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The Cast of Breaking Dawn Was at Comic-Con, Of Course

photo of taylor lautner robert pattinson and kristen stewart at comic con 2011 pics

Won’t be long now, guys! The next big movie to hit theaters will be Breaking Dawn Part 1, and then we can talk about that for six weeks before and after like we have with Harry Potter. It’s only fair, you know. For now, though, enjoy the photos of the Twilight kids at the 2011 Comic-Con convention. It should hold you over ’til it’s light enough to get back to reading the book without your flashlight on. It still might be kind of early where you are. Enjoy!

NBC’s Leaked ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot Is Worse Than You Thought

Adrianne Palicki's widely-loathed Wonder Woman costumeDavid E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman never made it to NBC, and it sure isn’t because of that awful costume—it’s because the television pilot sucks on ice.

Leaked footage of the never-to-be superhero show depicts an earnest Adrianne Palicki, as the eponymous lead, gracelessly leaping and bounding with the help of wires. I really like it when she stiffly runs toward criminals in perfect imitation of the T-1000, or when she she stiffly sashays off in defeat. (Also, speaking of stiff: Wonder Woman’s immutable hair.)

And why is Wonder Woman killing people? Comic book traditionalists need to know! It just doesn’t seem canonical.

Maybe they really should hand the directorial reins to Joss Whedon, because this clip has a serious Xena: Warrior Princess vibe. Am I right, or am I right:

P.S. Plenty more where that came from.

I Really Hate What Lindsay Wore to Court Today

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

To be perfectly honest, all I want to talk about is Lindsay‘s dumb ol’ dress. I just want to be catty about fashion, I don’t want to go on and on about how yeah, Lindsay might really go to jail soon, because it’s exhausting and it’s never going to happen and it’s ridiculous. But hey, I’m nothing if not dedicated.

Here’s a quick rundown: Lindsay had herself a little checkup at court today to make sure she’s doing ok. Newsflash: she’s not. She was supposed to get some counseling because, um, she’s crazy, you know, and she hasn’t yet because she can’t afford it, apparently, and also she’s been slacking on that community service. The judge was like “shape up or ship out,” and Lindsay was like “whatever, I’m wearing a stupid dress and I have an attitude problem.” And that’s exactly how court went today.

But yeah, that dress, huh? Do you think Lindsay will ever be able to dress appropriately for court? I hope so, because since she’s never going to jail and she’s never going to learn she’s going to have plenty of opportunities.