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Baby Spice Debuts Baby … Tate

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Tell me this isn’t one of the cutest babies going.

Baby Spice, AKA Emma Bunton, gave birth to her adorable son Tate back in May, and Hello! magazine has the first official photo.

Bunton also talks about her continual relationship with the other Spice Girls, and how supportive they’ve been both throughout her pregnancy and during the months of child rearing that she’s experienced so far:

‘As soon as we can possibly meet up, we will. But for the moment we’re making do with emails,’ the 32-year-old told Hello! Magazine. ‘We’ve been swapping bits of advice and photos and sharing our excitement.’

Emma also told how a beautiful bouquet from the Beckham family arrived within hours of her giving birth. ‘The first bouquets through the door were from Victoria, Geri (Halliwell) and Mel C,’ she said. ‘They came with little notes and that is always special to me, to get those from the girls.

She added: ‘The relationship we girls have will always be special. Now our kids are friends too and as they grow, it will be wonderful to watch them all and the different stages in their lives.

I think it’s great that this bunch of women can remain friends after taking the world by storm in the nineties. They were so famous, you know? They went through so much together, and it’s nice to see that they’re still rumored to be pretty tight. It’s not all that common, you know. I mean, just look at what happened to Destiny’s Child, ffs.

First Look at Kristen Stewart’s Snow White and the Huntsman

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For any of you unaware, Kristen Stewart is starring as Snow White in rough-and-tumble production of the classic Snow White. From what you can see of the photo, Snow White will be more of a fighting figure than that of a helpless waif who does nothing but cook and clean for the dwarfs, and wait for her Prince Charming to wake her up from a slumber of death.

From the LA Times:

… Since the cast just met each other recently, moderator Dave Karger from Entertainment Weekly magazine conducted a series of ice-breakers, questions like “What are you like on the set? Do you like to improv?”

“I’m very well-behaved,” said Stewart, who is excited to wear her armor and carry a shield as a Snow White with little resemblance to the Disney princess that sings to the birds. “I take myself very seriously.”

“You’ll be fine, Kristen,” responded Theron, who compared her evil queen to a serial killer, one with a fantastic costume designed by Academy Award winner Colleen Atwood. “I’m an Oscar winner, so I take myself very seriously,” she said with a laugh.

Stewart got into the fun when asked whether she’s like her character. “I’d like to be more like her…. But I am the fairest in the land, and I have a seriously good heart,” she said. Added Hemsworth: “And she really likes apples.”

Sanders also introduced a photo of his eight dwarves — a literal who’s who of the British acting scene: Nick Frost, Ray Winstone, Toby Jones, Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Eddie Marsan, Eddie Izzard and Stephen Graham. Why there are eight dwarves? “Because there are a few great lines when one of them gets killed,” Sanders said.

Pretty interesting spin they’re taking on the Snow White story, don’t you think? You reckon this is going to go over well with audiences because of its unique hook, or will it flop like some of Kristen Stewart’s other, post-Twilight indie films?

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