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Club Sandwiches, Not Seals

Rumer Willis and Aaron Yoo, Club Sandwiches Not Seals, Pictures, Photos

It’s not that I disagree with the sentiment — Do people still club seals these days? Really? Why? — it’s just that, you know, I wouldn’t put it on a sweatshirt. And I don’t like club sandwiches. But I don’t like clubbed seals, either. In fact, I’m only indifferent on the matter of unclubbed seals. So whatever.

But far be it from me to disagree with Rumer Willis. She kinda got fucked when the Golden Globes got canceled — she was Miss Golden Globes this year, which is reason enough to cancel the damn thing, if you ask me — so I’m gonna go easy on her about this.

With actor Aaron Yoo in Brentwood.

Well, Hello There, Kim Stolz

Kim Stolz at release of Kate Nash’s new album ‘ Made Of Bricks ‘.

We haven’t seen Kim around for awhile, and, due to my fascination with all things Top Model — like, mainly, how are these girls still riding out their 15 minutes? — I have to run her photo.

Kim attended the NYC party for the release of Kate Nash’s new album.

I don’t know who Kate Nash is.

Most of you don’t know who Kim Stolz is.

I have no idea why I’m even posting this. I’m still in Vegas, guys, and just got back in from the bars, so blame it on that.

Image via Splash

Joey Buttafuoco’s Not So Psyched on His Sex Tape


From Page Six:

AMY Fisher embraced her hard-core sex tape, but Joey Buttafuoco is supposedly furious about his. The former Long Island sleazebag says “Joey Buttafuoco: Caught on Tape” – which is out this week and features him and his second wife, Evanka, going at it – was secretly shot by his former pal Rob Spallone last year at Spallone’s home. “I’m [bleep]ing furious, this guy was supposed to be my [bleep]ing friend?!” Buttafuoco fumed to The Post’s David K. Li. “My wife, she didn’t deserve this! My kids, whether they’re estranged from me or not, they didn’t deserve this.” Spallone admits he secretly shot it and sold it. “Should I have done it? Yeah, I’m going to make a lot of money off it,” Spallone nonchalantly told Li. “He could sue me if he wants, but I’m going to make so much money, I don’t care.”

Okay, buddy, any time you have to qualify “my kids” with “whether they’re estranged or not,” something already went horribly, horribly wrong. I can’t stop laughing at that.

And how unbelievable is it that Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco are back on the gossip pages? Life is strange and wonderful.

A preview of the tape is after the jump.

Oh my God.

Watch it if you need a good laugh.

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