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Jennifer Aniston’s Latest Romance Over Before You Even Heard About It

Um, so I guess Jennifer Aniston had been dating a key grip she met while filming Traveling in Canada. But they’re broken up now.

What’s a key grip, you ask?

The simple answer is: A key grip is not Brad Pitt.

Anyway, E! got a hold of the poor guy, Brian Bouma, at his home in Vancouver, where he confirmed that, yes, he had been dating Jennifer Aniston, and “We are not seeing each other anymore.”

Inside sources say Brian had been quietly flying down to Miami to visit Jen on the set of her new film, Marley & Me. When E! asked Brian to confirm this, he just said “I don’t want to talk about it at all.”

Aw, poor guy. Either he’s totally broken-hearted or he’s being a really sweet ex-boyfriend by not spilling the beans about their relationship.

Nicole Kidman’s Rep Remembers That Nicole Kidman Has a Son

Early this morning, Nicole Kidman’s rep received a phone call from her boss.

Boss: Um, so, have you seen that story about how Tom Cruise’s adopted son is going to have a role in that Will Smith movie?

Nicole Kidman’s Rep: Yeah, I came across it yesterday. Why?

Boss: Well, I know it was a long time ago, but wasn’t Nicole, like, tangentially involved in that adoption proess? Isn’t she like, technically, his mom?

NK’s Rep: Fuck.

So then Nicole Kidman’s rep quickly issued a statement saying that Nicole was “really excited for Connor,” after looking up Connor’s name on Wikipedia.

Welcome Back to Britain, Snoop!

A judge in Britain has overturned a ban on Snoop Dogg entering the country, after surveillance footage proved his so-called brawl at Heathrow wasn’t as nasty as first reported.

While his lyrics suggest life in the Dogg Pound is a no-holds-barred sort of experience, Snoop was a model of cooperation with the Metropolitan Police.

A DVD film of the incident revealed that at one point Snoop, who was eventually given a caution, had been innocently entertaining young children. He was twice seen being pushed by a police officer and not retaliating, and a constable’s statement told how when he found him on the floor of a shop amid the fracas he complied with his instruction to lie face down and did not resist when handcuffed.

So Snoop can go back to Britain, it seems.

As far as I know, the ban on him in Australia still stands.

Ashlee Simpson Still Not Saying If She’s Preggers

Ashlee went on Ellen’s show (set to air today, Thursday) and was asked, flat-out, whether or not she was pregnant.

“Well, that has been going on for quite a while. That is something that I choose personally not to discuss,” she said. “Do I look like I had 10 cheeseburgers or something? Because I don’t think I do.”

In fairness to Ashlee, she’s probably still in her first trimester, judging by the fact that she’s totally not showing yet. And I can appreciate her not wanting to break the news just yet. A miscarriage is hard enough; you don’t need to share it with the world. So I’m cutting her some slack on this one right now, and wishing her all the best.

Supporting the Sister-in-Law

Here’s Lindsay Lohan at a private dinner for Charlotte Ronson, the designer sister of her on-again love, Samantha Ronson.

Also there: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

Nicole and Lindsay have been spending an awful lot of time together lately. Hmm.

OMG, You Guys Are Amazing!!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love you guys?

I love you guys A LOT.

I got this email from a reader today:

So I know you just changed your MySpace site so everyone can be your friend and I, of course, added you because I LOVE you. I also have a Facebook account. I have an obsession with random groups on there and I discovered there was only one pathetic group for Evil Beet. So I created my own and hopefully all the Facebookers out there will follow and join me in my love for Evil Beet.

I didn’t even know there was any Evil Beet Facebook group out there, let alone now TWO!!!

Seriously you guys are the absolute coolest. I know I’m just some random chick in cyberspace to you, but, when people do shit like this, it really makes my whole day. It means the world to me. After the shit I’ve been through these past few months, it’s just extra special to have little bright spots like this come into my life. So thank you.

To join the “I ::heart:: Evil Beet” Facebook group, click here.

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And, um, to actually find out who the Evil Beet blogger is, click here and send along a friend request.

Um, Is There Something Wrong with Katie Price’s Daughter?

Here’s Katie Price (aka Jordan) with her daughter, Princess Tiáamii, and her hubby Peter Andre (holding the baby, although not shown in this pic), leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills. They were supposedly there for a consultation on the breast reduction Jordan’s planning to get done. (It’s her second.)

But, like, is there something wrong with her kid? Look at the face. Either she’s just getting over the chicken pox (in which case, why is she out in public?) or she has the worst case of baby freckles I have ever seen in my whole life. Can someone explain this to me?

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