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47What’s This Mob Scene???

Why, these are photos of the packed scene outside Perez Hilton’s meet and greet for his new line for Hot Topic.

Except it’s not a mob scene at all.

Apparently hardly anyone showed up. These photos were reportedly taken at 6 pm, just as the event was beginning. And no one is there!!!

Says an eye-witness:

“Some freaky lil employee with a handful of wrist bands asked if I wanted to meet Perez Hilton at 6pm! I was like NO, I just ate. NO one wanted wrist bans it was kinda funny.”

Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha.

I try to lay off Perez most of the time, but, like, it totally pisses me off that he spent YEARS making fun of celebrities for launching their own clothing lines and then he goes and launches one of his own. And no one cares. So this is hilarious and wonderful to me.

June 9, 2008 at 3:28 pm by Evil Beet
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10God, Everything About Tori Spelling Just Bores Me So Much

The “actress” reportedly gave birth to her second child with stolen husband Dean McDermott this morning.

She was supposed to deliver the little girl via C-section at Cedars Sinai today.

Her mother Candy — with whom she’s recently become un-estranged — was at the hospital to lend her support.



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11We Never Should Have Let Paris Hilton Set Foot in New York City

A new report indicates that over one in four New Yorker has genital herpes.


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31New Kids on the Block: “Summertime” Video

Could anything about this possibly be more cliche?


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15Does Jessica Alba’s Baby Have a Name?

Word on the street is that the little girl’s name is Honor Marie Warren.

No confirmation on that, though.

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15I Can’t Wait to Hear What Papa Joe Has to Say About This

Now you can hold down your D-cups just like Jessica Simpson.

In spring 2009, the Jessica Simpson brand will be expanded to include a line of intimate apparel.

Oh yay.

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