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Estelle Getty Dies!

Oh, sad!

The world has lost a comedic angel.

Golden Girl Estelle Getty passed away at her LA home on Tuesday. She was 84. In recent years, she’d suffered from advanced dementia, so I’m sure she’s in a much happier place now, being funny without the constraints of her failing body.

You’ll be missed, Estelle!

Alanis Morissette Used to “Love Women Up”

In a new interview with People, Alanis opens up about a phase in her life where she was all about the ladies. She also confirms that she does, in fact, have a new boyfriend, although she doesn’t talk much about him.

Thinking back to your kiss with Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, did you ever think, “Screw men, I’m going to date a woman”?
Yeah! I went through my experimental stage in my 20s where I was loving women up. I actually think it’s a rite of passage, [but] there’s some great growth and healing for me in dating a man.

Tell us about the new man in your life.
Everything is slower and much gentler. Really it’s less about who shows up and more about where I am.

You’re 34. Do you still want kids?

I always imagined having kids in my late 30s. I’m in no rush.

Eh, look, I’m all about one’s right to “love up” whomever one wants, but I don’t know that hooking up with chicks is necessarily a “rite of passage.” Sometimes I think Alanis just spouts out deep-sounding words without ever really thinking about what they actually mean, or whether or not her statement is true. It annoys me.

Christian Bailed

Batman Christian Bale was arrested and taken to a London police station for four hours of questioning on Tuesday, before being released on bail. He was accused of assaulting his mother and sister on Sunday night.

“Mr Bale, who denies the allegation, cooperated throughout, gave his account in full of the events in question, and has left the station without any charge being made against him by the police,” the actor’s lawyers said in a statement. “At this time, there will be no further comment by Mr. Bale.”


Christian is due back for further questioning in September, pending further investigation.

Not Divorced Yet!

Kate Walsh and her husband, Alex Young, hit up the party for the premiere of Man Men season two.

I’m happy for them. I truly thought they’d be divorced within a couple of months — which is about how long they were dating before they tied the knot. It’s refreshing to see that they’re still going strong.

Will Somebody Please Kill Omarosa?

This woman’s mere existence makes our planet more evil.

Check out this clip of Omarosa’s appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, where the two of them get into it big time. I mean, Omarosa basically walks onto the stage and immediately starts being an enormous bitch. And God bless Wendy Williams for fighting back. I’m only sorry she stayed away from physical violence; I might have just punched the bitch smack in the face.

But Omarosa got what she wanted: publicity.

I just hate that Omarosa’s all about sending the message that to be successful as a woman you also have to be a horrible person. There are ways to be assertive, focused and demanding without behaving like the popular girl from middle school. Ladies: there is a middle ground.