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OMG OMG OMG! (Or: Dispatches from Sundance: Part 3)

Me, Bill Rancic and Giuliana DePandi at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Pictures, Photos


I am not a particularly star-struck person, but I got seriously excited about this.

I saw them in front of O’Shucks bar and RAN across the street to get a picture with them. There was already a crowd of people surrounding them, but they were very sweet and patient and made sure everyone got their pic.

And I’ve always had a crush on Bill Rancic, but he is so much hotter in person. OMG. He’s really tall and big and chiseled and OMG! Soooo jealous of Giuliana, although she was an absolute sweetheart and very beautiful in person, too.

We also saw Woody Harrelson, but I didn’t manage to get a photo with him.

We’re exhausted, though, and getting ready to take a nap before heading out again for the night. My friend and I were chatting this morning, and she was like, “You know, even if we just went home this morning, I’d still be like, ‘Man, that trip to Sundance was insane.’” I can’t believe we’re going to do ANOTHER night!

Dispatches from Sundance: Part II


Sorry, I’m just now getting around to writing about last night. It wasn’t super exciting — most of the celebs were at the TAO party at Harry O’s, and we couldn’t get in, but we did hang out at the MySpace pre-party and then the Body English party for the movie Fix.

At the MySpace party, Nick Cannon was playing DJ, while Steve Aoki stood next to him and text-messaged all night. It was cute. I made them pose for a pic.

DJ Steve Aoki and Nick Cannon at Sundance in Park City, Pictures, Photos

At one point in the night, the power went out all across Main Street. It was so funny — people immediately started taking pictures of themselves, so they could be like, “Hey, remember that time at Sundance when all the power went out in the club?” Here’s ours:


The other thing everyone did was hold their cell phones up to the bar, so that the open bar could continue unhampered by the recent power tragedy. Good old-fashioned American ingenuity!

About 20 minutes later, the power went on again, and you know what everyone did? Took pictures of themselves, so they could be like, “Hey, remember that one time at Sundance when the power went out and then it came back on again?” Here’s ours:


No one particularly famous showed up to that party, but we did spot Olivia Wilde, the hot new chick from House, just as we were getting ready to leave. She is stunning in person, just like on the show,

Then we tried to go to an afterparty and had the worst cab ride in the world (the problem with Sundance is that it attracts cabbies from all over the Western U.S. — many of whom do not know their way around Park City). However, we used the time to do an impromptu photo shoot.



45 minutes later, we finally ended up back at the house where we’re staying. No after-party for us, because the cabbie was retarded. :( We ate cheese dip (a LOT of cheese dip) and sang James Blunt at the top of our lungs, because we were sober like that.

We’re heading out now to grab lunch and do more celeb-hunting, but I’ll try to check in again later this afternoon.


Your Daily Paris

Paris Hilton at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, at TAO at Harry O’s, Pictures, Photos

Ms. Hilton is in Park City, too!

She was at the TAO party at Harry O’s last night, to check out Maroon 5′s live show.

We couldn’t get into that party last night, but we’re hopefully getting into the 50 Cent show at TAO tonight.



“I’ve learned to love gambling. I was in Australia for a few months and gambling is like a national pastime there, so I learned to love betting on horses, and now I even put in a few football bets and I’m kind of obsessed and into it. Gambling is pretty good.”

Christina Ricci to People magazine



After stating publicly that it was her New Years resolution to quit smoking, Katherine Heigl made it nearly three weeks without being photographed with a cigarette.

The paps caught her last night, though, cigarette in hand as she returned to her midtown hotel in NYC.

Our Katie is back!