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Girls Day Out!

A preggers Angie takes Zahara and Shiloh out for a lovely afternoon in France.

Little Shiloh has lots of hair now!

And you can already tell that Zahara’s going to be stunning when she grows up.

So adorable.

So jealous. I wanna take my super-cute little daughters on a shopping spree in France! Leo doesn’t like shopping. He pees on stuff.


“Kim is a role model for 50-something women. Much has been made about her nudity in the film, but I think she looks fabulous … Anyone who knocks that is jealous. All this fuss about a bit of nudity is ridiculous.”

Kim Cattrall’s mom, age 79, discussing her daughter’s on-screen nudity.

Rock on, Mommy Cattrall!

I’m going to have a hot bod like Kim’s when I’m in my 50s, too. Wanna know what I bought today, you guys? Protein powder. Yeah, that’s right, I have one of those gigantic tubs of protein powder sitting in my kitchen now. And I’m still working with my (kick-ass) trainer twice a week, and trying to go on walks and do other physical activities on the off-days. So I am going to be totally buff and hot soon. But I’m really psyched about this protein powder. I feel like it makes me Miss Universe or something. I, like, wanna have people over just so they can see my protein powder. I’m gonna be like, “Well, this is the living room, this is the dog, this is the TV, this is the … oh, oh that? Oh, that’s nothing. That’s just my protein powder. No biggie. Yeah, I take physical fitness pretty seriously.” LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

HIMYM Producers Hint at Britney Three-peat

“She was better than the first time, and I think the fans will enjoy it because her return answers a larger mystery set up earlier in the series,” says the show’s co-creator, Craig Thomas. “So there’s a good plot reason why she’s there. And when people watch Britney’s second appearance on the show they’ll see that the door is still open for her to come back.”

How I Met Your Mother has retained its higher ratings since Britney’s original appearance in March, and, while the show was previously considered being axed, it’s now almost guaranteed to return next season.

Britney saved the day!

Yay, Britney!

So I’m Not Allowed to Run the Photos of Megan Fox Topless

Update: Image removed upon request.


I’m in trouble again.

They won’t even tell me why, just that I’m in trouble again, because they can’t sell ads on my website, because of all the damn porn.

I’m always in trouble. I am thisclose to just saying “fuck it” and pulling a Perez and just funding this site through Blogads, so I don’t have to deal with anything even remotely resembling censorship.

So I was like “Does this mean I can’t run the photos of Megan Fox topless today?” And they were like “That is what it means.”

But it’s okay, because her nipples are covered with pasties in the uncensored versions, so you’re not missing anything anyway.

This one has a nice camel toe.

And I love that even gorgeous Megan Fox has a little tiny bit of tummy fat popping out over her bikini bottom. Makes me feel better about myself. Tummy fat is the new ana!