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Vick Sentenced to 23 Months


NFL star Michael Vick has been sentenced to 23 months in prison for dogfighting and conspiracy.

That’s a doggone shame.

(Sorry, I couldn’t help it. And before you guys get all “Why do you hate puppies?” in the comments, let me just state for the record, I love puppies and I think the prison sentence is appropriate. But sometimes a girl’s just gotta pun.)

We’ll have more details as they come.

Can’t Afford Spice Girls Tickets?

Check out this clip of them performing “Wannabe” on stage.

The video quality is poor, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy watching this.

I feel like it’s just now hitting me that the Spice Girls are making a comeback. And you know what? I love it. You know, you think you’ve outgrown your teen years. You go to college. You get a job. You pay your own bills. You have relationships, you end relationships. You stop watching The Real World. It occurs to you that it is no longer appropriate to wear shirts that show your belly button piercing. In fact, it occurs to you that it is no longer particularly appropriate to have that belly button piercing in the first place. You periodically consider Botox. You look at the teenage girls in the mall and think, “Who let them leave the house that way?” You buy your own car. You own a house. You redecorate.

Basically, you’re a big important grown-up now.

And then the Spice Girls show up on stage all like, “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends,” and you’re all like, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! THE SPICE GIRLS!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!!!!! GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!”

And ten years of maturity go right out the window. And it is so awesome.

This is what I wanted to see from Britney.