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The Money Shot

Check out footage of Brit being wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher.

The fun begins around 2:10.

Also, after they get their shot of Britney, the paparazzi bombard Kevin, and it sounds like they’re calling him a “loser,” for reasons I can’t possible fathom at this point.

Britney’s Losing Those Kids Today


K-Fed’s lawyer is going to court at 8:30 am today to ask the court to strip her of her visitation rights.

Britney is at Cedars-Sinai on a “5150 hold,” meaning there’s evidence she’s a danger to herself or others — others as in her kids.

Jayden James was taken to the hospital last night, as well.


“What the Fuck Is Going on with Britney?”


So somewhere around 6:30 last night, I got a raging headache, started feeling horribly nauseous, and went to bed at 9 pm for the first time since I was 8 years old.

The headline is the body of the 15 text messages I had this morning.


Britney was rushed to the hospital last night after cops showed up at her house, when she refused to turn her kids over to Kevin Federline.

Britney was under the influence of an unknown substance.

I told you guys: Britney is going to get sober or Britney is going to die. And it’s going to happen this year.

We’ll have more details as they come.

The Vivica Fox Sex Tape?

Vivica Fox Sex Tape?

UPDATE: We’ve got the tape here.

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Oooh, this is an unexpected treat!!!

Actress Vivica A. Fox has a sex tape that has been circulated around recently. An inebriated Fox is seen on her knees, performing oral sex to an Atlanta man, who was secretly taping her on his cell phone.

The man then e-mailed the sex tape to his friends, who then e-mailed it to Fox.

Fox then e-mailed it to a friend of hers in the Atlanta Police Department. It is unknown if Fox is filing a complaint against the man or asked the police department to handle the situation in a private manner.

The tape was confirmed by Atlanta hip-hop station V-103′s Porsche Foxx, a popular DJ in the city.

How fucking drunk do you have to be for someone to be secretly taping you giving oral sex on their cell phone?

Can we think this through, people? I mean, he’s not exactly hiding the cell phone behind the condom wrapper, ya know? Come on. I think I’d notice that some dude had his cell phone in my face while I was giving him head. There’s no cock that big.

My guess: there was nothing secret about this taping. She was all drunk and he was all like, “Oooh, baby, let me get this on my cell phone” and she was like “Oooh, yeah,” and then the tape got out and now she’s all like, “I didn’t know I was being taped!”

Trashy. And wonderful!