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Beverly Hills Chihuahua

I know you guys are kept up late at night pondering the same question I am: What are Piper Perabo and Jamie Lee Curtis up to these days?

Why, filming Beverly Hills Chihuahua, of course!

The plot: “While on vacation in Mexico, Chloe, a ritzy Beverly Hills chihuahua, finds herself lost and in need of assistance in order to get back home.”

The film comes out September 26.

I, for one, will be there for the midnight showing. Who’s with me???

Thanks Marta!

More Hair Extensions!!

Paris Hilton looks like a wax figure made of orange rinds as she promotes her new line of hair extensions for Sally Beauty Supply.

Man, as long as she doesn’t come out with Paris Hilton Self-Tanner … it may as well just be a can of orange spray-paint with her face on it.

Another Beauty!

After I was talking earlier about how beautiful and Morgan Fairchild turned out to be, both inside and out, I came across this new shot of Olivia Newton-John, 59-year-old cancer-survivor-turned-health-advocate, looking gorgeous and youthful on the streets of DC.

It’s so interesting to me to look at these women from a different generation, many of whom have aged very gracefully and have made a new career of putting their fame to good use. Olivia’s been through so much — she battled breast cancer, watched her daughter go through a terrible struggle with anorexia, and her longtime boyfriend went missing during a fishing trip in 2005, and the case has never been solved. If anyone has a good excuse to curl up in a ball of drugs and alcohol, it’s Olivia. And yet here she is, up and smiling and supporting the causes she cares about.

I wonder if we’ll see something similar from today’s young celebs. Thirty years from now, will a sober and spiritual Lindsay Lohan appear in the tabloids just a few times a year, when she has an important cause to draw awareness to? Will Paris Hilton gradually fall into a life dedicated primarily to helping African orphans, popping up on Entertainment Weekly just every now and then to discuss their plight?

What’s interesting, see, is that Olivia was very famous in her youth, but she got nowhere near the tabloid attention that Lindsay and Paris get. Because no one did. It just wasn’t anywhere near as big a business as it is now. Even in her heyday, Olivia could show up at a club without having cameras in her face. The A-list starlets today can’t get coffee without being photographed.

Does it become an addiction? Do you begin to feel, somehow, as though you exist only through the cameras? Do you lose sight of who you actually are completely?

I think you do. I think it’s likely that the kind of fame we create for these young women today is as powerful, addictive and destructive as any drug.

I’m very interested to watch what happens with these girls as they age and the cameras show less interest.

[Image via Splash]


Morgan Fairchild is 58 years old now, but she still looks like a damn centerfold.

She’s also very active in charity work, helping to raise awareness of AIDS-related and environmental issues.

Here, she’s at a benefit to help battle leukemia.

Morgan, will you be my mentor? Actually, I’ll simplify that for you: will you give me the number of your plastic surgeon?

Also there: another paragon of aging gracefully and beautifully, Cindy Crawford; freshly rehabbed Eva Mendes, who seems to be showing up on red carpets everywhere now that she’s not getting wasted before they even start; Natasha Bedingfield; and Carol Alt.

So Skinny!

Remember on her AmIdol days, when Kat McPhee was a little on the heavier side?

Now the super-stunner makes Hilary Duff (who is not a large girl) look like a large girl!

Hilary looks great, though, and showed up to this photography exhibit with her boyfriend, hockey player Mike Comrie. She probably looks at Nicole Richie every day and thinks, “Damn, I dodged a bullet the size of Kansas.”

And I hate both their dresses.

Look Who’s Happy!

After an LA court awarded her extended visitation rights with her sons, Britney was all smiles as she stopped by her trusty Ballys on Wednesday to get in her work-out.

She’s already bitten off one of the acrylic nails on her right hand, but, beyond that, she looks awesome.

I’m happy for her.

[Image via Splash]