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Britney’s Lawyers Quit (Again)


If this story seems familiar, it’s because it happened in September of last year.

And now it’s happening again.

No one wants to represent Brit-Brit!

The high-powered firm of Trope and Trope filed legal papers today asking to withdraw as Brit’s hired guns in her custody dispute with K-Fed.

In the legal papers, attorney Tara Scott from Trope and Trope wrote, “There has been a breakdown in communications between [Britney] and Trope and Trope making further representation of her interests impossible.”

Apparently Britney refuses to listen to her lawyers’ advice.

Here’s a prediction for early 2008: Britney loses those kids. Completely!

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Pam Anderson Left Her Kids in Their Hotel Room While She Partied at PURE


You’d think she could have left them with, ya know, their father, or any one of her later husbands, or a babysitter, or a bartender, or something, but no. Pam Anderson left her kids, ages 10 and 11, alone in a hotel room in Las Vegas while she hung out at LAX and PURE.

Now everyone’s all up in arms about this. It sounds like the making of a great kids movie: Home Alone: Las Vegas. I can’t remember my folks ever leaving me and my sister alone at that age, but I tend to think that, with some movies and candy, we would have been just fine.

I’m putting this shit to a vote. What do you guys think?

Is it safe to leave a 10 and 11 year old boy alone in a Las Vegas hotel room on New Year's Eve?
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