss their next move, which may be a strike.

“The writers guild has two weapons,” says an LA entertainment lawyer. “One is a strike, the other is the threat of a strike. It has no reason to toss that weapon away without using it for a bit.”

If they do strike, the programming that would be most impacted is talk shows, which will probably have to go to reruns until this is all worked out.

Okay. Now you can talk about this with your coworkers today and sound like you’re so L.A.

Back to drunk celebs.

Ohhhhhhh Shit. A&E Suspends Production on Dog’s Show

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapmans Gets Show Pulled by A&E After Racist Comments

After hearing about his little racist rant, A&E, the network that airs his TV show, released the following statement:

“We take this matter very seriously. Pending an investigation, we have suspended production on the series. When the inquiry is concluded we will take appropriate action.”

They probably don’t want to take the same heat NBC took after those Don Imus comments.

Way to go, A&E!

Game Over for Dog the Bounty Hunter: RACIST RANT!!

Dog the Bounty Hunter, aka Duane Chapman, Goes on a Racist Rant

It was about time we got another celeb racist rant on tape!!! Nice to know this sort of behavior is still alive and kicking. And here I was worried we were making progress in this world.

Listen to a portion of a phone conversation between Dog and his son, Tucker. Dog doesn’t want Tucker’s girlfriend, Monique, who is black, to be around because they say “nigger” in the house, and he doesn’t want that getting into the tabs and ruining his career. He claims they don’t mean it in a derogatory way, it’s just what they call black people.

Um, dude.

I like calling my little sister “Cacaface.” It’s just what I like to call her. I mean it as a term of endearment, not in a derogatory way. I do not actually believe her head is made of caca. She’s a very bright, girl, it turns out. But she doesn’t like it. It hurts her feelings. She expressed that fact, and, as a result, I stopped calling her “Cacaface.” When I see her, I still think: “Cacaface.” But what I actually say is “Allie.”

Rather than tell your son to get a new girlfriend, maybe just stop saying “nigger.” Is it some sort of verbal tic? No, not for you. So just stop saying it. Jackass.

Here’s the real question: who leaked the tape? Did his son sell him out?

Listen to it here.

Update: There’s a much longer version of the audio here.