Today's Evil Beet Gossip

The Olympics Have Begun!

Even though it won’t air on US television until tonight, the opening ceremony of the Olympics has just ended in Beijing.

I’m trying to find you guys clips, but unfortunately the television stations have people stalking YouTube full-time to remove any copyrighted material. This is what I could find so far. It’s very homosexual.

The Clay Nation Has Another Member

Jaymes Foster, the 50-something longtime friend and producer of Clay Aiken, has given birth to a baby who was conceived via artificial insemination using Clay’s little swimmers.

The baby, son Parker Foster Aiken, was born early this morning in North Carolina. Clay was on-hand for the event, as the odd couple (who are platonic friends, obvs) plan to raise the kiddo together.

Mother and baby — who is reportedly dark-haired, not a red-head — are doing well.

Oh, and also?

Clay Aiken is gay.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But he is.

I’m just saying. Mostly to attract all the page views I’m now going to get from ClayMates commenting about how I should never utter such words. I’m a savvy businesswoman, you know.

Congrats, kids!

Happy Birthday, Samantha!

Lindsay and Samantha celebrated Sam’s 31st birthday last night by hitting up a ton of Hollywood clubs, and, of course, renting an ice cream truck.

This is an amazing idea. I had planned to take a bunch of my friends to get Glamour Shots for my next birthday (do they still have Glamour Shots? oh please say they do!) but I may rent an ice cream truck and drive around all day instead.

The Suri Cruise Photo Shoot

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise did a little photo shoot for the paparazzi in Manhattan the other day.

This little girl, I must admit, is becoming quite adorable. When she was younger, she didn’t quite know what to make of the paparazzi, but I think she’s starting to understand what they are and how to pose for them. It’s about time. Shiloh knew how to do that when she was six months old.

Jewel Went and Got Herself Hitched

After quietly dating rodeo man Ty Murray for ten years, Jewel finally tied the knot this weekend in the Bahamas.

“I dreamt about this day since I was a little girl on a ranch in Alaska,” Jewel said in a statement. “It was relaxed and romantic. I wore a traditional wedding gown and diamonds and he wore jeans and a button down shirt! Ty’s definitely my perfect prince.”

“We both have been so blessed in our lives,” Ty said. “We’re lucky to have each other and look forward to starting a family together.”

Why get married after ten years of dating?

She’s probably preggers already.