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Is Madonna Getting a Divorce?

We’ve heard the rumors that things are not all happy in the Madonna/Guy Ritchie world for a long time now, but today I’m getting tips from reliable sources (well, as reliable as they come in these matters) that Madonna has actually hired Nicholas Mostyn — Paul McCartney’s divorce attorney — to begin work on divorce negotiations. She reportedly met with him last week.

Sources are also saying that Madge did NOT sign a pre-nup with Guy Ritchie.

True? Untrue?

Stay tuned, I guess.

What’s the Verdict?

Rapper Nas has just released the new video for his “controversial” song on his “controversial” album, “Be a Nigger Too.”

It’s eight-and-a-half minutes long, and includes a variety of what some might consider racial slurs. Not just “nigger.” He uses “kike” and “spic,” too. But he uses all of them in what I have to say is a loving manner.

Look, I’m not black. I’m Jewish, but I don’t look it. I’ve never really been on the receiving end of racial injustice. I’ll state that upfront as a disclaimer. But I don’t understand what the big deal is here. Nas is trying to remove the anger and hatred from these words. Because it’s no secret that language can shape a culture as much as a culture shapes a language. I don’t know if it really matters in the long run — if people want to hate other people because of their race (and their own insecurities and self-hatred), they’re going to find a way to do it — but you can’t blame a guy for trying.

I feel like even labeling this album as “controversial” is racism in and of itself. Why is it controversial? Because it involves a black man supporting basic human rights and dignity while using the word “nigger”? Like, what, white men hundreds of years ago get to decide that the word “nigger” is offensive and no one can ever change that evereverever? We’re just supposed to have this word that carries such a strong undercurrent of hatred and violence lingering in our dialect until the fucking universe implodes? Why can’t someone try to change this? Why is it so wrong to try? I understand that its critics want to respect the struggle that black people have endured in America, especially in regards to that word, and I appreciate that, but what I hear Nas trying to say with this song is “Move the fuck on, people. It’s a divisive word. Let’s give it less power.” And I totally appreciate that, too, and it’s upsetting that anyone would want to revoke his right to send that message in whatever way he chooses.

I’m sure you all have your own opinions on this matter. Please weigh in.

Going Strong!

Despite rumors of a break-up — which, per usual, we didn’t report, because we knew they were bullshit — Lindsay Lohan looks genuinely thrilled to see Samantha Ronson come visit her on the set of her new film, Labor Pains.

Samantha is the ONLY thing that makes Lindsay happy these days. It’s so sweet!!!

Things in Samantha Ronson’s left hand:

- TWO packs of cigarettes (Marlboro Reds and Marlboro Lights)
- Red Bull
- her keys
- her Blackberry

Damn, how big are Samantha’s hands?!

Maybe now I understand why she makes Lindsay so happy …

[Image via Splash]

A Surefire Hit!


MTV has greenlit six episodes of a show called Bromance, which will apparently feature Brody Jenner selecting a new member of his “entourage” from a pool of contestants.

This group of “regular guys” will compete in challenges, like skydiving and dealing with the paparazzi, to win Brody’s heart and join his crew.

Along the way, contestants will be whittled down via “Hot Tub Elimination Ceremonies” after which rejected “bros” will be asked to leave the bachelor pad dripping wet in a swimsuit, luggage in hand. Contestants also will have shots at a “group date” and “alone time” with Jenner in every episode.


Is it April Fool’s Day again? Did I miss something? Did MTV seriously give this thing the go-ahead? It’s not possible.

How many chances are you going to give this guy, MTV? I know he’s all buddy-buddy with your producers, but he can’t carry a series. He’s demonstrated that again and again. And this premise would be weak even if it were a Brad Pitt vehicle — Exactly who is your target demo? The young female demo has no attention span for guy-on-guy drama and the young male demo’s gonna think the whole premise is totally gay (which it is) — but with Brody Jenner at the helm?

MTV may tape six episodes, but I guaran-fucking-tee you they won’t all air.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!!!


McDonald’s said on Monday that it will stop serving sliced tomatoes in all its US stores, because of concerns about salmonella food poisoning linked to some uncooked varieties.

Winn-Dixie, Subway, Chipotle, Taco Bell, Vons and Albertsons are doing the same.

Read the full FDA warning about these killer tomatoes here. They may already be in your house!!!

I’m just doing my part to save your life!!!!

(And, in case you were wondering, yes, I did the Photoshopping on the graphic all by myself. I should teach classes. I’m amazing.)