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Pamela Anderson Does Something Responsible


Despite denial after denial, it appears E! will be moving forward with the Pamela Anderson reality TV show, titled, amazingly, Pamela.

However: Unlike every other reality TV show out there, Pamela’s show WILL NOT feature her children.


Okay, I mentioned awhile back that I ran into some trouble with the Kardashians. I still can’t tell you guys the whole story, but I’ll tell you this part: I received a call from one of their representatives. Apparently somebody had posted Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s correct cell phone number under an article about them on Evil Beet. Kris Jenner was very upset. The girls were getting phone calls in the middle of the night. The rep was also furious because some of my commenters had posted sexual and/or rude things about the girls. And, basically, he was like “What the fuck are you doing writing about pre-teen girls on your website?” And my response was basically like “Well what the fuck are you doing featuring pre-teen girls on your TV show?” Like, if you don’t want your small children in the public eye, and dealing with all the crap that comes along with it, don’t put them on TV. The photos I ran of Kylie and Kendall were taken at a press event, not on the school playground. If you don’t want their photos on the Internet, don’t have them pose for paparazzi at press events.

I did agree to take down the girls’ phone number, so don’t go looking for it, but the story continues from there. I’ll tell you the rest some other time.

Also: Thank you all soooo much for your comments and emails about Charlie. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. He made it through the night, and is showing small signs of improvement today, but is still very ill and not at all out of the woods. So please keep sending him love and healthy vibes!!! I love you guys so much for all your support.

Careful There, Sharon


Sharon Stone gets dangerously close to an upskirt at an event in Paris.

Also: Charlie is very, very sick. He was diagnosed with Parvo — he probably had it before I adopted him, the vet said — and he’s now in the hospital and he’s not doing very well. So posting is going to be slow or non-existent right now, because I’m spending almost all my time with him at the hospital, and I’m not really in a mood to be funny. Please keep him in your prayers.

If I Don’t Get to Have Sex with Adam Duritz Soon, I Might Die

Here’s Adam and Counting Crows performing “Cowboys,” from their new album, on A&E’s Private Sessions. I am obsessed with this whole album, but especially this song. I play it over and over again.

I know you don’t all approve of my Adam obsession, but it’s real and it’s happening and all the therapy in the world can’t help me from being uncontrollably attracted to his angsty, dissociative, brooding, over-emotional, brilliant ass. I know he’s not traditionally hot. But he’ll be remembered as one of the most talented musicians of our generation, and I have no idea what the biological basis is for why women are attracted to emotionally crippled men, but ohmygod he gets me so wet.

I am obsessed with you, Adam. Call me. Seriously. In the words of the ever-wise Kathryn Merteuil: You can put it anywhere.

A&E’s interview with Adam is after the jump. I haven’t watched any of it. It’ll just make me go crazy. I can’t handle how much I love him.

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Ashleigh Banfield!

Ashleigh Banfield Pictures Photos


Remember this chick?

On September 11, 2001, she spent the entire day reporting live from the streets of Manhattan, nearly suffocating in debris. She was immediately a household name, etched into the national consciousness. After that, she spent years reporting from Afghanistan and Pakistan, interviewing Taliban prisoners and refugees.

You guys wanna know what she’s doing now????

She’s hosting a celebrity gossip show for CourtTV!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

In fairness, she was fired from NBC shortly after she went on the record with her concerns about the unfair media portrayal of the war in Iraq, blasting the “cable news operators who wrap themselves in the American flag and go after a certain target demographic” (Fox News, this means you). And I love that she had the courage to do that, and I respect her tremendously for it. So I’m not going to give her too hard a time with this, but let’s just say I managed to figure out that celebrity gossip is the place to be without having to spend two fucking years in the Middle East.

Here’s Ashleigh supporting the 5th annual National Love Our Children Day in NYC.

Looking AWESOME, Denise!


Here’s Denise “Bad Person” Richards at a charity event for Fertile Hope, which provides fertility resources to cancer patients.

You are not fooling anyone, Denise. You only go to these charity events because no one else wants you around.

And Denise? Bright pink lipstick went out about 20 years ago. You should donate the remainder of your collection to charity and issue a press release.

Fight Night!



So I’m at Scottsdale Fashion Square today, helping a couple of my friends get ready for a wedding this afternoon (congrats Sarah and Nate!!!) and we keep seeing these really hot black dudes around.

Now, Scottsdale is a wonderful place, but it is not exactly known for being a mecca of black people. So my friends and I learned way back in high school that when there are hot black men at Fashion Square, there is some sort of athletic event in town. There are stories to tell here, but my grandfather reads this blog.

Anyway, my one girlfriend and I are sitting at the make-up counter at Neimans and we keep seeing these super hot, buff black dudes walk by, and we’re just sort of ogling them. Then my other girlfriend walks up and whispers to me “You see all the hot black dudes?” and I’m like “Fuck yeah” and she’s like “Fight Night” and I’m like “Ahhhhh.”

It’s a charity event that Muhammed Ali puts on annually to raise money for causes primarily related to fighting Parkinsons.

But you know what’s total bullshit? None of those hot black men are on WireImage for this event. It’s all old rich white people: Faith Hill, Kevin Costner, Reba McIntyre, Tony Hawk, etc. The best I could do was Jordin Sparks. I am seriously disappointed. I really wanted to see the pictures of these guys, mainly because there were one or two I’d like to formally begin stalking. And by “stalking” I of course mean “having sex with.”

RIP Charlton Heston


The acclaimed actor and former NRA president passed away on Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills, with his wife Lydia by his side.

Heston announced in 2002 that he had symptoms consistent with Alzheimers, saying at the time that “I must reconcile courage and surrender in equal measure.”

RIP, buddy.