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Why Doesn’t This Stuff Happen to Frankie Muniz?


Man, I hate Frankie Muniz. I don’t even know why, I just do. Something about that kid just bothers me. Like, he’s just begging to have his head stuck in a toilet.

Anyway, his former co-star, Chris Masterson, got in the middle of a fabulous fight behind club LAX last night, and ended up on the ground. TMZ has the video.

Sadly, most of the best parts are bleeped out, but fights are always extra fun when chicks get involved.

Don’t Lend That Car to Britney!

Kevin Federline (K-Fed) in Yellow Lamborghini, Pictures, Photos

K-Fed leaves Busby’s in WeHo at 2 am in a friend’s yellow Lambo.

Sweet ride, Kevin. I need more friends with Lamborghinis. Anyone have a Lamborghini and want to be my friend? I don’t take up too much space, and if you put a few Red Bulls into me I tend to let you put a little something else into me. If you have a Lamborghini, that is.

I wonder who had the kids.

Kevin Federline (K-Fed) in Yellow Lamborghini, Pictures, Photos

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LC Admits The Hills is Kinda Fake


Who’d’ve thunk it? Sometimes they film “re-enactments” on The Hills!!!

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Conrad, 21, specifically addresses “nail-polish-gate” — a sequence of scenes in one episode that were supposedly shot on one night, but in which Conrad’s red nail polish disappears over time. Conrad says the later scenes, with her on the phone with Brody Jenner, were indeed re-enacted the next day, because the cameras had stopped rolling before the “real” phone call.

“Anyone who has worked on a reality show knows how they’re filmed,” Conrad says. “I basically had to go and call [Brody] again, have the exact same conversation on camera. I mean, it’s not lying to anyone, it’s telling what really happened, but it’s just the way they film reality shows.”

Conrad doesn’t see anything wrong with that, as long as the re-enactments stay true to the characters’ real lives. “Basically what they’re doing is taking our lives and telling a story,” she says. “They’re telling exactly what happened.”

So is everyone super-psyched for the finale tonight???

I know I am!

It means I can finally stop watching that damn show for a few months.

Could Ricky Martin Possibly Be Gay???

Ricky Martin gay?


His buddy, skin care specialist Ole Henriksen, totally outed Ricky in a recent interview with Swedish magazine Salonk.

He’s quoted as saying, “He (Martin) is a bit more open about it (his homosexuality) these days than he used to be… I don’t know if he has a boyfriend.”

Yeah, right.

Ricky’s gonna have to be a LOT more open about it now!

Amy Winehouse’s Rep Responds to Her Mother’s Open Letter (Sort Of)

Amy Winehouse Buys Junk Food, Pictures, Photos

In the wake of her mother’s shattering open letter to her ailing daughter, it seems her daughter has a newfound determination to get better. At least, that’s how her rep’s trying to spin it. Here’s the statement:

“Amy is thrilled to be nominated for 6 Grammys and is very much hoping to attend. She is determined to be ready and well for that performance.”

Get sober, Amy! Get healthy and get back here and rock our worlds!!!

Image via WENN

Underwear as Outerwear?

Kim Kardashian and Sister Kourtney at Breakthrough of the Year Awards

I laughed so hard when I came across this pic.

You guys remember last week’s episode of Project Runway? Where they had to create fashion “dos” from fashion “don’ts”?

And one of the fashion “don’ts” was underwear as outerwear?

Enter Kourtney Kardashian as Exhibit A.

At the Breakthrough of the Year awards in LA.


Image via WENN