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Miley Cyrus Finally Got A Tattoo I Can Appreciate

A photo of Miley Cyrus

Here’s Miley‘s latest body art – it’s that little equality sign on her finger there. Isn’t that nice? She posted it on her Twitter with the caption “All LOVE is equal.” Good going, Miley! This is loads better than that dumb dreamcatcher you have! Congrats!

Ok, everybody, I know that Miley doesn’t care what I think about her tattoos. I know this because she ignores my emails, phone calls, post cards, Twitter replies, and that one fax I sent when I was drunk and feeling competent at the library. I know that she has better things to do than worry what a fellow party-lovin’ Tennessean has to say about her tattoos. But you know what? I can’t just stop caring. I can’t just turn my heart off. So excuse the hell out of me, but I won’t stop feeling my feelings for anybody, especially not Miley.

What do you guys think about Miley’s sweet ink?

The Beckhams Want Another Kid Already

A photo of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

Wasn’t little Harper Seven born like a month ago? Oh wait, it hasn’t even been a whole month. It’s been 20 days. I don’t know, maybe after you have four kids that new baby smell wears off more quickly, and you realize that it’s high time to start the whole thing over again. It looks like that’s the case with David and Victoria Beckham, because they’ve already put the word out that they need another precious angel:

A little brother or sister for baby Harper?

That’s an optimistic possibility, according to dad David Beckham, 36, who’s been fawning over the family’s 2-week-old addition.

“We’d love one more,” Beckham, whose brood also includes boys Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8½, and Cruz, 6½, tells the Associated Press. “We’ve always said we’d love a big family and five was a number. If we’re lucky enough, then we hope to have one more.”

The soccer star, who welcomed his daughter July 10 with wife Victoria Beckham, 37, says baby Harper’s brothers adore her, too. “All the boys won’t leave her alone,” he says, “which is amazing.”

What’s it like having another lady in the house? “It’s different having a little girl,” he says. “She’s elegant.”

It’s pretty obvious that the Beckhams are adorable parents, but five kids? Jesus. I can barely even hang out with five adults at the same time, I don’t even want to think about how crazy it would be to be responsible for five little people.

Well, I guess I’m going to spend the rest of my night cowering in fear of having five children and knocking on wood like my uterus depends on it. See you guys bright and early tomorrow!

Kirstie Alley Confronts David Letterman About All The Fat Jokes!

How much do we love Kirstie Alley? She’s just so sassy nowadays! Even if she’s a little delusional or maybe stretches the truth a little about her weight loss, I don’t care. She looks great, she’s funny for days, and I love her.

Oh, and I don’t watch David Letterman‘s show or anything, but does he always fall just this side of douchey, or is this out of character for him?