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L.A.M.B. May Be Black Sheep of Fashion Week


So far, the New York Times doesn’t have anything nice to say about Gwen Stefani’s fashion line:

If ever there was a reason for a pop star to concentrate on her vocal skills, it was Gwen Stefani’s fashion meltdown. Among the words I wrote in my notebook, until my pen came to a stop, were “blob,” “very last season,” “bad secretary,” “astonishingly bad,” and “Ditzville.” I’m amazed—now—I had that much to say.

To check out some of the designs from Gwen’s 2008 show, click here.

Tila Tequila Will Fuck Anything

Tila Tequila to Star in Bisexual Dating Show on MTV

Everyone’s favorite MySpace slut is coming to MTV in the country’s very first bi-sexual dating show.

Is it the world’s very first bi-sexual dating show? I’m not sure. Perhaps another country beat us to the punch. Leave it to France, I bet.

Anyway, the show will be called A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, and debuts October 9.

It’ll work like any other dating show, except 16 of the contestants will be straight or bisexual men, and 16 will be lesbian or bisexual women.

Her singing career didn’t work out so well. So it’s nice to see Tila returning to her roots: whoring herself out for publicity.

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Fashion Rocks

I have to say thanks first and foremost to the random ladies who got me and my friend into the afterparty for Fashion Rocks. For some odd reason I ended up dancing next to Cuba Gooding Junior…who ended up spilling a drink on my friend.

I’m wildly hungover yet I wanted to share my lovely time with our readers. I’ll post pics tonight but in the meantime here are the highlights of the evening….

Carrie Underwood is the smallest person I have ever seen. She walked past me and literally I feel as though she has lost even more weight. Girl can SING though.

Jennifer Lopez still has got it. Watch the show tonight. Seriously.

Michelle Trachtenberg, Lydia Hearst and Levin Rambin seem to be besties. They were downing glasses of champagne even though Miss Rambin is 17. She is on “All My Children” and for some odd reason I have run into her about 4 times this week. Michelle also looked seriously strung out. She smokes parliments…and really needs a tan. I kind of was so shocked they were all hanging out.

Cuba Gooding Jr., for some odd reason wasn’t in the VIP room and he was at the party late into the evening when most of the really famous people had already left. He was dancing up a storm with an older blond lady. He is quite the dancer but it was a little odd that he stuck it out and didn’t end up at Marquee or the after parties to the after party. I mean seriously…isn’t he famous enough to get into Tenjune?

Once again…pictures will be posted in a bit. I also would like to thank the two random men that had a dance off at the Rainbow Room.

The Office Convention?

The Office Convention in Scranton, PA

Don your uniforms. Set your phasers to stun. And chart a course at Warp 6 to …

The Office convention?

I guess this stuff isn’t for Star Trek nerds anymore.

The Office is holding a convention — in Scranton, PA, of course — October 26-28.

Here’s the pitch:

The time has come for The Office fans to unite, and what better place to do it than the city that’s home to Michael Scott and the rest of the Dunder-Mifflin staff – Scranton, Pa. “The Electric City” is celebrating the best comedy on TV by inviting Dunder-heads to converge on Northeast Pa. for a full weekend of pretending to hang out with other peoples’ co-workers. Think of it like a Star Trek convention but with nerds wearing Dwight Schrute glasses instead of Spock ears.

One of the event sponsors is the Jesuit University of Scranton. I love it.