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Two Can Play at This Game

Eliot Spitzer Poses Naked Nude for Playgirl Magazine, Pictures, Photos

Playgirl is offering Eliot Spitzer a chance to pose for their magazine.

Your political career is sadly over; and you owe a lot of money to a lot of people. Hell, you may land in jail before too long. So consider this letter a brief note of urgency.

How about making some loot back, by showing us what you saved for such a select few? How about strutting your sexuality, and defending your right to get down for the magazine and Couldn’t you use a little rent money right about now? Seriously—get in touch with us. We’re ready to make you a very attractive offer. Someone get Spitzer on the line: Playgirl needs him naked, now.

I did the Photoshop job myself.

That’s how boring the gossip is today.

Jump inside for the uncensored (NSFW) version.


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Michael Stipe Is Gay and Funny

Yeah, Michael Stipe has sex with dudes. But you knew that, didn’t you? Come on. Everyone knew that. I knew that when I was like 14. And so did you, if you let yourself admit it.

After recently letting it slip that he plays for the other team, the REM frontman made this formal announcement.


The Next Generation: Meet the Jonas Brothers

On the slowest news day ever, I think it’s time we break out the Jonas Brothers.

You may not know about them. You may not care about them. But they’re the Biggest Thing Ever among the tweener set, which means in a few years they’ll be hitting up the night clubs and impregnating Tallulah Willis (yay!), so it’s time we start familiarizing you guys with them.

Here they are performing on The Early Show this week. The first clip is the song “S.O.S.” and the second clip (after the jump) is “Look Me in the Eyes.”

I’m not at all impressed.

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Ryan Seacrest’s Keeping Mum on His Dating Life

Check out this little video of Extra’s Terri Seymour (who also happens to be Simon Cowell’s longtime girlfriend) interviewing Ryan Seacrest at a Details magazine party.

She’s basically trying to get him to admit that he’s banging Holly Huddleston from Sunset Tan, which is Hollywood’s worst-kept secret these days, but he refuses to do it.

Watch at the very end, when Ryan says to Terri — under his breath and without moving his lips — “Sorry about that.”




“Playing yourself on reality television isn’t to our reader the level of accomplishment that you need to have on the cover of Cosmo.”

Kate White, editor of Cosmo, when asked whether they’d consider having Lauren Conrad on the cover.


The Wall Street Journal — yeah, that Wall Street Journal — has an interesting article about Lauren and her “branding strategy” today. Read it here.




Since it’s the slowest news day ever, here’s Ice-T’s wife, CoCo, shaking her ass at her birthday party in NYC.

We only bring out CoCo in case of emergencies.

I don’t understand this relationship. CoCo seems like the kind of girl you bang and then kick out the door. But she’s been married to Ice-T for nearly four years. In Hollywood, you have to admit that’s pretty impressive.