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Lauren’s Not Supposed to Be a Gossip Girl


From Page Six:

MTV doesn’t want the new CW series “Gossip Girl” to overshadow its own gossipy reality show, “The Hills.” MTV wasn’t thrilled when “Hills” stars Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port RSVP’d to go to the “Gossip Girl” premiere event at Tenjune the other night. An insider said, “MTV saw their names on the tip sheet and didn’t want their stars promoting a competing show.” The “Hills” girls, who hosted an event for the musical “Legally Blonde” instead, hung out later with the “Gossip Girl” cast at Marquee. A rep for MTV said, “The girls’ hosting duties were on their schedule for weeks.”

So did anyone watch Gossip Girl last night? How was it?

Maddox Jolie-Pitt Must Think School is the Coolest Thing Ever



Now that the Jolie-Pitts have enrolled their eldest in a ridiculously ritzy school on the Upper East Side — and refuse to have nannies take him to and from — the paparazzi know exactly where they can find these folks, day in and day out.

I do think it’s funny, though, how they go as a couple to pick him up, creating a paparazzi frenzy. I mean, really, guys, would it be all that big a deal to send a nanny in to get him? Or just have one of his teachers bring him out to the tinted-windowed car? Because Maddox Jolie-Pitt — not to mention the rest of his class — is going to have the most twisted idea about what school is. Okay, okay. When your elementary school costs $20K/year, you’re definitely going to have a twisted idea about what school is. But when your walk to and from school is basically the Oscars red carpet minus Joan Rivers? By the time he’s in third grade, Mad’s going to have to start taking a publicist with him to school to tell him which reporters to talk to and remind him who he’s wearing and who did his backpack. Giuliana DePandi’s gonna be all like, “I’m loving your JanSport. We’re really seeing that come back this season.” This kid’s spelling tests are going to run on Page Six. The entire staff of the Post is going to have to learn how to speak elementary French so they can weigh in on his book reports. I’m so excited.

jolie_backpack.jpg angie_mad_0919.jpg

Move Over, Tyra Banks

America’s Next Hot Porn Star Contestants, NYC press conference

America’s Next Hot Porn Star, Contestant, New York Press COnference

America’s Next Hot Porn Star is just getting started!

The show, which airs on iNDemand pay-per-view, follows 12 women who hope to break into the porn business.

They held a press conference last night in NYC. What do you guys think?

Seriously, I didn’t think anything could be better than Cathouse, but this just might be it.

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Update: Because I love you guys, I tracked down some YouTube clips:

…And We’re Back


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Or, as my sage roommate described it, “website go boom.”

The good news is that we should now have no downtime due to an overloaded server. And, if we do, I’m fucking switching hosts.

Posting will now resume as normal. Thanks for putting up with this bullshit.


Jennifer Lopez is Preggers

Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant

Looks like J-Lo’s jumping on the pregnancy bandwagon. Mrs. Marc Anthony sported a baby bump at her fashion line’s recent show, and now inside sources are confirming that she has a little Lopez on the way.

“She’s about twelve weeks pregnant,” says a source. “She’s due in the spring.” She’s been trying to get pregnant using in vitro fertilization for years, and has finally been successful. There’s even a possibility she’s preggers with twins! Friends say Jennifer has been dreaming of becoming a mother for some time now, and is elated about the pregnancy.

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