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20Is Ashlee Simpson Having Twins????

Check out this interview that Pete Wentz did with KISS FM in Arizona.

At around 13:50 in the interview, Pete says that he and Ashlee have been “keeping a journal for them when they’re born.”

You can tell he totally realizes he screwed up, but it doesn’t seem like the radio DJs noticed!!!

It DEFINITELY seems to me like Ashlee Simpson is pregnant with TWINS!

You can download the podcast here.

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37Lily Allen Strikes Back at Perez

Okay, okay, I know, there’s been a lot of Perez-hating around here lately. But this time it’s coming from Lily Allen, not me.

On her most recent MySpace blog, Lily strikes back about Perez posting the following:

In her blog rant from earlier today, Lily Allen spread a bunch of lies, most of which are easily debunked.

Like this one!

Claims the British trainwreck, “And this is not meant in any way [to be mean] but I’d never heard of Katy Perry before I came here [to L.A.] a few days ago, I didn’t even know she was on Capitol.”

Uhmm, liar!

Sources close to both Lily and Katy tell us that Allen “definitely knows” Perry.

In fact, they’ve even met!

Above is a lovely picture of Katy and Lily together.

Oh, and the folks at Capitol also tell us that Lily is lying. She says, “I think I visited Capitols office in New York once, about a year a half ago.”

Maybe all the pAArtying is affecting her brain? Cuz our peeps at Capitol tell us she’s been there MORE than once in the past year and a half.

Why lie, Lily? Why lie?????

Lily’s response:

I am not a liar Pee pEe , how can I possibly have been to Capitols office in the last year when my visa to get into the states was only granted three weeks ago, there is no Capitol office in LA as far as I know and I certainly haven’t been to New York in the past few days , you should know , you’ve documented my every move since I got here ? And many people ask to have their photos taken with me , I don’t keep a record of peoples names . You wouldn’t understand that though , you can probably remember the names and faces of all seven fans that turned up to your clothing line signing the other day.

I made you a present

now if i’m so irrelevant , stop subscribing to my blog and let me get back to work

I dare you to post this on your site

The “present” was the photo I’ve included above.

Again, folks, Lily’s words, not mine.

Thanks Lucy!

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18Predictably, Insiders at Grey’s Anatomy Are Not Happy That Katherine Heigl Is Being Such a Bitch to Them

Remember how Katherine Heigl was all like “I’m not even going to try to win an Emmy this year because our writers suck so hard”?


So, um, the writers didn’t take that so great.

Says a GA insider:

“The show bent over backwards to accommodate her film schedule, and then she criticizes the show for lack of material? It’s an ungrateful slap in the face to the very writers responsible for her Emmy win in the first place.”

Heh. What Katherine really wants is for them to be all like “You’re fired!” so she can get out of the contract she so loathes, but I think they’re going to keep her in her contract just to spite her at this point. And they probably won’t be so accommodating about her film schedule in the future …

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10“How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You? I’m Not Into Dudes!”

Lindsay Lohan on the set of her new film, Labor Pains.

[Image via Splash]

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17Pam and Tommy: Back On!

Oooooooooof course.

These two are like the Ross & Rachel of the real world.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are reportedly living together again.

Pamela and the kids have moved in with me,” Tommy tells Rolling Stone. “It’s awesome, man. It’s definitely working. You can tell on the kids’ faces — they’re happy when we’re together … We’ve only given it a try 800 times — 801, here we go.”

Note: I know this photo includes Courtney Love, and Courtney Love has nothing to do with this story. But I found it while searching for photos of Pam and Tommy — it’s from 2005 — and I just thought it was funny as all hell.

June 12, 2008 at 2:34 pm by Evil Beet

24Tila Tequila Would Just Like You to Know That Gay Marriage Is Legal in California Because of Her

“It is because of me — I definitely think [my show] has helped the movement,” she told Us Magazine recently. “Before it came out, everyone was still a little apprehensive about [same sex relationships]. Then they realized, ‘Wow, everyone is really into this stuff, and it is fine.’ The next thing you know, [gay marriage] is legal.”


I can’t even begin to count all the things that are incorrect about that statement.

But seriously, you guys, you can all sleep soundly tonight, knowing that gay marriage has gained not only widespread acceptance but admiration in America, all thanks to Tila Tequila and the trashiest dating show ever.

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