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How I Met Your Mother Wants Britney Back


Oh, Britney!

It happened!

You did something and it was good!

As opposed to your VMA performance, after which the MTV employee handbook was reprinted and redistributed to include the line “Do not, under any circumstances, put Britney Spears on stage live,” the folks over at How I Met Your Mother actually want you back!

According to multiple sources, Brit’s in talks to reprise her role as Ted’s stalker in at least one more episode. “It all depends on her availability,” says an insider.

Aw, Brit! I’m so proud of you, baby!!!

Here’s Britney shopping on Robertson on Wednesday. Once again, she looks good. Yay, Britney!!!

Charlie Is Toothless!

Charlie the Shih-Tzu Is Toothless!

The conversation I had with the veterinarian today:

Vet: Now, this breed is particularly prone to dental problems, so you’re going to want to keep a close eye on his teeth.

Me: Okay. But he doesn’t have any teeth right now.

Vet: Oh, yes, he does.

Me: No, he doesn’t.

Vet: Yes, he does.

Me: No, he doesn’t. He has one or two way in back, but that’s it.

Vet: [Looks at me like I'm insisting my dog can fly.] He has teeth. Let me show you. [Vet opens Charlie's mouth.] Oh. Wow. You’re right. He doesn’t have teeth. [Flips through Charlie's paperwork.] Maybe they got his birth date wrong … [Flips through more paperwork.] No, he’s two months old. He should really have teeth by now. I’ve never seen a dog with no teeth at this age. That’s really strange.

Me: Um, so …

Vet: Hm. Wow. So, um, I think he probably won’t ever have teeth.

Me: …

Vet: I mean maybe he’ll get his adult teeth in a few months, but if he doesn’t have any teeth at all at two months, he, uh, he probably won’t get teeth at all, I don’t think.

Me: My dog is toothless forever?

Vet: Well, um, it shouldn’t really be a problem as long as you’re willing to feed him soft food for the rest of his life.

Me: ….

Vet: Well, now you don’t have to worry about him chewing on your shoes.

So, Charlie is toothless. But he’s still adorable! He’s so sweet and calm and loving all the time. He just sits pretty still wherever I put him. (Mom: “Well, he doesn’t have teeth and he doesn’t move around much … maybe he has Down Syndrome? I guess that’s what happens when you’re inbred.”) I love my toothless dog more than ever!