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Man, How Good Does Kate Hudson Look?

photo of kate hudson post baby pictures photos

She just popped that baby out, what, two minutes ago? Jeez. Girlfriend must just be one of those lucky ladies that practically bounces right back to what they were even without the aid of diuretics, cigarettes, or post-natal plastic surgery. I know they’re few and far between, but they apparently do exist.

Either that, you know, or that patterned maxi dress is doing its THING.

Regardless, looking good Kate!

Love It or Leave It: Gwen Stefani Goes Casual

photo of gwen stefani pictures photos pics casual

I’ve given Gwen a lot of crap in the past about her style and how contrived I think her take on fashion is (there’s nothing less fashionable than saying “Hey! I’m FASHIONABLE!“), but I actually really like this outfit, and I’m not being sarcastic. First, I saw the white shirt and said, “Hey, that looks like it’s on backwards.” But then I thought, “well actually, it’s not that bad. I could get used to it.” Then I scrolled down to see the pants and they reminded me of something my mother made me wear for Easter pictures in 1991 that I SWEAR were Alfred Dunner brand, and even in spite of that, I somehow found that I was still OK with it somehow.

I’m not going to delve too deeply into it to figure out why, because I’m quite afraid of the answer, so it is what it is. We’ll just leave it there.

B.D. Wong Is Leaving ‘SVU’

B.D. Wong in November 2010Oh, no! B.D. Wong confirmed via Twitter that he is leaving Law & Order: SVU for greener pastures. The Tony award-winning actor originated the role of forensic psychiatrist George Huang, who audiences could count on for reliable textbook explanations of weird mental illnesses.

Is Special Victims Unit dunzo? With Stabler leaving, too, and Benson‘s contract expiring in 2012, who’s left? Oh. Ice-T.

In commemoration of 11 years of Dr. George Huang, here’s a video of B.D. Wong singing a Tori Amos song.