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Who Would You Cast to Be in Your Wedding?

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from The Hills are Casting Their Wedding Party

Apparently that’s a very important question, as rumor has it that the producers of The Hills have been holding casting calls for Heidi and Spencer’s wedding.

Sources close to the show tell me that producers are currently in the process of casting “key roles” for Spencer and Heidi’s upcoming wedding. We’re hearing that Roxy Olin (daughter of Brothers & Sisters’ Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig), whom you’ll remember as Jason Lewis’ girlfriend on B&S, is in final talks to be “cast” as Heidi’s Maid of Honor!

Talk about having no friends!

I don’t know if I believe this — or that Heidi and Spencer are even having a televised wedding — because I’ve also heard that Lauren said she wouldn’t do the show anymore if Heidi and Spencer had their wedding on the show. So take this with a grain of salt.

Even so, I hope Ben Stein gets to play someone’s grandpa.

Paris is PISSED

Check out this video footage of Paris Hilton demanding her sex video be removed from the shelves of an LA adult store.

Honestly, Paris, aren’t you like 5 years too late to start complaining about this shit?

They Did It!


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes finally managed to take a full-body shot where she doesn’t tower over him. She’s wearing flats and you’d better believe his shoes have lifts in them.

Jenna Elfman’s husband, Bodhi, wasn’t so lucky.

Is this a Scientology thing? Are they supposed to marry women who make them look short?

Sasha Cohen, Because It’s Cool That She Can Do That Thing with Her Leg

Sasha Cohen Skates at The Rink at Rockefeller Center, November 2, Pictures, Photos

The Olympic medalist showed her stuff off at The Rink at Rockefeller Center on Friday.

I just think she’s so adorable. And I wish I could do that with my leg. I bet I’d get asked out more often. I have double-jointed knuckles, but it just doesn’t create the same effect with men. Instead of “Oooooh,” it’s usually more like “Ewwww.” I need to stop trying to impress people that way.