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Happy Birthday, Carmen Electra!

Carmen Electra and Boyfriend Rob Patterson from Korn, Pictures, Photos

Carmen celebrated her 36th birthday at PURE in Las Vegas, with her current love, Korn’s touring guitarist Rob Patterson.

Guyliner. Yum.

Carmen reportedly got a tattoo of the letter “R” behind her ear. You know, I have to admit, that’s pretty smart. Like, if you have to get your man’s initial tattooed on your body, behind the ear is a good place to put it. I hope she got it put behind her right ear. That way, if they ever break up and people ask what the “R” is for, she can be like, “Oh, it’s so I know which ear is right and which is left.” And, coming from Carmen Electra, you’d probably be like, “Okay, that makes sense.”

Carmen Electra and Boyfriend Rob Patterson from Korn, Pictures, Photos

Two for the Price of One!


The Hawaiian Tropic Zone in NYC hired DJ Samantha Ronson for Saturday night.

Little did they know they’d also be getting the services of DJ Lindsay Lohan.

Look, I think it’s safe to say that these two are a couple at this point. I know, I know, two girls can be close friends without being all gay together. For instance, I don’t think Oprah’s having sex with Gayle. But I do think Lindsay’s having sex with Samantha. I think they’re together.

For all the rumors about how Lindsay’s still drinking, and Lindsay’s back on drugs, which may or may not be true, you have to admit that there haven’t been many stories lately about Lindsay doing crazy drunk shit. There’s the occasional vague item here and there, but it’s nothing like it was a year ago, or two years ago. I mean, when’s the last time she sent a drunken, rambling, “adequite” email to Page Six? Or cussed out Paris Hilton to a TMZ videographer? Or was hospitalized for “exhaustion”? Or broke her ankle on a particularly slippery floor? Or, you know, got a DUI?

Something’s changed, and, if SamRo has a role in it, good for her.

Jennifer Aniston, Because You Guys Like Her


I asked you guys last month if you still cared about Jennifer Aniston, and the response was an overwhelming yes.

So here she is on the set of Marley and Me, in Miami, with Owen Wilson.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone wear short overalls with a tank top underneath them since high school, but that’s the costume department’s problem, not Jen’s. And she actually looks cute as a button in them.

Owen looks great, too. It’s good to see him working and seeming happy again.

Sandra Bullock Is Married?

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, Pictures, Photos

I always forget about that. Probably because she doesn’t make her marriage a publicity stunt, which is also probably why she’s still married. She’s married to Jesse James, and the two were in a car accident in Massachussetts on Friday night when they were hit by a drunk driver. And I get to be funny about this because no one was injured.

“They were shaken up, needless to say,” said a police rep. “But they were fine – he was hugging her. Jess and Sandra were hugging. They said they were fine, they didn’t need medical attention. There were quite a few people snapping pictures of them.”

The driver was a 64-year-old woman who blew a .20 on the breathalyzer. That’s two-and-a-half times the legal limit. In a 64-year-old woman. Wow. Somebody get this old lady to rehab. I mean, when you’re pulled over shit-faced drunk at that age, it’s probably not because you accidentally had a few too many beers at the club with your friends. It’s because you were doing some hard-core, dedicated, unhealthy drinking. Do they have old-lady rehabs? Instead of giving out free coffee at their AA meetings, they could give out free crochet supplies and Ensure.

Call a cab, people! Even if you’re a senior citizen!!!

Britney Spears to Do Another Episode of How I Met Your Mother


Despite Neil Patrick Harris’s objections (or non-objections, or whatever), sources are reporting that Britney Spears has signed on to do one more episode of How I Met Your Mother, where her appearance last month garnered the sitcom its highest ratings ever.

“The show is ecstatic and so is Britney,” the source said. “She had so much fun the first time around she really wanted to come back. It was a mutual decision to work together more.”

Fox studios would not confirm the information.

I drove down to Portland tonight, to do the Passover Seder with the family of a friend from LA (I still don’t know any Jewish people in Seattle), and, whenever anyone finds out what I do for a living, the first question is almost always, “So what the heck is up with Britney Spears?” Tonight was no exception. And I answer to the best of my ability, and then their next question is usually, “Do you think she can ever make a comeback?” And my answer is always, “Yes. Yes, she can, and I believe she will.” And it’s true, and it’s beginning to happen. Yay, Britney!!!

And people always continue to ask about a variety of celebrities. It usually goes in this order: Britney Spears, Brad & Angelina, Jennifer Aniston and Lindsay Lohan. It’s totally predictable by now. And then everyone has some random D-list celebrity that no one cares about who they’re, for some reason, really interested in. Tonight, this was Miss Jay, from ANTM, and the question was posed by a 30-something engineer, who was there with his wife and two young daughters. “What’s his deal?” he asked, and I was like, “Um … I think he’s gay?” Too funny.

Also: on my way down to Portland, I drove through my very first snowstorm!!! So exciting!! I was like, “What is this stuff hitting my windshield? It’s falling too slowly to be rain.” Ha ha. Then it occurred to me that it was snow, and then I called everyone I knew to tell them I was driving in the snow, and no one cared one bit. But it was HUGELY exciting for me.

I ::Heart:: Christina Ricci’s Outfit

Christina Ricci at Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix, Pictures, Photos

It’s really hard to pull of the whole tight black skirt with a tank top thing, but this is how you do it.

She looks gorgeous.

She’s at the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix promoting Speed Racer. And there’s pretty much only one way to force me not to see a movie with Christina Ricci in it, and that’s to make the movie about racecars. Done and done.