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Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt Are Tired of the Girls Getting All the Attention

Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner are Feuding

In a move that absolutely reeks of Spencer Pratt’s take on marketing, he and his best friend Brody Jenner are “feuding.”

Sources tell that after a ten-year relationship that included creating a reality show (FOX’s The Princes of Malibu), partying like young Hollywood royalty and lobbying their way onto MTV’s The Hills, reality stars Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner have broken off their friendship.

Sources confirm that the rift began shortly after Pratt made inflammatory comments about Brody’s ex Nicole Richie in a Details magazine story earlier this year, and the break was cemented about a month ago when Pratt was angered by Jenner rekindling a frienship with arch-enemy Lauren Conrad.

Really, guys?

That is so gay.

Feuding is for chicks. Leave it to Lauren and Heidi. I know, I know, you’re tired of Lauren and Heidi getting all the publicity, you both desperately want to be famous, etc, etc. I know the drill. But maybe you could have, I dunno, attended an AA meeting after alerting X17? Totaled a car? Slept with Paris Hilton? Proposed to Heidi Montag? (Oh, wait, you already did that.) But feuding over Lauren Conrad? Soooo gay. You guys need to find a new tactic, stat.

More Lindsay Updates

1) We had the wrong assistant — it wasn’t Jenni Muro, it was Lindsay’s other assistant who she was chasing in her car. We still don’t have a name for this girl.

2) Lindsay faces up to six years in jail for this morning’s antics.

3) Lindsay will not appear on Jay Leno tonight. Instead, Rob Schneider will appear — in drag, pretending to be Lindsey. Cute.

Looks Like Lindsay’s Going to Betty Ford in Palm Springs

Lindsay Lohan Checking into Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, California

Word on the street is that helicopters and photogs have descended on the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs — this is probably the latest stop on Lindsay’s disastrous Tour of Addiction.

Her earlier facility, Promises, is refusing to comment on the current situation.

A friend of mine was actually fired from Promises after talking to reporters during Britney’s stay there — and she didn’t even talk about Britney! They called with some questions about the regime there, and she answered those questions, and she was fired for that! So it’s no surprise to me that everyone there is staying tight-lipped about this.