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Dr. Bailey Taking Over as Narrator of Grey’s Anatomy?


This is really weird. You know how normally Meredith Grey narrates the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy? Apparently Chandra Wilson/Dr. Bailey will be taking over those duties. columnist Michael Ausiello writes:

“The new narrator is … Bailey,” adding that “there’s a reason behind her temporary promotion — and it ain’t pretty … Let’s just say that random scene last week of Bailey at home with her husband and kid will make a lot more sense when Episode 11 airs early next year.”


Any guesses?

Random Connections: Sean Taylor’s Girlfriend Was Andy Garcia’s Niece


It’s a small world.

Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskins player who tragically died this week, was the longtime boyfriend of Andy Garcia’s niece, Jackie Garcia. She was with her football star boyfriend Monday night when they heard loud noises. She reportedly hid in the bedroom with their 18-month-old daughter, also named Jackie, while Taylor went to investigate.

Andy Garcia released a statement:

“His heroic action on that tragic night saved their life and is a testament to his humanity and courage. His spirit will live forever, in our hearts and through the legacy of his achievements and the family he leaves behind/ Sean was known to many as an extraordinary athlete and unquestionable teammate. To those of us who had the good fortune to count him as a member of our extended family, we will always remember him as a caring and loving individual.”

R.I.P., Sean.

Oh Please God Let This Be True


Pamela Anderson says five more years and she’s headed back to Canada!

“I get offers to do movies and TV all the time. I say no to everything. Drives my agent crazy,” she tells USA Today. “But I’m lazy. I don’t want to work. I want to be with my kids. So I just fly in from L.A., do a few days of shows and go back home.”

Pam says she steps in at her sons’ school in Malibu to assist as “Multiplication Mom for the fourth-grade boys.” I assure you, Pamela, there is no multiplication being learned in that classroom.

“Five more years of tits and ass and I’ll go back to Canada,” she says. “I’ve got some land. It’ll be time.”

Just five more years of this, people. Just five more years.