Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Having Fun Yet, Andy Dick?


I just think this photo — taken at Jude Law’s birthday party at LAX on Saturday — is so funny.

Who lets Andy Dick grab their tits?

I bet all those chicks ran to the bathroom afterwards to snort the cocaine residue off her chest. Andy Dick’s bare hands have to be good for a line or two.

“Don’t Touch My Fucking Car”

Britney gets a little fed up with the paps in this video.

I don’t blame her.

My favorite part of any paparazzi video is the local storeowners trying in vain to get them to leave. “Cameras out. Right now. I’m calling the cops.” Dude. The paparazzi don’t give a fuck.

Also, I love how Britney is just shameless rocking the extensions. I think that’s gonna be a new trend. I mean, why bother to make your extensions look natural? You paid for them, didn’t you? So show ‘em off! Heh.

My other favorite part is toward the end, where a paparazzi asks her if she supports the writers’ strike. Really? You have thirty seconds with Britney Spears, and that’s what you thought up? Like she’s gonna turn to you and be like, “The way I see it, both parties make reasonable points, but I think we need to consider the long-term economic impact of this work stoppage. The consequences are unclear at best, and, realistically, both sides need to make concessions in the interest of the industry as a whole.” She’s more likely to be like, “Why are you asking me about baseball?”