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David Hasselhoff Sure Does Know How to Have Fun in “Sobriety”

Heh heh heh heeeeeeeeee!

I’m four months sober!

I’m going to Coachella, baby!!! Because that is where the real recovery is.


David “I Have No Fucking Business Being at Coachella” Hasselhoff hit up Coachella this weekend, where he managed to find two girls about his daughter’s age to run around with. He’s also sporting a little bruise under his eye and a gigantic bruise on his arm.

Yeah, dude. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you have trouble staying clean.

John McCain’s Secret Weapon

If you can’t think of a single good reason to vote Republican this election season, here’s one: John McCain’s hottie 23-year-old daughter, Meghan McCain, pictured here at the Bloomberg after-party for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

Meghan keeps her own blog about the election. You can read it here.

I went to school with Meghan in Arizona. She was a couple grades below me, but it was a very small private school, so everyone kind of knew everyone else. I remember her being a very sweet little girl. However, I didn’t know her that well, and I’ve heard differing opinions about her from the girls who were in her grade, so whatever. I do remember her as being a geeky-looking little girl with big red reading glasses. I was really surprised to see this pic of her. Like, “Damn, little Meghan McCain got hot!!” I’m gonna have to dig through old yearbooks and scan in some of those old pics of her. She was funny-looking.

Dayum, Halle!

I think I’ve figured out why everyone in Hollywood is popping out babies these days.

For the tits! No plastic surgeon can make ‘em look this natural!

Here’s Halle Berry rocking those post-pregnancy boobies at the Silver Rose Gala in Bev Hills.

She looks different somehow. Obviously, there’s some weight gain, but it’s more than that. Any thoughts?

More pics of Halle from this event are after the jump.

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I Don’t Like Emmanuelle Chriqui’s Hair

Normally I think this girl is just flawless, but at the 10th Annual Young Hollywood Awards on Sunday, her hair’s looking kind of like she just ran in from the rain. Not working, dear.

I like everything else about her here, though.

After the jump, find more red carpet photos from this event, including Brittany Snow, Andrea Bowen, Chris O’Donnell (he’s still considered young Hollywood?), Jesse McCartney, Abigail Breslin, Adrianne Curry, Christine Lakin and Taylor Swift.

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EVERYONE Has Something to Say About the Miley Cyrus Pics in Vanity Fair

My oh my oh my.

We sure have ruffled some feathers here.

Everyone wants to weigh in on the racy, undead pics of Miley Cyrus on the cover of Vanity Fair.

First up, Miley herself, talking both about the VF photos and those racy shots of her that circulated last week:

In a formal statement, Miley says:

“My goal in my music and my acting is always to make people happy. For Vanity Fair, I was so honored and thrilled to work with [photographer] Annie [Leibovitz]. I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed… The pictures of me on the Internet were silly, inappropriate shots. I appreciate all the support of my fans, and hope they understand that along the way I am going to make mistakes and I am not perfect. I never intended for any of this to happen and I am truly sorry if I have disappointed anyone.”

However, she’s quoted in Vanity Fair as saying the following:

“I think it’s really artsy. It wasn’t in a skanky way. Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought that was really cool. That’s what she wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie. She’s so cute. She gets this puppy-dog look and you’re like, ‘OK.’ Most of all. I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life’s journey.”

Says a Vanity Fair spokesperson:

“Miley’s parents and/or minders were on the set all day. Since the photo was taken digitally, they saw it on the shoot and everyone thought it was a beautiful and natural portrait of Miley.”

And what does the Disney Channel think about all this? Here’s their statement:

“Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines.”

I want to hear a statement from Miley’s parents! What do they think of all this?

The Carmen Electra Stripper Pole Video Game???

New reports are claiming that Peekaboo Pole Dancing, the company behind the Carmen Electra home pole dancing kit, is looking to create a Carmen Electra Pole Dancing game for the Nintendo Wii.

Says a source: “Pole dancing would certainly be an interesting fit for the Nintendo Wii, and it would be something to see how big of a pole they would actually ship with a game.”

Ha ha. I’m not sure if this is bullshit or if they’re actually considering doing this, but, man, I might just have to go out and buy a Wii.