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Let’s Look at Some Photos of the Happy Couple, Brad and Angelina

photo of brad pitt and angelina jolie pictures photos pics

With all of this new Jennifer Aniston-relationship-bombshell stuff going on surrounding Brad Pitt lately, I thought it appropriate to show some photos of him in his element, i.e., with his non-wife wife, Angelina Jolie.

See, a lot of you guys had some pretty strong reactions to Brad’s recent comments about his former life with Jennifer Aniston. Some were kind of like this:

“Brad’s scum—always thought so, always will.”

Ooh. Harsh.

Then, there were others like this:

“I really used to like Brad Pitt, but the way he and Angelina try to hurt Jennifer after all these years has caused me to change my opinion of both of them, or should I say “Brangelina”. I live in Michigan, far from the glamour of Hollywood, but I think that town and all that money has caused people to become insensitive and morally bankrupt. After Jen and Brad broke up she kept her thoughts to herself for a very long time. She showed a lot of class and courage. I think I would have been curled up in the fetal position, crying hysterically and then I would probably hunt them down and make the biggest scene ever. I am sure the police would at some point have to intervene. And now Angelina tried to get the part in a new movie starring Justin Theroux. How junior high school is that? They need to just stop trying to rub their affair in her long ago healed wound. Oh, btw, stop dragging your kids around all over the globe. They need some place to call home.”

But my favorite so far was probably this:

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Heidi Montag Turns Twenty-Five, Various Heidi Montag Body Parts Turn Two

photo of heidi montag las vegas birthday pics pictures photos

Color me stupid, but I almost fell off my chair when I read that Heidi Montag is only twenty-five. She’s only twenty-five. That means she was practically a CHILD when she had all this crazy plastic surgery. Man, what a shame. What an even-more-of a shame.

Wow. So yeah, Heidi Montag turned twenty-five and celebrated her quarter-century on earth in Las Vegas, where she pretended it wasn’t difficult for her to stand up straight with those things while making eye contact with her “peers.”

In honor of Heidi’s 25th, I’ve compiled a gallery of photos from when she looked normal. Amazing, all that plastic surgery and it did nothing for the girl. Living proof here that some things really are just better left alone.

This Is What A Lohan Birthday Party Looks Like

A photo of Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan

Rumor Fix went and got these pictures from Dina Lohan‘s 49th birthday party, and … well, I’ll go ahead and let you guys decide what’s what. I’ll just let you know that that’s Dina on the left, Lindsay in the middle, and 15-year-old Cody, the littlest Lohan, on the right.

I was going to put a list of feelings that I got from this photo here, but I just can’t. There’s disgust and embarrassment and sympathy for poor Cody, but there’s also the Chinese food from last night threatening to make itself known again if I continue looking and thinking about this.

If you guys could just pick up where I left off, I’d be most obliged.

Image courtesy of Rumor Fix