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For Those of You Who STILL Haven’t Caught Yourself Up on Harry Potter

Here’s a video just for you! Though the dudes are quite annoying (accurate, yes, and efficient as well, but that doesn’t absolve them from almost giving me an epileptic fit with their rapid-fire speech), their information is spot-on. If you haven’t gotten the low down on what’s happened in the previous movies before seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, I strongly suggest you – try – to watch this.

Also, did any of you see the film last night? DID YOU LOVE IT?

Just in Case You Needed One More Reason to Adore Ryan Gosling

photo of ryan gosling joking with photographers at outside lunch in new york city pics

Ryan Gosling. The down-to-earth and also-happens-to-be-amazing-looking second in command love of my life (Adrien Brody would be first, but Ryan’s fighting tooth and nail for that position). I just love this dude so much, and I love his sense of humor, too. I’d totally sit there with him at lunch making faces at photographers. And me? Well, I’ve got a veritable ARSENAL of funny faces – sometimes I spend hours in the mirror just practicing.

Plus, it’s so cool that his dog is also so very grounded. He sniffs the crotches of strangers. How more normal could you be?

Tallulah and Rumer Willis Have Matching Hair

[Images removed by request]

Boy these Willis girls have unforgettable looks. Seriously. And before y’all go flying off the handle, let it be known that I actually think the Willis girls are beautiful. No one looks like them.

And in related news – better late than never, I guess – did you guys know that Rumer Willis is doing a singing thing? She actually sounds good. Here, listen (Rumer isn’t featured ’til around the minute-thirty mark):


The single’s supposed to drop sometime this month.

Anyway, here’s these two shopping at Whole Foods. I think if I had to pick some people that I’d want to hang out with in Hollywood, Rumer might make the list. And NOT because, you know, I’d be lurking in her step-daddy‘s bathroom during a party in hopes to catch a glimpse of his wang or anything. She just seems cool.