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Hayden Realizes She Isn’t Dating a Celebrity…Dumps Him


Hayden Panettiere has finally dumped boyfriend Stephen Colletti hopefully after realizing that she is young, hot and famous and he was, well, popular in 2005.

When asked where Stephen was at the VMA’s where Stephen was Hayden replied “I don’t know. In California.” What she should have said was “Seriously, do you think I still would be dating him now that I am 18? hahahahaahahahaha.”

If you wondered what Stephen was doing these days, other than Hayden Panettiere, he actually has a bit of a career. Most recently he has done 7 episodes of “One Tree Hill” and hosted New Year’s 2007 for MTV. Not bad Stephen…at least you are working more than Kristin Cavallari her last project was “Spring Breakdown” which seems like it will never be released.

Hayden, on the flip side, is filming a TV show that is hugely popular and just filmed “Fireflies in the Garden” with Julia Roberts.

Who do you think Hayden will date next?

More Spears…


So you didn’t think Britney’s meltdown would be blamed on Jessica Simpson did you?

Oh but it has my friends. It has. TMZ is reporting that Britney spent 10 grand to fly her people to Las Vegas to give her long dark brown locks but her people said no and instead insisted that she use those blond ratty hair extensions that evidently were from Jessica Simpson’s “Hair-Do” line.

Ok, so if somebody forced me to wear Jess’s extensions then I would be pissed and uninspired too.

So far, this is the best excuse I’ve heard.

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Kevin Federline: Now I’m an Actor!


While his ex-wife was crashing at the VMAs — where they hand out awards for “quadruple threats” — K-Fed’s still trying to find an arena in which he can be a single threat. Well, I guess a double-threat, as he’s already mastered the art of sending threatening letters to Britney.

The rap thing didn’t work out so hot, so, in this interview with Extra, Kevin informs us that he’s “definitely more focused on the acting thing.”

He had no comment on Britney’s VMA appearance. He was in LA this weekend, celebrating the birthdays of Jayden James and Sean Preston. My God, in all the Britney Spears/VMA hype, we totally forgot these kids have birthdays this month! Frankly, Britney probably did, too!

At least they have their father.

Who ever thought we’d be saying that?

Don’t Be Mad at Me Tomorrow

I’ll be traveling most of the day on Wednesday — heading back to LA for my friend’s wedding. (Congrats to Nandita and Matt!!!) I’ll try to get something up later in the day, but don’t hate me if it’s really slow. I still love you guys. It’s just hard to demonstrate that love until they get Internet access on airplanes.

Happy September 11, Wall Street!!! Here’s Lance Bass to Help You Celebrate!!

Lance Bass Rings Closing Bell on Nasdaq


What. The. Fuck?

Lance Bass was on hand to ring the closing bell at the NASDAQ stock exchange on September 11, 2007.

Because nothing says “We’ve recovered from a horrific tragedy of unimaginable proportions” like a gay former boy-bander and failed Cosmonaut.

I think this has something to do with the fact that Bass is currently appearing on Broadway in Hairspray, but still. It’d be nice to have someone like — oh, I don’t know — the President? — to do this.

Justin Timberlake’s Voice Was Strained from “Performing”

Justin Timberlake Cancels Tour Dates after Getting Shitfaced at the VMAs

J.T. postponed two tour dates in Northern California — one on Monday and one on Wednesday — after a doctor ordered him to rest his voice after his VMA performance.


The performance was so, so stressful on the voice of a guy who puts on a full two-hour show every other night. But the three bits he did at the VMAs just put that poor little voice right over the edge.

So, so stressful.