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Katy Perry Doesn’t Actually Have A Taylor Swift Diss Song Called “1984″

katy perry taylor swift

We all know by now that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have some “bad blood” between them, hyuck hyuck. It’s all over some boring bullshit like Katy stealing some of Taylor’s crew for her tour or something, even though it seems they were working for Katy before or whatever blah blah. I’d just like to remind everyone before we go any further that these are two GROWN ASS WOMEN going on like this. Okay, now we can proceed.

So there were rumours floating around, as you probably remember, that Katy had enlisted John Mayer to write a revenge song about Taylor, and then all of a sudden there was an actual report that she’d actually registered a new song with publisher BMI called “1984″ – THE TAYLOR SWIFT DISS TRACK WAS UPON US. Except, of course, it’s not, because her reps have said in no way is there any truth to the story whatsoever. The song just doesn’t exist.

From Billboard:

“Katy Perry’s managers at Direct Management Group confirm that this story is completely false,” a rep for Perry at Universal tells Billboard. “Katy Perry was not involved in writing, singing, recording or registering this song.”

That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Patrick Collier, one of the song’s alleged co-writers, posted an Instagram about the song with the caption “news to me.” That Instagram post has since been deleted.

For their part, BMI simply confirmed that the “1984″ song was registered back in September by BMG Platinum Songs. The song is still on BMI’s site with Katy Perry listed under the “Artists” tag.

So… it does exist and Katy’s lying? Who knows, but I wish these two would grow up and move on. It’s getting more than a little pathetic.

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Miley Cyrus Gets Naked With A Giant Pig

miley cyrus naked paper mag

Well, you might as well move along, because there’s nothing new to see here. It’s just Miley Cyrus naked on a magazine cover – although to her credit, she did change it up this time by posing all muddy with a giant pig.

Miley’s Paper Mag cover will come out June 22 and it’s part of their Summer Music Issue called “Use Your Voice”. Miley will be talking a lot about her Happy Hippie Foundation, as well as how awesome her life is. Here’s a quote:

“I was doing a show two nights ago, and I was wearing butterfly nipple pasties and butterfly wings. I’m standing there with my tits out, dressed like a butterfly. How the f–k is that fair? How am I so lucky?”

How, indeed.

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Zoe Saldana Says Her Husband Insisted On Taking Her Last Name

zoe saldana marco perego

Zoe Saldana is basically the worst with everything that ever comes out of her mouth, but whatever. I guess if we didn’t have people who walked around with their heads stuck so far up their own asses, the world would be a boring place. The latest story Zoe felt we needed to hear was about the fact that her husband, Marco Perego, was just so desperate to take HER last name instead of the other way around after they got married.

From InStyle (via Refinery29):

“I tried to talk him out of it,” Zoe told InStyle. “If you use my name, you’re going to be emasculated by your community of artists, by your Latin community of men, by the world.”

But Marco wasn’t having it. 

Instead, the Italian painter and sculptor stood his ground with the cutest response ever: “Ah Zoe, I don’t give a shit.”

Okey doke, whatever. I’m not quite sure what the point of this tale is. That her last name is so good that OBVIOUSLY he would want to take it? That she’s bagged the best man on earth ever because he’s just ~so romantic~ and a real feminist? I just don’t get it.

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Jennifer Lopez’s Sexiness Could Land Her In Jail

jennifer lopez morocco

Late last month, Jennifer Lopez performed at the Mawazine World Rhythms International Music Festival in Morocco, and everyone seemed to enjoy the performance. Well, not everyone, actually – apparently the concert was a little TOO sexy for some people’s tastes and now she’s being sued for it.

From TMZ:

J.Lo performed in the north African nation on May 29, and it was broadcast on public TV. The concert featured all the hallmarks of what we’d call a typical J.Lo show — sexy dancing, skimpy outfits, appropriate emphasis on her ass … and her dancers’ asses.

Problem is … according to this lawsuit, all those things have no business airing on Moroccan TV. The suit was filed by an education group which says Ms. Lopez “disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect.”

Jennifer and the promoter are being sued. In the unlikely event she’s found guilty, she faces 1 month to 2 years in prison.

We’re told J.Lo has performed in Morocco in the past without any issues — but she’s never been on TV before. But seriously, what were they expecting?

Obviously this lawsuit won’t hold much weight, especially considering Jennifer’s not even in Morocco anymore and no one is getting extradited over some prudish ladies’ complaints. Some people will find any reason to complain (particularly in a litigious way). Here’s a suggestion: Don’t like JLo? Don’t watch her perform.

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Beyonce Woke Fans Up At 8am To Tell Them To Go Vegan

beyonce vegan

Beyonce had the Beyhive all crazy over the weekend by teasing that she was going to make a “big announcement” during her appearance on Good Morning America on Monday. Lazy bitches across the country got up super early to watch this live, only to find out that it wasn’t a tour or a new album that was on Bey’s mind, but her diet. Specifically, she wanted you to know first thing Monday morning that she’s vegan and you should be, too.

Literally, the entire appearance was to try and sell that shitty 22-day vegan meal plan she’s been trying to hawk that people aren’t all that fond of, apparently. She spent the entire “video” claiming that being vegan was the only way she got her nutrition under control and that it has tightened her skin and made life all-around more wonderful. Basically a load of shit to try and sell crap that even she probably doesn’t actually eat. “I have to share this!” she exclaims completely unconvincingly. Gimme a break. Fuuuuuck that. Nope. BYE, Beyonce.

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Carey Mulligan Is Pregnant With Her First Child

carey mulligan

We haven’t talked about Carey Mulligan around here in quite a while – the last time was, in fact, when she was supposed to be playing Hillary Clinton in a biopic about the politician’s life, which I don’t think ever actually happened (probably for the best). We didn’t even report when she got married to Mumford & Sons member Marcus Mumford back in April 2012, and shame on us. But that’s all neither here nor there. The important news we ARE reporting on now is that Carey is pregnant and the pair are expecting their first child together later this year!

One Broadway source tells Us of the couple: “They weren’t planning on announcing, but she hasn’t stopped working. Everybody around her is being very supportive. The show ends soon and they’re going back to England after.”

Carey’s currently in Skylight on Broadway, if you’re wondering what that connection is.

In any case, congrats to the happy couple. Carey’s always seemed sorta as dull as dishwater to me in a way, but I suppose that’s just what they call “understated” and she is really talented.

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Michael Fassbender & Marion Cotillard’s ‘Macbeth’ Trailer Is Here


I don’t necessarily know that we needed another Macbeth remake, but here we are. Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard star in this one, and it actually got a ton of great press at the Cannes Film Festival. It was filmed in the Scottish Highlands, so it’s all very moody and authentic. And actually, it looks pretty good.

Check out the trailer below. I don’t know that I’d pay to see it in the theatre, but it seems to be a pretty quality production.

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