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Is That a Baby Bump, Nicole?

Nicole Kidman Baby Bump, Pictures, Photos

Either Nicole Kidman isn’t actually pregnant, or she is dead set on not letting us get even a half-decent shot of her baby bump.

She hasn’t even gained an ounce of weight since she announced her pregnancy. I refuse to believe that she’s actually knocked up until I see a full-on shot of that baby bump.

Here she is at the UN, discussing a new UNIFEM Campaign Against Violence Against Women.

Nicole Kidman Baby Bump

Mama on the Move

Nicole Richie hits the streets of LA in an airplane-themed dress. Yeah, those are airplanes on the dress. And one of the airplanes says “Chanel” on its wing. I don’t understand it, but I kind of like it.


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Larry Rudolph Hits MySpace

I wonder how much you have to pay to be one of the “Cool New People” on the MySpace front page.

Larry Rudolph is there today. You can check out his full profile here. His comments are mostly just people begging him to help Britney. Hee hee.

Also, I can’t for the life of me get the plugin working that was allowing me to show photos of myself on here. And I get no end of emails from you guys like “What do you look like???” Seriously there was one guy who emailed me five times, like, “Me again! I’ll stop emailing you if you send me pics of yourself!!!” So I’ve decided to take the plunge and let people I don’t actually know in person be added as my MySpace friend. I will hear no end of this from my parents, who are fairly certain I will inevitably be stabbed to death by a stalker or a dissatisfied celebrity. But whatever. If you wanna be my MySpace friend, the profile is here. If you’ve tried before and been unceremoniously rejected, try again. I won’t be such a bitch this time.

Out and Proud

Heather Matarazzo and Girlfriend Caroline Murphy, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Heather Matarazzo — who I adore — at the premiere of Then She Found Me, posing with her real-life girlfriend, Caroline Murphy. They’ve been together since 2003, and Heather came out publicly in 2004.

Lindsay Lohan Proclaims Her Sobriety Via “Lindsay Ronson” Facebook Page

Lindsay Lohan \"Ronson\" Facebook Page

Oh, this is nice.

Lindsay Lohan has created a Facebook page under the name “Lindsay Ronson.”

She’s using her Facebook status to address the rumors that she’s fallen off the wagon, referring to these pictures when she says “dont believe the hype. im taking my sobriety seriously, and day by day. it was 430 am!”

You gotta fucking love that she’s still warring with Lauren Hastings, her former rehab frenemy, as it appears they are calling one another fat in their comments while debating who is working a better AA program of love and serenity. OMG. I just sent a friend request to Lauren. I have GOT to see what the other end of this convo looks like. I’ll let you guys know if she approves my request.